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  2. Why Buddhism is True

    But what if you are run over by a bus tomorrow and become a paraplegic?
  3. Cannot see there been any benefit in the next 4-6 year forcertain,and any after that chances are slim,we akready have highet inflation,weaker currency,house price drops although the agents will say different.
  4. the 300k was only if they bought a new (toyota) vehicle.
  5. They should both bomb TV for allowing such a baited post.
  6. What are you eating? (food porn)

    the best 'food porn' movie is Tampopo (1985) especially the scenes with the gangster and his babe... this thread is just about 'whatever gets you off' at the dinner table...sorta like...and discussing ingredients and preparation is 'ultra food porn'...see the noodle broth preparation scenes in Tampopo; that lady chef in the movie don't even havta be nekkid...
  7. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    The idea is to use it before the attack ...To get the dog or dogs to move away.
  8. Nice call. Really enjoyed episode 1 of this one. Embedded subs. Summary: Four men become fugitives after a failed drug deal, running from north to south of Chile
  9. i am in no way a supporter of Prayuth i merely asked the question. i am against military rule and also a self appointed PM
  10. Those poor innocent yellow shirts that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. Oh the humanity etc etc etc blah blah blah
  11. Not yet, still have some issues to clear.
  12. At this time it appears immigration is not issuing the non-ox long stay visa yet. The requirements have thus far only been posted on some embassy websites. I think it can only be applied for at embassies and official consulates which is the same as the OA visa. The embassy in Washington DC lists the requirements here. http://thaiembdc.org/non-immigrant-visa-category-o-x-long-stay/ The info includes a link for insurance offered here. http://longstay.tgia.org/
  13. The short answer is YES. IF he attacks another country first. He is a mad man who has to be controlled.
  14. Obviously, they've decided to start with the really important stuff first, and then deal with the misc. tiny stuff later in the future....
  15. Benefit of getting Thai credit card?

    As much value as a pink Id card and yellow book for there are better and easier options.
  16. Tv series - Black Lake Didn't mind the start of this new one on the Beeb. Sinister events engulf young and ambitious Johan and his friends when they visit the abandoned Black Lake ski resort, the scene of a horrific crime.
  17. Police arrest 11 Africans in Bangkok for overstaying visas

    Only 11? I can bet my head that even 5 inter-provincial double-decker buses also not enough to transport them from Soi Nana to the police station!!!
  18. Benefit of getting Thai credit card?

    I have a Citi Visa and a Thai Airways Amex. get a few discounts, but pretty much quit using them when a it a Chase card with no foreign transaction fees.
  19. Toyota Hilux Cracked Piston TSB

    There is no recall. The TSB relates to 2006 - 2014 Hilux and Landcruiser with the 1KDFTV engine. This engine was used in the Thai Hilux at that time. Apparently the issue has been known in Australia. Toyota source the Hilux for Australia from Thailand. Pretty good chance the Thai models use the same pistons and injectors.
  20. Police arrest 11 Africans in Bangkok for overstaying visas

    It is an interweb, rule that they're is at least one grammar Natzi in every forum, chat group and comments section. Sorry, that's just the way it is. 😎
  21. You need to have worked for 3 years in Thailand & have been married to a Thai national for 3 years to be eligible for citizenship. The other route is 5 years PR if single. See the excellent thread on Thai Visa & visit Special Branch in BKK next to central world for more information.
  22. Dashcam installation

    Moving to motoring forum
  23. Its a very complex situation going back 70 years , its rather simplistic to try to blame anyone
  24. Manchester United

    settle back and enjoy it ,Mou is a master at winning UGLY or 1.0, in particular when his club, is in pole position ,as M/U are now
  25. 90 days overstay

    How would immigration be able to ban him for 5 years if he voluntarily turned himself in to immigration. The rules state if caught with an overstay. Also the judge has the authority to waive the banning if he if he feels the ban is not justified.
  26. End for Kodi users in sight

    Exodus Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (plugin.video.exodus) By TV ADDONS On 09/23/2017 Exodus has been removed from our site as the result of a complaint made by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA in a recent lawsuit against our web site. Prior to June 12th, 2017, we had never received any form of DMCA or takedown notice mentioning the Exodus Kodi addon. As far as we know, development of the Exodus Kodi addon has ceased. Exodus was developed by different developers over its lifetime. We must warn that in using the Exodus Kodi addon you might be breaking the law, at least that’s what several big corporations are claiming. There are no statistics available to us as to how many users actually used the Exodus addon for Kodi, although some sources claim it to be quite why. This addon appears to have been used to scrape a few dozen online sources. It appears that several new Kodi addons including the also blacklisted Covenant addon are based on Exodus code. Any addons that we find to be based on the Exodus code will be preemptively blacklisted. We have heard about recent claims that Exodus is still being maintained, we have no part in it and want nothing to do with it. For the record, we are not removing anything from users devices, we have simply removed traces of the addon from our web site and forums. Read the fully story from tvaddons.co here.
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