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  2. I'm going to assume that was not a serious question.
  3. Fair enough. It might get moved anyway and that would be OK but I did intentionally put it here for the reason stated, whether that was wise or not. Anyway, quite likely I will want to post another thread there anyway more about medical issues of not being able to get this med anymore. That would be a different topic really. This thread here is meant to only be about the "mystery" of the supply problem.
  4. conduiting fish wire - where in Bangkok

    Having in-wall conduit with tight bends is the whole reason for doing it. Either use an air compressor or a vacuum make placing a light-weight string end-to-end dead simple. Then tied the string to a sturdier pull cord that can handle pulling your Ethernet Cables through. It's a LOT easier and faster process, at least for me, than the wire fish. While I understand your desire for redundancy, if an Ethernet cable is in conduit and not being moved around it shouldn't have reason to fail. Though man-handling two Ethernet cables in a conduit might create issues given the type of exertion pulling two of them through tight bends will create. Just don't tug too hard. Cabled Ethernet probably beats installing "Powerline" Ethernet over AC bridge adapters or WiFi repeaters.
  5. I'm not sure we pay them anything. But the US state obviously does, and to do their job to the best of their ability.
  6. I wonder, whether there is no penalty for just walking into the country without getting an entry stamp.
  7. Sudarat likely to lead Pheu Thai party

    In any 'free' elections, Puea Thai will win. It's them or dictatorship...
  8. Every acceptable Level seems to have its own price tag and has been paid when no further investigation is required....
  9. I've seen inside my ex condos lift room. Metal filings scattered all over the floor from cable operation. Very dangerous i thought that the lift company doesn't bother vacuuming and cleaning to avoid shorted circuitry. I've asked my current condo manager to check the room and make sure it is clean.
  10. How do you eliminate a virus from the environment? Prevent it from finding hosts and replicating; correct? Putting aside the patently obvious point that guns provide a way to inflict harm much more quickly and easily, what do all the shootings have in common? I propose the fact that they were undertaken by people. Specifically people with whatever unresolved mental health issues. It seems that normal cultural mores and what is considered 'good' behaviour are the first casualties of a shooter. Correct that issue and perhaps the problem will sort itself out. There are stockpiles of guns in armories across the country. They aren't killing people. There are casks of whiskey throughout the country. They aren't 'causing' a man to 'lose control' and commit domestic violence. You can buy drugs throughout the country. They aren't causing people to hold up or kill others to get another fix. ETC. Going back to my first paragraph; I agree that the virus of school violence needs to be eliminated. But in my opinion focusing on the guns does nothing to the root cause. Despite guns being more efficient at killing people and populations being larger thus allowing larger armies and more strife we have killed more people throughout history without guns than with. If that's not a damning fact on us as a species I don't know what is. Removing a tool used for violence or adding the same tool in larger numbers doesn't resolve the underlying issue. Remove the violence from humans and quare sequitur humans won't commit the violence regardless of the access to available tools.
  11. Mate, you are as wrong With Your assumption about my location as you are wrong when it comes to Your claimed wiseness of the man on Samui who intend to use the rear brake as the main brake (With the exception when he perform a wheelie...;) Cheers!
  12. Man Murdered Over Parking Spot

    Yep. If it wasn't a knife, it would have been a fork In the stone age, it was stones, or so i'm told.
  13. Not about the Constitution. Mr Obama had 4 months of Trump power why didn't he focus on banning guns instead of OCare?
  14. Farang husbands providing massive boost to Isaan economy

    I was thinking the same. I have certainly paid more than my percentage and provided a lot, but that's probably because I can hold a conversation for more than 2 minutes without getting a migraine, see that opportunity is everywhere, and gov't (of any country) just get in the way. I've given away more in the last few years than I ever made in my first 20 working years. I think it's time to stop and give them a fishing rod instead of a fish. "My work here is done. What d'you fink?" kind of style. I'll build the house, but she has to buy the land to build on, from what I donated. Not knocking her, I mean she provides meals, ironing and taxi service etc, and I adore her, but there's a gap somewhere in between that holds me back from putting the other 99% into the game. I'm not going to work 40 years and give it all away to the tree people without some assurance. It's big to them but I have this awkward (to them) issue of self preservation that annoys them,
  15. UK pensions

