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In Topic: 90 day report question

2015-07-31 23:02:24

thanks all for the replies 



In Topic: Need cheap lawyer in Pattaya for have parental right

2015-06-01 17:32:28

How do you define a cheap lawyer?



actually the case is really easy. They told me the right price is 10.000 thb but at the moment i did not find any lawyer here will to accept that payment.

In Topic: How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

2015-06-01 09:44:56

anyway regarding the birth certificate.


If i move the child to Pattaya , you think that i can put my name as the father here, or is better to just do it where she born?


I will go to Banglamung office and ask, but i will like to know if is something that they can do or not.





In Topic: How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

2015-06-01 08:26:03

I would not pay a lawyer more than about 10,000 baht for such a simple job, and maybe some extra if a translator is required.


I would ask the court in Chonburi if you can apply there, but otherwise try and change the household registration to there.



I will ask the court in Chounbri,


regarding the lawyer i am more than happy to pay less as possible, since is very simple case.


The problem is too find one lawyer in Pattaya area that is ready to do that for me.



In Topic: How To Gain Parental Rights As A Father

2015-05-29 17:14:18


I actually understand about how to legitimize a child.


But what is need to put my name in the birh certificate? Is it something more easy?



in the birth certificate of my daghter at the moment there is only the name of the mother, since i did not even know about it before about she....


what i have to do in order to put my name in the birth certificate?





I would contact the amphur where the child was born and see what can be done. Normally a birth certificate is not easy to change.


But the important thing is that you legitimize the child and that the legitimization is recorded at the amphur.




today my girlfriend went to the amphr and they ask:


copy of dna test


copy of my passport


my name in thai


we provide what they ask, but after they say that everything have to be translated in thai and they need autentification of embassy bangkok (i suspect they refer to thai ministrey of foreing affairs in bangkok)



i also ask a cople of quotation for get the parental right via the court, 1 was 80.000 thb and another 1 was 55.000   still looking if i can find something cheaper.


they actually told me also that since i live in Pattaya we can go to court in Chonburi and not where the baby was born, is it correct?


thanks for your help

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