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How Long After Biometrics: Uk Ilr

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It’s coming up to 4 months since wife and daughter applied for ILR , and 5 weeks since they had their biometrics done , two questions please

How long normally do you have to wait in the UK for decision after having biometrics done?

Also with them being sent for biometrics to be taken, do you think that their ILR VISA application will be successful?


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The UKBA service standards say that they aim to process 90% of postal ILR applications within 6 months, so don't start worrying yet.

I would have thought that asking for the biometrics is part of the processing procedure, and that if they had made a decision then you would have heard by now. The application is probably in a queue waiting for a caseworker to get to it.

I have been involved in forums such as this for over 10 years, and in all that time I cannot recall a single instance of a genuine ILR application with all the necessary paperwork included being refused.

BTW, I have amended topic title to show the country and type of application; PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING.

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had good news today application sucessfulclap2.gif , hope to get biometrics card tommorow


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