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  2. Exactly! (Actually, I would prefer to identify as an Earthling in the United States of Earth, but that might be a little over optimistic as yet).
  3. I wrote earlier about the perilous state of the UK's finances even before considering the Brexit issue, it seems Bloomberg's feels the same way on this issue: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-11-22/britain-s-budget-is-an-impossible-balancing-act
  4. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?
  5. well said [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Is life in Ubon boring?

    Ha ha. Better not speak any Thai or form any relationships either then. All far more risky than living in falangland!
  7. The two links in post 390 confirm this is very true and is very much a 2017 issue that has existed since the 80's.
  8. Isuzu Highlander

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  9. August 2013 Isuzu Highlander Z 2.5 twin turbo two door version for sale, 45,600 kilometres, one owner from new, garage day and night, enertainment system with gps and reversing camera, recent full 48 month service taxed till August,. Theres one small indent on the rear wheel arch courtesy of an old guy and his barrow but apart from that it is perfect. Drove lovingly mainly by my wife but we need to sell as the daughters graduated from the baby seat, sited at Nang Rong Buriram. Telephone Kevin 0847126611. Sent from my SM-P901 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Guess you're venting. Yeah, you've been living under an illusion - the "inalienable" right to bring your spouse home with you is not so inalienable. As a Frenchman you should be well-used to bureaucracy and rules are rules; venting won't help much I'm afraid, might make you feel better though.
  11. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Time scale of "a hurry" with regards to determining what manner of cardiomyopathy, if any (versus other possible causes of arrest) you figure to be how long, please?
  12. Repatriating with a Thai wife

    Meh....this sounds like a woman one day being depressed and next day calling you honey because you upped the allowance. Waiting for the exact opposite thread in 2 months.
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  14. Walk around Jomtien Complex any evening, many farang with little boys that they call men.
  15. There was a famous trade union leader back in the day who said "the reason I have a rolled up copy of the Mirror in my back pocket is to show solidarity with my members, when I want to read the truth I read the FT". The daily mail like all the print papers are hemorrhaging readers but it's the most widely read news? paper in the world online,luckily the yooth of today don't read it,the only person I know who actually reads it is my mum and she's 94 in a few weeks.There is a bit off a backlash one company withdrew it's advertising after a social media campaign,it's a disgraceful rag but it did support Oswald Moseley and his black shirts so shouldn't be surprised.
  16. Repatriating with a Thai wife

    Oh haha, so i am all those things because i call out the guy who says the whole country is insane and no one has a brain. The same thing could be said about the country and its people that voted in Trump.lol
  17. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I am going to buy Aerox from Pattaya. Any recommendations, where to buy?
  18. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    With regards to opening a bank account in Singapore, a friend of mine tried to do just that last week and was turned down at each bank he visited (not sure how many he tried at, but gather it was a few). He was visiting Singapore as a tourist and is not nor has he ever been a resident or worked there - which may or may not have had something to do with it.
  19. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    Yes, they need to throw these bad bad English teacher types in the clink lol Most probably making money for some school or Thai agency who cant be axxxd to get them the right permit, but never the police ask school why they have these guys there working illegally. Clearly they should stay in their room to avoid capture, working on the Nigerian email scam and conning rich old ladies.555
  20. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Sold for what usage?
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