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#10576610 The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

Posted by marino28 on 2016-03-27 19:13:22

I have been the other week to the Saturday buffet of the Sheraton Pattaya (near royal cliff). I used a discount from eatigo. 20% off. The place very nice and there is also a fire show. The food is also of high quality, but without the discount is 1399+ vat + service . Same price of the royal cliff that I think is better value for money. Anyway the buffet of the Sheraton is better than Hilton but more expensive. With the discount (if you go late you get more discount) I think is a good place to go sometime. I will go there again in the future. Also the service is really top notch. Next place in my list to try is the buffet at cape Dara.

#10459429 The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

Posted by marino28 on 2016-02-24 19:25:01

La Merenda (italian restuarant)
located in Jomtien second road , a bit after rompho market but on the opposite side.
Many italian customers, the place is not fancy but i think is quite good and the prices are right. I have been there a few time and tried different type of pasta. All was good. The owner and chef is italian. He also make pizza but i never tried it.
Yamato (Japanese Restaurant)
is located in soi Yamato one of the sois between beach road and second road
The sushi and the sushime is better than the commercial place like Fuji. If i remember right i had a sushi set for around 350 (not sure). Anyway if you like fresh sushi i think is worth a visit.
Bite me Bistro 
is located in third road opposite the new Lk Hotel. I have been there 1 time after read about it in thai visa. I had the set menu at 490 thb. Starter, main corse, dessert and a drink
I think i will go back there in the future, the food is good and also very well presented
(only problem was the appetizer, a bit small, but really good... but i have to say that after eat all the set menu i was full so maybe the portion was right)

#10458855 Amtech Water Pattaya

Posted by marino28 on 2016-02-24 17:03:14

Good evening everybody
i was looking at a delivery company for buy water , and reading at previous threads here on thai visa many use Amtech.
Today i call them and they tell me that price for 1 bottle is now 50 thb.
Can anybody confirm that?
In the past threads the price other members post was 40 thb, but they are old threads.
Anybody here use Amtech and how much they charge you now?
thank you
p.s  anybody also use a water dispenser ? any suggestion ?

#10358368 buy house in company name

Posted by marino28 on 2016-01-27 22:04:45

thanks for you interesting informations, but they did not answer any of my question.




#10358226 buy house in company name

Posted by marino28 on 2016-01-27 21:07:56

good evening,


i am very near to buy a house in company name, but i never do that before.



I think will be a good idea to take a lawyer accountant  to chek all the paper of the company i am going to buy. Do you know any good lawyer in Pattaya area to do that? and how much it will cost me the duodiligence?



also there is anything else i have to look ? Anything else to chek?


thanks in advance 

#10334188 Best Alaskan King Crab Seafood Buffet?

Posted by marino28 on 2016-01-21 10:39:37

Not sure if it Was alaskan crab, but for sure Was not the thai one. Many meat and very tasty. I will go again at the royal cliff but first i will like to try others buffet too.

#10067636 Best Internet provider in Jomtien?

Posted by marino28 on 2015-11-12 01:05:03

I have 3bb at 900thb month and is quite good. My friend that live in another condo 500m from me have the cheaper package and many time he have some problem.

#9429965 maybe i have a child (need advice)

Posted by marino28 on 2015-05-21 13:23:18

quick update. I am waiting for the result of the test. I think the will come by the end of this month. 


Thanks everybody for the information and in particular to Alfredo for the link.


If turn out that is my child i think i will still have a lot of question to ask.


have a nice day everybody

#9378946 maybe i have a child (need advice)

Posted by marino28 on 2015-05-06 23:26:57

i am actually less then 30 


and if i am corret form begining of april to end of dicember are actually almost 9 months


anyway now she is with me for few days with the child to know them a bit more. 


my (thai) gf decided to go away when the other one come...


and just for make it clear this lady that make the child, was not and is not a prostitute. I am sure about that, and i can say that she also did not have sex for quite a few time (.... was really block...)




regarding the dna test i was thinking to do that in bkk , but i will have a look at that site. Look like is something easier.


Thanks everybody for the advice.


#9355751 maybe i have a child (need advice)

Posted by marino28 on 2015-04-30 05:02:59

Good night,


in short this is my story.


in 2013 i meet a thai lady in Europe (never pay she). I was there for a short trip. We stay together some time  in april 2013 and after in may. 


After that, i never hear about she again  since yesterday.



I find she on facebbok and she inform me that actually she live back in thailand, that she have a daughter at the end of 2013 and that she think is mine. She told me that she lost my phone number and she tried to contact me with not succes (possibile since i did not have facebook ecc since yesterday...)


she also send me a lot of picture of the child and i have to admitt that she look like me.



Now i am living in thailand too, but i stay with mu girlfrined for more than 1 year already...



So what you will do if is me?


i am actually thinking to invite are and the child in bangkok and do a paternity test (any suggestion where?) and after that i will decide what to do...


if i do a test and it will show she is my daughter she will become that automatically or not? 


for sure i want to take care of she , if is really my daughter but first i also want to know the mother a little bit more since i meet she only maybe 20 days in 2013...



is pretty funny story, but is actually the truth.

thanks for advice and infomration.



#8226072 Visa/Master Card credit cards

Posted by marino28 on 2014-08-10 22:57:23

I actually have a credit card from krungsri. Is was very simple, but is a secured debit card . If you put for istance 100.000 thb in the account you have a credit line of 90.000 thb. The credit card is also free, and when you spend they give you points. Also there is an insurance against fraud and a very good application for iPhone where you can check everything and even pay with the application the balance of the credit card . I actually think is a very good solution for a foreigner living here . Hope this help

Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Thaivisa Connect Thailand

#7554825 2012 Yamaha Nouvo Sx. Anyone Own One?

Posted by marino28 on 2014-03-13 00:28:41

after less than 1 month that i own this scooter, i decide to buy a Forza 300. The Nuovo sx is actually a very good scooter but i want something bigger.



Now the problem is:


i have to sell my nuovo Sx Gp edition with 750 km and less than a month of life. Tomorrow i am going to Myton to see how much they can give me.


But is like a news bike, I don't wont to loose to much. What you think is the better solution.


If anybody want to buy the bike i can sell it for 50.000 bath but not less.. Already have insurance and also 2 year theft insurance.



What you suggest

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