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In Topic: Anyone in pattaya Wants to but uncharted 4

2016-07-02 18:25:12

i finish uncharted 4  too.  If anyone want it i sell it for 1200 thb


i also have many other game for ps4 that i want to sell. Contact me if interesting

In Topic: Any Noticeable Changes in Pattaya?

2016-06-23 21:19:13

I pass beach road today and i notice that there Are Now a lot of security camera. Very good upgrade in my opinion

In Topic: free montly satellite set up with english channel

2016-06-03 22:33:01

so i went in the afternoon to buy a small outdoor antenna.  My 2 tv have  the digital decoder build in.


I tried to put the antenna inside the condo   but i can see only 2 channel.  So i put it on the roof. 


in 1 tv i can see around 20 channel  in the other one only 5.  That was 1 hour ago.


Now i can see only in one tv around 10 channel and in the other one nothing...



any suggestion?  If i understand correct i have to point the outdoor antenna at pratumnak hill is that right?  (i am in jomtien-pattaya)


(also all the channel was in thai, but better than nothing for my girlfriend)




anyone have problem in set up the  free terrestrial digital system? Which antenna you have?

In Topic: School in Pattaya 2.5 year child max 5000 month English program

2016-05-30 19:25:35



below 3 year in thailand cannot go in kindergarden 1  so the school need a nursery/pre kindergarden


Satit   (in nursery as far as i understand they not have english teacher)


5600 thb  per month

5100  for initial fee,  uniform book, insurance ecc.. ecc..


Best school    (too small to go there)


Aksorn school   (price all the same beetween different location)  (they not have english teacher in nursery)


4500 thb  first month  after 3500 

2000-2500 for uniform  ecc depence how many you buy


Phoenix school  


12000 thb  month   they teach in english  

6000 thb month  they teach in thai

initial fee  7020 thb for book food ecc ecc


Hastin  Kindergarden  (they have filippino teacher that speack in english)


40.000 thb per term   (2 term in 1 year)

10.000 thb entrance fee

3.500 thb  uniforms ecc


Maryvit school  (they have 1 filipino that speack english e 1 thai teacher per class)


6000 thb  per 1 month

4300 thb  per uniform insurance ecc  


hope this help.


at the end we choose aksorn and next year when she can go to kindergarden 1 i will reconsider the situation. 

I really like Maryvit, everything look good but was too far.

In Topic: looking for second door for ventilation

2016-05-19 15:48:11

something like this 



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