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  2. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2017/01/12/rao-tum-dai-thai-could-be-world-new-english-prayuth-says/
  3. You dont say what you want the frames made of. Aluminium is possible and gives a nice elegant finish but it is absurdly expensive here if you want the decent quality you get from imported frames. Three times the cost it would be in Europe seems to be par for the course, in spite of labour being many times more expensive there. If you dont need to worry about draughts or heat transfer (ie if you dont use air-con) and just want a cheap solution then a local aluminium maker should be able to put together something for a low price, but dont expect it to be very air-tight or robust.
  4. It was scared of the 18 wheeler coming sideways down the other side of the road.
  5. The people are being stopped at the border and not allowed to apply for asylum, leaving many with the only alternative to try and cross illegally. Most of those seeking asylum are from Central and South America (some as far away as Brazil). It is relatively difficult for a Mexican national to get asylum. People seeking asylum are frequently held in detention camps, but historically, the camps have been set up to accommodate families. Frequently, there are separate facilities for single males and single females. International law does not permit holding asylum seekers (as opposed to those with no asylum claim) in prison or detention, but for practical purposes, it happens quite frequently. It's just not feasible to allow people to wander around the country looking for a place to live, etc.. Once the asylum claim is adjudicated they are either resettled or deported. Some asylum claims are harder to adjudicate and the person may be released pending appeal. They are handed over to some agency to assist in supervising them and getting them settled (often Church groups and charities). The cost of separate facilities for children is almost unheard of and it is enormously expensive. The children did not break a law. The parents may have, but children are NOT held accountable for the actions of the parents.
  6. Thank you very much. I will have to see if we can use that option. But, that is less of a concern, it is fine with me if we just get a K1 and then have to complete the further steps in the US. The important thing for us is just getting there. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. 14th Century? Geoffrey Chaucer? He was a real pissant. He was also piss*d most of the time ......no one would use words like that sober except Grouse.
  8. KittenKong

    Window Replacement

    There are many different tints available, including various browns and blues and greys. Your installer has simply used the wrong one and is unwilling to admit his stupidity. The solution, as always, is NEVER to let anyone do anything here in your absence. You have to watch every single thing they do and double-check it all.
  9. Sorry folks if my post sounds confusing. Lemme clarify please. I and my wife are foreigners in Thailand. We are not Thais. She has a Non B visa on which she works and I have a Non O visa which was given to me on the basis of my spouse's visa. I just want to know if I can get a work permit on the strength of my visa without leaving BKK. I know one Filipino guy who has an O visa just like me and got a work permit 2 years back. He did not leave Thailand. Right now, I have a loads of time on my long term visa plus I do have a reentry permit stamped as well just in case of an emergency. Thanks to all who responded!
  10. I don’t see the problem. You have the deposit so if you withhold something it’s him who has to take action not you. Next time do the photos. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  11. Do you have some kind of link to this?
  12. A phrase that I was well accustomed too long before 1982 Maybe because my Grandfather came from north of Hadrian wall
  13. Hypothetically damaging the reputation of the country, that's surely not a political motive for getting 2 years.... 555
  14. This is Donald’s idea of negotiation he could care less about helpless kids infact I believe he gets off on taking advantage of the helpless the more disadvantaged the better and if he can blame someone else that’s better still a truly nasty piece of work
  15. The man has no right to take another mans life. Even more sad ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. The "land of the free" locking up kids, what a sad lot.
  17. digbeth

    Map of Road 7 extention and a New East-West link.

    Just found out that OpenStreetmap has pretty good outline of the new route
  18. The state has no right to take a man's life. A sad day.
  19. The first priority would be to get all the paperwork in order via/by the employer : contract, work permit etc. If all that is done and verified that it's all legit then the next step would be a multiple entry type C visa for the travel purpose of seafarers. But it seems like the employer seems rather reluctant to arrange any paperwork or assistance. Giving me the impression that it's not a professional and bonafide employer but rather some rich spoiled (something) who simply wishes a masseuse and doesn t give a damn about proper channels or paper. Hence the red flag. An employer who is not concerned about work and visa papers for their staff is a very bad sign at best. At worst it's outright criminal or human trafficking & exploitation.
  20. It was her predecessor, Cameron. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2012/jun/11/david-cameron-daughter-behind-pub
  21. Apart from the guys on the Telly, most golfers I recall looked like elderly librarians in Pringle jumpers, although in Thailand I don't suppose a wooly jersey is the most practical attire.
  22. Ok sarge...I mentioned that I was a vet because if you read well, you’d see that I referenced my exposure to the country and my love for it and it’s people. If your experience was that flawless then I’m Happy for you. Going by what I have read in this thread not all are as fortunate as you were. My my dad was a real life drill instructor bud, I grew up with that background so I don’t need any orders from you.
  23. digbeth

    Fool's Gold?

    Lots of trading company and even banks now let you have a gold account where you buy in a share of the fund that's indexed to gold price, you only need to hold the paper, but some company lets you 'cash out' in bullion too. The bank funds only seem to be a fund that invest in 99.95 or 99.5% gold that's probably indexed with international price The (Thai) gold company trade in Thai 96.5% gold and Thai price The Thai gold companies match the gold shop price, I think one is the gold traders association themselves, when you buy the gold on paper, at least they don't charge the 'premium' to buy and sell like in the physical shop, and you can cash out with real gold, they have branch all over the country just like gold shops. The ones I know are Ausiris and Hua Sen Heng
  24. 55Jay

    This should be news, right?

    Well, I certainly understand how political machinations, election rigamaroll, and then new government upheavals, would be a major distraction to a coronation that should take precedence above all else. Don't make this political he says, but this could certainly play as another cling to political power, this time invoking the unassailable higher institution. I don't suppose the Junta has any direct involvement in determining when the big event will be held. I can imagine the PM saying, "We are not in charge of that, I don't know when it will be, so stop asking me about it!" Wow, that's brilliant, he could milk this one for quite a while.
  25. cyberfarang

    Family not notified of man's execution

    I was wondering what happened to the two women accused of dismembering a young woman. To be blatantly honest, the guy was a vicious murderer, he didn`t deserve to be given any dignity before, during and after his execution, including the chance to say goodbye to his family. He did not give his victim an opportunity to say farewell, justice was served in this case.
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