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18 Korean Tourists Injured In Speed Boat Accident In Pattaya

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#76 Locationthailand


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Posted 2013-04-22 16:57:26

I love the way these ass-wipes are referred to as 'captains'.  From experience and holding a commercial licence for years, you earn the title after years on the water and tests to prove your ability including radio and navigation.  You don't get it by wearing a T Shirt or buying a licence.  Also from observation you can see these clowns have no idea about handling anything in water other than a toy duck whilst holding onto their ... 

#77 maidu


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Posted 2013-04-22 16:59:03

What a horrendous way to end a vacation.  Korean guys save money - to go to beautiful Thailand. He sees the perfect photos in the airbrushed/photoshopped brochures.  Then almost loses his life while painfully losing a leg or two. Yikes.  And to top it off, he will find out very soon that there's nearly no money compensation - which cements the reputation of Thailand as a 3rd world country.


A couple of days ago I read a report of a bus crash (or minivan... I can't remeember as there are so many) in which the driver fled the scene. The following day I read in another newspaper that the rescue team spent 30 minutes trying to free the driver. Maybe "The driver fled the scene" is a standard text used by all reporters. No way could two "drivers" of the boats get away without anyone seeing them.


I think it's possible to slink away. All attention is focused on the injured at the scene, plus looking around for any fatalities, and worrying about sharks and whatever else.  The drivers could just slink away like cockroaches in an oil slick. 


That ferry is top heavy. On windy days it scares the bjesus out of everyone feelin like it will tip over.....and of course only a few life jackets!  Its taboo to complain here, they think you are rude and resist in principle, no matter what the circumstances. Very strange. I was on the upper deck of a bus once, first row seat on an all night trip to bangkok from up north. The entire bus was asleep and the driver started to fall asleep and started swerving off both sides of the road. I went down and banged on the driver/s cabin door and he stopped after a few minutes and walked it off. the train is far safer, I'll never do a late night trip again on a bus!

If you bang on a driver's door (and I respect you for that), you can get strongly rebuked and/or get a fist or a knife shaken in your face. Embarrassing a Thai is more severe (in their view) than any sort of physical injury which may ensue. 

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#78 evadgib


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Posted 2013-04-22 18:05:22

Culpability isn't high on the agenda here, evident in these clips 5 years apart involving the very same boat elsewhere in the Gulf of Thailand. 


Three Britons die in Thai boat accident - Telegraph



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#79 ozyjon


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Posted 2013-04-22 20:28:20

Having dealt with Korean people for many years, i wonder how and what impact this will have back in Korea,, it will be major new headlines there, and will it impact on tourism, most tourism from Korea is by groups so will it have an impact i wonder, time will tell. If they are not happy they will stop going there, that's for sure.

#80 webfact



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Posted 2013-04-23 06:52:14

Tourists badly hurt in speedboat collision off Koh Lan

Thanasap Noisaard
The Nation


PATTAYA: -- The alleged driver of a speedboat involved in a crash off Pattaya on Sunday that seriously injured many South Korean tourists has contacted police to arrange for his surrender.

Pattaya Police superintendent Colonel Suwan Chiewnawinthawat identified the driver as Amnuay Kladkhemthong.

Police say Amnuay fled the scene of the accident. "He was the driver of the Sor Khemthong speedboat," Suwan said.

Scientific-crime detection officers have already examined the boat, as well as the Kor Nongmai 7 boat, owned by Sea Dream Co Ltd. Both vessels were involved in the serious collision off Chon Buri's Koh Lan.

Examination had revealed that the Kor Nongmai 7 speedboat, which carried about 20 tourists and tour guides, sustained serious damage, including a large hole in its left side. The Sor Khemthong speedboat received only minor damage to its bow.

According to police, evidence suggested the Sor Khemthong vessel crashed into the Kor Nongmai 7 speedboat. However, witnesses said that Kor Nongmai 7 collided with Sor Khemthong when it was refilling its fuel tank and not moving.

Police said the Kor Nongmai 7 driver Rung-arun Homlamduan could not be located after the mishap.

Four South Korean tourists, a South Korean guide and a Thai guide were seriously injured in the accident. About 14 other people were on board the boats and sustained minor injuries.

The South Korean consul-general to Thailand has already visited the victims at two hospitals in Chon Buri. He did not make any remarks to the media.

Woraya Yuwaponthanakorn, a 22-year-old official at the South Korean embassy, said the incident had put the consul-general under stress. "We are now gathering information and will submit a report on the accident to authorities in South Korea," she said.

-- The Nation 2013-04-23

#81 lovetotravel


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Posted 2013-04-23 08:02:05

These guys drive like maniacs.  I've been to Koh Larn several times and was shocked at how badly they drive.  And confused as to why the Thai authorities don't do anything about it.  Especially considering all the accidents that have already happened.


