‘Ko Tee’ guns ‘stolen in 2010 protest’

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On March 21, 2017 at 10:39 AM, craigt3365 said:

I only know the red shirts were a violent group with weapons just like those captured.  Caches like this have been found for years all over Thailand.  Not all are planted.  Guaranteed.

and the Yellow shirts are a violent group with weapons like those captured, but caches of them never seem to be found by this government.... Must be that none of them were ever planted... 


See what I mean?


The point here is not to deny that there are weapons in the hands of people who are willing to use them in Thailand, but rather the point is that it is a standard MO of the army to plant stuff and then "find" it... Been doing it for decades. They are pretty transparent. :) 

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Someone re-posted a photo of the alleged items recovered and pointed out one glaring discrepancy that casts doubt over this case. Have any of you seen that? Don't want to give out too many specifics as this is quite a sensitive issue.  I value my health and sanity more... wink wink..


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"Meanwhile, a DSI source said police requests to search Boonraksa Building inside the temple had been rejected because there were weapons belonging to the red-shirt leaders hidden there. The temple only permitted a search after the weapons had been moved out of the building, the source claimed."


The DSI forgot to mention that the temple was encircled by 4000 policemen and soldiers!

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