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  2. "Lets not tell anyone - let it be our secret." If neither side told anyone about the meeting, then it was a secret. It was not a few minutes over dinner. It was a separate meeting that lasted over an hour. To get those two men into the same space for an hour takes organization and planning. Their time is too short and there is no exchange of the kind like: "Eh Don, are you free for a few minutes?" "Ah Vlad, I was having forty winks but come on up and we can have a chat." Given than no one keeps stuff secret for no reason, we now ask why it was a secret, what was the subject of the meeting etc. Why was a secret meeting planned?
  3. Conclusion of the Ranong Andaman Club Visa Run I'm on a Non Immigrant B Multiple entry visa with work permit. I was not asked to show any funds. A bus load of toursts from Koh Tao also never got asked to show any money or pay bribes unlike the other port in Ranong. It was a much more pleasurable experience and only costs a few hundred baht more which you will likely get extorted at the other port anyway!
  4. I assume the PM (Oh lord ALMIGHTY) has never drunk a drop of alcohol in his life. I request everyone to post photos of 'the great one' with a glass in his hand. This is outrageous, to be persecuted for partaking of a legal fluid.....OUTRAGE IS NOT A STRONG ENOUGH WORD!!! (I think you need to PROCLAIM alcohol illegal before you can proclaim such rules....oh mighty one).... FAIL...AT THE HIGHEST EXTENT....FAIL...FAIL...FAIL. YOU ARE 'PM'.....NOT GOD.... People are human, and as such, are susceptible to failure (or failure in your 'eye's) which is the undeniable strength of mankind.... Don't try to deny the human race the right to exist in any form it sees fit. (This is what separates us from the apes).....xxxxx
  5. For some clarity on the concept of probabilities: sometimes, the horse paying sixty to one, wins. Such are the vagaries of races. T
  6. I topped up a dtac card for a fiend from Australia, one year was 20THB. Customer retention is everything.
  7. Who has handed them over to Putin for safekeeping.
  8. Look, either offer your seat to someone or don't. You don't get to impose rules or conditions on your "generosity."
  9. Of Course they import more, but they are 27 countries so individually it's not that much. At home I can't find much made in U.K. Have 6 Bowers&Wilkins speakers but 4 of them are made in China.
  10. Posts removed. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  11. Thanks for my morning laugh. Looks like they may have used google translate. I thought I knew all about sex, but I've never had a #13.
  12. Sorry for being ignorant, what happened with regard to this story:
  13. Happy to see this. It was a stupid move to support these rebels anyway. None of them are to be trusted and as the article said, many had defected to ISIS.
  14. A friend of mine will arrive next month in a party of 6 people and is looking to get a car/bus/van to take all of them, and several suitcases, from Bangkok (probably hotel in Sathorn area) to Hua Hin. Any recommendation, websites, phone number, price? I asked a friend who used uber: then don't have such large cars, would have to book two cars. I asked a friend who works in tourism, and he asked whoever does their driving, and they wanted to know which date (either lost in translation or they are so obtuse to confuse a general inquiry with a booking). Multiplying number of seats in a van with ticket price (southern bus station to Hua Hin) would give a number of around 2000 THB. (This post might fit better into travel forum?)
  15. If you pm me with your address I can pop a couple in the post to you.
  16. Lefty What's wrong with Texans. I are one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. The US medical system is the biggest scam in the entire world, no doubt in my mind. The American Medical Association, The Hospitals, The Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, The Bar Association, and worst of all Congress all robbing the people of Trillions of dollars. Unbelievable scam.
  18. You mean Jim Thompson? I heard he disappeared here back in the 60's lol. I've been to the Jim Thompson Farm before.
  19. Requiescat in pace to the lady... I feel sorry for the elderly husband, as he will now bear the suffering and the mental distress of the tragedy. Hope he is in good hands and gets all the clinical evaluation and therapy that is necessary on suffering such a trauma.
  20. I don't want to disrespect animals by calling him an animal. looks like caveman though. 🙄
  21. First I offer my apology. I had been using a 'puck' (mifi or wireless hotspot) for so long that is what was stuck in my head. The USB OTG cable you linked to should work for what you are trying to do. You're probably going to want to get a power bank and a shortish A male to micro male to provide power to that female micro. My experience with USB OTG cables is strictly getting external DACs up and running. It was a headache from hell back in the day and after good DAPs became available I dropped the notion. As I recall, in the micro male connector two pins are shorted out and that's what causes the phone to go into host mode. In order to add external devices, you must have it.
  22. If it's a basement wall and you have earth mounded against the other side then you would need a bitumen membrane applied to the wall(tanking, ) to seal it, then a coat of render with some sort of waterproof additive mixed into to it, to help the render stick cover the area in a gauze of thin metal mesh.
  23. Sorry for posting this twice I made a correction. When I got my original Non-Immigrant-O Visa in the United States based on marriage I got mine at the Thai Consulate in New York. The Thai Consulate in NYC actually gives MULTIPLE ENTRY Non-O Visas valid for a year at a time. My first year here I had to leave the country every 90 days. Then after that and ever since I just get a year extension once every year and I never have to leave the country unless I want to. So now I just get an extension once a year and we just live in Thailand and never leave. I just have to make darn sure that I get my visa extension done on time every year. As long as I keep doing that on time every year I have no problems. I've been doing really well for the past 3 years no problems with immigration. OH YES, and of course I have to report my address to immigration every 90 days as well. Other than that it's actually pretty easy. I know everyone's situation is different I'm actually retired and receiving a pension payment once a month. I'm retired United States military. Why wouldn't it be the same for the OP? Am I missing something here? Why wouldn't the same rules apply to the OP that apply to me? Why wouldn't the OP get the same deal that most of the rest of us get on Non-O Visas? I know for sure that the Thai Consulate in New York City gives multiple entry Non-Immigrant-O Visas that are valid for a year at a time because they gave me one based on marriage back in 2014. Have the rules changed? Why would it only be a single entry visa? I got a multiple entry non-o marriage visa at the Thai Consulate in NYC valid for a year, and now all I have to do is just extend my non-o marriage visa once a year, report to immigration every 90 days, and I'm good to stay to stay for another full year every year I do that. I just don't understand why the OP would only get a Single Entry Visa. They gave me a multiple entry non-o marriage visa at the Thai Consulate in NYC. Why is the OP's situation different? This thread caught my attention and my curiosity.
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