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In Topic: bmw C600 anyone have one already?

2014-07-09 19:25:45

actually i am still thinking . The 3 of the list are:


Bmw c600


Tmax 530 


Integra 750 (from next month available in thailand)



the integra is cheaper but there is not really enough space for put the helmets.  Also i am not sure but i think the integra is a bit to hot. I drove last week an honda nc 700x and near the feet was quite to hot for me. Maybe the integra will be better but is very difficult to find one to try unfortunattly

In Topic: Thailand Elite easy access 500k THB card

2014-06-18 23:38:03

Stanley your information was really usefull. Thank You so much. If is possible i will really like to see the stamp they put in your passport to see if is non Imm or other special type of VISa. If You cant no problem. And i still want to tell You thank You for the important info You provide

Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Thaivisa Connect Thailand

In Topic: Thailand Elite easy access 500k THB card

2014-06-15 02:32:10

i am also very intereseting at this visa opportunity.


I have a cople of question for the pepole that already take the advantage of this visa.



Inside the passport when they issue the visa you will have a 1 year extension of stay, or a 3 months one?



thank you in advance.



I am actually on an Ed visa to try to learn a bit of basic thai. Which will be usufull in the future. But i think after this year this visa will actually be the better solution for me.


Just hope they will not delete this opportunity.

In Topic: entry card thailand and re-entry permit

2014-06-15 02:29:10

thank you very very very much to all.



now i understand where is the number. 


the problem was that in my Re-entry  in the number space: they write the number but they did not write /57   . that make me confuse.


Also in my re-entry, on top of the re-entry but outside they write e long number and at the end /57




anyway now everything is clear to me. I will write the number that you show me.

Thank you again for you patience.thumbsup.gif thumbsup.gif

In Topic: entry card thailand and re-entry permit

2014-06-14 20:24:54

Use the one inside the re-entry permit itself


******/57 if acquired this yaer, otherwise 56 if acquired last year.



ok, so si the long number   ...../.../57   that is on top of the re-entry permit and is write it with pen actually. Is it correct?



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