    Thanks its about 20 thou im iether going to put in my bag as thats the limit'but no body has told me if you can bring say 50 thou in english travels cheques in as much safer' the 20 thou is for my visa when i get sorted out ' Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  16. stop feeding street dogs

    I, like many people, live out in the countryside. There is little to no public transport. The Taxi drivers will not come out to us as it is not worth it for them. They almost get a nosebleed and start to panic once they leave the city... I can see them frantically making mental notes about how to get back to a main road as they go down the winding country roads through the rice fields and villages. It would be stupid to wait hours for taxi to come out form the city to our house, only to have to pay a lot of Baht to go travel to the local market!!! Motor bikes are far more dangerous than a pushbike.. because of the speed. I can afford a car. I can not drive, nor do I wish to. There are no busses where I live. Only a few songtaews a few villages away (which is the start of their rout to the city) which run very irregularly... and to get to the place they stop it's a 30 minute bike ride. Consider yourself very lucky if you have all the convenient public transport at you front door, but please think that for many people this is not an option. I have been cycling EVERY DAY for the past 15 years and so far have not committed suicide. I know of lots of people in the village who have had accidents on their motorbikes and even a few have been killed. I have also seen a few car crashes in the area. Keeping it related to street dogs... just tonight I had to pass through several areas where there were packs of them on the road and many chases the bike. But for years of experience I know how to react to them to make them loose interest fast. But they are still a danger and a danger that could be stopped if proper laws and enforcement were to happen.. and if people stopped going about dumping bags of food for them to increase their number every year.
  17. Have fun. Was at the Training days from 16.2. - 18.2. every day at the Buriram Circuit and it had a lot of people for "only" Training days. More then in the first couple of Motorbike Championship Races in SEPANG Malaysia. Good Omen.
  18. Never head of this. I left my one job in 2001 and never did anything about the work permit neither did the employer. When I got another work permit later that year I didn't need to pay anything. You are correct with a visa no need to go to immigration to cancel, if you were on an extension of stay then yes when employment ends so does the reason for the extension. OP is you visa valid until the 25th or you permission to stay is valid until the 25th? If your visa is valid until the 25th you can leave and re-enter on that visa and get another 90 days.
  19. We all know that many of them are arrogant and pompous, but woe betides any M.P that goes against the will of the electorate. A prime example is Anna Souabry. Next election, she’s history.
  20. Jesus I've just read you get up to 130 kph in one of those .. What's the loaded stopping distance at that speed ..
  21. Thanks lkn for your input I have thought long and hard about the apparent anomalies in relation to the issue of Thai companies with Thai nominee directors . It boils down to ‘why are condo developers blatantly advertising Condos via Companies ?’ And why are developers building houses that only Farang can afford? This is the way I see it. It is impossible for a Farang to buy just land via a Thai Company. However the Thai authorities are very happy for both condos and houses to use the Thai Company work around Both bring in substantial money to Thailand and create many jobs. Both in construction and general economic activity beyond the sale The rub for the owners of both these dwellings is that the money can never be repatriated-as my friends have discovered. It reminds me of a line in the song Hotel California-'You can check your money in any time –but it can never leave'. I,ve modified it a bit This arrangement is perfect from the Thai perspective. They would be crazy to stop it. In relation to my request for ideas I have just spoken with my friends and they have found a solution In the form of a Farang who wishes to exchange Sterling for Thai Baht Sterling will be transferred in the UK and Thai Baht will be transferred in Thailand. Everybody is happy. Thanks to all those who contributed.
  22. Meaby that's mean Chinese tourist is out of Thailand too 😂😂😂
  23. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

    Sorry Thai people live on borrow money and soon they have to pay back Thailand is on the limit just wait and see it going to happen again as in 1997
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