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Container Management By Pacific Tycoon

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#1 ade


    Advanced Member

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Posted 2011-10-17 23:43:05

Does anyone have any experience with Pacific Tycoon shipping container management.

This company says they will manage a container for you and return the profit to you the owner.
They are promising potential profits of 30% PA after expenses.
On the downside they say there is very little.

They say demand is so strong that the containers are unlikely to lie idle.
The containers are insured so they will be replaced if damaged or lost.

How can you possibly lose money. However one or two things worry me.

If they can earn far in excess of 30% on capital why not just buy the containers, why use us.
Since registering my interest I have been subject to boiler room type tactics to persuade me to buy some containers.
The cost of Insurance has not been made explicit nor the cost of having the container lay idle.
Seems too good to be true. Earn 30% PA with little risk and no effort on the part of the investor.

I will apreciate any comments.

#2 Hugh Jarse

Hugh Jarse

    Senior Member

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Posted 2011-10-18 00:08:42

I would view this company's claims with an air of scepticism. I recently looked into shipping domestic goods from Europe to S.eAsia and found that prices are now low as so much competition and overcapacity of containers v. demand for them. Do look at their accounts over the past 3 years..
Not being an expert , but suggest you look at www.lloydslistings.co.uk and the Chinese co. www.ccs.cn and use their sites for intelligence.
Good luck .

#3 janverbeem


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Posted 2011-10-18 00:12:41

Someone came to visit my parents and tried to sell them exactly the same story.............................That was I estimate 40 years ago.

#4 impulse


    I could be wrong. Often am....

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Posted 2011-10-18 06:52:00

Hand me the money, I'll take it to Macau and share the profits. I promise "potential" profits of 100% or higher.

Why any company would have to look for small investors for a 30% return would immediately send up a red flag on my smell-o-meter. There are literally hundreds of thousands or millions of used containers sitting in the USA, being sold for a small fraction of their original cost to be used as storage, deer blinds and other creative uses. Why? because there are too many of them and it's easier and cheaper to dispose of them than to ship them back to China empty. Seems like a poor place to invest right now, but I'm no expert.

#5 CWMcMurray


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Posted 2011-10-18 08:40:11

Not to mention that almost all containers being shipped are owned by the Ocean Liner that will be moving the cargo...

i.e. if you book transport on MAERSK, you load goods in a MAERSK container or if you book with Hanjin, you load goods in a Hanjin container... etc

It is possible to book freight if moving via SOC (shipper's own container), but in many cases shipping lines will charges a SOC surcharge.

Given this why would any one rent a container for shipping purposes when it would cost them less to use the liner's container?

The exception is if the customer needs the container long term, i.e. for long term storage at destination or if the container has been modified for a special purpose i.e. as a mobile office or to handle specialized cargo...

Butr in these cases, the customer will normally BUY their own container, they will not normally rent a container from a company...

#6 KIO



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Posted 2012-02-15 14:04:35


Found this post as I was serching info on Pacific Tycoon. Their marketing manager, Chris Newell, whom I myself spoke to a couple of days ago can be seen on this page: linkedin . com
I have never hered about this page before, is it a "big" page? His credentials sounds pretty good.



#7 Lancashirelad


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Posted 2012-04-04 18:16:49

The advertised rate is now 12%

Any more on this?

#8 wealthandprosperity



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Posted 2012-06-15 09:40:44

I have found nothing on this company outside of their own postings. I will try to go through some government agencies to check their authenticity. I copied this info from their site:

" Pacific Tycoon LTD is 100% owned by Moritzclear Research S.A. The company was established in 2008 in Belize which offers considerable tax advantages.
- Incorporation documents available upon request -"

#9 powderhound



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Posted 2012-09-06 17:43:16

the quoted telephone number of Moritzclear Research S.A is................. you guessed it, at the same office in central Hong kong as.............Pacific Tycoon, a classic company loop leaving you nowhere to go

also the email account for the holding comapny is a gmail account

I love a holding company with a gmail account dont you ?, it fills me with investor confidence

further, their literature says they will buy back the containers from the investor for the same price as they paid for them

Quote "We guarantee to buy your container for exactly what you paid." so what do they do with a bunch of rusted containers? Scrap them ? sell them to new investors? How? when they are selling new ones for the same price. or maybe I have that wrong, maybe they are selling rusty old containers in the first place

What business model are they running?

