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  2. Thai ID card and that is it.
  3. No because President Obama came here to visit PM Yingluk
  4. 'For the sake of Europe' - that's gonna push people to Le Pen! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That comes about because the foreigner is ignorant, gullible, both, or doesn't obtain a C of R so it's registered in the wife/gf's name. The wife/gf might also slip the salesman 2,000 to tell you that. Other than land a foreigner can own anything else in Thailand.
  6. Thank you so much for the link. Would they be able to tell me if I would be able to get a visa and return to the country without trouble?
  7. They are called "garok". You can buy them as pets at Chatujak market in Bangkok.
  8. In the video addons section I could find only about 500, but there will be many more if you include other sections as well.
  9. I am 21 years older than my Thai wife. My Dad was born in 1889 and my Mum in 1904, a 15 year difference when they married in 1924 in the UK, nearly a century ago. I never thought anything about it when I was a kid. Looking at the age differences in many older farangs and younger Thais here I think that they were trendsetters and ahead of their time.
  10. Not having to do the colour blindness test would be a bonus for me as I'm colour blind. Did pass the 1 year and then the 5 year, but with a little help from my friends, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  11. I understand but in Thailands case they are never going to lead an attack The US China or Russian will and they have navel assets Having one or 2 subs is a non starter I understand you where at sea but with a Naval Power This is a joke Thai Subs
  12. Ive tried everything to stop the little shitsu sized dog from down the road using my garden as a crapper, including the old wifes tall of empty glass bottles, large amount of pepper, chillis, bleaching everything (so the grass is now practically dead), broken glass, and trying to border up the fence. Even spent $30 on a anti-sonic dog device which hasnt work,. Today I went give some mouth to the thai owner but he pretend he didnt understand, even when showing him the shit and pointing to his dog, as if to say 'what you want me to do about it, dog crap'. Everytime I've got to scoop this stuff I nearly vomit. I figure the mouse traps you see on cartoons would work well as a deterrent, it's not exactly going to crush the leg, but just inflict enough pain until it limps back to its owner to remove. Is this legal if there on my land? Or maybe there is some more humane dog traps? I think it come to point where some pain to act a deterrent is needed. Owner dont care, security just shrug, all the friendly methods exhausted? And no Im not going to give up every morning sat with a mini water gun, except maybe tomorrow with a large super soaker of bleech, but just the once..
  13. The OP should be very happy with his Makita N5900B 235mm circular saw. I bought this model for my brother in law and he has raved about the quality difference and power from a previous brand he bought in Buriram. I paid 4490 baht in person at a Makita dealer in March 2017 in Buriram. It might be cheaper on line but I wanted to buy from a store where my Brother in law could test the model and compare it to the Metabo saw, Bosch circular saw and DeWALT saw they had in stock.
  14. Seems to be the formula for happiness in a lot of the answers. Debt is only a 4 letter word but sadly will become a bulldozer in near the future. Life here for workers especially the lower end can be a minefield.
  15. "I wore long shorts", Long shorts?? Please describe them .
  16. Constitutions in Thailand are like london Buses - don't worry if you miss one - another one will be along shortly.
  17. It was a clear warning sign from the protective spirit never to accept a lift from this woman.
  18. You could set your landlord up as a 3rd party payee.Always handy to be in the same bank.
  19. Take the money and run.
  20. Yes me also; so went to the application form and requirements. Seems the fees have gone up but after reading a few comments here about not needing medical certif clearly it IS needed. Also wondering what these reaction tests are...not done them before only the computer game. The wife always insists getting the right info from the facility itself and not hearsay on here! So dont believe anything i have said
  21. Pogba left utd in 2012 and won 4 titles so it's 4 years later which is aproximately a third of a footballers peak career. 2 years later?
  22. Ridden in test rides many Ducati's quite a way back in UK they didn't work for me, that's not bashing to me, Ducati is a passion thing l think. l always say and have said many times on here test ride whatever bike you like and make up your own mind up don't listen others, bikes are personal and also depends on the ability of the rider. Here in Thailand have found Honda the most reliable but still luv my Versys even though l've had trouble with it.
  23. Pal is a matter of negative expression. Don't kid yourself. FYI. Don't back-seat drive and incite backing to the original OP, all you are doing is fueling a bad situation that he will push at his home with wife and with the step daughter. Nothing good will come from it.
  24. He plays like he is 38. Genetics Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  25. Check out the Raro.....Think I ordered my set off their FB page....
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