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In Topic: Bank Savings Interest Rates

2016-02-03 13:23:06

ok, so i succesfull open a no fixed account and if i understand correct if less then 20.000 thb a year of interest they will not collect any tax.


I also enquiry for a secured credit card, but i was not lucky.... i think i have to try another branch. Anyone know if Tmb allow to have a secured credit card without work permit?  



In Topic: Bank Savings Interest Rates

2016-01-31 14:36:08

For ME (Thais only) I believe it's the month end balance that counts. So you could withdraw 2000 baht on first day and as long as you put 2001 before the end you'd get the bonus


For "no-fixed" I believe it works on average balance. So you could make withdrawals and still get the bonus provided you added more on a weighted average basis. So 2000 withdrawal on day 1 and 2001 deposit on day 29 wouldn't work, as you'd have say 28 days lower balance by 2000 and 2 days higher by 2001, so the average is lower. Actually I think you get the bonus if your amount is the same on average, and just don't get the bonus if lower.


If you make a lot of withdrawals and deposits I guess it gets trickier. But bear in mind its designed as a savings account rather than transactional account. So while the odd withdrawal is OK, it's not the right sort of account for regular day to day use and withdrawals.


I basically stick money in it I rarely touch, and top up a little, and have other accounts for withdrawals. StanCharts eSaver for example pays 1.75% on whatever your outstanding balance is each day. So you can withdraw and deposit as much as you want - but online only for that one.


They send you an sms just after the month end saying "congratulations, you get interest rate plus bonus on your account.... "





ok so you get the bonus also if the balance is the same ? My idea was just to put an amount at don't touch it again.



also maybe you know i was thinking to get a secured credit card with tmb. actually i don't have a work permit, but i have a sucred credit card with krungsri.


I wanted to add another one becose i see that tmb give back 1% of what you spend and also look like there are not conversion fee if you use it abroad (but i am not sure about this last point)





i will chek on monday if they can make a secured credit card.




In Topic: The Park Jomtien

2016-01-30 16:31:41

i know is an old topic, but one of my friend is interesting in this complex. 


Any news?


if i understand correct  building A is fine and they have a jurist entity, but i am wondering who is the owner of all the land that stay around and also the swimming pool area?  Anybody know that?



In Topic: buy house in company name

2016-01-27 22:04:45

thanks for you interesting informations, but they did not answer any of my question.




In Topic: Buffet with free flow wine ?

2016-01-27 17:14:05

siam@siam still do the buffet with wine  but the price have gone up.


at the moment  is 650 without wine  and 950 with you  if i remember correct

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