I think we know

you will never see your capital back and I wonder about the rental.

#10 jjspsm



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Posted 2012-10-25 00:06:50

Hi All - I too have been offered this 'investment' and I too had my concerns, a colleague had a Hong Kong solicitor carry out some dilignce and they actually went to the building 'Worldwide Executive Centre' which is directly across the road from the solicitors building.

They are not registered as a tenant and when they went to the 10th floor which is temporary/short term/incubator space.

I would be interested to hear from anyone whom has any dealings or parted with any money with this company

#11 PTWhistelblower



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Posted 2013-06-15 13:50:58

Pacific Tycoon is a Ponzi Scheme based in Saigon, Vietnam. It does have an office in HK to meet clients, which is at a different address from one published on the website. PT staffs pick up clients at the airport or hotel and take them to that office. They always ask clients the exact date and time they are coming to visit Hong Kong, so as to book flight tickets to get there from Vietnam and fill up the empty office.
Pacific Tycoon does have Hong Kong phone numbers (land and mobile) beginning with 852, which are just SIMs they bought in HK and bring the phone to Vietnam.
Ted Mallory (just an alias) runs the boiler room in Vietnam, about 30 staffs. They get telesales leads from email campaign in Viral Planet, The Executive Club, Adalsa, Investor Guide, Galvan, etc. The biggest markets are UK and Australia. Since the beginning of 2012 until now, revenue per month is about 1 million US Dollars, I estimate that after deducting costs, Ted makes about 400 to 500K per month for himself.
Ted is paranoid about his identity. Staffs don't know his real name. All we know is he's an old British guy, tall, brownish blond. He may also have a Filipino passport. The apartment to run the office is always rented under his Vietnamese mistress' name Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thanh. Moritzclear Research is under his Filipino mistress' name Michell Empleo Dela Cruz.
As a rule, client leads from USA, France, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and a few other countries are immediately taken off the list. Regarding USA and France, Ted is scared off because there were offical warnings against PT; regarding Hong Kong and Vietnam, he's smart enough not to mess up with the local market, so that the police don't pay attention to PT.
In Vietnam, PT advertises job vacancies under various fictious names, since the company itself doesn't have any business registration, and staffs don't have any real labour contracts with the company. In February 2012, Vietnamese police raided PT office in district 4, but then were bribed to ignore PT. I think it was only the poor local policemen who raided, not police at higher level like Economic Police or anything like that.
It is important to note that Ted Mallory has been hiring an IT company to hack and bring down websites with bad publicity about PT, and he successfully brought down absoluteinvestor.co.uk 

#12 saakura


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Posted 2013-06-15 14:49:49

Wow, interesting how these schemers come out with these ideas. And thankfully, this post could have saved some from being duped.

#13 Pib


    Star Member

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Posted 2013-06-16 09:58:27

FYI...note the last post at this Link regarding the company.

#14 Canada


    Bad Member

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Posted 2013-06-16 12:52:52

Looks like too easy, too much, too good to be true. Walk away.

#15 MaggieVan



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Posted 2013-07-14 20:19:26

I am looking for alternate investments and found this forum. After reading over it, it seems that all the negative comments written about this company are put in by "Newbies". I was wondering if any of the established people in this forum have any personal experience with Pacific Tycoon?

#16 PTWhistelblower



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Posted 2013-07-15 14:40:41

This is the personal experience with Pacific Tycoon. You can find the photo of Ted Mallory (just an alias), and a couple other photos with a lot information about this Ponzi Scheme here:


#17 MaggieVan



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Posted 2013-07-15 21:15:43

@ PTWhistelblower – please can you refrain from replying to my question - As I said in my previous post I am asking established members of this forum if any of them have any experience with Pacific Tycoon – not “Newbies”.  If  any of the established members who have obviously  been involved in this forum for a long time have any experience with Pacific Tycoon I would appreciate some feedback.

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