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Looking For Western Hand Tools

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#1 bunnydrops


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Posted 2010-12-17 09:28:00

I just moved into the Korat area a couple of months ago and I am having a hell of a time finding the carpentry tools I am used to using back in the states. Just simple things like a small nail puller, a "cats paw" or better yet the ones from Japan and a straight clawed framing hammer, nail punch etc. I have tried the big box stores like HomePro and a few small stores down town Korat. I did manage to find a flatbar that the locals find very useful. Anyway, I will go as far as Bangkok to find these tools if anyone has an idea of where I can buy

#2 gotlost


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Posted 2010-12-17 11:41:26

IQ Surin.. Its on the 214 bypass about 1 kilometer south of Big C.

#3 happylarry


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Posted 2010-12-17 14:31:42

It's always worth having a look around Save One night market....there are many people selling all sorts of old tools and you may be surprised what you can find there.

#4 citizen33


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Posted 2010-12-24 17:44:42

I think you may be right to say that Western-style wood working tools are hard to come by in Thailand. I've never seen a wooden mallet for sale, for example, and the range of chisels seems very limited. Of the big chains, I think Siam Global House is one of the better ones for tools in general, though perhaps not what you want. Unfortunately there isn't a store near Korat.


In my own small Isaan city a local tool store, which also services power tools, is about the best, but the emphasis is more on general stuff than carpentry tools. I'd be surprised if Korat doesn't not have some specialist shops.

#5 wildoates


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Posted 2011-01-02 08:15:40

go to True Value in Bangkok or Pattaya

#6 nidan



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Posted 2011-01-03 18:33:34

Good luck! i am not living there yet and am still based in Sydney... but i have visited Korat 6 times now since i met her. the first time was as a result of the floods just over 2 years ago after i'd been chatting online for 3 months. when she told me her place was flooded i was there within 22 hours...complete with basic tool kit including crow bar, pinch bar, hammers, cold chisels etc. out of my 25kg allowance about 22kg was tools. The next visit was with my electricians hand tools, cos the whole bloody house was electrically live due to a builder pinching a conductor above the ceiling when a new wall was installed...she never understood y all the flourescent tubes would flicker...after being switched OFF!!! Unfortunately, i cannot tell you anymore than you have been told already on this topic as i always am quite well prepared and bring my own...sorry about that. BTW 'Beloved' lives near Jira train stn...whereabouts r u?


#7 Ken


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Posted 2011-01-04 09:32:13

There is a very good "Chinese" owned hardware, tool, and electrical shop on the main road thru Korat. Unfortuanately I've lost their business card for the exact address but it is fairly easy to find. Coming from Bangkok on the main road, go past The Mall. After the Mall, just past the fist traffic lite and the gas station, the shop is located on the left. The shop is "open to the street" and quite large inside. The "younger" Chinese couple (owners..family business) speak very good English. I have bought many quality tools, hardware, electronic, electrical supplies from them.

#8 JoeInSurin


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Posted 2011-01-04 09:46:31

Go to BMC Toolmart in Korat. They are the largest tool shop I have seen around. They gave me a Cromwell catalog that has every tool you can imagine including many woodworking tools. What they don't stock in their store they will order for you. They also have a discount card so don't forget to get one if you go. If you Google "Cromwell Tools Thailand" they have an online catalog you can look at.

#9 bluesmith


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Posted 2011-01-04 19:23:54

Mate it is around in Thailand good tools but you will pay for it a i mean pay for it.
Look around they are good craftsmen and use the basic tools the money and time you will spend on tools from the west you could pay some body the same money and get the same quality job
yes true value has some good stuff but there is other shops around.

#10 mxyzptlk


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Posted 2011-01-07 11:33:41

Try DoHome on route 224 heading towards Chok Chai. It's about 10Km on the LHS of the road from Korat.
They have a large selection of both western & Thai tools.
Very good store IMHO.

Edited by mxyzptlk, 2011-01-07 11:35:13.

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