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  2. Tragic the loss of any life is tragic, the boy was taken to hospital and told to wait. Happens every day in every country in the world. So why are some posters here condemning staff training/ government policy? Stop it you silly buggers, staff at the hospital were probably busy with other patients. Had they known the boy was in need of urgent attention, they would have attended to him sooner.
  3. + many, many @Dazinoz The 30,30, 30 (30V, 30mA, 30ms) rule was chosen to be non-lethal to the majority of healthy adults without being excessively prone to nuisance trips. A functioning earth, even if not a very good one, will ensure the RCD trips before anyone gets zapped.
  4. I'm not arguing Netanyahu's faulty decision making, or Israel's right wing pushed policies contributing anything positive to the situation. What I do question is the usual one-sided take on things. There is no criticism offered with regard to the Waqf's response, but rather, it is accepted wholesale. Netanyahu & Co. could have treated the situation differently, and similarly, leaders on the other side could have done more to find a workable solution. As said in earlier posts on related previous topics, such expectations being frustrated is pretty much the norm on all counts. A lot of this, other than owing to actual positions, results from the parties' respective political pressures and circumstances. The best bet is further digging of heels by all involved, with extremists making the most of the situation, possibly leading for things spiraling further out of control. Breaking these reoccurring cycles is difficult given underlying sentiments and current leaderships. And Trump's administration being what it is, harder to rely on mediation to sort the crisis.
  5. It's an advert for Buddha sake. Yes they did compare Mineral Oil to Syn but who uses Mineral oil in the lump Now. Double the Oil change ??? sorry don't make me laugh. Motor manufactures recommend changing oil, What ever used at 5000km for Diesel engine. If you do a lot of high runs and stop star driving. Nice advert though, but a bit like saying the green colour in Duckhams oil make it last longer. Hog Wash.
  6. Again, it's too early to predict the 2020 dynamic. Personally, I don't think trump will be running again, and that in itself would be very significant.
  7. In a fascist society, you will be free to say/think whatever you want—as long as it's also what they want. T
  8. Are you sure about the figures? Nobody would prescribe medication at 122/76 as that is near optimal. BP medication is generally given 150/90 upwards. Perhaps you have another associated condition?
  9. Brakes alone wont slow down an airplane.
  10. I think the wake should be for the old thread, not Patong itself. Perhaps there will be a wake for this thread soon as it's just heading in exactly the same direction but about 100 pages short!
  11. Beijing has not killed anybody when building islands and claiming the South China Sea. Washington has killed loads in Iraq, Libya and Syria due to it's foreign policy. Can you guys see that most people on ThaiVisa reckon it's good that the CIA is going to stop it's support for the rebels in Syria ?
  12. The reason that particular stretch (Suriwong intersection to Chinese temple) is noisy , is that the stalls are stored up there on an empty lot. It would be very easy to avoid them. I have walked up that street many times during the day , it is blissfully quiet compared to many other streets and it is not pedestrianised, it just happens to be closed to traffic from many directions. Bottom line is that this location is slap bang downtown. If stallholders were banned it would most certainly be opened to traffic. Sitting on Changklan Rd would also be rather noisy and inconvenient, traffic would I think be the worse option.
  13. I think it still depends on the individual IO's feelings about it at the time. I have on many occasions had my wife accompany me in the EU line when entering the UK with no problems but on two other occasions we were directed to the non-EU line.
  14. Yep. Turn right at Cliche Cafe. I believe they have special parking for Honda Waves, but only if you are wearing sandals, over 50 and sporting a Tesco pisspot helmet. You should be fine :)
  15. Or maybe the kind of lawyer you fire and replace when you hear this kind of thing.
  16. If they can get the paper work done this week, one does not have to be a member of Mensa to take an educated guess where that Petrol Head will be next Sunday...
  17. I have noticed that even range-topping high-end models of Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus sold in LOS often don't offer modern driver assist systems such as automatic emergency braking or lane keep assist. Does anybody know the reason for this? Is it simply due to cost-cutting, or do these system have problems with the chaotic traffic here? On the other hand Camry, Accord and some Mazdas have these systems equipped despite being much cheaper cars. Does anybody here drive a car like that? Do you get any false alarms from motorbikes driving the wrong way, food carts on street and all the other shenanigans you see on Thai roads? What's your opinion on driver assist tech in general?
  18. Australian high schools generally arrange home-stays for their students, as most are under 16. By the time they go to University, they will team up with friends and rent a place. The Thai students we had were excellent, one male lad even liked to cook our family a Thai meal once a week. The only students who didn't make the grade were those who rented a flat and shared with fellow nationals. They lost a good English-learning and living experience.
  19. thanks for your comment can you tell me what type of documents i have to provide ?
  20. VAG currently owns Ducati via Lamborghini and supposedly they are taking offers, though I read they rebuffed HD's initial offer. It makes sense if HD can leverage Ducati's assembly lines in Thailand. I wonder how much of an overlap there is with dealer networks. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. It's called a reality cokplex complex.
  22. There is no heritage tax in Thailand on assets less than 100 million baht – above that it's 5-10 percent – and no tax of foreign savings when not taken into Thailand same year as earned... Source: The Nation August 28th 2015, "Kingdom's new inheritance tax and gift tax explained" Source: Interactive Associates, "Personal Income Tax on Thai vs. Foreign Income"
  23. Was there electrical burn on his ears? If not probably he died while sleeping.
  24. If not for my daughter (7), then no, I wouldn't live in Thailand.
  25. She cannot get an appointment. You could ask when you arrive at consular section to see if they will let her in with you but be prepared that they will say no. At one time they even had notice that only the person wanting a service done could enter because the waiting area is small. I have never tried to take my wife with me when I had an appointment being aware it was not normally allowed.
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