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How Can One Report An Overstay Person?

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#1 dancep


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Posted 2013-04-03 17:35:47

hi there

I don't generally care if someone overstays... it is their business and problem to sort out and most are not causing trouble.  But there is someone who I believe is on long term overstay, who is abusive to women and people in general.  I was thinking of reporting him as a possible overstay to immigration as a way to have this person deported before he causes more problems and harm.  


Is there any anonymous way to go about this?  Not totally necessary but would make it easier.  Do the police take this seriously or not?  Or would they just be looking for a pay off and let him go either way?


Thanks in advance.

#2 Mario2008


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Posted 2013-04-03 19:14:10

You can always report suspicious behavior to Immigration, investigative branch.  All immigration offices have on, I believe.


But you can always contact: http://bangkok.immig...hp?page=comment and report an illegal act.

#3 lopburi3


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Posted 2013-04-03 19:36:39

Flames removed.

#4 Soutpeel


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Posted 2013-04-03 20:07:54

possible overstay to immigration as a way to have this person deported before he causes more problems


Possible ?..if not sure I wouldnt be doing anything....if sure up to you, but remember chances are he will not be deported never to return, could be a simple case of going to get another visa


I think you may find the normal police will not care, but Immigration police will

#5 Mario2008


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Posted 2013-04-03 21:47:37

Flame removed.

#6 MegaRanter


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Posted 2013-04-03 22:13:15

I would say that you should mind your business. If the abused women dont know what to do to him, then let him be. I have seen women who enjoy being abused.


This person has done nothing personally to you that is harmful, and I do believe that Thai do not take abuse lightly, especially from foreigners.


The core criminals in Thailand are police informants, and dont forget he will be told who reported him, if he just asks.

#7 lemoncake


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Posted 2013-04-03 22:23:05

After having lived in Thailand for a while, i am amazed by the amount of expats who try to screw each other rather than help each otherbah.gif


Look at any country where Asians move, they always stick together and help each other out and usually prosper, while here it seems to be other way around.


Now, OP wants to report someone because apparently someone is abusive to women and people in general, so OP i have 2 questions


1. Why do not you confront this person?


2. Why do you want to be anonymous?


You clearly believe this person is doing wrong, but why would you want to hide?


Yes i am aware i am not addressing the OP, but i am also not willing to help someone make trouble for someone else ONLY because of something someone thinks

#8 NancyL


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Posted 2013-04-04 00:00:45

I think the OP's heart is in the right place, but the proposed plan of action needs some consideration.

The victims should be the ones to call law enforcement, not some third party, especially a third party who is a foreigner.

If the victim(s) are asking the OP to help, then he should consider their motives and why they don't simply call the police themselves.

Often domestic abuse is a very complex situation, with the woman reluctant to "report" the abuser because she gains economic or other benefits from the abuser.

Unless the OP knows the entire story, I'd encourage him to either walk away --OR-- be prepared to get caught up in a major, time consuming and expensive drama that will make a Thai soap opera look like a children's play.

#9 Maestro


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Posted 2013-04-04 00:33:31

I have deleted some nonsensical, off-topic and troll posts. Seeing that the OP has had his answer and that so far six out of a total of 14 posts had to be deleted for violation of forum rules, this topic is now closed.



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