We were at a small bay accessible only by boat a few months ago.  These guys were so crazy we couldn't swim very far from shore.  Rushing in very fast and racing each other.  Cutting in and out of parked boats.  Just crazy.


When a boat starts up, the bow rises quite high in the water so the drivers can't see in front of them.  


I hope the injured Koreans recover quickly.  

#82 Rimmer


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Posted 2013-04-23 11:32:08

Government Minister confronted over Korean Speedboat crash at Pattaya Island

PATTAYA:--On Monday a delegation of government officials and Police visited the Korean Tourists seriously injured in Sunday’s speed-boat crash off the coast of Larn Island and the visit did not go without incident.

The delegation was led by Khun Somsak, Minister for Sports and Tourism who was joined by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary along with the Governor of Chonburi Province, Chief of Banglamung District and the Mayor of Pattaya. The group visited the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya with the intention of offering their sincere apologies and assurances that a full investigation is taking place.

At the start of the visit they were confronted by the wife of Mr. Gihway Hong aged 64 who tragically lost part of his left leg in the crash. She spoke through an interpreter and was angry at the lack of regulation of speedboat operators and placed the blame entirely on the government. Straight after the confrontation Mrs. Hong collapsed and was rushed to the Emergency Room for treatment.
Full story:http://www.pattayaon...pattaya-island/

-- Pattaya One 2013-04-23

#83 Traveling Sailor

Traveling Sailor

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Posted 2013-04-23 11:46:12


I will never get on a boat in Thailand. Ever. Taxis are bad enough, but trusting your life to one of these clods in a boat??

There is no difference between the clod driving the boat, the clod driving the taxi, the clod driving the bus and the clod driving his truck at 100+ km/hour on a country road. No matter what type of vehicle you choose to ride in, you are puting your life into the hands of a Thai driver. Best wishes and good luck!

#84 Traveling Sailor

Traveling Sailor

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Posted 2013-04-23 11:58:51

"Both speedboat drivers are still on-the-run as detailed examinations of both speedboats are taking place to determine what really happened."

Obviously, the police/government cannot believe that a Thai national is stupid enough to drive into an anchored speedboat. LOL!

#85 smedly


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Posted 2013-04-23 12:09:43

They drive boats the same way they drive motorbikes - they think they are invincible - splat


I also suspect the boats are owned and run by the same mafia thugs that run the jetski's on the beach

#86 hyku1147


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Posted 2013-04-23 12:19:18

Once again - to the chagrin of TAT - real culture collides with ideal culture.


Sympathies to the victims.

#87 Rimmer


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Posted 2013-04-23 15:30:37

Boat Crew involved in Korean speedboat crash hand themselves into Pattaya Police

PATTAYA:--In a development to the Korean Speedboat crash which occurred on Sunday, the Captain and crew member from the “Go Nong Mai 7” speedboat which was transporting the tourists from one Island to another, have handed themselves into Pattaya Police and have offered a different version of events.

Khun Runareung aged 27, the boats Captain and Khun Latapon aged 30, a crew member both denied crashing their boat into the other vessel, the “S Khem Tong” which was reported to be stationary and was awaiting refueling. The two men claimed the boat was not moored and hit their boat, causing the crash and subsequent injuries to 19 Korean Tourists, 6 of them seriously.
Full story:http://www.pattayaon...pattaya-police/

-- Pattaya One 2013-04-23

#88 canuckamuck


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Posted 2013-04-23 17:11:11

A collision of two moving boats makes a lot more sense than hitting a stationary boat. But I don't think you'll hear much truth from either crew. What do the Koreans say happened?

#89 kurnell


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Posted 2013-04-23 17:21:44

I don't think I have ever heard "it was my error and I accept the responsibility" since I arrived in Thailand in 1989.

#90 chiangmaicharlies


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Posted 2013-04-23 23:42:03

The tides an be really tricky off the west shore. It might not be like it seems.

#91 chiangmaicharlies


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Posted 2013-04-23 23:43:44

I don't think I have ever heard "it was my error and I accept the responsibility" since I arrived in Thailand in 1989.

Neither have I, but it is a rather a archaic statement that one is not likely to hear.

#92 robblok



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Posted 2013-04-26 19:40:28

Not to defend all Thais but I haven't seen many foreigners claiming responsibility for their actions either. I haven't seen anyone doing that actually for a long time even in news items about government officials or bankers you never see them take responsibility. In most cases they will say there are mitigating circumstances ect. ect.


So us whiteys are not as perfect either.

#93 Chang_paarp


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Posted 2013-04-26 20:08:00

This is big business.

Look at one fuel drop, this happens each morning at several points down beach Rd.



Yes they do have PPE for the punters, but not sure if they would pass western standards.



Just a few punters.

Beach_road-10003.jpg   Beach_road-10004.jpg


More lambs being led to the scrum.


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