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  2. Tens of thousands who sign petition prove they more childish than Nate.
  3. Me neither. Using Bangkok Bank Credit Card (not debit) or Amex Thai, never seen any transaction charge Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
  4. To all those people who say they have had it, I'm just curious to ask do you remember the actual bite and did it happen in the daytime?
  5. And yet she wrote a very good letter in English describing her family arrangements............sorry old mate...troll is my call
  6. The wife and I will be coming to Chiang Rai for around 6 weeks in November/december and are looking for a place that does self catering, i.e a kitchen attached to the room where we can cook simple meals with local produce. Any help greatly appreciated. WH
  7. No need for guess. Next time mention gonna be for say overwhelming demand for name after prayuth. Junta so predictible
  8. Just ignore them. The Seventh-day Adventist Missionaries in Chiang Mai should be the ones kicked out. Morrmon's can join that as well.
  9. Yes it is within the rules. But the enforcement of it is arbitrary a lot of the time. Not sure that insisting upon cash is though.
  10. Yes. Sound advice from Nan Laew.
  11. Horrible how? There's at least one poster living there and according to him, things are pretty normal. News reports suggest the same.
  12. Corruption House should be a welcoming doormat for foreign dignitaries.
  13. Plus you obviously cannot have a debit card, which presumably means a trip to the bank everytime to change FC to THB which is free except for a one of charge this is with KRUNG Thai bank.
  14. Looks like a Russian Orthodox Mosque with Catholic overtones.
  15. That's what I was thinking. A bit of an idiot bored out of his mind hence why he finds stupid "projects" like killing animals and smashing coins on train tracks. Interesting that the only thing Thais are asking for is to have him booted out of the country while expats as usual waste time by discussing whether his YouTube videos require a work permit (they don't - receiving advertising revenue from YouTube has got nothing to do with working in Thailand), completely missing the point. If he actually made positive YouTube videos about everyday life in Thailand like this other middle aged American expat living in Thailand does, nobody outside the sphere of YouTube would know him. He broke the law by performing a stupid prank, much like this 30-something Swiss expat in Singapore did a few years ago who vandalised some trains belonging to the mrt and received a number of lashes of the cane, followed by imprisonment and deportation as a result. The Thai authorities are letting him off the hook lightly in this case - at least a stern warning and a fine would have been more appropriate I think.
  16. Several posts on lipoma removal.. So I know the cost is not high.. But mine is on my cheekbone.. So my hansum looks must be preserved 55. Any suggestions in Bangkok for a doctor that would be considered a plastic type. Thanks.
  17. I went through a similar thing with my now missus. Had to show proof of money transfer of fund...western union , local government documents, electricity bills in my name etc. If not the guy at the other end sees...I love her...really? Disclaimer...this was in Oz
  18. Their hardest??? They aren't even trying. This case will go on and on and on and on and on and on....
  19. "I have experienced the phenomena of soi dogs attacking foreigners only. I suspect it is because we "smell" differently to the locals due to diet or genetics. Canines respond to strangers with barking and rushing behaviour ( in aggressive ones biting)." I guess we just need to cover our body by clay. Just like Predator movie. We will be safe. 🐕
  20. Let me try and rephrase that. " I have always thought they never try their hardest when it comes to this type of situation involving the rich and connected." They nearly always succeed when the suspect is a nobody or has little resources to defend themselves. Sad but true.
  21. Anybody with experience and recommendation for durable and comfortable medium-firm mattress for rental condo. Price range 15-18K /. I am not unhappy with Sealy & Dunlopillo, but open to switch to other brand. Thanks for any expert-input. MS>
  22. Land is land, territory is territory. Seem to recall the US fought for possession of arid areas, nowadays states. The "fancy-pants" missile system is called HIMRAS, costs about $5 million a unit and not "probably....tens of millions". Range is actually 480, which would make it just about able to reach the Iran-Iraq border from the area of deployment), and not "probably puts Teheran within it's range". Not really an escalation by itself, and not even the first time it was used in this conflict. Iran's main concern is consolidating gains after it's involvement in Syria. US presence, Russian presence and any cooperation between the two do not align with their goals.
  23. Doing a run next week and Air Asia has flights with a 2 hour turnaround in KL. Last time I went to KL for the grand Prix, immigration a bit slow. Wondering if 2 hours is cutting it too close. Any comments? Next flight is 4.5 hours. Hate waiting in airports. Don't think they had a special APEC card queue if memory serves me right.
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