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  2. Sometimes its graduate in exchange for 7/11 stamps maybe they've no promotion on at the moment
  3. What pressure.. its far too quiet. He has gotten so many extensions its just ridiculous. Shows enormous hypocrisy on the junta's side.
  4. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    why are people even bringing up pensioners? The article as I read it says, tourist.
  5. Don't ask me. I'm not a Brit as you know. Brits have to face even the most unexpected. If there would be a hard border.....no treaty, no Brexit. Easy as that. But wait,,,,Corbyn will mend it.
  6. 'mafia' were they Italians then?
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43465700 "Facebook said Aleksandr Kogan, the creator of the personality app from which the data had been harvested, had agreed to be audited, but Mr Wylie - who made the claims about the way the data was gathered and used - had declined." So, Kogan (one of the accused) has nothing to hide. But Wylie (the accuser/whistleblower) does have something to hide. Interesting.
  8. EDITORIAL: Here in the land of the stupid

    So did Barbara cartland
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    No , it NEVER gets 'personal' with you, does it?
  10. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    This story sounds like this bloke has done something wrong and he just wont admit it to himself and just wants to point the finger at someone else, plus he is showing that he is nothing but a smart arse, anyone who would re-book the same hotel online is nothing but a trouble maker. As for the comments about double booking, the biggest problem is the online booking sites like Agoda, booking.com because they will not operate a non refundable deposit system so that the hotels are not out of pocket when the customer decides not to turn up. For me if you do not pay a non refundable deposit of 25% or at least 1 night accommodation then you do not have a booking.
  11. Tax returns?

    I mailed my return through Thai mail on 18 Feb and got the deposit in my bank account on 15 Mar. Faster than last year and was surprised to say the least.
  12. Where? At his parole hearing?
  13. Polluted sea had a BIG effect here. Clearly somebody had been out swimming. But there could be more--much more. In all news threads reporting any negative incident, it's best to go ahead and get it ALL out there ASAP to avoid piecemeal repetitions that leave out most of the good stuff. Here ya go:
  14. Sakon Nakhon City Lowers Speed Limit To 60kph

    I think it's a brilliant start! When i arrived to work in Vietnam I couldn't work out why the driver was going so slow. I thought he was taking his time so as not to get to the office before 5pm. I was shocked when i found out the speed limits: 30–40 km/h in cities, and 40–60 km/h on rural roads. Never saw a car accident there, though saw many motorbike on motorbike crashes. Those speed limits make a lot of sense and I'd love to see them introduced here.
  15. Sorry, December 2015. The Mercers, KellyAnne Conway, Cambridge Analytica were working for Ted Cruz until he dropped out in May, 2016. The entire operation switched over to Trump. Ted Cruz using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users, harvested largely without their permission, to boost his surging White House run and gain an edge over Donald Trump and other Republican rivals, the Guardian can reveal. A little-known data company, now embedded within Cruz’s campaign and indirectly financed by his primary billionaire benefactor, paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather detailed psychological profiles about the US electorate using a massive pool of mainly unwitting US Facebook users built with an online survey. As part of an aggressive new voter-targeting operation, Cambridge Analytica – financially supported by reclusive hedge fund magnate and leading Republican donor Robert Mercer – is now using so-called “psychographic profiles” of US citizens in order to help win Cruz votes, despite earlier concerns and red flags from potential survey-takers. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/11/senator-ted-cruz-president-campaign-facebook-user-data
  16. My first Vigo problem.

    I did ask, but sadly they do not get involved with alternators..
  17. I'd quite approve of this if they were over 18. Bring back the stock for petty crime.
  18. And this is possible at all border checkpoints without problems? By air and by land? I like to cross over to Savannakhet and turn around from there since Mukdahan is near to where I have family. Or should I fly out from Suvarnabuhmi Airport to get my entry stamp transferred? So I guess the wording on the embassy's website is simply wrong - "transfer visa or entry stamp" - since a visa is never transferred. One more question: I have three of 32 pages left in my passport. A trip to Laos would take away 1,5 pages. That's ok, since I know that my new passport is coming soon. But are there countries where I can get a problem having only that little pages (1-3) left? Does not sound likely to me. Just asking. Not sure about the last page. It has a special remark on it "This passport contains 32 numbered pages". I guess it is a normal page for stamps though.
  19. No one here will be offended if you vote against him in 2020.
  20. EDITORIAL: Here in the land of the stupid

    This worm said what was on his mind. He acted as the King of Khon Kaen, and was discovered to be behaving like nearly all Thai politicians behave. With insufferable arrogance, an offensive smugness, and hostility toward the people who are responsible for generating his massive personal fortune. He is a corrupt man, as is the case with all officials at this level, and he is a worm and a toad. The leaked letter with the insulting language has been strongly criticised on social media for its “aristocratic mentality” with government officials seeing citizens as dumb. “I didn’t read through the letter. I just signed it because it was just an invitation for the second meeting,” Suchai said at a press conference yesterday. He said as soon as he had found out the invitation contained “inappropriate words”, he had ordered the correction. “I am really sorry,” he said. “I would like to apologise to people who feel uncomfortable about those inappropriate words.” Suchai added that he definitely did not look down on Khon Kaen people, because his family had settled in the northeastern province. “I was born in the Northeast too,” he added. Of course he read the letter. He agreed with that was said, no doubt. Now he is outed for his ridiculous behavior, and being held to account for his stupid letter. Deny. Obfuscate. Deflect. I did not do it! It was not me. It was my people! He lost face. And what do many Thai people do when they lose face? What are my personal feelings about face and the reactions, when there is a loss of face? Face is no doubt, the greatest form of weakness, a human can engage in. Many will say it is societal, cultural, etc. No matter. It is the absolute and complete lack of the ability to introspect, and look within for the source of any problem, shortcoming, conflict, or issue. It is the polar opposite of spirituality, and therefore an absolute scourge on Buddha, and all of the precepts he taught. By practicing face, you are denying your spiritual heritage. You are refusing to man up. To take responsibility for your actions. If a man or a woman cannot, and will not take responsibility for their actions, the problems they create, the mistakes they make, and the issues they involve themselves in, what are they? Are they still an adult? Are they a complete individual, if they allow themselves to be limited by such infinitely small social convention? Who cares what people think of you? For those of us with high self esteem, it just does not matter. Sure, close friends and family. But strangers on the street? Who gives a rat's butt about this? It means nothing what they think, nor what they say about you. They count for nothing. They are just people, and people you do not know, nor will ever see again. Face is rife with self doubt, and by subscribing to this weakness, and man or woman is made a far lesser person. For those of us with high self esteem, we know who we are. What others think, what society thinks, what a guy or gal thinks, means less than zero. Real men or women, simply own a situation, and take responsibility for their errors or mistakes. Small men, social deviants, or emotional adolescents deflect, obfuscate, attempt to confuse, and do everything in their power to deny that they made a mistake, or that they are responsible in any way, or on any level. They make up narratives about fake news, or alternative facts. Anything to avoid looking within, for the source of the problem. Anything.
  21. I think he meant the application approval letter from a WP1 application. People often mix up the WP3 receipt with the approval letter for a WP1 application.
  22. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Use your refund to check into another hotel, and this time make sure that your laptop will work in your room, rather than in a communal area!
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