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  2. bbi1

    Paying electric bill online?

    Does the MEA app charge extra for using international credit cards?
  3. jackdd

    First class insurance for older car

    According to their website it is: https://www.viriyah.co.th/en/customer-product-car-insurance.php?id=2
  4. Dengue incidents per 1,000 travellers is circa 10, the mortality rate is circa 2%. https://watermark.silverchair.com/jtm20-0384.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAAhcwggITBgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggIEMIICAAIBADCCAfkGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMH56eak_yP0QcE_juAgEQgIIByvwVhkljPRE6J0MxTrlFN7KBfoUwyOFmwSB4PPOUU7bj9vKfSbWFpKxHrUSMc6Jt-C9RnUxuh0u-wWYDHhAVKvKBcv-bU4GXFJMM9z4R-GzwS-IuBarOFuS4RrIDXmOvYuHdbYKbvXxcK2wG6e9wfXig0awIlMK6p3S4RfNP2evf2nWhQkAKgFYcw6qJRsPDhdrgZPO0dqCrbhqoBG1biqeBjgoXgSlvpRKGM3uD_Fj6NF385ryC7vyuFOWHQqyTP09xN_1hkpF4FU4-4Xvm3hUFShokNhyM_fykSEF71utxyfdYcuB0ojHjXsICrcbj6U3od0rdWCgs4hXI4N3Izit0zcxos9V8Zc6Z2T3rpP1FdDb1tbTTU3VYEu2TyRL82W7FJaeTrxZWrKNkqlcxYRmlZy12y8mro6GnhdGyk2lKrP0e-qsVxiTynNKvnpBApEINv7DGdAEbcsOH8G2Rs46ERPhBAuQEQyYh2vv2u1TFJKQZWn749lNcu5m-VU0vIAvYHxoewMazfh9-WXQ_EnflTGwHweW628TizTu2EatBIaVK8vCkGF0sNDvlBL61eb8P0BANj1c-fGQzXV-NuSNlQJhOXX9UQO99
  5. Ask Toyota? They rattle like crazy passenger side with no one in it and its not the metal buckle on the plastic its inside its housing somewhere.
  6. Looks like you don't know your left from your right.
  7. Rooster old chap, the annual Royal British Legion Poppy appeal has just commenced, rather than send you 32.50 baht I will add an additional 50 baht to my usual generous gift that I put into the Poppy appeal box, I sincerely hope many other TVF members will contribute to this worthy cause, our organisation also assists Thai Veterans in case you were not aware but those funds are raised by events NOT associated with the annual Poppy appeal.
  8. It's a landmark that many people remember, that's all, helps with the location.
  9. I will guess that today will be as bad as it ever gets. The novelty will slowly, but surely, wear off.
  10. In the end it depends on the credit card which you are using. I have a credit card which does not charge any fees when doing a cash advance and no interest charged if i pay it off with my next monthly bill, so there is really no reason not to use it under these circumstances.
  11. Just an excuse for laziness. If retired one thing people have in abundance is time
  12. That is for all extension of stay applications. If it was different between the first and the ones after that it would state that. You are confusing retirement extension requirements that are 60 days for the first extension and then 3 months after that. For those it states this. "(4) On the filing date, the applicant must have funds deposited in a bank in Thailand of no less than Baht 800,000 for the past three months. For the first year only, the applicant must have proof of a deposit account in which said amount of funds has been maintained for no less than 60 days prior to the filing date:"
  13. agudbuk

    Shopping on Amazon

    Import duty may need to be paid. Some goods may not be allowed.
  14. You shouldn't listen to bar stool rumours. The rule is cash money.
  15. Can you give a cite for that statement? You might be correct if the aircraft was operating under a diplomatic clearance. Other than that - While the aircraft is on the ground in a parked position (ie., for loading and unloading passengers), sovereignty over the aircraft belongs to the nation where it is parked until there is a pilot in command that "commences when an aircraft moves under its own power for the purpose of flight and ends when the aircraft comes to rest after landing." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot_in_command
  16. 1st time and renewal is 60 days marriage.
  17. JackThompson

    Denied entry to Thailand!

    The OP didn't follow the 20K rule. Clearly, he learned his lesson - and hopefully understands the 20K was just a handy "gotcha" in a larger scheme. I experienced a string of "corruption or no service" interactions with immigration at a local office, but I still love Thailand. I don't dare fly-in, even on a Non-O Multiple, because who knows what some IO and boss could do with no "rule of published laws" system to constrain their actions. But Thailand is not represented (to me) by some clique of problem-IOs. It's not "the country" who doesn't want us here. Speak to average Thais in the Tourist sector, and ask if they prefer Chinese or Western customers. That IO-clique may be doing their best undermine Thais whose jobs/businesses depend on us, and would doubtless like all Farang not paying them off with agent-bribes or whatever to be booted out - but let's hope good folks don't capitulate to this.
  18. if Trump does tear up the treaty then we Brits should kick all the American Troops out the UK and call on our NATO allies to kick America out of NATO. We do not want to be in the middle of any spat Putin and Trump may have.
  19. sanemax

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    Yes, its important for posters to realise that when they have nothing to say, to stop posting. Some posters have nothing to say and just post the same things everyday in various threads , every thread they make the comparison between the O.P and "The Red bull heir" "The Burmese 2" "Donald Trump"..........."Brown envelopes" everyday "Brown envelopes not big enough" . I do agree with you , people who have nothing to say about anything need to stop posting . "Where's Big Joke"
  20. Is it possible to buy a lottery ticket from Thailand?
  21. Thank you Rooster for your informative insights into TW3 (all Brits of a certain age will surely remember this acronym). Also, many thanks on behalf of all British pensioners for your dialogue with the British Embassy. Your blog(?) is now the only post I read on TV as I too am fed up with all the griping and moaning that goes on. Presumably, these people must have got fed up with their country of birth/origin to have moved here in the first place. No pleasing some people wherever they reside. Good luck in the Scrabble tournament. I've been waiting all week to hear how you're doing, but no mention of it could I find. I've had a very enjoyable 2 weeks in Turkey where the weather has been fabulous. This is the 5th time the missus and I have been. It's an escape from the relentless heat and humidity and all the small insects (both biting and just irritating), which are the only two things I personally don't like about Thailand.
  22. “Dodgy” and “illegal” in Thailand go hand and hand. It makes the country run and starts at the lowest level and goes all the way to the highest. It’s how their society functions if you dare to call Thailand a functional society. The fact that you don’t understand this is why you’ll eventually lose here. Probably when you’re too old or broke and unable to do anything about it, you’ll have the rug pulled out from under you when you least expect it. A new visa policy that puts you just out of reach of the requirements is just a different Somchai and a pen stroke away. In a country built around cutting corners, those who don’t cut them will always serve the ones who do.
  23. Been there done that

    Seeking experts related to abuse.

    Interesting comment. What would you do if your own children, if you have any ofcourse, were emotionally abused via manipulation and brainwashing and nobody would care one iota, only you ?
  24. All that is noise, if you pay it off straight away that list can be ignored. If you can't pay it off straight away then yes someone needs to find an alternative way
  25. skippybangkok

    Plantar Fascitis ( sore heel )

    Thanks ... Will try all. If not work will go for injection Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  26. I'm trying to get the connection. Climate change causes sexual harassment now? Ok! Sure.
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