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  2. No, I don't know. what I know is "no check points" in Vietnam does not mean "no corruption".
  3. Nationwide protest against EU fishing regulations

    Thailand is where Europe were some decades ago on a lot of issues, resource management included, not just in fishing. (Still EU states have a dismal record). The problem is not your local fisherman, it's the trawler fleet. They are scavengers, they(owners, operators,captains etc incl corrupt officials) have no regard for the sustainability of fish stock or the environment at large. Profit only!!! The authorities should shelter the communal fishing (making sure they use sustainable nets etc) and focus on the Bad Boys in combating unsustainable fishing. There are reports from international agencies, analysts and civil society to support the EU allegations. Unfortunately, the Big Fish" perpetrators still rule to a large extent!
  4. Karsai Nei Tsang (genital detox massage)

    Can you recommend the ones in Chiang Mai. I'm here and I can't find
  5. expedia store

    Everyone who ever uses them knows that Expedia is purely an internet based entity. Putting reputable company signs on property frontage is only a marketing ploy, using the reputation of another service provider to enhance the appeal of a 'lone ranger'. Avoid.
  6. Smart phone , smarter than the average Thai driver .
  7. It would appear the risks of being self insured as I am; are increasing, and as we get older we need to be very cognisant of these factors, and if you are lucky enough to come from a country like the UK where the government will look after you regardless as you get older maybe retreat and go home before it gets too late, if you are returning permanently the system will pick you up regardless I choose to stay here but could if push came to shove cover maybe 5.0M bhatt plus of bills and maybe a bit more: otherwise be very careful, dying with no money is even more painful than dying with some, I personally have maybe some terminal illnesses but am still alive and kicking and not dead yet, I expect to have another night of pain I am very grateful for what I have I am approaching 73 and but for the most caring loving wife should be back home in the UK We went out and had a very beautiful quiet dinner tonight I choose to stay and accept the consequences but it is at least knowing the downside http://www.internationalinvestment.net/products/pensions/fca-calls-action-ageing-population/ FCA calls for action over ‘ageing population’ By: Eugene Costello | 21 Sep 2017 The Financial Conduct Authority today called for government action to protect the interests of older consumers who are becoming a bigger group, with an ageing population thanks to extended life expectancy and medical advances. In a paper published today titled ‘Ageing Population and Financial Services’, the FCA said that it had outlined a number of areas of concern that had implications for the financial services industry. It pointed to the cost of long-term care for older members of society, with long-term care costs averaging £28,000 a year, though this figure reaches £38,700 if nursing care is needed. ‘Hardship and poor outcomes for the elderly’ It pointed out that these costs are likely to rise, and that many will experience hardship and “poor outcomes” if they have not made financial provision for such costs associated with increased ageing. The FCA said: “In light of this uncertain landscape, and lack of consumer demand, we recognise that there is limited appetite for the financial markets to intervene to create products and services to support the funding of long term care. “Given the wide ramifications of policy in this area, we believe these are properly issues for government and parliament to address rather than the FCA. “What the FCA can do is continue to look at the financial services parts of this market and whether consumer harm is arising. “Where we see detriment, we will flag this to government and parliament where appropriate.” The “limited appetite” to serve this market was, it said, partly due to a feeling among financial services providers that policy in this area is likely to change, creating uncertain market conditions in which to trade. ‘Additional problems with mortgages for older borrowers’ There were additional problems with mortgages for older borrowers, said the FCA, with lending criteria being “opaque” and a lack of consistency as to upper-age limits for borrowers. “Firms may be unnecessarily limiting themselves, and older borrowers, by having rigid policies or systems and controls that are unable to consider individual circumstances, potentially resulting in unintended exclusion of credit-worthy consumers in the target market,” the report said. The report follows yesterday’s announcement, as reported, by the Work and Pensions Committee that it is to carry out a far-reaching examination of the pensions industry amid fears that the public is receiving poor financial advice or even falling prey to ‘scams’ and fraudsters when it comes to their savings and retirement incomes.
  8. Comprehensive. Lots of information there. Let me sort through it all and get back to you.
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Joker. Head girl Teresa, has out grown her gymslip , and has zit credibility as a politician . DC, had his revenge by appointing her as PM. A slow death awaits, great ? britain . JC , save us from this doom. The people will speak , soon .
  10. Another sunflower here https://www.poz.com/basics/hiv-basics/hiv-transmission-risks "57 percent were men who contracted HIV through sex with other men (MSM)" "HIV transmitted through sexual activity among heterosexuals accounted for 31 percent of new infections, with most of these cases among women infected by men" But yea, everything is equal... man can lift 80kg, woman can lift 80kg... since dinosaurs only difference is having a hole or a stick... or not
  11. It's official - Thai real estate bubble pops.

    Google Suspension mysteriously lifted on Pace but SET does not comment
  12. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Whatever. Fact is the service at every shop at every level is crap. Part of the experience of leaving the first world for the third I suppose.
  13. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    I suppose that was the backup plan~next we will see her Benz at his birthday party
  14. 14 years here in Jomtien and you still think the locals have respect for you. Thanks for the laugh !!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to burst your bubble you live in, but they despise you to the core in the tourist areas of Thailand. Also advocating assaulting tourists, what are you like.
  15. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Thailands customercservice is pathetic. It's why cerrain major brands refuse to open in the country. Get used to it.
  16. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    SJW? Congresscritters? I've lost my will to continue this discussion at such as GUTTER level. I know trump has made that a thing. I opt out.
  17. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    politicians say lots of things. people hear what they want to hear. in the end it comes down to this: president does not have the legal authority to rewrite immigration law through executive orders. if the SJW congresscritters really want to allow the daca illegals to stay, then instead of complaining about how mean old man trump is, they better learn to bargain with those who want to actually enforce the law.
  18. No maintenance in Tland~he deserves to keep the money
  19. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    He's also very lucky that he had the option of splashing out if he couldn't handle the cheap way. For the OP it was merely a game. It's a bit different if you don't have a choice.
  20. Got him , best thing I have read on TV today !
  21. Trying to make up for those classy tourists.
  22. Thai ladies , sex is easy cheap , and remains, easily available . 555
  23. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    No, it hasn't. This has nothing to do with foreigners in Thailand. Desist from your obnoxious effort to hijack this thread. There are plenty of other threads (largely this entire forum) to talk about THAI immigration issues. This is about USA immigration issues, specifically DACA people. Bye.
  24. How's everyone weathering the storm?

    got to agree, im on a waste to energy plant new build, plenty of them being built, client welding inspector
  25. Parasailing in Pattaya Bay.
  26. It has.... if he is in this position in Thailand he would be kicked out tomorrow. And Mr. P can't be sued
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