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  2. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    What else can you be in patpong!! I miss goldfingers! Things were much easier back then and allot cheaper.
  3. Yes Case moth pupae. Harmless. They tend to head high up the walls to wait their next stage. If too many appear my wifey will knock then down with a broom and throw them outside. Interestingly, the caterpillar seems to be able to turn around inside its case and head in the opposite direction if disturbed.
  4. Don't get me wrong- I don't much care if he has one or not. But I do think all us farangs are in a fragile position to some extent. I choose not go asserting rights as I might in Farangland. The truth doesn't count much out here!
  5. They simply hate the sense of moving for others, especially if they sense they're being instructed to. Buffalo heads.
  6. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    I was being a naughty little boy in Patpong and got lifted (which was all sorted out) - but then I was taken to IDC because I didn't have my passport with me...It took 3 weeks for the Embassy to enter my apartment and get it back to show I was legal...
  7. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Do these cops moonlight as Starbucks managers?
  8. Are you a hotel staff ? take is easy man. Not many people read my comments. Only you 😀🤪 Be happy with your 2590 😀 And good luck with 2591
  9. Eye test USA dr. Bangkok

    OK thanks , they never answered my Email.
  10. Food steamers - Electric v Pans

    this probably needs to be in the food forum... I have a steamer basket that I use in a sauce pan or the soup pot depending on the load with a lid...stove top on a gas fired cooker, works pretty good...I often do frozen dumplings and salmon from tescos together, staggered of course... https://www.lazada.co.th/products/wedzwe-food-steamer-vegetable-steamer-stainless-steel-steamer-basket-with-feet-11inch-intl-i149377047-s173758110.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.15.7e5e1495oxHDEc&search=1
  11. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Yes, but "as reported, he was speaking Thai with the taxi driver."
  12. Me too. Slow roasted then charred above charcoal and smoked chips, served with bourbon BBQ sauce. Doesn't get much lovelier.
  13. Actually, it's not "a strange law", it's the 14th amendment of the US Constitution. Do you want to stop that?
  14. Apologies! Have no idea how the above got posted to the Motor Forum! Perhaps the mods can direct it to a proper place.
  15. Rare stingray spotted near Phi Phi

    Just beautiful.
  16. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Blacklisted and deported, though the majority had entered the country, illegally... so blacklisting does nothing since they didn't need a valid passport to enter to begin with? Seems like a silly way to handle the situation.
  17. Takes me back to the first and last time I went for breakfast to those I foolishly thought were friends Donald and Mac ! i took one look dumped it in the bin which didn’t like it one bit and I have not talked to them since. i see them from time to time on some street corner but I never visit.
  18. In the spirit of Isaan

    Great idea. I travel around Issan a lot. Then return to Pattaya to chill out and relax.
  19. Out on our 5th floor lanai in BKK, occasionally notice these tiny creatures moving in a very slow jerky fashion. In the pix, it appears large...but is really just 1.5 cm (about a half inch) with it's tiny head extended. Didn't pay much attention to them initially, but recently saw one and it kinda sorta reminded me of a leech, which it is definitely not. Further research revealed it to be the larval stage of the Case Making Clothes Moth (Tinea pellionella). Bizarre looking things. Fortunately never see them indoors.
  20. Selling second hand car Chiangmai

    OP, what is the make/model of the vehicle? This will have a huge bearing on the depreciation... Have a look on Taladrod.com it will you an idea what your car is worth...
  21. Venue for Latin Dance fundraiser

    Post reported and removed. Continue with troll, inflammatory and personal remarks and face a suspension.
  22. Safety of Thai Propane Tanks Left in Heat

    good advice...when my wife comes down to my kitchen when I'm not cooking she always checks the tank valve to see that it's closed...I've gotten into the habit...
  23. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    allot of people that can say sawdee krup state they can speak thai.
  24. They are stubborn like buffalo when it comes to blocking the passing lane. Even the cops have to pass to the left. And they wonder why the high death toll on Thai roads!
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