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Breeding Frogs

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#1 damo


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Posted 2011-09-27 19:09:03


After reading some threads about frog farming in Thailand I relayed alot info to the wifes parents over in thailand, Uttaradit. I gave them $300 AUD to get the frog farm going.I am in Australia. They made some ponds and bought some tadpoles and had a go. They didn't do to good, and sort of let it go and weren't really worried to try again. they had some frogs left over and they were neglected and just left to die but they hached heaps of tadpoles and now these tadpoles have grow well and become a consistant earner with them selling about 4-5 kilos of frogs at the front gate for 100 baht kilo.

Now they would like to further this by forcing the frogs to breed. I heard this can be done but I don't know how. Our intention is to develop continuity.

Any advice or info will be ver much apprieciated.

#2 andycrosby


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Posted 2011-09-27 20:04:42

made me smile, same evey time you put the money in they neglect it and then they find out there is money in it so they want you to do more. There are 1,000 farm mags all over Thailand and I have seen loads on frog farming. Its all in there for them to read if they are that bothered.

#3 canuckamuck


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Posted 2011-09-27 20:14:24

I sent you a little info by PM.
I think you can encourage frogs to breed with sprinklers and stuff, but I understand it is hit and miss. On a rainy year you will have the best luck.

#4 damo


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Posted 2011-10-24 18:36:49

Thanks for the PM, the information you have provided was very good and really does answer the question I asked, althouth I feel my non scientific construsion may let me down. It seems to me that with a bit of luck we can get the frogs to .... with a bit of coconut leaves, tecnique and make believe rain. trial and error too.

I honestly can not tell you how much difference a backyard full of frogs have made to my inlaws lives, they feel confident in doing something and have extended this to other areas of thier lives and have made some really positive changes, financial and otherwise. They have both surprised and inspired me.

If it wasn't for the open thinking within this forum then it would have never have happened, they'd still getting blotto and playing poker every night.


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