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  2. Eh eh what we got here? Battle of the Bazzers
  3. I rented a Vios from Hertz for one and two days on two occasions a few years ago. I paid a total of 500B per day, including zero excess insurance cover which, as far as I know, you never get from the small operators.
  4. "Cutting weight?!?" Hahahaha...I rest my case (see my post above).
  5. How it has been maintained is key. Get it up in the air - check the underside for collision damage. Suspension parts easy to repair. If the engine oil looks good and the engine itself makes no noise, auto transmission fluid looks red and does not smell like burnt toast, further inspection warranted. Cylinder leakdown test easy to perform with an adapter made from an old spark plug, pressure gauge and air compressor. Will tell you if rings and valves are good. Being 25 years old will be a plus as the electronics will not be so complicated. You have experience in judging old cars ? If not, a professional will help you make the decision.
  6. Not at all. This just goes to show just how corrupt that the present PM Prayuth really is. Because he could stop all this corruption immediately if he was so inclined. As long as this goes on, he alone remains the pillar of Thai corruption.
  7. Le Pen is Putin's little girl. She does not have a real chance in continental Europe.
  8. RIP unlucky danish guy. Bad for his Thai gf. Her ATM is gone.
  9. To be fair, many Westerners are just as bad. Look at the silly concept of "super foods," people thinking taking huge amounts of vitamin C will cure their cold, and all those ridiculous diets ("Paleo," etc.)...just saying, when it comes to food beliefs with absolutely no basis in science, many Westerners are right up there with Thais.
  10. "Indigenous microbial life". Gosh! You just got to love the English Language to come up with expressions such as this which makes perfect sense.
  11. Firstly I was not referring specifically to Immigration as I have next to nothing to do with them. There are many government agencies that provide a variety of things I need to make my life here run smoothly as you will be aware. I have abl no quams whatsoever in helping to get these things done a lot quicker with a small gift freely given by myself. Faced with a three or four hrs wait or a couple of hundred bht and 30 mins I know which way I go. It's not illegal to give a tip for good service which is the way I see it. If your happy queuing and paying exactly to the bht that's your choice. I on the other hand dislike queuing and so far haven't had to.
  12. I thought you like to drink beer, more than wine? I'm sure 1% sales decrease globally is not such an big deal for wine manufacturers :) What products and services does UK export to other countries? Fishery industry has been said often. Is that a major import product? People like to talk about car industry. Does UK manufacture enough quality cars, so that people would not buy imported cars, when UK sets import duty to EU cars? What is the value of UK to the rest of the world?
  13. I'm pretty sure that they don't just turn up in Thailand with no money <deleted>, They have paid for a flight (or maybe they all walked from their home countries) They probably have a prepaid credit card and a cheap mobile phone so that they can phone home in an emergency and no doubt travel insurance, not always paid for by bank of mum and dad but maybe paid for with part time working. The object being, travel as cheap as you can for as long as you can and see how far you can get by relying just on your wits. I knew a couple (I used to work with the guy in the UK) He took voluntary redundancy, and decided to travel the world with his girlfriend on his payout, they paid for special flight tickets to go anywhere in the world whenever they wanted, they had travel insurance and a prepaid credit card to be used in dire emergencies only. At the time we were renting a one bed house so couldn't put them up but they were quite happy to stay in 150 baht a night flop house in Pattaya which they said was luxury compared to some of the shit holes that they stayed in in India. And they visited some really dodgy countries along the way, but hey you do that when you're in your 20's. So pretty sure all these smeg beg packers are doing the same.
  14. Nice amusing post former farang. If it's any comfort , when I took my first Thai wife to Croydon 25 years ago for a similar thing it was exactly as you have described. Even then, trying to spot another anglo saxon was like looking at a ' can you find ' puzzle . You had to get there at about 7.00 am to start queuing in the freezing cold outside for over an hour and you were there nearly all day. Premium service ?? As bigger misnomer as an ' expressway ' in Bangkok. Got lucky at Heathrow last September though. Current wife on second UK visit and we arrived at immigration expecting a long queue. Asked an immigration bloke if I could take the Mrs through the UK channel and he did even better. Opened a barrier especially for us and there was zero queue. We were both through immigration in 10 minutes flat. As miracles go as good as walking on water.
  15. I read somewhere that Bill Gates has one of the biggest private libraries in the world and collects antique books
  16. A post containing a link to Bangkok Post has been removed.
  17. Me an possum are still here.
  18. The problem is that there are too many other "puny little pricks" protecting him!
  19. Yes, and check out what it's doing to Thai obesity levels. It's not about big corporations - it's about "food" that is a health hazard.
  20. Yes. That was the reason the car flipped.
  21. Coming up to CM on the 9th May (Tuesday) for a week of offroad riding. Friends arriving on the 11th. Anyone have riding suggestions for the 10th and 11th? Prefer long flowing rides rather than technical downhill. Don't mind hills! Will be riding out from the old city area. Cheers. LP
  22. What of Le Pen will she pull off a frexit! will Frau Merkel have a Job in September. What of the two tier EU where the Pigs are left to wallow in the mire while northern EU countries forge on ahead. You really haven't solved the problem the Euro has caused either, wonder how strong that will be once you stop getting UK contributions.
  23. Still have them - but keeping them. My BIL has a bit of land in the mountains. Raises bees. Need knobbies to get there.
  24. Seems very much like a tech gliche if it wont do Paypal either. Hope it rights itself for you soon. Not a good outlook right on top of the weekend.
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