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  2. President Trump's Thanksgiving Day speech to the troops - not exactly Henry V, is he.
  3. New roof advice

    Hi Simon, what's your comment please about the round multi level attachment on the peak of the gable, with the SCG initials in the background? I'm assuming it's a fitting to allow hot air to escape. Is that correct? Thanks.
  4. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Find the account. Then find her new boyfriend. Then start a romance with the boyfriend with a fake girl's profile. (this is easy because people who use online romance are not real bright) Save all the posts and then email them to her. Once she realizes her boyfriend is cheating on her she will start a fight with him and not bother you.
  5. Oz - 600 or 601 for Thai wife?

    Its a process, some are good at it, some are not or can't be bothered. Its up to the person and their circumstances to decide this. (this isn't directed at you BTW)
  6. Most of those in the OP are not 'illegal immigrants', but positively vetted, genuine refugees awaiting resettlement, primarily the USA via a government to government agreement.
  7. Philly Cheese Steak

    Well, smutcakes, that is your opinion. However, I agree with MrNeilThai; hard to beat a good Philly Cheesesteak. If you have not had a good one, you would not know. Banh mi, although very good is definitely not the same and Subway, well; if you like Subway, you probably like McDonald's, It's a shame very few foreigners know American food, they seem only to know our trashy fast food. MrNeil, sorry, I cannot help you. I have not found one.
  8. Long-time homeless American deported

    Actually- Uncle Sam will pay for his flight back to the US and then hold his passport until the money is repaid. He will be in IDC Suan Plu until he works off his overstay fine- I believe it goes down each day by 200 Baht. If the Embassy wanted to help a citizen further - they could contact a Social Services agency or a Charity in Los Angeles or another city to get the man a bed and meals and help getting his life sorted out. Just 'dumping' him at the first port of entry seems somewhat cruel and callous.
  9. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Not True.. look at the DMI greenland chart, thats for the whole of greenland... you can get the current sea level chart from noaa..last 5 years no rise.. the one posted above is not fully up to date..
  10. Im sure she has at least 2 knockers however the may be medically implanted
  11. Of course that is, unfortunately stating the bleeding obvious 😁
  12. Understanding Women....

    Nah, girls scared me when I was a boy and I never had a proper date till I was in my 20s. Even then I was in awe of them, like they were special or something. However, working in a female dominated career cured me of any of that.
  13. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    Well, how they will handle this at IDC is a mystery. It is not much more free space there, as far as I know. With the speed they round up people nowadays, they probably have an alternative location.
  14. Have only been asked once, for a map, from Surin Immigration.
  15. Nice...but is there a boat shuttle service available, as due to the floods that seem unmanageable, no other way to move around !!!!
  16. The guy left a note saying that his family wouldn't help him out. Did the woman leave a note saying that her family wouldn't help her out?
  17. It is very unlikely that you will have a problem entering with a visa whatever you decide. Have 20,000 baht equivalent in cash or travelers' checks. If you want to reduce the risk from very unlikely to essentially nil, enter by land avoiding Poipet. One reasonably easy (but time consuming) option is to travel to Koh Kong, entering Thailand at Hat Lek (Trat province) in Thailand from where it takes about seven hours to reach Bangkok by road. There is an airport not too far from the border in Trat with Bangkok Airways flights to Bangkok at exorbitant prices for this monopoly route. Various other options for entering by land exist, none of them super convenient.
  18. Twiglets in Pattaya

    Can buy twiglets in Villa Market at The Avenue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I just went to request the clearance a few days ago. The requirements online state that A letter is necessary from Embassy. Not true, I had my own letter stating why I needed it (overseas work visa) and that i had worked in Thailand several years before. This was accepted without any problem. Certified copies required. Depends what you mean by certified. If posting then I would expect legalisation. I did not need legally certified copies. I took the originals with me and they can see the copies are ok. I signed the copies Maybe that's what they mean. Be aware that 30 days is 30 working days and that's what they will give you as the pickup date. That's after the new year. Because I need the clearance for a overseas work visa in a few weeks this was not going to help. I asked if there was an express service. The lady said that this could be done but would cost extra. But would not be able to give a receipt. I asked how much and it was higher than I had expected. Maybe the lady realized it needed a good fee because I have stated that it is for a work visa. I need to get this in time so I paid. = 2500 baht. No qualms about this, and it is good that I could actually accelerate to get this within 3 weeks at latest. Otherwise I could have a big problem going to a new job.
  20. seams to me this guy is in La La land, If he thinks the French authorities are going to bend the rules for him i,m afraid he is barking up the wrong tree. As suggested leave the wife behind go to france and follow the rules. threatening to commit suicide is wrong and I hope he does not do this.
  21. I think you best option is to get a work permit as a director of the company. That is an allowed profession to get one. Then you could get a multiple entry non-b visa or a one year extension of stay.
  22. He's obviously never heard of Godwin's Law.
  23. bangkok gun ranges

