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    Thailand Live Friday 22 Jun 2018

    UPDATE: Supreme Court dismisses Resistant Citizen’s high treason case against military junta By Thai PBS The Supreme Court today upheld the earlier ruling of two lower courts to dismiss a lawsuit filed by 15 activists accusing junta chairman Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and four military top brass of high treason for staging a coup d’etat against an elected government in 2014. Full story:
  3. Supreme Court dismisses Resistant Citizen’s high treason case against military junta By Thai PBS The Supreme Court today upheld the earlier ruling of two lower courts to dismiss a lawsuit filed by 15 activists accusing junta chairman Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and four military top brass of high treason for staging a coup d’etat against an elected government in 2014. The highest court reasoned that what the military junta had done was not against the laws, and agreed with the rulings by the Court of First Instance and the Appeals Court to dismiss their lawsuits. One of the 15 activists of the group Mr Anond Nampha said they respected and accepted the final ruling of the Supreme Court. Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/supreme-court-dismisses-resistant-citizens-high-treason-case-military-junta/ -- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-06-22
  4. Well if there were prizes for stupid comments, you would get first prize. I posted that comment just to show this nonsense even if they are 10 days overstay deport them. Now you just jumped in without thinking, because as most members are aware, 4 years ago i was in a coma, unaware of anything. So not able to get to immigration to do my extension. Now if a person is on long overstay and is aware of the fact, deport them, but sometimes short overstay there could be reasons/ circumstances beyond the persons control.
  5. However it seems some of the reds have left the reds. Thantathorn's uncle, Suriya, has left and along with the other 2 's', Somsak Thepsuthin and Somkit Jatusripita, is busy trying to persuade other reds to leave too and join the arch enemy.. Of course lots of money helps too in their decision. Will the voters turn down these traitors in the election or will they follow them? And to top it all, a lot of the reds don't like the boss's choice of new leader, the not very red Sudarat. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Somkit Jatusripita put forward near the election as poster boy for the junta. He would present a lot softer image than the abrasive Prayuth. Interesting times lie ahead, that's for sure.
  6. Thais not take care about safy at all. Thais ruin the reputation of Thailand! As simple as it can be and can not blame others!!!!!!!!!! Traveling in Thailand can be more dangerouse and advantures then any other place like Irak, Timbuktu .....
  7. Beats56

    2nd hand bike issue ?

    Why don't just buy a new bike and pay cash. Their not that expensive. These dealers make money on financing. They really don't want you to pay the whole bike off. I know my wife's brothers are still paying on bikes they have had for years.
  8. Just think what you can do when you have coup, make yourself the Supreme Being and have countless billions of other people money tp play with. Why you could even scrap the counties constitution, have another written to your own specification, bring in your own special law and even postpone elections for years.
  9. I don't think anyone in their right mind would favour a hard Brexit...unless it was absolutely necessary (not going to debate what constitutes 'necessary' as people will come in at different levels). However, the EU has to do more to recognise that there will be a life after Brexit and the best chances of the EU project remaining intact is to cooperate in making a 'soft' Brexit more attractive. The time for the bigger dick competition is over and it is long overdue for Britain and the EU to work together - and for those who did not vote for Brexit to get behind and support the UK in moving forward. Only continued conflict will bring about a hard Brexit; cooperation all round is more likely to result in a practical outcome - that will, of course, be diluted from what the right might like to see, but a workable solution invariably takes compromise on both sides, Working together to achieve that compromise, rather than creating obstacles, is a huge step that the EU can take to help move towards a successful outcome.
  10. webfact

    Thailand Live Friday 22 Jun 2018

    NACC axes 2010 crackdown probe By The Nation The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on Thursday voted unanimously not to revive the case of the violent 2010 crackdown on the red-shirt demonstration, citing no new evidence. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1044398-nacc-axes-2010-crackdown-probe/
  11. webfact

    NACC axes 2010 crackdown probe

    Petition to revive the case against Abhisit on 2010 crackdown on red-shirts rejected By Thai PBS The National Anti-Corruption Commission has again turned down a proposal for it to revive a case in which former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and some other people were accused of ordering the crackdown on the red-shirts demonstrators of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship in 2010, causing at least 99 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The case was originally filed by the UDD against Mr Abhisit, former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaugsuban, who was in charge of security affairs, and Gen Anupong Paojinda, the then army chief. They were accused of abuse of power by ordering the armed crackdown on the UDD protesters between April 10 and May 19, 2010. Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/petition-revive-case-abhisit-2010-crackdown-red-shirts-rejected/ -- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-06-22
  12. Hardie

    Can a foreigner become a monk in Thailand ?

