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  2. Quick answer to your recent questions: the condo is a rental. I don't own it, but I'm moving in there next week. I specifically asked for a front-loading, hot water, washing machine to be installed, which is how I got to this point. The owner agreed to pay for the new machine in exchange for my willingness to agree to a 1-year lease. Using the "Test" button on the "GFCI" breaker does in fact trip the breaker, I've already tried it. The breaker switch does need to be reset afterward: first completely off, then back on. A new wrinkle: it's possible that an entirely new, dedicated circuit can be installed for this machine. I'll get an answer from the technician tomorrow. His answer will depend on whether he feels his access to the false ceiling will allow him to pull new wires to/from the breaker box. I'll make a point to answer your other questions tomorrow (with pictures) after I gain access to the rental unit. Thanks again to all!
  3. this is called creative accounting invented by the proverbial milkmaid.
  4. He picked them so I would more class then the rest of us. I am also in another comp and the top 2 leaders also picked them. Well done Joboss
  5. Don't get me wrong, I've seen my fair share of bad incidents in LOS. I just wouldn't put the Mango up there as a dangerous venue. Maybe you've been extremely unlucky with the timing of your visits there. Please let me know when you're going there next, so I can stay away that night (no offence )
  6. Yes a few in Fantasy came off the blocks tonight with a rush.....Joseph 552, Grant 440, Optus 360, Fj 359, even chooks @ 350.....Optus has Mitchel as captain in fact a few do....sorry guys at over 720,000 he's scoring as well as 100,000 less players...
  7. Less the RTA cut. Fees and the like...
  8. So would I, though not much to move. I gather Thaksin shovveled a few dozen suitcases onto the plane. A percentage to the customs men and its wheels up. Mind you, the elites wanted him to flee so they gave him permission to go the the Beijing Olympics. Outstanding
  9. people from India came to and went to that road place in Bkk where you can get anything before going UK. only joking.
  10. Agreed always put MU all letter parcells from all over the world get to me ok.
  11. As your wife appears to be the main bread-winner with a good career and would clearly miss her family if you moved away "to the sea", I think you should stay where you are. Your family could be worse off if your wife could not find such a well-paid position and she would undoubtedly, as a poster suggested, want to visit her family often, either with you or alone, in addition to which they might want to stay with you occasionally, which could present accommodation problems. Living near the sea always sounds great but many people who do so, rarely visit the beach after the initial attraction wears off and most would not want to swim in the heavily polluted waters in some locations. I would advise that you confine yourself to occasional visits to beach resorts for holidays etc. and keep your wife happily living close to her family and present job. If she were to end up by moving to a less satisfying job and to missing her family terribly, she would always tend to blame you for what she might consider as your selfish action in "making" her move. I developed a good career in the UK and my wife, two kids and I enjoyed a pretty good relationship and lifestyle, but that did not prevent her going off with a guy she had only known for a few months after 37 years of marriage, with the excuse that I "worked too hard", even though for the last 22 years I worked from home. It was no consolation to me at all, when after two years, the divorce and the equal division of the proceeds of all our assets, including our home and my business and future pensions, she wanted to return as she had "made a terrible mistake". This is, of course, nothing like your own position, but it does illustrate how easily you can be blamed for trying to do what you believe is best for your family.
  12. Let me assist using mine as an example: Mine was issued 17 October 2016 and I have to enter before 16 October 2017 to activate the visa, this is also the date my visa expires. Between these dates I can come and go as I please with no re-entry permit required. Each time I enter I will get an entry stamp for 1 year ( - 1 day ) in the future. I came back to Thailand yesterday and you can see my stamp 21 Jun 2017 - Admit until 20/06/2018 So, in my case, i can stay in Thailand until 20/06/2018. BUT: I need to use a re-entry permit after 16 October 2017 when my visa expires and I am on permission to stay. Then on, or before, 20/06/2018 I need an extension of my permission to stay. I will have 1 year and 8 months from a 1 year visa, if I re-enter before 16 October 2017 it will effectively become 2 years. BUT IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: 1st year is a multi entry visa. 2nd year is permission to stay and requires re-entry permits.
  13. I would recommend just getting a Truemove prepaid sim (they sell them at 7-11)... Put it in a cellphone and get it activated and data capable... sign up for the 1.5gb plan for 199 baht a month... once it works on the phone take it out and put it in the iPad... Truemove has an app called H Life that will let you see balances and admin the account ;-)
  14. I wish the dear police and military would devote as much time to preventing mayhem and death on the roads as they do trying to curb activities that generally only affect the participants and usually the experience is positive and I am not talking about guns Total hypocrisy and humbug
  15. call it a gift ( an be ready for the other distant family members lining up for the same deal)
  16. this place is such a mess that a PM has to micro-manage ?
  17. Yeah, sorry. Never partaken if you get my drift, so the terms were unfamiliar.
  18. Yes it is like you say it covers a bit, but in my area where I live there is only one street and that one is called Moo 8....... My tabien Baan is in thai,,, not latin, english, or swedish, so any MU cannot be seen in my house-book anyhow.... And on top of that how thai people write latin letters, is not especially first class is it?? So for me, I stick with Moo and feel comfortable with that. I have seen the spelling of khrap like khrub, so it is not easy to identify it correctly... Glegolo
  19. You will bump into the African girls all around Sukhumvit..corner of soi 4 Nana Plaza just after the LB clothes stall there..McDonalds just over from soi 4..seems to be more flogging their p...y than ever around there!Outside Sofitel also on a night..just down from Asok.
  20. Oh Mr Dark Lord do you now get the feeling you ain't wanted here?
  21. hahaha; the smart people say it wont work; military generals vs. smart people
  22. Would love to know how the elite move tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country. When i go to the bank to do an international wire transfer its like being grilled by the SS.
  23. And India has 1.3 billion people...................................
  24. Well he ain't giving up power soon is he, must be fed up with the local talent in BK as it worn out maybe
  25. Sompong fail to factor in, Section 44 will save the day
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