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In Topic: looking for second door for ventilation

2016-05-19 15:48:11

something like this 



In Topic: Can i remove someone from my tabien ban?

2016-04-16 15:25:20

thanks everybody for the replay.


So if i understand correct is not a problem to add the name of my gf in the blue tabien ban.


The condo is mine and i have a chanote in my name so she cannot do any bad things.


Only problem is at the moment the blue book is empty so in case i will add she .


She will be the first one, so she will be the house chief.  And in case i want to remove she it will take a bit of time.



Anyway in case i add she in the blue book, i think is better for me to keep the original tabien ban in the safe and just give she a photocopy. Since the condo is mine , i think i have the right to keep the original blue tabien ban or not?


i am thinking to add them (gf and my child) becose is more easy in case they need to go to hospital, school ecc ecc





In Topic: 3BB fibre quietly upgraded to 100 mbps?

2016-03-30 11:48:54

looking now at their website they offer 100-10  for 1200 thb  so i guess  Yes. I think they Upgrade anyone that have the 1200 thb pakage.



I also see just now that there are new promotion for VDSL  50 mb / 10 mb  at 700 thb 


at the moment i pay 900 thb for 15/1  i think i will ask them if is possibile to change.


Last time when they bring the speed frome 13/1  to 15/1  the upgrade me automatic. This time No. Maybe becose is VDSL and need another type of router? 


Anybody know this ?

In Topic: The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

2016-03-27 19:13:22

I have been the other week to the Saturday buffet of the Sheraton Pattaya (near royal cliff). I used a discount from eatigo. 20% off. The place very nice and there is also a fire show. The food is also of high quality, but without the discount is 1399+ vat + service . Same price of the royal cliff that I think is better value for money. Anyway the buffet of the Sheraton is better than Hilton but more expensive. With the discount (if you go late you get more discount) I think is a good place to go sometime. I will go there again in the future. Also the service is really top notch. Next place in my list to try is the buffet at cape Dara.

In Topic: What are they building?

2016-03-27 19:08:48

Today I was in central in rayong that open just a few months ago. Was really full of pepole and 99% Thai. Thai like big mall. This new one in Pattaya will be another succes. The problem will be traffic . Is already a dramma to drive a car in the weekend in Pattaya nua, second road ecc

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