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  2. Manchester City

    1. "1 cup concluded to date but in respect of your team. 3 have been concluded as you are knocked out of the rest." CUPS - So City have won 1 cup while liverpool have won what this season? PREMIER - We won the Premier. After 33 games we're 22 points better off than last season. We're currently 21 points better off than Liverpool WITH a game in hand. Liverpool have exactly the same number of points after 34 games as last season indicating no progress. Liverpool have won one trophy (league cup) since 2006. We're in great shape R2D2 - ask any City fan and they'll tell you we have NEVER been better off than we are right now. So need to worry about us R2D2, worry about Liverpool's ongoing 28 year failure to win the Premier and 1 trophy in 12 years! 2. Sorry I didn't make myself clear about liverpool and City so let me clarify. We do not win at Anfield. 3. Think you're about a season too late with your comments on City's squad. We've reduced the age of the squad and almost every player has improved under Pep. We've even discovered left backs we didn't know we had. Happy days. 4. I do not understand, and I doubt anybody understands, your comments on "Restored Order" - pished by then? PLEASE explain more, what is this Restored Order? 5. "LFC top of the tree", in liverpool only, maybe.
  3. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Who wants to cart luggage up and down onto trains plus walk 1km to save a tiny amount of money? Never paid more than 400 baht door to door.
  4. do the Thai authorities give a toss about those women or do they really only care about the bad publicity. i think the latter
  5. Yep put the Squid on Ice so it won't go bad
  6. Airline Information And Flight Deals For Expats

    If you ever need help to find out if your spouse is cheating on you or not, need help to hack into any mobile device, email hack, social media hack, spy and track on anyone, boost credit scores, erase fines and fees, clear criminal records, BTC top up, hack into any school/university portal to change exam scores and grades, retrieve and recover stolen/hidden files and documents and lots more, Contact: certifiedhacker4real at GMAIL dot COM for help out. He helped me recover my hacked Gmail account and has never disappointed me for once every time i need his help. He is reliable and ethical
  7. mines worse ToT ADSL Chonburi Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=252 Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=252 Reply from bytes=32 time=28ms TTL=252 Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=252 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 27ms, Maximum = 28ms, Average = 27ms
  8. The Only Farang

    Not the only one in village 22 k to small town. One farm blocks down the road and another I see once in awhile. All good peaceful most the time.
  9. Ah but how many Billionaires crave attention and publicly lash out at those who do not show them the desired respect ?
  10. It's a kind of political Crimean War.. No-one has a good word to say about it.
  11. And the most volunteers are criminals and don't now it because they work illegal without work permittion. When they book their volunteering adventure they believe everything is legal. But shit happens!!! Illegal & no insurance!!!
  12. Superrich exchange booth / Korat

    Yes, everybody is aware of this He reported that he went to Superrich SPR in Korat. In his next post he then posted a screenshot of the Superrich website, compared the exchange rate and came to the conclusion that Superrich offers a better rate then Superrich SPR. And you claimed he linked to the wrong website.
  13. Numbing Condoms

    Thanks for the "blow by blow" description, Dick.
  14. Mont Clair Red WIne

    So as Meatloaf has said, "if you're looking for a Ruby in a mountain of rocks........" Great line, great song, and great album. With the limited selection here, it's hard to find a ruby. I've been passing on the Chilean wines, but once again, I'll take your advice, and try a few more of them.
  15. I need testosterone for TRT. (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). I am on Nebido, but its torture, the swings are wild, every time I exercise i get deep testosterone lows and feel like a zombie for a day, start to feel better, exercise again and back down I go. Its a nightmare. Went to doctor at Bangkok hospital, I was only 8 weeks into my last Nebido shot and blood tests revealed my Testosterone is already low. His suggestion, getting Nebido more often, which i don't think is going to work. I am already 2 weeks in on my last shot and still getting wild testosterone swings. (As I feel the swings in symptoms) I want to go on Testosterone Enanthate and inject myself, 250mg once a week. My kid is a type 1 diabetic so doing the injections is no problem for me. I also am 110% convinced my body is converting whatever Test i do get from the shots into estrogen, even when my Testosterone was low, my Estrogen levels are on the high side of Normal, and given that Test converts to Est, I think thats where a lot of my Nebido is ending up. So i need an estrogen blocker, Tamoxifen 10-20mg would probably do me good, and is unlikely to do much harm. I explained this to the doctor, he just blinked at me and explained he doesn't want to do Nebido shots more often than once every 9 weeks, he wouldn't even consider an estrogen blocker. So anyway, I went to a local pharmacy that has a good general stock of drugs, asked the pharmacist for Tamoxifen Sandoz 20mg and Testoviron Depot. Mai Mee. Asked, can you recommend where I can get, he said "Bangkok Hospital" I know what the result will be if i go there, more blinking and telling me he won't do nebido soooner than 9 weeks (which i never asked for). So where in Phuket can i get these, I read they are easy to get OTC, but I can't find it anywhere. If i have to go to a doctor to get a prescription thats fine with me, but where would be the best place to go. I'm no body builder all I want is to feel half normal for a change and not have every symptom on the Low Testosterone symptom chart every 2nd to 3rd day of my life. I will even fly to Bangkok to get them if i have to, if they are available in sukhimvit, but I would rather just get locally. Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. Swimming pool enclosure for mozzies

    I don't know where the mozzies breed but i've never been to a place in BKK without them. Only above the 10th floor.. Upcountry i didn't see them on hills.... But even in airconditioned restaurants they bite, come in through the door i guess. I have seen very strong anti-burglar steel mesh, that was from australia iirc, even a burglar couldn't kick it in i saw on their video. I don't need that superstrong quality but just something that lasts for some decades. Strange that nobody has it already. I've been in 30-40 mil. baht houses with pool but also they didn't have it..what fun if you have a pool but get stung every minute. I'll find a solution though, just saw an advertising from cooling fans (evaporationsystem) which kill mosquito's by some chemical...don't know if that's safe to use but at least there's something now.
  18. Alibaba backs Thailand 4.0

    Why not, the forty thieves set up camp long ago...
  19. Consider the reason she was paid off, perhaps something a little more than just having had sex, she's famous, we know what she will do, Trump might not want it known what he wanted to do with her, so he may not want it dragged into court all over the papers and in front of his kids. She is milking it and she's also playing a much better game than him. As of yesterday she can sue him, defamation law is something Trump used in his campaign, I think you will find he has just been played at his own game.
  20. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Inflammatory personal bickering posts and the replies have been removed.
  21. the same can be said of our governments; constantly, they say very strange things, because they never have anything relevant to say about all situations. Everything is fine, we have the situation in hand. You can sleep peacefully, we watch over you. And during that time
  22. Starbucks is a progressive-minded company, so I'm sure they will come up with an innovative, compassionate solution like a roping off a designated safe space for non-paying customers. Naturally, they won't think it through and will be dumb-founded by the predictable consequences.
  23. With all due respect, would you please restate your post while explaining your leanings? Do you feel the lady in question has done wrong and POTUS is in the right? Kindly share your thoughts among friends.
  24. Thailand Live Thursday 19 Apr 2018

    Thai sex workers in Germany may be charged with not having work permit By Suriya Patatayoh The Nation Pol General Thammasak Witchayara, chairman of the subcommittee on anti-transnational human trafficking chairs a meeting on Thursday. Thais rounded up in Germany’s biggest crackdown on crime rings, which are suspected of smuggling hundreds of women and transsexuals from Thailand for prostitution, were likely to be charged first with working as prostitutes without work permit. Full Story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1034485-thai-sex-workers-in-germany-may-be-charged-with-not-having-work-permit/
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