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  2. Your 'avin a laugh...............
  3. A post containing a derogatory comment has been removed.
  4. Sky high electric bill

    It's quite likely that the AC unit couldn't even get the room down to 17, I doubt many people would have that as a design temperature (although obviously it also depends upon the outside temp). I'm from the UK, which isn't always basking in the sun, but have ours set at 26 or 27 at night and very seldom have AC on during the day. OP needs to try to acclimatise as previously advised.
  5. Norwegian man’s arm pieced by iron grill

  6. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    How can you tell? His image has been obscured. It's not the cop in the foreground.
  7. They will accept one 89 days from when you apply for the visa. The money can be in a Thai bank.
  8. I thought the same thing. It's been 14 years since I've been to that border crossing but I don't remember the casino being on both sides of the border where you could enter from Thailand and exit through Cambodia. Unless they built a new one since then. LOL
  9. Youtube to AVI

    This youtubeinmp4 downloader does really good job: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/youtubeinmp4-downloader.html This review above has also provides other alternative tool to help you download videos to other formats like avi.
  10. Yes but not with any evidence. They are the ones in charge of the case the B2 signed power of attorney is over to them. Oh they did claim to have 200 witnesses, but again that was just more hot air. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30250281
  11. 'Misleading interpretations' to always suit the followers' own thinking. Can (and probably does) apply to many religions and belief systems. Buddha, Allah and God would be ashamed by the twisted teachings of man for their own ends.
  12. Police vow to take legal action against monks over subsidy corruption scandal

    In most societies where there is evidence of corruption or embezzlement, action by the police is automatic and does not require them to VOW that they will take action. Announcing that they will take action suggests that in certain other cases they might not. A suggestion that is very believable.
  13. It's a custom designed Nissan missile launcher for those that fail respond to flashing headlights isn't it?
  14. He doesn't need to be elected. The electoral odds are against him, yes but as he won't need electoral approval to remain in power that doesn't matter. He is staying. He fancies a really good trainset - ThB12.7 trillion's worth....
  15. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    It's a "Ranger Raptor".... whatever that is. Probably the wannabe version that you mention. Already have 'real' Raptors in Udon Thani... every weekend from Laos.
  16. Laos first, then vietnam and china, some route to korea or japan but much more difficult
  17. Wow... another enhancement... now in Thai & English... wonders will never cease.
  18. OP as another poster has said you don't understand the system, when you do understand it come back
  19. I don't get it, can anybody explain me how it works? Many times i see the wind directions on windytv going the opposite way of the moving clouds at TMD weather radar. How is that possible? Hint: if you check the TMD website make sure you also check the time of the images because many times it uses very old images.
  20. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    One of the mrs old customers (she is a teacher) got arrested last year and was given 22 years for sex with a 14 year old and a 15 year old, filming and distributing. Dobbed in by an ex the FBI waited until he landed on US soil before getting him rather than asking Thai Police to arrest him. He will probably die in prison, good thing too.
  21. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Thought the 2.2 would be higher revving....
  22. I would not worry about it but I would certainly not try to use it again. It would only take an immigration officer a little effort to notice you did an entry after it was issued to make a big problem for you.
  23. More deflection from your erroneous claim: No matter how you try to spin it, they are quotes from Eighth Region Police Command commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Panya Mamen, commander in charge.
  24. Thailand Live Saturday 23 September 2017

    Norwegian man’s arm pieced by iron grill A Norwegian man was injured when he slipped and an iron grill pierced through his arm at his house in Chon Buri on Friday night, police said. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1003822-norwegian-man’s-arm-pieced-by-iron-grill/
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