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  2. to buy and sell a car as i did last week i had to make 2 residents letters from immigration one for buying and one for selling. my insurance broker who i insured it with done the rest of the paper work for me with the car i bought. all very simple. good luck
  3. In one word, YES!
  4. What with that and Yingluck"s assets they are having a good week . . . .
  5. this is so disgusting that I just cannot comment except to say the owner should be put down and the villagers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this mutt to live. if this ever happened in my neighborhood the dog would be dead and the owner would be sued out of his hut.
  6. i dont think what i posted is OFFENSIVE,the boy met him online,and went to the hotel on his own free will. was it to play? up dolly,down dolly,up dolly,OOPS DOLLY SICK. come on oxx i thought you knew what went on. oops there i go again speculation.
  7. "If you should die without a will while you are in Thailand, your assets are distributed according to the law in Thailand and this means that family members are given priority. Half of the estate will automatically be passed to the spouse and then the rest will be divided first among the children, then to surviving parents, then full-blood brothers and sisters, then half-blood brothers and sisters, then grandparents and finally aunts and uncles. If you should die with no will and there is no family, then the state has the right to take all your property and sell it as it sees fit." You need a will to ensure your spouse gets all that 50% of the condo uncontested.
  8. Their appears to be 34.5358 billion shortfall. Can't get blood out of a stone!
  9. Lest we forget, he set up a meeting with the Russian ambassador to attempt to setup a secure communications link, suggesting that he could use Russian equipment at the Russian embassy/consulate to directly talk to them. The Russian ambassador on intelligence intercepts was noted as saying that even to him this was pretty nuts (of course he said it in Russian) This guy is playing spy vs spy with the intention of getting richer and nothing else.
  10. I'm not sure it will ever be possible to prove beyond any doubt that the Russian interference changed the outcome. But you are right that Trump certainly seems to think so. Maybe because he knows something, or maybe it's just his usual insecurity. He knows that even if proven, he would still be president as there is no mechanism for a do-over of the election. Yet he seems more concerned about losing the veneer of the "bigly win" that he so craves. And just for the sake of that vanity, to preserve that veneer, he is prepared to let Russia continue to interfere, he is prepared to let American election integrity die for the sake of his vanity by trying to stymie the investigations. I haven't seen such self absorption since the looniest inbred Roman emperors. T
  11. Why, are you and your yellow friends planning to do all that again?
  12. Well in so far as 'deep impact' we know the young ones inseminate Thai females at a higher rate, so there is something.
  13. i agree with you yet again with your comment. you should of said that a first, and im in the 1% sorry to hear about your accident. you also never mentioned that you got married prior to your accident. TV members are smart i know but we are not all mind readers. please stop your aggressive attitude.
  14. And even if that is questionable, you'll still find a job
  15. Some people, men and women, are more affectionate than others. And since most public affection is frowned upon in Thailand, you're pretty much stuck with handholding or the occasional hand on their shoulder. When I first visited Thailand and met my gf she let me know right away that touching her inner thigh in Thailand in public was a no-no. I think the OP may be using this post to bash the romantics a little bit. I don't really care. I'll continue to hold my girl's hand when I want. Sometimes I do, sometimes you wouldn't even know we were together. What does it matter anyway? If it bugs you look the other way.
  16. "After thanking the security guard, the guard escorted him to the IDC where he was questioned as to why he had spent more than 30 days in Thailand and whether he was working illegally."
  17. Who does this writer really work for?
  18. Im going though back cancer now and i cant control my emotions.Taking about old time with mates or talking about what is going to happen to my sis and bro inlaw come tomrrow,tears al round.I cant help it,it just happens
  19. Nothing new, happens at every airport in the world. I know as I got lifted a few times. Valuables, including any documents, I carry on my person and nothing of worth in check-in baggage. I mean I did as I don't travel anymore. Last ride will be to the Buddha's Wat.
  20. Not according to Ubonjoe , id : 26 in this post
  21. Im loving the way people make the excuse "well im only a digital nomad, why should I pay tax in a country im not working in" Yet the very same people cry foul when denied entry. Fact. living in thailand full time whilst earning money from your work. Fact. living in Thailand on visa and exempts whilst earning money from your work. Fact. You dont have a work permit as YOU consider yourselfs not working in Thailand whilst earning money from your WORK. Fact. You lot are one of the main reasons immigration is cracking down on visa abusers but your ok your still earning money from your work. The Oh but they dont have a visa for Digital nomads is rubbish. The i dont work when in Thailand is rubbish. Get legal or simply become a digital nomad elsewhere FACT of life.
  22. its not about where i eat. ive been here 17 years and it truly amazes me how fat the thai women have become over those years all ages
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