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BANGKOK 14 December 2018 13:55

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  2. TunnelRat69

    Brit jailed five years for having sex with minors

    Boy have you gotta to learn about SE Asia, in particular the Mekong Delta region, girls & boys have been sold all along these parts for hundreds of years, families borrow money, and usually the girls are sold to pay off the debts, they can go freely between Vietnam and Cambodia by fishing boats. 9 times out of 10 the parents are the ones selling these kids from Vietnam..........PPenh is full of them, that is why it is a pedophile heaven..........disgusting but all too true.
  3. GLewis

    Hapatite C, what hospital?

    Please dont post when you dont have a clue. Siriraj is a fine government hospital. You will have to wait and queue in the early morning, but some on Thailands best doctors do have rounds there. If money is a factor then take the time to use it. All the Royal family use Siriraj. I really get angry at posters who dont have a clue who voice opinions.
  4. A callous troll post has been removed.
  5. grifbel

    Check Liver

    Appreciate your opinion and advice but have to disagree here. The reason there are no "scientific studies" on ACV is that such "scientific" studies are almost always backed by big Pharma. If they admitted the effectiveness of ACV, it would cut into their bottom line. OTOH, there are many peer reviews on both the The effectiveness of ACV for gout. https://www.naturalarthritistreatments.net/gout/apple-cider-vineger-benefits The risks of allopurinol on the liver and health. https://livertox.nih.gov/Allopurinol.htm Whatever you believe, it cannot be good to be ingesting all of the chemicals (paracetamol, allopurinol, nurofen and dicloferoc) that one person in this thread claimed to be taking during a gout attack. Keep it simple, keep it natural.
  6. No I am not. I can see in the international DL that permission to operate a motorbike is not stamped. The officer didn't seem to notice/care. I am curious if anyone in a similar situation was fined.
  7. madmen

    Where to buy a dish washer in Thailand

    Ok I'm convinced it's been on my mind for ages . Just wanted to make sure I was the only lazy single basterd in Thailand [emoji16]
  8. PaulDee

    Where to buy a dish washer in Thailand

    Thanks for the info and for your kind offer. I also use Finish, and I don't mind spending a few baht on tabs at Villa if they are important to the wash or washer. Thanks again.
  9. Sounds a bit like the current bunch in Westminster too!
  10. Why would he need to engage in political campaigning as he use the mobile cabinets, and other options paid by the Thai taxpayer, to achieve the same and more.
  11. There's still Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. (and you forgot beer-swilling)
  12. The EU has already destroyed the futures of many young people, not to mention the futures of some entire nations for the foreseeable future.
  13. Never mind, a nice ceremony with Thai traditional dancing meet and greet at the airport with a garland and a free dinner, all will be well.
  14. Who knows. It would help if they added a comment
  15. transam

    Honda unveils new Civic

    Down hill.....
  16. 100% Im a father from way back I can garantee that no stranger would be giving my son any gifts or taking photos. Max you should have quizzed him told him no to the gifts as you want to teach the boy not to accept gifts from strangers and made him delete the photos or you would call the police. Its up to us as adults to protect kids they do depend on us. If there was something organised with the mum call her imediatly and he should wait until you heard from her.
  17. Passing out through immigration into Thailand could be considered reckless in my opinion
  18. islandguy

    Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Thanks for any info
  19. considering how important this intersection is for the entire southern part of the island...chalong tunnel is a scandal
  20. Where have immigration said that????? Immigration have never said that at all. As far as I know, in Phuket Immigration have issued one statement suggesting the 800k baht, seasoned in a Thai bank, as AN alternative method But they have NEVER said it was the ONLY acceptable method.
  21. islandguy

    Multiple Entry Non-O Visa Singapore

    Any answer regarding last question? Could I go through on line process this week and pick up January 14? also, my current extension of stay expires January 18, if this application was fine could I then fly back January 22 without any problem?
  22. A complaint on what basis? The policy wording is clear. No ambiguity. We do not even know what the reason for the non payment was. All that we have is an uncorroborated statement from the claimant. If the pool had signs that said no diving and they were clear and evident, she will have a difficult case, if she intentionally dove into the pool as it would be an intentionally careless act meeting the legal definition of reckless behavior. The FAC requires a complainant to support his/her complaint with facts, none of which are presented in the article.
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