SURVEY: Should clothing with religious symbolism be outlawed?

SURVEY: Should items of clothing with religious symbolism be outlawed?   115 members have voted

  1. 1. Should items of clothing with religious symbolism be outlawed?

    • Yes, all clothing with religious symbolism should be outlawed in public.
    • No, they should be permitted in public.
    • There should be restrictions on wearing clothing with religious symbolism in the work place.

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1 hour ago, 7by7 said:

Farcanell, I'm not going to deal with all of your post, some of which is logical argument; but there are two parts which I would like to dispute because in the first you are oversimplifying something and in the second you are wrong.


No one knows for sure how, when or even if the library was destroyed; The destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria; concludes 



How Twisted Was King Richard III's Spine? New Models Reveal His Condition

 Was Shakespeare's description of him as a hunchback propaganda to please his Tudor queen, Elizabeth I? Or is it simply indicative of attitudes to and knowledge of disabilities at the time? Examination of his now discovered skeleton suggest it's the latter


He did, after all, definitely have a twisted spine.

Love it... very good.... very good.


point one is definitely oversimplified, but I did intentionally state that this was arguable.... I simply grabbed a commonly known example, an example that has no real definitive answer (probably Ceaser, IMHO), but It shows how events can be described differently, by different people, for different im doing it right now


point two... a twisted spine does not a hunchback make.... yes, it seems he had scoliosis, but he did not have kyphosis.... which is what causes a hunchback, and experts agree that his disability would not nessesarily have been apparent, especially in his armor, or well tailored clothing. 


Herein my point was that history was written to portray him badly, and it does, but facts prove that he was not noticeably disfigured, as Shakespeare's would have us believe... (Shakespeare's went over the top, and negatively influenced people opinions for hundreds of years) so I'm not nessesarily wrong.... but your right to call me out on this


the significance of the entirety of the post, is that atheists did not misconstrue events or facts, religious or political groups did.... and do


taking it further, atheists did not go crusading... religous groups did... atheists did not conduct inquisitions... religouse groups did... etc etc


atheists are not self nessesarily more prone to be arrogant, self centered or juvenile... nor are they prone to tears when seeing a symbol of religouse significance (that would be religouse folk, railing against symbology of other religions... frothing at the mouth and so forth)


But... again... good post, I enjoyed it... thanks






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On ‎19‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 9:59 PM, 7by7 said:

In the UK anyone wearing a face covering of any kind is obliged to remove it for official identification purposes, such as passing through immigration, giving evidence in a court of law; even before taking a driving test!


It is up to individual banks and other commercial entities what their policy is.


The same for whatever dress code employers or schools wish to have. As long as they are not discriminatory and apply equally to all. MPs back temp worker’s campaign to end ‘sexist’ high heel policy and Worker wins case over wearing tie


But other than those situations, what someone chooses to wear is their own affair. Whether that choice is motivated by religion, fashion, allegiance to a particular youth cult or football team, or anything else.

Sounds like the Poms are smart, no like the DA's in Australia.  Down there the minority are being give a free reign.  If they don't change soon they will rue the day they didn't.:wai:

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LOL.  Theophobes still ranting about their fantasized right to ban religion...  What the heck are they so scared of?  Do they actually think some priest is going to attack them in a dark alley and drag them into a church service or what?  Some missionary is going to tie them down and inflict the water torture until they join up?  Maybe if they spent a little more effort resolving their prejudices, and on learning to conquer this irrational fear and angst at the mere sight of totally benign religious symbolism, they might regain some measure of sanity.  

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On 3/20/2017 at 10:53 PM, Moonlover said:

No I am not. Atheists who take the time to consider what atheism really means will discover that there are varying degrees of atheism. that is something one would quickly discover if they became involved in a theosophical society.


Agnostics on the other hand do not accept any of form deity or spirituality. They are actually the true 'none believers'.



They are actually the true 'none believers'.

Are you sure about that?


An agnostic is a person who believes that the existence of a greater power, such as a god, cannot be proven or disproved; therefore an agnostic wallows in the complexity of the existence of higher beings.

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On 2017/3/18 at 9:07 PM, Jimeo47 said:

All religions should be outlawed. Or taxed.

Religions were invented to control the masses through fear and oppression.

I am so tired of religion. Why don't people be more intelligent, yes, God exists but he or she certainly didn't go around writing holy books to give to some chosen people to spread the religion. God doesn't speak to anyone at all, as far as I know.

One hand hold the bible one hand playing the penis of little boys.

Some religion tell you to kill yourself with bombs strap around your buttocks.

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