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Sheesh... this was all answered in an early post on page one where the applicant submitted 2 sets of photos, one with glasses and one without.


Now it's got the usual suspects all riled up about being 'with it' or something equally obscure or irrelevant.

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18 hours ago, OJAS said:

Don't know about that one. But you'll probably need to take something stiff to prepare yourself for the 400km journey from Buriram to With-It Tower!:shock1:


Thanks V M, but no prob. been going up and down very frequently for more than 20 years and now the roads are much better, especially if you go via the Eastern Rout. Only a few more years and it will all be dual carriageway.


Not much more time than getting from say Klong Chan to the Windy Tower Centre on a bad Monday rush-hour morning.


Anyway, most of the time now I let my wife or daughter drive and sleep my way up and down. Much more Thai.


I must admit I was very stupid not reading the Passport Application rules properly, but having submitted several visa applications at Trendy for my friends and family to visit the UK, I read the bits about applying and picking up at the Centre and it was so familiar that it kind of went over my head.


I especially assumed that the application form was interactive - like the Visa forms have been for some time. But I have downloaded it now and printed it out. Once I have filled it in I will take it to Trendy - after booking an appointment.


 As I said, a bad attack of Lumyiitus. (Check with your wife what a Lum Yai is). No excuses though and I am sorry to have stirred up so much controversy with meaning too.


Thanks again to those not just beating me over the head (as I deserve) but actually supplying the correct information.




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On 20/03/2017 at 8:14 AM, Upnotover said:

Mine took less than 3 weeks last summer, most reports I've seen since then have been similar.

I applied for my replacement (expired) passport at the Trendy building on 21st february I received a call on the 10th of this month my new passport was ready to be collected,I went up to BKK yesterday to collect,simple/straightforward and very efficient :thumbsup:

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On 3/20/2017 at 2:18 PM, MiKT said:


Why do you need to drive to Bangkok?


Why do you need an agent anyway?


This agency seems to be trying to scam you, because you can ONLY renew a British passport online now (NOT at the British Embassy) and all you do is fill-in the online form and pay by credit or debit card, then send your old passport + the two pics (with or without glasses) and proof of residence by courier (DHL is my favourite in Thailand).


The new passport will be returned in @ 4 weeks, but it can be less if you are lucky.


If you are literate enough to write to TV it would seem crazy for anyone to pay an agent to fill-in the online forms for you.


@ 5/6 years ago they stopped issuing passports at the British Embassy in Bangkok and for a while you had to apply to the British Embassy in Hong Kong for a new red passport. But then they stopped that as well; and as I said above, you can ONLY apply online now.


This is all because far too many embassy staff around the world (I won't say also in Bangkok) were issuing passports to anyone with enough cash.










You Cannot Apply online, You have to Apply in Person at VFS In Bangkok....

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