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  2. Makro has the best deal on frozen berries in case that's of interest to anyone.
  3. He had a good life, He is loved by his family and millions of other people. He became famous for his integrity and worked hard to make the world a better place according to his personal worldview. A man who inspired great respect and was known across the world and a personal friend and adviser to 12 presidents, although it can be assumed that meeting Obama was just a formality. How's your legacy shaping up?
  4. Visa credit cards now accepted at all 7-11 outlets

    I have been paying my TRUE bills directly from their application using my Krungsri Visa Debit card with no extra fee. It does not accept my US Mastercard. I used to have to pay in person at a corporate store. As far as 3% transaction fee some poster mentioned I believe that is charged by the bank. I used to be charged a foreign transaction fee by Citibank but I switched to a "Priority" account meaning I maintain $15,000 balance OR pay a $30 monthly service charge. My total foreign transaction fees were over $50 a month, so it was a good deal for me. Plus sometimes I seem to get a small break on exchange rates.
  5. My guess is that he didn't share his ill-gotten booty with his superiors, got greedy and tried to keep it all. Once you do that, any protection disappears.
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    Regardless of country, I'm always taken aback by the amount of close physical interaction some owners have with there dogs.......
  7. Thai driver's license?

    For the benefit of others. Below is the text from TripAdvisor. Transam has a point. It's all at your own risk. I've got my own car that insurance has okayed the IDL. If i don't get stung in relation to licencing I'm sure they'll find something else anyway. Anyway back to the point. IDL is a great way to go in my opinion for most people. Do your research. The maximum period that you can drive a hire car or bike legally on an IDP is 60 days on a Tourist Visa, 90 days on a Non-Immigrant O visa. For rentals in excess of that a Thai Driver's Licence is required. To obtain a Thai drivers license requires a formal in-person application, as well as hold and be admitted to Thailand on a non-immigrant visa status. This link to the the Department of Land Transportation website explains the procedure.
  8. He's obviously a very 'special' guy...or a bit loose with the truth :)
  9. A police Major General no less now...The rort stinks to high havens, is the a senior police man who's NOT involved in this seemingly endless stupidity of the lottery saga?....
  10. How to Show Bank Statement?

    Yes I'll see actually ı enjoy long trip watch the way see poor side country side laos and thailand more attractive for me but lets see thank you so much!
  11. "The Chonburi governor has said that the people need to understand what the Eastern Economic Corridor actually means....." I though there was only 1 EEC - European Economic Community. But, as we're quite a few miles from Europe, in this case, I presume that "Corridor" must be the money trail between the perps and the other, more lucrative end.
  12. Unfortunately your proposal has too many common sense barriers to a person owning a gun. The NRA would never go for it. Better to hand them out like free candy given it is a right that must not be infringed according the NRA.
  13. How to Show Bank Statement?

    I'll see and decide. Than you so much.
  14. stop feeding street dogs

    I feel v sorry for any person or animal obviously suffering and will always help if possible. I made a very bad mistake once when a homeless 'farang' I'd previously helped, turned up at my door a few months later (having found a job in the interim period), and I wasn't overly sympathetic. When I didn't offer him help the next morning, he committed suicide a couple of hours later .
  15. Higher numbers are better
  16. Thailand Live Thursday 22 Feb 2018

    BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead By The Nation Bank of Thailand governor Veerathai Santiprabhob has warned there is a risk of bigger market corrections ahead, saying global rate hikes could adversely affect Thai firms. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1026176-bot-boss-warns-of-possible-stormy-seas-ahead/
  17. The real solution is post soldiers at schools security checks
  18. stop feeding street dogs

    Whereas I live on Phuket (not exactly a village!) and have also never stepped on dog shit - and rarely seen it. As you say, dogs generally shit in out of the way areas, and it decomposes v quickly in such a hot environment.
  19. You claimed: we have all been well informed of the ramifications of Brexit AFTER the voting. All you've done in the above, besides trying to insult me for some reason, is give a list of places where people can be heard speculating on what might happen post-Brexit. Nobody actually knows and nobody will do until the time comes.
  20. How does that guy with 6 girlfriends find time to post on here? in fact how has he got enough energy to type ,
  21. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead By The Nation Bank of Thailand governor Veerathai Santiprabhob has warned there is a risk of bigger market corrections ahead, saying global rate hikes could adversely affect Thai firms. He was speaking on Thursday at a seminar hosted by S&P Global Ratings and TRIS Rating Co. Market correction over the past month indicates investors are more worried about the risk of faster interest-rate hikes and rising inflation than previously thought, Veerathai said. There is a risk of greater market correction ahead, possibly arising from a mismatch of market expectations and complexity in the way economic factors interact, he warned, citing a recent sharp fall in global stocks. The US Federal Reserve might raise its policy rates faster, which would lead to higher interest rates globally. Firms could become overly dependent on foreign borrowing, Veerathai said. Thailand, however, doesn’t need to mimic US rate hikes, he said, because of its ample liquidity owing to a large current-account surplus, which last year represented 10.8 per cent of GDP. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30339444 -- © Copyright The Nation 2018-02-22
  22. Oh, I see. Sorry, it's almost mid-night here. Thank you for pointing this out.
  23. Kanchanaburi police chief axed for alleged involvement in lottery scandal By webfact, 49 minutes ago in Thailand News Seriously, these Lottery Fraud news posts are competing directly with my Thai Soaps. I'm having difficulty keeping track with all the new people introduced each week and the plot twists. And they still haven't introduced the Monk who gave the winning number, or the new girlfriend who will eventually lose everything when she creates a huge gambling debt at a Thai Police-owned casino.
  24. Anger over 'bad manners' of foreign couple on train

    Yeah, I lived more than two years in China. They spit (men and women) and urinate (on the street) whenever and wherever they feel like it, and drop their rubbish everywhere. And the men walk around in undershirts (in the city centre), with the lower part pulled up, so that everyone can see their pork bellies...
  25. Assault rifles a pistol and throw in a hand grenade
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