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  2. Good grief. No wonder I left aus. It’s such a pita. Eldest kid is 14, I’ve not confirmed, but am told they have to be 16 to buy property. Will find out about that and what negative impact it may have on them later. No way do I want to be considered a resident for tax purposes - that’s the benefit of being non resident. Thanks for the info 4MyEgo 👍🏻
  3. Leave Yingluck probe to police, says Prawit

    Yes, leave the investigation to the police. After all if you have some agencies or organizations less easily "influenced" some unsavory facts may come out that will be very difficult to explain away. Come on sheepole, blindly follow the plan please!
  4. Nice try. Yawn. Whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 13 percent of the population.
  5. If you arrive at the Na Dan Pier (Main Passenger Pier) on Koh Same and take a Songtail to many / most of the beaches you will pass the National Park Check Point (near the post office). It is here where any transport with people & baggage will get stopped... everyone will be asked for the National Park fee. All foreigners have to pay the 'Foreign rate'... (200 baht I think). IF you arrive and sort out your own island transport (i.e. an ATV or Motorcycle) its likely you will ride straight past the check point. Alternatively, if you have hired a speed boat directly from the mainland to one of the other beach's its hit-and-miss, there may or may not be a Park Ranger there to charge you as you alight on to the beach. OR, if you are staying on the North of the Island Ao Wiang Wan, or at the North Part of Sai Keaw beach (i.e. Sai Keaw Beach Resort) you will not pass in to the National Park... or if you do later to another beach (or bar or restaurant) you won't have baggage with you, its therefore unlikely you'll be charge. Ultimately - its 200 baht per person (foreigner), so its not a big deal. I don't like the double pricing, but it is what it is and its government sanctioned.
  6. So what half of the Countries would they be ?
  7. What are you trying to say , about the American voters ?. Spit it out .555
  8. Sorry, but yes, the more so when they are part of the chinese profiteering octopus in Thailand. IMHO, HM King Rama III was the last one who was aware or the clear and present danger of the chinese 'invasion' of Siam. The first measure his successor took showed the fight was already lost... Dig a bit into Siamese History (also outside of the expurged Wicky...).
  9. Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

    You're absolutely correct, though I'm loathe to admit it. Not because you say it, but because it's the truth. This country is bulletproof. The epitome of shooting oneself in the foot...falling ass-backwards into a pile of shit...and ALWAYS coming out smelling like a ! It is uncanny what with all the political unrest, violent and economically destructive protests, coups, corruption, stupidity, hypocrisy, floods, droughts, moronic rules...laws...regulations...stupidity, bad decisions, ridiculous BS restrictions...has STUPIDITY been mentioned(?)...and on and on ad infinitum. Thailand is the Donald Trump of countries!
  10. No news , I don't think he can buy himself out of this one but you never know. Maybe he has a rich uncle in America.
  11. Sorry to say, the Americans did the tipping thing and all round the world as well. I love the Americans but not for this one.
  12. Phuket lifeguards confirm Oct 1 strike

    It would be interesting to know exactly how much they get paid. Uniforms and flags can't cost much, what else does the budget cover?
  13. Ok well i wish you all the best but you need to explain what might be difficult for you? The visa run in a van? If so, what options do you have and it sounds like you need to look at the comfort aspect and doing things at your own pace? What is your budget like?
  14. Support for ex-girlfriend?

    Since there are no children involved and no major assets were aquired, you have little to worry about. Hard to imagine, that she would get a better settlement in court than the one you are alredy offering her. Relax! - The way you described her character/personality, this might be cause for worry. She pestering you to a point, where you may have to change address. Good luck & cheers.
  15. Netflix is now available in Thailand

    Thank 4 your input
  16. Update. OK, i am now ready to apply. Application form filled in and appointment with VFS Friday. I have: All 3 of her passports, she has been outside Thailand 15 times in the last 10 years. All for just a few days holiday (Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Maldives). My passport and previous passport. Previous passport got water damaged in May so some entry stamps are not legible. 3 years of condo contracts in Bangkok, latest one expires Aug 2018. Marriage cert and translation. 3 years P60 tax return from the UK (me) 3 months bank statements (me) All 8 flight itineraries we have booked together in the last year, 6 internal, 1 KL and 1 Maldives. 1 pic of wedding, i have loads but not sure how many to submit. Still to do: Letter from me explaining our relationship and our itinerary in the UK. Going for just over 1 month and visiting family in Essex and day trips to London. May venture further afield by why complicate things in the letter! Also explaining my job (work 2/3 offshore in the UK) and that I have been in Thailand every month for over 3 years. Its where we want to live and we have no intention of living in the UK (all true). Letter from my parents inviting us/her to live with them. Can anyone think of anything else to include? As some of the Thai immigration stamps are illegible i could print out all the airline itineraries for the flights i have booked to Thailand for the past 3 years but its a lot of paper and not sure its worth it. I have not included any of her bank details or the house she owns as its not really relevant. We don't live in her house and i provide the money.
  17. not being experienced in ducted air for private use, apart from heating in the UK, you will have ducts for incoming air & exhaust ducts so unless you have a main filter on the intake which would be blocked almost solid after 10 yrs I would expect your intakes in the ceiling to have a filter. Maybe there are no filters because as I said after 10yrs they should be blocked solid and the previous owner just removed them. if it's safe have a look at your main air intake (outside) and see if it has a filter or at least a filter housing with the filter removed then go from there about servicing. maybe ask advice on the forum about your district to recommend a good company.
  18. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    Sadly, the current PCX model doesn't have ABS - hopefully Honda will correct this - but doesn't Honda's CBS (Combined Braking System) also help to reduce the likelihood of wheel lockups?
  19. LukKreung, did you decide to sign up at the end of March, and did you sign up successfully? I ask because today I went to sign up but was told that coverage for foreigners ended two years ago. May I ask what local office you went to, please?
  20. Essential listening for anyone new to the Koh Tao case, and a good refresher for others, is the opinion of Sonthi Lim (see video below). Whatever you may think of Sonthi Lim -- and let's NOT digress into political discussion here -- there's no denying that he is well versed in the ways of Thailand. (Sondhi Limthongkul, Thai media mogul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sondhi_Limthongkul). Note: The meeting in the video was held in in November 2014. The murders took place in September, 2014.
  21. Sorry might need to look into new glasses
  22. Can confirm, salary and number of employees is irrelevant for PRs renewing work permit.
  23. As a real Kraut, I can tell you, go with Stiebel. But if you do not live in a condo and have your own house, look for a solar heater consisting of black copper water tubes inside a frame covered with glass, which has the ability to reflect the incoming rays on the inside of the glass only. It should be placed on the roof, with an angle responding to your latitude and facing south for optimum hot water delivery. Some folks I know have it leaned against the house wall, as they do not have a mixer tab. Over the years this is a perfect money saving solution. If you do it your self, one unit costs a maximum of 4.000 THB including the piping. Now calculate by yourself, how much you can save.
  24. Yes it seems that the harder you work---the luckier you seem to get.....
  25. You should read some honest analyses of that dishonest book.
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