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Your Experiences With Tot Fiber2U

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#1 livinthailandos


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Posted 2011-08-31 19:59:39

Just curious to get others opinions on this topic. At 2 different points I've used both of these tot internet products

adsl 8mb I pay about 890 baht a month
fiber2u 10mb I'll be paying about 1490 a month

sad to say this but seriously based on my internet usage, testing internet speeds during different parts of the day, viewing on latency I have found there is no difference between the 2.

Maybe its just me I don't know but I wonder if i'm the only one experience this. I had hoped the fiber2u would have been better but no luck. Anyway just want to let you guys know do not waste your time with tot fiber2u. I'll be changing back to my adsl line as its cheaper and internet speed is the same

look forward to your comments

#2 muratremix


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Posted 2011-08-31 20:57:48

1490 for 10mbit seems a ripoff. If upload speed is also 10Mbit then I would give it a try, if not its just too expensive for extra 2mbits.

#3 Pib


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Posted 2011-08-31 22:00:23

Regarding latency/ping time, it don't matter whether a person has a 2Mb or 100Mb plan, internet electrons don't travel any faster or slower because of a plan's download/upload speed (a.k.a., bandwidth). Now, a higher speed/bandwidth plan like a 100Mb plan will move a heck of lot more internet electrons in the same time period compared to a 2Mb plan, but the electrons won't be moving any faster. Until we develop faster than light technology and can move electrons along at warp speed the latency/ping times won't improve much in the future.

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