Job Vacancy, private university in Bangkok

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Thai Nichi Institute of Technology is looking for a NES to teach Conversation Skills

about 15 hours a week

Pay is not fantastic around 30 K plus

applicant must have a degree and some experience

contact me if interested

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That's an interesting way to advertise a job vacancy! 'Pay is not fantastic!. That should attract some top class applicants. How about paying a decent salary of over 50k??? (That's also pretty bad).

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THe Five core subjects social studies, religion and culture , Thai and English . In the West Math, English, Science, History  and an elective 



What is very interesting and open for criticism are Thai Social Studies very very little is taught about the world around  and most focuses on Thai history . While very important is is critical that Thais learn the history of the world . One reason they do not teach then much about the outside world is they are concerned they will learn to much critical thinking and go against  the status quo 

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