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  2. They are consistently inconsistent. Your friend's experiences don't prove anything. Many others have been fined. Usually, the 90-day report doesn't catch people out. The OP was after a residence certificate when they caught him. Others are caught when applying for extensions.
  3. And of course everything you think is correct, but are you really sure there are only 4. Maybe you get surprised in a couple of days. So, in that case, you might as well be typing crap, right?
  4. Let's see now. They can't figure out a way to keep the F -14 flying, but they can build a new fighter. Yeah right.
  5. Thank you for your 'permission" .... I've made it abundantly clear that I have nothing against Muslims - which is why I took exception to your outright lie:- "Many times in topics concerning Muslims you have indulged in generalised vilification". I've also made it abundantly clear that living in Rawai, Phuket I already talk (and get on with) many Muslims (not to mention those in the uk) that wore a headscarf (making it clear that they were Muslims), and we got on very well. It's only you that tries to slur others by pretending that they are Islamophobic - with zero evidence - other than that they disagree with your opinion on the burka/nikab.
  6. BestB

    Im getting very bored

    Last time I tried cost me an arm and a leg in lady drinks and That’s for the ones who I did not like whats your experiences like?
  7. ELVIS123456

    Top Trumps

    Do you mean this Top Trumps?? http://www.flirt-pattaya.com/pattaya-top-trumps-bar-girl-unlimited-edition/ Maybe this will help? http://www.toptrumps.com/aus/#
  8. If you cannot, or will not understand the point I am trying to make about the self appointed amnesty, then there really is no point arguing any further. If you really believe that people that are subjected to checks and balances and have to follow the rules set forth in the constitution are the same as people that set aside set constitution, drafted their own, and are not accountable to anyone, then what is the point of this discussion. You are denying facts, or are trying to leave them out of the discussion. That's not how the world works Rob. Of course at no point in time did I ever claim that people with a mandate should not be punished and those that don't should, in fact, I claimed that those with a mandate have and will be punished and those without such a mandate will not, and will never, because of their self awarded amnesty. Those are cold hard facts, that cannot possibly be denied. As to this bloke, he is not appointed in the EC for nothing, he is appointed because he will do what he is told to do by the NCPO. That includes preventing people from running with no real apparent reason, up to simply rigging the result, which they now have been give a whopping 30 days to achieve ! for crying out loud, this is not about Thaksin, this is about a small group of people taking Thailand for the next few decades, when oh when do people wake up. In spite of overwhelming evidence, some remain blissfully ignorant. Open your eyes, instead of making a fool out of yourself.

    Im getting very bored

    Perfectly normal reaction. Save money, change your flight and go home and trade stories with your mates.
  10. The Deerhunter

    Belarusian prostitute has her day in Thai court

    Still "trolling" down through the pages to see if anyone has enlightened us yet as to the outcome of her day in court. And yes. Very attractive if you like that sort of thing!!! And many of us do. I suspect many of the "haters" would not turn her down either. Very pretty and if she is typical of her origins, very smart too. I have had two Ukrainian gf's. One owned her own (legit) business in Ukraine in a place i cannot spell on the river Dneip and the other was born in Ukraine but had been an ex Full Colonel in the Russian army (signals) (and a High School Maths teacher and accountant in Yekaterinberg) but when I met her, a migrated Permanent Resident in my home country. Interesting people, and VERY SMART in a survival type of mode. I have been to Russia once too, hunting deer. Bikin River area, 500km north of Vladivostock, September 2,000. Just in case anyone thinks I am B'S'ing.
  11. What a country doesn’t do is insufficient to hold it up for admiration. Thank god it doesn’t have the means. So.... look at what it has done and what it threatens to do and let’s just throw in their claim that Israel has no right to exist. Quite admirable.
  12. Sorry, I thought it was the Pattaya forum. Good luck with your crusade. I call it a "retirement visa" and 99.99% of punters here know exactly what I am referring to. I used parentheses for the benefit of people like you. You've only been at it a year... to join the ranks of the 100's that went before you. It's like a relay race... when one retires, there's someone else to pick up the baton.
  13. DON'T DO IT!!!! Don't even think about touching it with a barge pole. It's just another scam - at best a ponzi scheme. Most TV members must remember the similar ill-fated LMIM Funds in Australia. They were widely flogged 2006 to 2012 by many supposedly independent IFAs in Thailand. Yes -- all the investors lost their savings and pensions there too. While IFAs managed to get most of their exorbitant up front commissions. This pack of lies contains all the usual hallmarks of the mortgage property confidence trick: "...fully secured...very well covered...better than many other...". Throw in "highly ethical" too and it's too good to be true. Yes, really, waaay too good. We were conned by all the same sales spiel before, but at least can warn members this time round. Are this bunch licensed by the SEC for this kind of investment scam? Guess the answer....sorry, no prizes. How did this topic even start as an 'advertorial'? SHAME ON YOU THAI VISA.
  14. Number 6

    Crazy price - Why ??

    It's b250 from PraRam9 Ratchada, about 220 from Chatuchak. Co-op taxi meter. Always.
  15. OneMoreFarang

    Convert vinyl LP to MP3

    Please explain to us how you intend to covert a LP with VLC player. If you don't know what a LP is maybe google it...
  16. Have you made travel arrangements yet to make a move over?
  17. janclaes47

    Another new tax on wine?

    Yes I posted that last week also, since I have noticed that price drop is everywhere. I think the other imported fruit wines have also dropped in price, so clearly someone is aware of the hole in their foot.
  18. stevenl

    Whale shark sighted off Phuket

    And as usual someone has the need to comment on something good with nonsense.
  19. My family and most of my neighbours are very quiet. My neighbor behind us though drives us crazy with an awfully loud witch voice and cackle. The police have been called a few times
  20. Maybe he means an extension of stay based on an O, ? An extension is not a visa No, he doesn't mean an extension of stay. He means exactly what he stated.
  21. LOL Charlie, I already made it quite clear what I thought of your 2 cents... but you keep offering more. We must be up to 50 cents already.
  22. I'm going for the one who lives in Thailand when he is not working. Go FJ
  23. Psychic

    Another new tax on wine?

    Was just in Makro. Looks like the 3L boxes of Mont Claire have dropped 100 baht...1030 now. Still no one buying them. Since the price increase I haven't seen one move. As they approach their due date on the boxes, I guess real panic will set in. Sooner or later the manufacturers will go to the government and say, we're losing money and you're losing money (unless they truly did want to discourage drinking rather than just getting more taxes). The 5L bottles of Italian red we used to buy at 735B reappeared at 1630. So far I figure we have saved about 7350B and at this price the savings continue every week.
  24. Gee, the conversation was about how to keep them, not how to buy new models.
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