Refusal of extension of stay resulting from home visit.

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1 minute ago, Acharn said:

Would have been helpful if you had mentioned which immigration office you are dealing with. 

I gave a long version which  included it in my post about it on the Visa forum and I also answered it here again--see post 22

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On 3/21/2017 at 9:45 AM, Khun Paul said:

There was a situation at Udon Thani where apparently due to Imm office understaffing ( so they said ) the retirement visa was held up for one month , pending clarification and stamping , you got a month stamp in your passport but would be unable to travel outside the kingdom eetc. This was speeded up by payment of a One (1) Thousand baht which speeded things up to immediately..

This was seen as a scam and unless you were intending to travel  in the next 30 days did nothing to enthuse foreigners using that particular office , noir was it good for relations between Foreigners and the IO's.


That thankfully has now been discontinued never hopefully to re-emerge, this was I think due in part to the major infractions at other offices in the vicinity where fraudulent visas had been granted for spurious reasons.  Mainly marriage if my memory serves me correctly.

Following extensive re-staffing and officer movement to other provinces the office has returned to being normal in its help[fullness and assistance.

There was a long thread on here last year about Chumphon office making you wait 30 days for your extension. Unfortunately this is still going on at this particular office and the fee  (of course with no receipt )is 3000 bht for immediate attention.

I know of 6 long term expats who have packed up and gone to Cambodia and Vietnam because of the treatment at this office.

I have never heard anyone with a good word to say about Chumphon office.

I moved from there last year because I had enough of them messing me around

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