    So this is basically a cautionary tale for any would-be stupid tourist type like me in the hope it can save you a lot of trouble........ So I have been to Thailand several times and am usually on my guard but being that i have been here several times I let my hair/guard down and had a few (too many) drinks on the khao san rd on my first night in bangkok. I was walking around and a tuk tuk guy stopped and asked me if i wanted the usual ping pong, lady boy, or strip show. I said no and he gets out a booklet with all these things ppl can do. I have a look to be polite and see shooting range stuff so I ask a price and he says 6-8000 THB. I said that was too expensive and started to walk away and he follows saying "he knows a better place, cheaper and better". So...............long story short I agree 4500 THB for a taxi journey to a "private gun range" including firing 30 bullets and we set off me sat in the back with a bottle of chang in hand. About 45-50 mins ish later (i think) we arrive at what looked like a warehouse/garage lock upo with a house next to it in a little like industrial area and i get a bit worried thinking Im gonna be robbed. The driver gets out goes to a building and a guy comes out they talk and the driver waved me over. I stayed in the tuk tuk and he came over with the guy and the guy says "I have gun range private, you can shoot gun". I went in it was like a 3 lane gun range and looked like it had been home made as there was sand and lanes and 3 targets at the bottom. The guy went to a locker brought out 3 hand guns and a basket of bullets and put them on the table and the driver and him were talking in Thai. The driver then said ok 20 bullets 4500 THB and I said no 30 so we haggled a bit and it was agreed 25 bullets for 4500THB for this handgun to be fired. They said they had no new targets so i had to fire into the old ones already up and after 3 bullets the gun jammed. sorted and again kept happening and gun range guy says "sorry gun needs maintenance" so i kept having to pull back the top bit to get the jammed rounds out. Rounds were flying out and I had my bag there under the little table and I asked to get some videos of me. He said no because "private gun range" and I eventually was allowed to take a picture of the guns and ammo and the target but NOTHING else (which now kind of makes sense but after 7-8 chang....). I fired about 28 and the gun kept jamming, we kept having to pick bullets up off the floor and reload the gun magazine and in the end the guy said I had to leave as he had "other people coming" so me and tuk tuk driver left and went back to bangkok Khao San rd area where he tried to get even more money out of me (standard). So, 10 days later Im on koh tao riding my moped back from snorkelling and there is a police road check and they stop me (and everyone else). The police guy puts his hand in my bag and pulls out a live 9mm bullet. I thought it was a joke or a way of blackmailing me at first but he was serious and i was arrested. Long story short I had to get a friend to post 80,000 THB bail. I am having to go to court and it looks like I will be deported and blacklisted after being fined. I am absolutely devastated to say the least and this is a warning to only go to proper gun ranges and maybe use a little common sense that unfortunately i did not on the night. I can only assume the bullet fell into my open bag (I took mt camera phone out and it was below the shooting table) when the bullets were jamming in the gun as the "range" had zero safety measures (i wasn't even given ear defenders just them orange platic things for sleeping better). Anyone with similar experience?
  24. Tax paid by Expat in Thailand

    One is the dividends while you hold shares, yes tax already paid, the other is the capital gain when you sell shares, its 2 different things. As an example, The same as you may get rent while you own a house and a capital gain when you sell it. Your saying because the rent is tax free then the sale of the property later is tax free,
  25. Agree 100%. Anyone who interferes with another country's elections should be outed. If for some reason you know the truth and the country with the election does not know the truth I see nothing wrong with releasing that information. If another country is lying about the Ukraine or Crimea the truth should be told. I think the determining factor is truth not who tells it. If Trump colluded with anyone to release false information he should be impeached or if anyone else did they should be prosecuted.
  26. Engagement and sin sod

    My typical comments are demeaning to women? You are the one who insists they must be bought. I cast no aspersion at women, I show disdain for a medieval custom which in itself is demeaning to women. I am well aware of varying cultures; in fact, cultural difference is my complaint with sin sot. The Thais are changing their opinions of sin sot. Did you not read my first post on this subject? I have talked sin sot with several Thais and to my in-laws when my son was married. I think your opinions and experiences are antiquated. Neither my son nor I paid sin sot for my daughter-in-law and I get along very well with my in-laws. In fact, we are going to their house for dinner tonight, and the father and I are going out to see some of his buddies who raise bulls tomorrow. There you go with that venom again, you say, "You pay a bar fine and get to rent a new car smell." First, I am happily married for almost 40 years and I am very satisfied with my attractive, intelligent, capable and productive younger wife. Consequently, I do not pay bar fines. Furthermore, one rarely gets that new car smell from a bar girl; it comes with a virgin. Yes, we do all choose the way we spend our money; you choose to buy a wife, I do not.
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