Campaign to fight tourist scams piloted in Kanchanaburi

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Thailand, do away with a visa unlss the touristis staying for more than 90 days, then have a visa for

6 months, or a year, or work visa, etc. That is how you can improve relationships with

us tourists.


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19 hours ago, greeneking said:

........and the train fares in Kanchanaburi?  only trains in Thailand applying double pricing, as far as I know.

4 years ago river train 100b eachway thai's 0

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9 hours ago, jaywalker said:


I snagged two Tag-Hauer watches for my brothers once, knowing they were fake, but ah well.


One lasted less than 24 hours. The other one lasted a whopping 2 months.

Last month in Malaysia i was in a very cheap shop in the basement of a mall (something like Daiso).

There was a man looking at the cheap watches from 200 baht..he dropped one and it fell into 10 pieces scattered over the floor.


The salesgirl immediatly run to him and they started talking....i expected to see them arguing but without any problem he took the pieces to the cashier and paid the watch.




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TAT new slogan?


"Come to Thailand, we have asked the local of Kanchanaburi to stop fleecing you.

You can still be killed, raped, raped and killed, scammed by cops, jet-skis, taxis.

You will still pay at least double for park and other attractions.

But Kanchanaburi locals have been asked to stop fleecing you.

Book now, offer available for short time only" 


Tourists numbers gonna sky rocket for sure :clap2:

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