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  2. Meanwhile, in gun happy United States, there were 4 mass shootings on Sunday with 30 injured and 2 killed, yet the NRA call for less gun control.
  3. mstevens

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    Perhaps phrase the question a little differently and you might get different answers. How about, "Is Pattaya representative of Thailand as a whole?" You might get different answers... And what might be interesting is to ask that very question to Thai people and see what they have to say.
  4. When I was a kid of 16-19, I had some tough summer jobs. Chop weeds all day, dig holes, commercial construction, stuff raw Fiberglas insulation. Some tasks like cleaning oil furnace fire boxes were right out of the "Dirty Jobs" show. The old redneck guys liked me and I always had a job the next summer. I was ecstatic the time I finally got to $4. per hour!
  5. bankruatsteve

    2 pin electrical rice cooker

    Many appliances come with a "Schuko" type plug which should contain a ground. But then you need a Schuko receptacle or adapter. I have found adapters at the "Home" places but there are times when I take the last one.
  6. peperobi

    Vehicle registration plates

    Thanks! Sorry for the mistake.
  7. Stormy Daniels for president in 2020! Make the White House Respectable Again!
  8. Looks just like another quality "tourist", well done so far, RTP....
  9. The LBs who work in my local super market in Pattaya are perfectly well behaved. Its time the media and and TV stopped these unfair generalisation in headlines and articles.
  10. 270.000, that would equal 1 baht for each cheater in the industry.
  11. Emster23


    In Pattaya it depends on how much influence you have with local cops and admin. I've done charity gigs here, used to play at open mic at now gone Bristol Bar. Cops would come by regularly. Pattaya orphanage had some pull, but hard to get word to local fuzz looking for income. Used to raise money for Banglamung home for boys. Lady that ran it had power, was never bothered. Local bars... make sure they have the juice. You don't want a black mark and 20k baht fine. I agree it is a bummer we can't go out and make noise... Why do they do it? Because they can
  12. The Immigration process being followed is 100% legal. The Press is full of Nattering Nabobs of Negativism.
  13. Some people miss the point the tricity is a inner city commuter and designed for poor roads plus a great shopping bike i can fit 2 slabs of beer on the floor board
  14. Antonymous

    Tearful apology from remorseful trio

    The practice of taking customers to overpriced shops for commissions is as old as ... the tuk tuks themselves. It has been going on here in Chiang Mai too, for as long as I can remember. Customer asks to be taken to place A and instead is taken to place B, where the driver gets (typically in Chiang Mai) 30% commission on any purchases, and or free gifts like meals or fuel. Nothing is done about it as it is considered legal. It is the shops themselves that are to blame of course. The twist in this case is the claim of 'sub-standard' goods at the shops in the article. It is that which may lead to prosecution, but don't hold your breath.
  15. One of the best things you can do for your children is give them the best education possible. The other side of this is that one of the worst things you can do for your child is give them a lousy education. Obviously, not everyone has the million odd baht a year that the best international schools charge, but if you have that sort of money, it's most likely worth it. The bottom line is that for most of us, the fees charged by the best international schools are beyond us which means you have to ask yourself seriously if you wish to send your kids to school in a Thai school, or bite the bullet and return home and educate them there...
  16. He is so full of himself he won't take anything in from either the French or the English or anyone else to that matter ! el supremo
  17. Is a bar girl a prostitute when.... Idiotic question. Of course they are! Sheesh.
  18. It can be 30 days in your by laws, but you would not be able to void a meeting or make resolutions passed in the meeting void if they did not send it 30 days before. The Condo Act supersedes your By Laws. The Act says interest is not to exceed X%. It is up to the Committee whether they want to leave it at that level or reduce it below that for any particular reason. I was involved in managing about 20 condominiums in Bangkok and Pattaya for 10 years, and have had pretty much every legal fight in the book and many out of the book. Obviously lawyer to lawyer and situation to situation is different, but we have used Baker & Mckenzie, DLA Piper, Tillke & G... and this seems to be the general advice with minor variances. I.e you can put what ever you want in your bylaws, but should their be dispute they will revert back to the Act, over and above what is in your bylaws.
  19. scorecard

    Travel insurance age over 85

    AIS? AIG?
  20. Hummin

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    What about Andriol testo caps, and Nebido? Do you have any experience with them? What is the risk with fake products?
  21. Going to be interesting to see how this eventuates but I have my reservations what the outcome will be ! Best of luck to the protesters
  22. Thank you much appreciated .
  23. A well thought through, well argued and profoundly correct post. Trump and his most enthusiastic supporters will dismiss it, as they have shown themselves to be totally amoral. He belongs in the "trash can" of political history, along with his little fat North Korean friend and any number of equally amoral political leaders. I didn't care for Bill Clinton or George W Bush, but goodness me neither of them came close to poisoning the society they led, which is precisely what Trump is doing by taking children from their families and putting them in camps.
  24. SimonD

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    If you get a train or bus to Surin (about 50 Km's) there are regular minivans to Chong Chom from the bus station there. These vans also stop at Prasat and Kap Choeng (for immigration) so don't get off too early. I think you can also fly from Buriram to Siem Reap with Air Asia. As Diligad said, there are taxis from the Cambodian side to Siem Reap but they tend to be 'share' taxis so I'm told. Ta Prom, the Khmer temple reclaimed by the jungle, is outstandingly creepy... Simon
  25. Has nothing to do with bad luck, just bad work and stupidity. Anyway its a tragic incident that should not have happened at all.
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