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In Topic: From 3BB 13 mb To 3BB 15 mb

2015-02-25 19:43:39

It's switched already. You don't have to do anything.


are you sure about this?



becouse in my bill i can still read 13 mb Adsl .



I tried jus now to do an internet test and the download spead is 15.16 mb   look like they upgrade it already, but in my bill i still read 13 mb.


I will wait the next bill to see if that change





ps  unfortunattly i cannot have the fiber in my condo at the moment

In Topic: Set Index And Thai Mutual Funds

2015-02-25 00:51:35

Saw that CPALL - the 7/11, Makro group are about to issue some more debentures. Indicative rates are: 4.1% for 5 years, or 3.55% for 2 years. There would be 15% WHT on those.


From an issuer's point of view, it's a nice time to be issuing, with low rates. From an investor's point of view, I don't find Thai bonds particularly attractive at the moment. The rates are a bit better than cash, but at those levels I'll stick with 2.3% - 3% on cash. I bought some CP All bonds a year or so back, and rates were 4%+ for 3 years, so wasn't too bad a lock in, with falling rates. Don't have much appetite to add to them at even lower rates than last time smile.png



Fletch smile.png



hi Fletch,


which bank you use, to buy bond issue?



In Topic: Bank Savings Interest Rates

2015-02-11 01:02:17

1.75% for 12 month at krungthai bank . Pretty bad , but since I want a deposit box. They told me hav to do a fix account ...

In Topic: Moved house - 90 day report

2015-02-01 17:38:00

Ok ,I will go Tommorow to notify My new adress. Thanks for the quick replay

In Topic: Moved house - 90 day report

2015-02-01 16:52:01

Actualy i Have a similar problem. I did the 90 day report at The begining of dicember. But i am Now moving to another Condo. Also at the end of february i am traveling abroad for 1 week. Should i inform them of the change of adress Now or should i Just write the new adress in the arrival card at the end of february ?

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