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  2. lol. All over it like a rash !
  3. It's called Farang tax . Many things are free here but if you don't pay the farang tax , all of a sudden , sorry no understand English , or my boss has to do that , next week , or sorry lost the paperwork, or a host of other reasons, pay and everything becomes easy . Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. In fact he thought (or claimed to think) that after they'd been relieved of the drudgery of the 100 hour week and bad living conditions they'd be lifted to the level of an Aristotle or a Goethe. That didn't turn out to be much of a prediction, did it?!
  5. And please p;ease p;ease. Let not some biased Mod take that fact upon his self as being irrelevant ! The Jew Einstein has acceptance of his statement "everything is relative " !
  6. There was no actual clash between them as the numbers were quite even, and not 10 on 1.
  7. Forgot to.mention KMS is not a crack it's been cracked it's meant to be used for VLM's
  8. Update... Stool test analysis came back negative for anything which might indicate an ulcer (I realise this doesn't mean 100% I don't have one) , and as I still have same feeling in stomach (which comes and goes) the doctor has advised me that he thinks it is a stomach abrasion rather than an ulcer. Obviously I am off antibiotics now, and the doctor has asked me to continue antacid (omeprazole) for another month. When I took them without the digestive medicine for after a meal yesterday, my whole stomach felt strange so I think I will ask the doc to give me the other antacids i was taking before - digestive medicine and the pills for before bed. Really tempted to just get the endoscopy done and know once and for all what it is, but I will soldier on with the antacids for another month and see if they can heal it.
  9. Schools don't want the trouble...not worth it to them...and technical talent...not really...high school and uni kids tutor smaller kids every night in math and science ...don't need foreigners for that
  10. Cheques have been known to bounce? Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Very Interesting, and point well made Artisi, you live and learn, cheers. I see the police are entitled to 2.5% also. I guess in this case she could try and claim if she wished to, but maybe it would have to go to court if disputed?
  12. Wouldn't it be 283rd, 2nd or 3rd?
  13. Parks are great. Lumpinee is good during the week as it is very quiet and has equipment outside but also a gym inside AC I think 40 baht per year but must register and must wear long pants. Also after 5 until dark...masses of people doing areobics, running, walking you name it...I love going there to walk and people watch then.
  14. The buffet at Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok,...great buffet and you can take a table by the of the best amongst many I have tried out in the world, IMHO naturally!!
  15. Sorry to infer that you have as little ability to judge the ladies as did that first poster I responded to.
  16. So , without white intervention prey forgive us , would black people, aka non whites, have progressed from their native environment .? Mister Obama is a fine example , for non whites to follow, imho .
  17. Hello! Its the resentful anti-London team back in play.
  18. I was in a condo overlooking the intersection when the accident happened. Did not see the accident but the windows were open and I heard a loud bang. Did not hear a honk before the loud bang and certainly not a long, sustained honk that would have warned everybody that there was a problem.
  19. And all the ones they supposed installed in Pattaya, well, nobody knows the % of working or not working. "Install" seems to have different meanings in Thailand "same same but different". Mount on pole, do not plug in. Installed. Mount on pole, plug in, but do not connect data cable. Installed.
  20. After paying with credit card in Thailand. Warning: aliexpress account hacked and credit card details stolen - unauthorised orders hijacked to an address to Albania.
  21. Can you ever imagine LOS being like Singapore, no throwing rubbish everywhere, not chewing gum or spitting in the streets, obeying the law, being civil minded - maybe if the nuked the place and started all over again...
  22. Aerobic classes, suitable for most fitness levels, are easy to find in big towns in Thailand. They are a good way of retaining basic fitness, and a great way to meet new people. For those who find a competitive element helps to get them off the couch, golf in Thailand is good exercise (no golf buggy) and excellent fun for many.
  23. Rules should serve their official purpose, such as road safety, public health, etc. But too often rules are only there to bring in extra money for the government. .
  24. So he arrives at office in a wet suit?!!!!
  25. The terms and conditions are written at the time of its initial completion. Some do allow for rising rents. Commercial property companies operate this way in buying properties, much in line with the same sort of contrcts as business properties they own. Some propertioes have fixed rents like mine for the life of the lease (999 years).
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