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  2. Plato (Republic, Book VI) argues that democracy is inferior to various forms of monarchy, aristocracy and even oligarchy on the grounds that democracy tends to undermine the expertise necessary to properly governed societies. In a democracy, he argues, those who are expert at winning elections and nothing else will eventually dominate democratic politics. Democracy tends to emphasize this expertise at the expense of the expertise that is necessary to properly governed societies. The reason for this is that most people do not have the kinds of talents that enable them to think well about the difficult issues that politics involves. But in order to win office or get a piece of legislation passed, politicians must appeal to these people's sense of what is right or not right. Hence, the state will be guided by very poorly worked out ideas that experts in manipulation and mass appeal use to help themselves win office.
  3. Marrying a "rich" westerner may not be a "dream come true" - says BBC

    Odds are stacked in favour of women in the west. The likes of this guy just makes the others with a more genuine relationship expect more and more. The western money trees are ripe for picking... Well done BBC, thanks a bunch...
  4. Encyclopedia you say? Don't be silly. Meanwhile, in the real world: "The War Powers Resolution (also known as the War Powers Resolution of 1973 or the War Powers Act) (50 U.S.C. 1541–1548) is a federal law intended to check the president's power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of the U.S. Congress." "The Resolution was adopted in the form of a United States Congress joint resolution." "It provides that the U.S. President can send U.S. Armed Forces into action abroad only by declaration of war by Congress, "statutory authorization"; or in case of "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution Unless of course, there is some unconstitutional loose cannon at the helm. And we have all seen how a United States Marine Corps General and his Chief of Staff has reacted to his lunacy: (That you subscribe to and promote)
  5. Visa for Thai wife use

    Does your Thai partner have permanent residence in Aus? If so you should be Ok to apply at US Embassy in Aust. If she is temporary residence then she will probably not be OK, and it it is close it would be best to wait til it is approved. Either way - contact the US Embassy and ask them directly.
  6. Using US light dimmers in Thailand?

    Be careful bringing RF products into Thailand that do not use approved frequency. One of Bangkok's home automation outlets stocks Z Wave modules which probably means there is an approved Z Wave frequency for TH. Google for BKK sellers. Maybe consider another protocol. Asia has tons of super cheap home automation stuff
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Willy the Wombat, that's gold!
  8. I want/need to stop smoking.

    only gave up once about 30 years ago and haven't smoked since. all i did was decided i didnt want to smoke any more, it really wasn't that difficult once i'd made my mind up. not saying it was easy but a little determination was all it took.
  9. Hip Replacment

    Got a Mother, Brother and a Mate who had one - all in Aus - all are OK. Mother's was after a fall, but the others were all planned. You need to get blood tests done first. What is your blood type - plenty available? what if any problems? Many Western blood types not common in Thailand. Will you bleed too much (Brother) - or too little and get clots (Mate)? Test first. There is a lot of blood loss. In Aus they can take and store your own blood prior to the Op - this is better than when they use donated plasma etc. Not sure about Thailand. The joint equipment is good these days - get the best joint possible - do your research. But number one is the surgeon then the anesthetist - experienced? where trained? patients? Then it is the Hospital - the surgery facilities and imaging equipment etc etc. Then you need to evaluate rehab options - big issue - lots of work afterwards. I would go to BKK myself - but I have no idea which Hospital or Surgeon is best. Try to contact TV member Nancy L - she is the guru on medical stuff in Thailand.
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  11. First of all, stop the "click bait" in your subject matter. After that, I think you have nothing to worry about.
  12. I don't know how big his balls are, but I reckon they're hangin' really really LOW like any 71 year old. I don't think that tiny hands is predictive of balls.
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  14. Not so much a coincidence when you can consider how significant the Russian background is in Israel.
  15. Unusual deposit: Geneva loos blocked by €100,000 cash

    Another example of the EU wasting money. I'm amazed they didn't find any brown envelopes. Or the dummies in charge of the EU flushed the cash when they should have flushed the envelopes!!!
  16. I'm aware of the Act - National Identity Card Act BE 2554. I'd like you to send me a link to this Act in English where according to you it states; 'children between 7-15 are required to carry their ID'.
  17. A U.S. thing and I know some country's nationals are better off and some worse, but paraphrasing something I heard on the news yesterday. The average government pension (social security) check in the U.S. is only 1300 dollars a month, about 85 of current workers have no other pension, and most people aren't saving very much in their retirement accounts. Not really surprising, but still, wow. I know many people say, no worries, I won't ever retire. Yeah that works only if you've got your own successful business or somebody willing to employ you at age 80. Good luck!
  18. Baby boy found stuffed down the toilet on tour bus

    I can't read anymore of this. Sad.
  19. The future of Pattaya? The Future of Thailand?

    Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye. I've kissed a number of paradises goodbye in Australia before I arrived here. If paradise is what you need, there will always be one to find but don't expect it to last forever.
  20. I was on a bus to Mai Sai and also returned to Uttaradit and we must of hit about 10 check-points on the round trip. The thing that surprised me the most was they were not interested in me but wanted to look at all the Thai ID's or other Asian looking people. I would have thought that I would be the first person as being a non-Asian to be checked but they just by passed me.
  21. Seatran Ferry Donsak to Samui

    From my experience if you have a booking they will make you wait until your booking time even if you arrive early .... unless they are not so busy. I have seen people drive up and buy a ticket on arrival that have got onto a ferry in front of us despite us booking in advance. Having said that we have always got on at least at our booked ferry although at the odd occasion it may have been delayed/late.
  22. There is a UK telephone box on my street, although it looks like a bit of an imitation. PM me for details.
  23. Huge water bill

    600,000 m3 or 600 m3? The first would cost me 21 million baht, the second 21,000 baht. That's about twice my yearly consumption if it's the second, and if it's first number that would keep me going for 2000 years LOL. Note: a unit is 1m3, or 1000 liters.
  24. Electricity On The Islands.

    Power cut at the weekend for 2 hours overnight and at BigC when we visited the other day. Today we had an all day outage, presumably for works or tree cutting. Not notified by the owner who doesn't seem to give a hoot about his residents but fortunately by our local laundry shop.
  25. Today
  26. Fingers crossed. I did speculate in an earlier post that a UK police report might suffice. Good luck!
  27. Changing a Seiko watch glass

    Found it thank you. Will need to wait at least an month for the watch to come back but at least they were able to help.
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