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  2. champers

    Manchester United

    United looked like a team committed to the cause. Can they make up lost ground? The games v City and Liverpool could be very interesting.
  3. Vacuum

    SSD sata vs SSD m2

    If you want spee, try a PCLe SSD.
  4. oldrunner

    Police arrest man after 11 year hunt for police killer

    Not bad, if Dr. Ford remembers being molested by future Supreme Court Justice 30 years ago, this man remembers he was ASLEEP, 11 YEARS AGO.
  5. unamazedloso

    Similans limited: Tourist quota shakes tour operators

    by the bashing foreigners get in the press i think we should limit the quota of tourists to thailand to zero until thais realize whos truly at fault here.
  6. Did scouse Lee design the graphics
  7. jellydog

    Manchester City

    Didn't see the game as the Athens bar I found offered the Chelsea match, and then naught. Sounds like City ran roughshod ! Goal difference starting to increase !
  8. As many other countries in this railroad mess are discovering, there is a heavy price to be paid for making your bed with the Chinese.
  9. Any possibility of getting clarification on all that Mumbo-Jumbo ?
  10. I think they changed planes from a 777 to a 747...747 has 1st class 777 doesn't.Its quite probable that some business class passengers were upgraded to 1st for that flight. Just like another TV respondent said.." if it was me the plane would still be on the tarmac...lol
  11. That is OK for those people who live in BKK but not so easy for those who live further away, Chiang Rai for example. Assuming that it would be acceptable it would probably involve a flight or a bus journey down to BKK, 1 or 2 nights in a hotel and the return journey. I could take the inter provincial bus for about 400 baht return and 2 overnights I could get for perhaps 1,500 baht and it would work out about the same as the embassy letter. I was talking with a group of friends yesterday and they suggested talking to a lawyer in Khampaeng Phet after talking with Immigration in KPP. Perhaps Immigration central would find that acceptable or not. At this point I think it is just wait and see what comes up by the end of the year.
  12. It took almost 3 years to brainwash the English People to stay in EU . Now there have a good chance , let’s vote again. Soros and the Elite will pay till the vote fits. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Actually no Transam.......Suzuki BKK thought the same so you’re in good company ......u can see a bit of red where they marked it and I erased it. It’s a similar looking but behind the engine. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  14. It's becoming a sad and alarming trend these days to use women and children as a means of pursuing political and/or ideological agendas. In fact, they are being taken advantage of by those who instigated that caravan, like, hiding behind their backs.
  15. So you support the parents of these kids who atacked this child?
  16. Inquisitorial

    Anyone recently attended Group Thai lessons?

    Thanks Alex I will check them out. I see they offer one free visit.
  17. My daughter says it is not having any money. She found it hard to read and was not impressed with the officers handwriting. That is the same as the clause in the immigration act states that the #2 on the next line indicates.
  18. Petition has gone a bit quiet...maybe because its Sunday? Stuck on 166 since last night, I tried pushing it on various social media: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/230120
  19. There is the possibility that you gf is being optimistic with her citizenship application and you need to make preparations in case it isnt approved . Some people have been waiting years for their citizenship to be approved and nothing seems to happen in regards to the process
  20. melvinmelvin

    Good roast dinner in Sathorn/silom?

    where is the Londoner now? same crew?
  21. jellydog

    Tottenham Thread

    Boring !
  22. I think the question really is whether the healthcare expenditure is efficiently spent. A bloated ministry and corruption meant less money for the sick and poor. I also don’t think that spending 4.2% of the budget is a strain. That’s the average spending of healthcare in most countries and Thailand is not a poor country. The current system of UHC is part funded by the civil servant funds and social security. Only the portion of those poor and don’t have excess and ability to be part of the funded portion. Proportionately, this group of 48 million spend less than the funded portions. It is the social contract of the government to assist the poor and the grotesque income inequality which UHC can help provide some relief.
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