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  2. No it's not - we have a representative democracy precisely because we realize most people don't understand the complexities of political negotiations and it's unfair to ask people to make life changing decisions about things they don't understand . It is however fair to ask their opinions. This is why British referendums are alway advisory. So not following the vote, because things have arisen that were not clear when the people voted, is precisely how British democracy is supposed to work.
  3. aidenai

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Saterdays only, or online and a couple of times face-to-face. St. Theresa https://www.stic.ac.th/wp-content/uploads/brochures/graduate-diploma-in-teaching-profession-brochure-2018.pdf Nottingham https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/education/study/pgcei/venues/bangkok.aspx
  4. Yes this comes up every now and then, but in previous occasions it was just talk, never some major law company be raided. And yes they will give you time to sell or transfer to Thai name, hopefully, but not everyone is in the possibility or willing to put the property in Thai name otherwise they would have done it from the beginning. Can you imagine what will happen when thousands of properties are available in fire sale ?
  5. How many of those had no license ? I bet only small % . But how may of those are opposite riders ? Or those who enter major roads without stopping or looking ?
  6. Thai Monk blessing attendants during a ceremony....
  7. After some recent threads I finally got around to having a Safe-T-Cut installed last week. Some observations - Neither of the 2 Home Pro stores in Pattaya or Thai Watsadu appear to sell a Safe T Cut for 3 phases. Neither had anybody on several different visits who could give me any useful information and neither Home Pro store were able to advise an electrician/fitter - can only do for water heaters and a couple of other things. Their 2 pole 50Amp Safe- T-Cut RCBO was over 5k baht. Local electrical shop Pornchai on Pattaya Nua sold the model in the link below for 4,000 baht and when asked I was given contact details for 2 electricians. The lady owner in the left hand side (retail) shop speaks quite good English. http://safe-t-cut.com/en/products/specail-a-3phese.html Please see installed pictures below. Issues - Last night tried to use the extractor fan. Pressing any fan button or the light and the RCBO immediately tripped. There did not appear to be an issue with any other connections as everything had been working normally for a couple of days. This morning the gf was using the hairdryer for quite a while and then seemingly for no other reason it tripped again. The electrician has suggested that the tripping this morning is because of the heavy rain we had/dampness in the air .................but I do not really understand the explanation as neither his or my gf's English was up to the necessary detail. Anybody have any suggestions particularly regarding the extractor? Any obvious problems with the installation? PS - the cream box top left contains all the TV co ax wires/connections - when the house was built they put a lot of sockets in all over the house. All sockets are 3 pin.
  8. 25k a month for a farang, without any other outgoings such as mortgage or car payments is worth considerably more than the Thai average income of 15k a month, from which mortgage and car payments are deducted. I would argue that if you're in BKK burning through 180k a month on an expat package you have no idea what the true cost of living is in Thailand - as a retiree in Northern Thailand we own our home and cars and live very comfortably and well on 45k a month, we want for almost nothing, 25k a month is dooable but will not permit too many visits to Villa, Emporium and Paragon!
  9. I could never trust anyone that won't eat bacon. (but you women can all wear what you like)
  10. OK, sometimes it works on LiveNetTV but last week they switched to US stream.
  11. "Use technology don't let technology use you." I contend it's still true to this day. A by-line of mine from my own website (of many years ago) where I used to give IT advice and some lessons. My earliest computer toy was a Sinclair ZX81 (early 1980s I think) and I didn't have a clue how to work it properly. It was just "wow" technology to me. Enjoyed your posting.
  12. If you have a multiple entry non-b visa issued by a embassy or consulate you have to leave and re-enter the country every 90 days. A single entry non-b visa only allows one 90 day entry. Near the end of that 90 days you would either have to leave the country or apply for an extension of stay based upon work or teaching at immigration. The reason for the extension of stay being issued is for having a job so when that reason ends you have to leave the country. There is not automatic 7 days to leave the country. Your confusion is because you you are calling a extension of stay a visa. I assume you meant a non-b visa not a non-o visa. Re-entry permits are issued for permits to stay not visas. As soon as you enter the country you are on a permit to stay not a visa.
  13. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Be happy to see you atecom. We are the Pun Pun at 321 Charoenrat Rd. by the Rama IX Bridge ..... the original..... Been Pun Pun for 34 years before the interlopers came along and everyone wanted to be a Pun Pun. No definite close by date has been set so open til further notice. Arrangements have to be made and I must say that being in a wheelchair has been difficult but being in a wheelchair and having lost a leg is close to impossible. As a long ago advertiser on Thai Visa we gave a 10% discount to TV members . Still do so don't forget to mention you are a TV'er. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words Gonzo/Johnt
  14. think he was asking advice about visas mate. his personal life is his business
  15. Esso49

