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  2. Ah, corruption street. What annoys just about everyone I know that ventures down the street (Road) any time after dark is the number & actions of touts. Many years the touts were simply advertising drinks. Then they advertised ‘sexy ladies’, next came the ‘infamous’ ping pong shows now it’s straight to ‘live sex’, or more usually, ‘f#cking show’ with a couple of the touts advertising ‘boy shows’. I dont one know who taught theses touts their trade but they all seem to make a beeline for foreign couples and family groups with young kids. All this in plain view of the local BiB. Amazing Thailand indeed, amazing 5 star resort.
  3. Experience tells me that even some of the best educated Thais do not really know the difference between (King) Mongkut and mankut (mangosteen), e.g. when reading a text about the former. I experienced that some Thais have zero interest in 1) their own history, and 2) zero interest in, or respect for other cultures. All Thais seem to care about, is "Thainess", trying to look bleach-white, and the latest games on their smartphone. (Yes, I know, I will receive tons of replies, telling me that Thais are in fact the most sophisticated people on Earth, and that Thais are the crown of God's creation, but sorry, my experience is different from yours.)
  4. Best Alternate time

    So what are you going for that would only be enhanced by a full moon and all that that entails?
  5. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    why post a picture of someone you don't know. do you know his story? let him sleep. no issue rounding up criminals but i do have an issue with you posting a picture of a bloke that has nothing to do with you. kotchai mai krub
  6. Long-time homeless American deported

    He may have been in Thailand for 20 years but how much of that time has he spent living rough? I have great trouble imagining him arriving in Thailand in 1997 establishing his 'happy spot' on Pattaya beach straight away. It is a misinforming article if you only quickly scan the content of the OP...................
  7. I don't see where this is going. Recently there were 9 or so deaths in Australia from Storm Asthma because Australia has a very high dust and pollen content in the air but we never hear people speak about pollution in Australia. I have no doubt that China has a pollution problem but people basing their beliefs on what they read on the internet is not a good thing. As I said it is the same as saying that it must be so because facebook told me it is so.
  8. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    No one can say what will happen there, and it's all just an informed guess, ASSUMING everything continues as it has been, but life isn't that simple. If an ice shelf collapsed and large amounts of inland ice fell into the sea everything can change. Likewise if the temperature warmed sufficiently for it to snow in the interior, everything changes.
  9. phone ringing in the South of France: "Hello?" "A warrant has been issued for your arrest in Thailand." "OK. Thank you. Are you coming over for the orgy?"
  10. Posted by member.....joecas The old pier in Hua Hin. ( 1736x1152 )
  11. By checking to see if you lived there. Have you submitted a TM30 to them before.
  12. Off topic posts and replies have been removed. This is not a discussion about the pronunciation of the Vietnamese language.
  13. 104 years ago today, suffragette Emily Davison died after throwing herself in front of king's horse. History remembers her as being influential in giving women the right to vote. . What history doesn't remember is her husband, who didn't get his tea that night............
  14. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    What vile Russian bloggers would they be, and would you care to name them?
  15. What law are you referring to? Or are you crediting the Democrats with writing the US Constitution?
  16. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Just in case the discussion mentions other locations, you should note that Hollywood is not made of Tinsel and neither is New York comprised of apple.
  17. What a load of nonsense. Police have never, and hopefully never will, initiate laws in the UK. That's the job of parliament. The police enforce those laws. Go try firing an air rifle at houses in the UK and let us know who your theory stands up.
  18. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    but you have to admit that Australia has its advantages. no communication problem as most of the people speak Austra-y-lian and you have the right to pay income tax.
  19. huh....? it is about Thai yut's that should've known better , simple as that . start by blaming the wrong doers first .
  20. Long-time homeless American deported

    At last count, apparently 58 TV readers do.
  21. I will let you know. I'm getting more and more nervous that she'll be denied and our family will be split up, but for now all we can do is hope and wait.
  22. Did you forget bout this topic you started. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012685-extending-non-o-visa-via-40k-income-based-on-dependent/ You can get a multiple entry non-o based upon being the parent of a Thai in Penang. You can use proof of 40k baht income to apply for it. You can get it with only your name on their birth certificate.
  23. I don't doubt your good intentions and your desire to educate but for me life is about first hand experiences and not what someone says on the internet. I find the internet to be very informative but not always conclusive. It is a bit like saying it must be true because facebook said so.
  24. Wow you must have really great vision to see those microscopic particles in the atmosphere. I'm impressed.
  25. ok thank i will do on monday 😉 but i dont understand how can immigration discover that i changed condo?
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