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Does anyone else have experience of having left Thailand for somewhere else in the region. Things like dental and medical care and accomodation prices etc. Back in 2005 - 2006 this was a great place to live and of course things change but honestly in the last years a lot of things have turned really nutty. When I make reference to dental and medical I am not really thinking about places like Cambodia or Laos either. 

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Malaysia has good healthcare and it's not expensive if you go through the government system. A lot of their doctors are educated in the West, I met one that had gone to the same university as I did (University College Dublin), he had the college scarf!

Accommodation is much more expensive- figure twice the Thai price on average for comparable.

Food is great and very cheap. It rivals Thailand easily for food, maybe even better. Indian, Chinese and Malay everywhere.

I do much prefer Thailand though, at the end of the day it is a Muslim country and just has far less "public life" than Thailand does- particularly in the countryside, it is very dead.

If I had to live in Malaysia it would be Penang, no question, that city is genuinely great. I'm not that keen on the rest of it. I've spent almost a year there total, all over the country.

What do you feel has "really changed" about Thailand and has turned "nutty" that you feel you will do better somewhere else? If you are over-50 surely from a visa point of view you have no issue here and if you are under-50 Malaysia is not going to be any easier from that point of view, they are much harder than Thailand about long-stayers on tourist visas, they gave me a LOT of shit coming back for the only really the second time after over a full month out of the country in Singapore and Indonesia.


The lower income countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia are simply not going to be an option for you if you are concerned about healthcare. Vietnam might be. Maybe the Philippines- they certainly export a lot of medical staff so maybe it is something they do, IDK I was never in hospital there. I DID notice medicine in the Philippines was VERY expensive though, like Western European prices for stuff that costs peanuts in the rest of SE Asia.

If you give some more indication as to what exactly your issues are... I've been to every ASEAN country save Brunei and about 20 total in Asia including other nearby places like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, etc., many for extended periods (several months to years). Thailand, at least for me, is the best all-rounder and it isn't even particularly close. Don't get me wrong, I liked things about all of these countries, even places like Iran or Syria are great to visit, (the latter maybe not right now), but Thailand for me has the best overall combination.


I think you might have a bit of "grass is greener" syndrome here, but it depends what exactly you are looking for.

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Im not over 50 and Im not close to 50. And I dont want my life totally governed by visa runs and applying for new passports anymore.  I have had enough. It is just story after story after story on this website about what does this embassy want, what does that consulate ask for. It is a total zoo now. Getting on planes to places I dont want to go. Staying in cities and hotels that I dont want to stay in. All for the glory of having a new "visa". This is not a normal way of living anymore. When Vientiane was giving double entry stamps and Bali giving triple entries things were ok. But now it seems like I always just got back from a visa run or am about to go on the next one. Or am on my way to Chaeng Wattana to extend my visa. I could walk through Chaeng Wattana blindfolded. I know people always jump in and say if you dont like how things are then go home. Well that is probably what Im going to have to do. I never worked illegally and never overstayed in all the years I stayed here. It is offensive that they change the rules and after almost a decade say I am no longer welcome here. Its funny too. The city I come from in my country is more than 1/3 Asian immigrants in population. Sometimes if you get on a bus it seems like almost everyone on the bus is Asian. When I go there I am not sure I even left Asia. Its kind of like being a foreigner here and a foreigner a home too. If you travel around long enough you are bound to hear the famous "if you don't like it then go home" line. But when I am a foreigner in both places it makes me wonder where my "home" actually is.

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