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  2. True Visions

    Yes really really cancel the subscription get IPTV instead.
  3. Armed guards and teachers! What could possibly go wrong! Oh...wait...here is something: toddlers and children, caught in the crossfire of a shooter, a teacher and an armed guard! Or this here: the armed guard, shooting the teacher, because he can not identify clearly, where the actual threat is located and just fires at a source of firing! ...with little children in the crossfire...again... You dumb gun- nuts are so deluded and occupied with jerking off over your fantastic second amendment, you don't even see just how pathetic and ridiculous you are!
  4. Thai economy continues strong growth in fourth quarter

    True to a point. Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swann kept Australia out of the 2008 belly up by spending money. Governments do have a influence on what happens in their country. I send you a bunch of daffodils Rob, only because I like you and know the colour you like. Chris
  5. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    I read the OP as saying he has to go back home, presumably to work, so just how can he be sure she isn't with the other guy while he's away? Actually there is no way he can be sure, short of having someone spy on her, and if it's that bad, it's over anyway.
  6. This is very good advice and the OP would do well to heed this. A good percentage of the failures will be due to the application being falsified in some way or another, or appears to the ECO as that. Be honest in the application and provide the evidence needed.
  7. Non O A expiration

    My passport is stamped. "Admitted until Aug. 5th, 2018." I have been doing 90 day reports on time. My next report is due is 60 days. I do not have to do anything other than than the reports. I have a multiple entry visa. That is the only re-entry permit I need. If I leave Thailand for any time, and return on or before Aug. 5th, 2018...My passport will be stamped for an additional year from the date of entry. And Multiple Entry will still be included. 90 day reports starting from that date.
  8. Is Chris Crookson also trying to get a piece of the pie?
  9. stop feeding street dogs

    It's 'one of those' differences in personalty. A friend loved 'photos/caricatures of babies and toddlers, whilst I found them ridiculous. She felt the same way about the animal 'photos/videos that I loved .
  10. The "repaired" pool pump failed catastrophically yesterday, locked solid with power on even with the cap removed it won't spin start (it won't spin). I suspect a shorted turn caused by it cooking when the cap failed. Running on the spare pump, undersized but at least it's circulating. New pump on order.
  11. What type of snake is this ?

    Not being a herpetologist, it appears I am in error to definitely say it is a Rat snake. A better photo of the head would help, but I understand the time for that has passed. I have searched the snake sites I have bookmarked & am not able to exactly match it to any positively identified snake. I have seen these before & they are usually more scared of me than I am of them. As a general rule, the non distinct brown snakes with small narrow heads are usually harmless. That's a GENERAL rule of thumb. Here is an academic paper listing many types of venomous snakes here in Thailand. Note that more are boldly & brightly colored, with vipers having wide triangular heads. Nothing comes close to resembling the OP's example. http://www.venomstreet.com/images/pdf/Asian Cobras/Characterization of venomous snakes of Thailand (Chanhome et al).pdf
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    How have I changed my position? You like to play fast and loose with the facts. Just because I have a live and let live attitude, does not mean I advocate feeding strays. Dogs (unprovoked) that attack and bite (not bark and scare) people should be put down. People that own dogs that roam free and bite people should be sued. People that moan on about about barking, being chased on their noisyass bike, stepping in poo and being attacked (but not bitten) should <deleted>
  13. stop feeding street dogs

    No. Where are you getting this from? I never said to kill any 'annoying' animals. I hate animal cruelty. I said to help the street dogs. Sterilise them, treat them for medical problems and re home them and get them all off the street. I don't want children to get attacked and bitten.. or adults. I don't want dogs to die and suffer. I don't want weird freaks going about throwing bags of food down to make the problem worse... just so they can feel good themselves, but are actually hurting the dogs not helping them... and hurting people too through their selfishness. You say you value the life and wellbeing of feral dogs over a human child is disgusting and warped. I take it you never kill any animals are eat any meat if you are so opposed to not hurting or killing animals... if not you are being very hypercritical.
  14. Everyone had suspicions and maybe some still do and maybe they have good reason to still be suspicious. But is a suspicious mind really all you need to wage a campaign against 1 poor man and go to the lengths of making videos specifically to attack another persons character and claims. If this guy really wanted to donate and had in excess of 1 million baht to help this guy. Would you sit at home and make this decision or before you decide to wage war maybe you use some of your cash reserves to be 100% sure the person you are aiming at is really conning people. I'd want to be certain.
  15. You could use both passports at a border crossing but some will send you to a nearby immigration office. I have read reports that at Ban Laem they charge a fee to do the stamp transfer. A visa run company that goes there want you to inform them if you need to do a stamp transfer on their website. Chaeng Wattana did say at the airport. The US embassy gives that letter to everybody that gets a new passport. They don't look to see what stamps you might need to have transferred.
  16. I believe that BT didnt believe that he was really dying , that is different to "sought to hurt a dying man" .
  17. Just look and learn, simple
  18. True Visions

    Just a warning to True Visions subscribers about something that I believe is completely unethical behaviour. I have been a subscriber for more than 10 years and have the Platinum package. Just after the HBO channels were removed I phoned to cancel my subscription. I few days later I was contacted and offered a price reduction to just over 1,200 baht which I accepted and continue to subscribe. I was never told this was for a limited period. Yesterday (18 Feb) I received a bill for January of 2,259.89. I phoned the call center today to ask whether this was an error because a had not been advised of any price increase. I was told that I had been given a promotional price for six month which went back to the old price on 1 January. Obviously I cancelled again but was told they expected me to pay to increased rate from 1 Jan to the date of cancellation. Has anyone else experienced this. Any suggestions?
  19. why do you want to know? got something on your mind?
  20. Yeah such a wonderful ambassadorial staff: just outsourced passport renewal to India. What exactly do they do here apart from trade ?
  21. Very true as the French are renowned for their compassion, kind manners and humility.
  22. Jeff Bezos net worth as Amazon founder and richest man in the world

    Actually, his wealth has been entirely made by the Federal Reserve and its policies enabling failed business models to go on (like fracking for example)! In its 20 years of existence or so, Amazon has made much more losses than profits, the latter coming only from its cloud storage branch, which is not its core business. Today, thanks to the massive bubble inflated by the Fed, Amazon is valued at over 300 times its profits, instead of a reasonable 20 times. Without this bubble, that won't last forever, Bezos' share would be worth around 100 billions (actual net worth) × 20 ÷ 300 = 7 billions...a much more realistic figure...
  23. A post in which the reply was made within the quoted post has been removed. A post containing a screenshot with no supporting link has been removed as a violation of fair use policy.
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