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Thai Post: What Is "Ems World (One Price Box)" ?

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#1 Soulwy


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Posted 2012-05-12 12:14:55

When sending a parcel to e.g. Belgium, there is an option to send it per "EMS World (One Price Box)"
For 3 kg and up (even 20 kg) it shows the same price: 1400 baht.
Fedex charges for 10 kg approx.4100 baht and for 25 kg approx. 5200 baht.

What does this option mean?
Is it airmail, landmail? How long will it take to get it there?


So far I found this info on the web: http://www.lonelypla...hreadID=2168004

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#2 krading


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Posted 2012-05-12 12:25:53


#3 vtjforyou


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Posted 2012-05-12 16:13:20

Any info about the box size ?

#4 Soulwy


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Posted 2012-05-12 20:48:16

No,only weight..

#5 BigJohnnyBKK


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Posted 2012-05-12 21:13:33

EMS is slower - and the time less predictable - than the private courier services and not tracked quite as well.

I believe air internationally but ground in-country.

#6 Equalizer


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Posted 2012-05-23 14:41:09

EMS one price box costs 1400 baht, this is for a box number 4 (or size D 22x35x14cm) and below. You must use the post office issued box. (red and white) The weight is irrelevent, you could put a pot of mercury in there. Cheaper for heavy small items over 2 kg. 2kg and below you can send small packet air mail at the PO and it is the cheapest method, you can not seal the parcel however. You use the rope provided, this is for easy inspection and the fact they do not need to repackage it once the contents have been examined. Thats the theory! Always register the parcel (approx 55 baht). Sticky fingers are reluctant to accidentally on purpose nab your belongings when it has been officially registered. All services are found at any Thai post office.

#7 Screws


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Posted 2012-09-18 11:07:38

PO website - select English, select country, click, always website reverts to Thai - thank god for Google translate. Call 1545 to advise of website problems - no answer.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Or maybe just don't fix it, anyway! ;-)

Went to the PO this morning to get the details on EMS World - was told it is not available. The she said only at La Prao and Laksi in BKK. Went to get me info on addresses, came back and said sorry not available any more.

Would be grateful for any contrary info re EMS World! ;-)

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