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  2. Want lunch on the D's? I'm due for a win... No, I'm not backing the E's
  3. Joe I know they let you do the extension early (a month?). Is it possible late?
  4. Nice place to set up ur tent.
  5. I just completed a 1300 kilometer motorcycle trip in Thailand. Trash piled up everywhere on the side of the road. Sad.
  6. Just got to ask you or any readers , what is it like to smoke cannabis and what are the highs and are there lows ? Also I am told there are various types and strengths to be had , Sorry if I sound naive but interested to know . Thailand is now considering legalising cannabis but not electric cigs , can you understand that ?
  7. "Shocking" for some westerners that like to see laws everywhere and for everything ? Let's give thai people some freedom, they are adult. Why would you like to apply all our western laws to them ? Colonialism ?
  8. The new "Normal". Report: Justice Department Wants Military Lawyers for Prosecutions at Southern Border The Justice Department has reportedly asked the Pentagon to send active-duty military lawyers to the southern border for prosecutions of migrants who enter the United States illegally. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported on Wednesday that the lawyers would serve six-month “shifts” and would act as special assistant U.S. attorneys. Maddow also said the Pentagon agreed to send the lawyers, known as JAGs. https://www.thedailybeast.com/report-justice-department-wants-military-lawyers-for-prosecutions-at-southern-border
  9. Battery is rechargeable, Usually it works as a logger. Only when you want to know where the dog is you will use the SIM card. You can set with nearly all trackers a kind of "fence" when the dog passes this fence the tracker will contact you by the SIM. Although I was feeling I hardly used the SIM, the money disapeared quite fast, and then the thing is useless. At your telephone you will receive a warining when you near the end of your balance. I guess the tracker receives this info also, but there is not a way it sends that message to you. It will send a message when the battery is nearly drained, when it will be powered of, or when it does not have GPS reception. When I remember well the battery lifetime was around three or four days. While was stated a week. Good luck! Arjen.
  10. Yes investors will think about it and when their experts advisers find that little gem 49/51 per cent ownership to Thais it will be ROFL time, i can just imagine it now!
  11. Krataiboy

    JUNE 2018 Photograph Competition

    Wouldn't miss this year's World Cup for anything!
  12. Your obvious another socialist
  13. Berkshire,is was not that one from Caligula was it,who had all those guys pulling themselves off into saucers before rubbing it all over herself?

    UK pensions

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  15. The second hand fire alarm and sprinklers failed to activate.
  16. BEVUP

    2nd hand bike issue ?

    I should expand on that Either Financier will allow you to take over payments & keep book till paid OR They may require the Loan to be paid in full before handing over book Person in possession of Motor bike needs to check with his Finance Company
  17. " For Chidiebere, the main motivation for Africans to migrate is not the desire for material comfort per se but rather the "lack of social protection" in Africa, Many of them think that European governments are more caring,"gholz cites seven main factors that influence African migration, of which the most important is uncontrolled population growth. Experts predict that Africa, the world's poorest continent economically, will account for more than half of the world's population growth by 2050." http://www.dw.com/en/illegal-african-migration-to-germany-what-can-and-should-be-done/a-43837691
  18. ELVIS123456

    Claiming Australia aged pension - advice?

    Great advice and a warning to all - dont tell CLink etc. any more than you have to, and learn what you dont have to tell them. Anything in your favour will be ignored and/or forgotten, but anything in their favour (to reject your application or reduce any payments) will be carved into marble and stored for all time.
  19. It's Ok when you do it to your own people - now imagine if it had bee The more cynical might suggest 'benefits tourist' as being more accurate.
  20. Not directly visa related. Moved to here.
  21. JackThompson

    Help Please Guys

    Because - If you are in Bangkok, it is as easy as meeting the written requirements. If you are trying for a Non-O stamp in Pattaya, however, it can be very frustrating, as the requirements are not as written, and vary widely over time. For example, you will need an MFA-stamp on your embassy-income letter, and you will need your money "in the bank" seasoned for 60-days. Neither of these is required in Bangkok (Chang Wattana office). The good news, is someone recently managed to get their Non-O paperwork accepted and sent to Bangkok for approval in Jomtien using an income letter (which I and others could not do the year before). The success-story is here - may have some useful info to @Kevinnyali:
  22. The elephant in the room not many are talking about are the already planned wine/alcohol tax increases in the 20 year plan....Yes wine is very over priced now but there is a whole lot more tax pain coming in the future......I could see wine sales in Thailand just falling off a cliff and store left with piles of unsold wine if the tax greed does not stop.....
  23. Yet, all Trump had to do is call the Secretary of Homeland Security to zero separating children and BABIES from their parents. 'Zero tolerance' and child separation was only a Trump policy. No Presidential Order was required, no new law. But there's no showmanship and glamor with a phone call (or tweet as that is how Trump conveys his orders). Hopefully, two lawsuits (ACLU & NY State) against Trump's policy will go forward and his policy found to be unconstitutional.
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