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Left Thailand Without Exit Stamp And Exit Card Still In Passport

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The airlines in Thailand do not retain the departure card, it should be immigration that do that.

Non sense - the immigration deskofficer processes your departure ONLINE when you stand in fron tof him/her, he/she then staples the departure card to the boarding pass (the peice kept by the airline) and gives you back your Passport and boardingpass with departure card attached. When you board your flight the airline staff tear of there peice of the Boarding pass with departure card attached and you keep your part of the boardingpass.

I have left Thailand from Swampy & Phuket on many occasions, and my departure card has always been taken by immigration, and not given back to me, Immigration have never even asked for my bording pass. I just had over my passport he does his business and thats it, im given my passport back only! Non Sense they give it back!!!

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I fly out of BKK approximately every month, and each time, the immigration officer keeps the departure card. Unlike other countries, it is not stapled to the boarding pass for the airline to hand it back to immigration.

I cannot imagine a scenario in which the immigration officer forgot to take the card or stamp the passport, but maybe it was very early in the morning or very late in the evening. I have learned to never rule anything out. As tourists, you might not be aware of the procedures and that you have to actually look into the passport to ensure that the stamp is there, but you are indeed responsible if there is a mistake.

If the immigration officer didn't take the card, it is possible that he also didn't enter the departure into the computer. And this is what makes the difference: If the departure is in the computer, all is fine. If not, there will be trouble. This is where I have to admit that I never heard of a case where this happened. In fact, if she is still in the computer as being in Thailand, she must be arrested for overstay when found - even if she is found while entering the country. Because then, it means that she left the country illegally. And that spells trouble.

You don't know what the computer says, and whether the nice immigration officer at departure updated it to show that she left. But that is the important part, I believe.

Embassies are under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while immigration is under the Ministry of the Interior. Therefore, and to make matters worse, I don't even think the Thai embassy in Vienna can help you - but then, I am not a lawyer.

Best is if she changes her name, dob, and nationality. That's not a serious advice, of course. But I would expect trouble upon arrival, and have all documents ready you can think of. Also, the Austrian embassy in Thailand is very helpful, and it may make sense to alert them in advance. If she gets arrested upon entry, the embassy will be notified anyway, so it is good to prepare them.

Gee, whenever you travel (and not only to Thailand, it's a general rule) make sure you get the passport stamped. It's really the basic ABC of travelling. But I guess you kow that by now.

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I think TombKK's post above sums up the situation best. Also, having thought about it I now agree that BKK Immigration does indeed take the Departure Card whereas many other countries staple it and allow the airline to collect it.

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