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Thanks very much for เด้อ I see that you have kept หยู่ I took that to be อยู่
I have to keep in mind that this might not be understandable from a grammatical point of view, after all there are many people in every society who don't know subjects, verbs, object, adj., etc. but it doesn't stop them because they speak patterns. However the patterns are set by poeple who do know the different tasks of words so we should all be able to understand one another apart from when dialect is employed.
I understand the individual phrases pretty well I am trying to get at the message, we can never know for sure.

The last line I think might have a name , ว่าซั้นติ tell Sandy ?
I think that we have gone about as far as we can with this.
Talking of เลย have you heard my joke on that word? I thought everyone knew it but when I told it to a caddy the other day she hadn't so I would like to repeat it if you hadn't!


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