    Seriously, though, there are quite a few, and it's quite serious, at least in the Forest Tradition, which I recommend, no fancy temples, for the most part, just dedication to the dharma. Most foreigners go to Wat Pa Nanachart in Ubon Ratchatani, but if you speak Thai, then there are other options. I spent time at a Forest Temple up north in Mae Chan, and actually ended up being the temple driver for a while, since I wasn't ordained. Monks don't drive. If you're new to it all, then you should probably try a meditation retreat first, then take it from there. Wat Suan Mokh near Surat Thani is good, English language or Thai sessions, but there are others, also. It's the real deal and cost is minimal--just get there. Good luck. If you have any question, then msg me, as I won't follow the thread...
  13. One of my mates a few years back went to work there as an English teacher. I went to visit him for what was meant to be 2 weeks, I left after 2 days as I was rather bored.
  14. I would definitely have watched the soi dog being eaten and would never have interfered. I find constrictor snakes eating animals fascinating. I like snakes, but hate soi dogs, so the decision would be easy. I'd get my camera out and film it. Don't freak out too much. The victim animal soon passes out due to lack of air as the snake constricts the rib cage, so it really won't be suffering through the eating phase.
  15. I take offence and I'm not British. However, I've met many British travelers and NONE of them are as you describe. And don't bother spelling anything out for me.
  16. No ATM's in IDC and they dont let you out to use them
  17. No excuses for overstaying, particularly for extended periods. The rules are the rules, and well known. However, it's a bit galling to see the weekly spectacle of these foreigner sweeps, when serious criminals, both Thai and farang, run around scot free because they've paid off or are in cahoots with some Thai authorities. Like the boiler room guy who ultimately got assassinated by his own colleagues in Pattaya -- he had been targeted for deportation, but apparently had a friendly official stop it for him. So he was running around running a business stealing millions and living the high life, and the Thai authorities let him. It would be nice if the Thai authorities could actually bring some sense of priority and importance to the cases they pursue and prioritize, in terms of real actual criminals and bad doers vs. folks just minding their own business and otherwise law abiding except for overstay. How about weekly sweeps and press conferences of arresting really BAD criminals? Like those who embezzle millions of baht of government funds intended for Thailand's poorest people? Is Mr. Joke out arresting them? Don't think so. Any Immigration officers at the land borders arrested for accepting/taking/demanding bribes like those paid by the Erawan bombers? How about the school operators who facilitate fraudulent ED visas? Any of them arrested, any schools closed? Don't think so!
  18. transam

    Refusing to give me System Key Number.

    Open the program, if the activate button has gone you are in..In the bottom right corner there is a button "manage license"..click on that and it will tell you the expiration date....2019..
  19. Fruit Trader

    Refusing to give me System Key Number.

    We got it now
  20. I would say you have a gift for lying, but the fact is, Trump supporters overwhelmingly have a gift for gullibility. . And there's a lot of hard working and hard lying Macedonians who are grateful for that. "The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed 3,532 adults across the United States online and in English from June 9-18. It has a credibility interval, a margin of error, of about 2 percentage points."
  21. Problem with your comment mate, your applying western logic, here they can only think about now this minute, no forward planning. +.
  22. The sad thing is that SHE and her daughter, will both be statistics and I feel NOTHING for her, she is beyond stupid, but I feel for her daughter, who is completely innocent.
  23. Which is about as believable as the "article" what about soaps, cleaning agents, shampoos, legal pharmaceuticals etc, why aren't they "foaming at the mouth"
  24. 1) You and your wife exercised your rights under the EU Freedom of Movement Directive to live in Spain. Apart from a few procedural differences, the situation would be exactly the same for a Spaniard moving to the UK with their Thai spouse; until Brexit of course. A Spaniard moving to Spain with their Thai spouse would have to satisfy the requirements of the Spanish immigration law and pay the Spanish fees. Whether they are more or less onerous than the UK's I don't know. 2) It has never been possible to register a foreign marriage again in the UK. This is because UK law recognises nearly all foreign marriages which are legal in the country where they took place as legal in the UK as well; the exceptions being polygamous marriages, marriages where one or both are under age and similar. All that was possible was to deposit a one's foreign marriage certificate with the General Registry Office; though so doing had zero effect on the UK's recognition of the marriage nor it's legality in the UK. It is this expensive service which ceased on 1st January 2014. Couples who paid for this service prior to that date can still obtain a copy of their foreign marriage certificate from the GRO. The Spanish requirement you speak of is a Spanish requirement, not an EU one and certainly not a UK one. As you have always been unable to register your Thai marriage in the UK, how did you manage to meet this Spanish requirement previously? 3) General visit visas have been combined, like most category of visit visa, into the standard visitor visa; the rules and requirements have not changed. As you and your wife were living in Spain while you exercised your treaty rights in 2013, then she could have obtained a free UK EEA family permit to visit the UK; provided she was travelling with or to join you. A point you acknowledge in your point 6 and have used since! It is not the fault of the British government if you were ignorant of this fact in 2013. I cannot comment on her refusal as I do not know the full details, including the reasons given by the ECO for same. 4) Those in the UK who need to renew their biometric residence permit and therefore have their biometrics taken once more can do so at designated post offices if applying by post or at a UKVI premium service centre if applying in person. 5) Because pensioners, or rather their foreign partners, are already covered by existing types of visas; standard visit visa if they want to visit, settlement visa if they want to settle or, at least until Brexit, EEA family permit if, as you are, they are exercising a treaty right to live in another EEA member state 6) The subject of freedom of movement for UK nationals in the EU and EU nationals in the UK post Brexit is a vexed one; but nothing to do with this enquiry. The subject of human rights is also outside the remit of this enquiry. But, government's of the UK and other signatories to the ECHR have successfully argued in the ECtHR that their immigration laws do not breach Article 8. Indeed, nothing in your proposed letter is anything to do with this enquiry; as bobrussell says
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