Airport depature tax changes


Departure tax changes.

Traditionally the Airport tax in Thailand has always been paid on departure from Thai Airports.  However as of February 1st 2007 the departure tax/airport tax (PSC – passenger service charge) will be included in the airline ticket price.

In addition to this, the tax has been raised from bt500 to bt700 from February 1st 2007

Does this affect you ?

If you bought your ticket for flying out of Thailand before November 1st 2006, to fly on or after February 1st 2007, then you will need to pay the departure tax in Thailand at bt700.

Reports say that the charge will either be collected at the check in desk, or in the departure hall area by airport staff.  The original booths that used to receive payment are now unmanned

If your ticket was bought after November 1st 2006, for flying out of Thailand on or after February 1st 2007, then the airport tax (PSC) will have been added to the price of the ticket at point of sale.


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