    Purchase of unlocked Samsung phone in UK

    Yes everything will work. Been doing it for years just the same as if you take an unlocked Thai purchased phone to the UK.
  16. Cheops

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    I agree that we slowly, but surely move to electric vehicles, but your argument that "the internal combustion engine is a complicated nightmare in comparison that needs many parts to keep running" is of course not the main reason. My Toyota Fortuner runs fine with minimum maintenance and so do many other cars. The current technology is very mature for internal combustion engines. Did you ever think about the fact that if all vehicles change to electric, a lot of people who work in the spare parts for combustion engine vehicles will be out of work, which is a lot of people? Sure, there will be new factories for electric parts, but not as much. Anyway, there are some problems with electric vehicles. One of which is the inevitable battery waste problem: https://www.coresponsibility.com/electric-vehicle-battery-waste/ About the needed elec charging infrstructure. Sure, China will have this covered, but we are talking about Thailand here and we all know how they 'manage' things. To recycle a battery, it currently costs €1 per kg. But the value of raw material reclaimed is only a third of that. Recycling lithium costs five times as much as extracting virgin material. Hence, only 5% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled in Europe. And this is in Europe where things like battery recycling is setup in quite a good way, where as in Thailand most batteries end up with the normal garbage and trash! Edited for spelling.
  17. Maradona 10

    New Tesco Lotus

    You sound like one of these guys that checks on neighbours peeping through a curtain... 'oh look there is construction going on I just HAVE to know what it is'
  18. mexico is a toilet unless your in a gringo ghetto enclave or a tourist destination like cabo or puerto vallarta where prices are comparable to the usa anything else in mexico is too dangerous and not managable for the average bloke. could not get laid for the life of me. bunch of pud strokers down there. went down there for six months, left after four. and i was used to places like cambodia and vietnam. say hi to the taco bell chiwawa dog if you pass through there.

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    Correct. I call them ‘holiday husbands’. 11 months for the girl to do whatever (whoever) they want! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Guderian

    How to cure dog itchiness

    I asked the vet about Advocate. She said they used to sell it but found that it wasn't helpful for dogs with itching problems. Of course, YMMV with different dogs, but as mine is already taking Nex Gard I don't want to overload her. She just had her annual shots so I can't bath her for a week now but I thought she was scratching less with the Neem tree oil shampoo. It's probably wishful thinking on my part, but I'll continue with that for a few weeks and see if it really works. The weird thing is that immediately after shampooing and drying her she goes a little bit crazy as if she's itching everywhere, but then it settles down and I fancied that she was scratching less than usual.
  21. I know a 60 year old lady who was born in Britain of a Thai mother and an English father. She spent the first 50 years of her life in England, could not speak a word of Thai and never even visited Thailand. She married an English guy and 10 years ago the woman applied for Thai citizenship based on her mother being a duel citizen of Thailand and Britain. No problem, she received Thai citizenship within a few weeks. 10 years ago she and her English husband retired to Thailand. Soon, she bought what is now a thriving cafe business here with no restrictions imposed, she is entitled to all benefits in Thailand as a Thai, so she has the best of both worlds, no worries. I, as a true blue Englishman am restricted, stuck in a sort of no man`s land now with no statutory rights just because I choose to live outside of Britain and I`m not even an immigrant to Thailand. It`s all a load of BS.
  22. I have no objection to someone double parking as it is sometimes necessary !! I had to do it at Immigration one time and had to put a brick under the wheel to stop it rolling ! But, I do take objection to people who double park when it is blatantly unnecessary, these people do so at their own risk and should not get upset when they have scratches on their bonnets/hoods from rings or when their front or rear bumpers become dented or chipped !!
  23. More like there isn't any more room for crooks etc. full to the brim with them, Ha!
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