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New Bakery "full Moon Bakery House" In Bkk - Maybe?

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#1 TallGuyJohninBKK


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Posted 2013-04-08 21:32:49

Anyone know what's going on with this place... the Full Moon Bakery House in the Sukhumvit Plaza space on main Suk Road near Soi 12 that used to house the LaCasa Italian restaurant?


After doing a full redo of the space after the restaurant disappared, in the past couple weeks, the signs went up for the new bakery advertising "Healthy & Delicious Korean Style Bread." I have no idea what Korean style bread is.


But maybe two weeks ago or so, the bakery was actually open one night when I passed by, and I went in to talk with the manager and look through their products, which included bagels and even single serving pecan pie rounds. Tried one of the latter and it was quite good and authentic for American pecan pie style. I really don't think pecan pies are a staple of Korean cuisine, nor are bagels. That day, I also saw a deli section with a variety of fresh made sandwiches and a bunch of other stuff, and the manager was telling me about their plans and the various things they'd have in stock.


Then a day or two later, the place closed, and all the stock that had been on the shelves disappeared. And since that time, the place has been consistently closed and the lights and signs turned off. Seen some people going in and out at time, but never seen them open again. Seems a very odd way to open a new business. But then again in Thailand, who knows what kind of things might be getting in the way.




#2 networkingbkk



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Posted 2013-04-24 19:16:40



Today afternoon I passed front Full Moon Bakery House and call my attention the beautiful display of bread and Jams they have! I went in and have a little chat with a lady. She said they are open next Friday 03 of May 2013 and very kind provided me a business card.  


I hope this information is useful!



#3 TallGuyJohninBKK


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Posted 2013-04-27 10:06:25

I hope you're right. laugh.png


I had a similar chat with the lady manager there like a month ago when they were open for a few days... And then they've been shuttered ever since, including last night when I walked past around dinner time.


When I was there inside originally, they had a pretty full range of bakery products out on their displays, and a lot of very interesting stuff. Then poof... all gone.


I haven't seen any particular activity going on there in the past week when I've been by. But then again, I have no idea why they opened originally, and then suddenly went dark.

#4 TallGuyJohninBKK


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Posted 2013-05-03 17:19:38

Looks like you were right about the Friday May 3 opening. Passed by today, and they had their fancy lighted signage up, lights inside on, and I saw product on the shelves through the window. But was short on time and didn't have a chance to go in today.


Full Moon Bakery-Sukhumvit Plaza.jpg



#5 TallGuyJohninBKK


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Posted 2013-05-04 21:22:29

Stopped in on the way home tonight, around 8 pm, and for a brand new place, the Full Moon Bakery House was doing quite a good business.


Had lots of goodies out for sale, and in a nice touch, most of the items had a little basket alongside with small pieces cut up as samples.


Bought some things to try for breakfast tomorrow. But also had a couple disappointments, as in:


--Tonight, they had only one large bagel in stock, that being onion, and as best as I tried, I couldn't get a clear answer of what kinds or to what extent they'd be stocking bagels moving forward. The lady kept saying, "we can fix anything, just place an order and we'll fix it for you." I wasn't exactly wanting to place a next day order every time I want to bring some bagels home.


--Before during their brief test opening, the shop had some really good individual sized pecan pie style tarts. Tonight, there were none of those, but instead, only a single large full pie sized pecan pie in the refrig case. Again, asked the English speaking lady there, and couldn't get a clear answer. At first, she and the Korean head baker, who was standing nearby, kept talking about that they could cut a slice of the large pie. And I kept asking, what about the individual sized ones you can before. Still not sure where that issue is going.


Nonetheless, I realized, surprisingly, lower Sukhumvit hasn't really had a premium standalone bakery retail shop in the area until now (at least that I know of). Other parts of town have St. Etoille, Yamazaki, Toraya or some others, but none of those nearby (apart from some smaller branches in malls like Terminal 21 or Siam Paragon or Emporium).


The product selection at Full Moon is interesting to me, at least, because they have a range of bakery items that you won't find at the usual other outlets around town. They also have a good mix of sweet things, savory things, straight breads, cakes, etc etc. And the quality seems to be quite good.


Here was the scene tonight around 8 pm on a Saturday night:


2013-05-04 19.48.13.jpg


2013-05-04 19.48.33.jpg

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