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  2. This forced closing is strictly BS. They say it is to prevent crime and trying to enforce no drinking.it is simply a way to fill there pockets from the police collectors up the line so they will allow them to stay open past the so called curfew. Many of the bars not closing at curfew are owned by police or higher ups. When I first started coming here many years ago there was no forced closing time and if a bar had customers they stayed open and no customers they closed and went home. There never seemed to be many problems as you did not have to power drink because closing time was forced on people coming here to party and drink. It is supposed to be a holiday destination , not a place where you are told or forced to go back to your room and be in bed by 12 oclock
  3. West Ham Thread

    No no Ronnie, he needs more time......stability, stability stability.....
  4. Alternatively, close at the appointed hour and don't pay the bribe. But that would involve both thinking, and following the law.
  5. So many Thais do have such issues with jealousy, rejection and anger. All the Buddhist temples and statues can't change their nature.
  6. Yes, it's a very credible and compelling video. It's called Putin's Revenge. Find at youtube and it's a TWO parter.
  7. don't think the work permit will make a difference. speak to them nicely in thai and they'll sort you the thai price
  8. Posted by member.....chazzerau Amazing sky above the temple where people gathered to pay their respects to the King. ( 1080x809 )
  9. The British government has long understood the importance of keeping their subjects cowed. A Very British False Flag
  10. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Well, I'm not quite there yet. I still have the second year of a two-year service plan with Astrill upcoming. And I don't think they're going to refund my 2nd year of service, even if I wanted them to. So I'm going to have and keep Astrill for another year. And I'm fine for that, because it will give me time to see how TorGuard works over the long haul. I always like to have a backup plan just in case something goes south. But, based on very initial experience, I've found TorGuard's customer service support to be the best that I've ever received from any VPN I've dealt with thru the years. It's been quite a refreshing change. Not only are they very prompt to respond. But the staff person responding in my case clearly knew what he was doing and talking about, and was giving me correct and accurate instructions to follow. So I was very appreciative for that. In the case of Astrill, their U.S. connections for me are quite speedy. And as long as I'm willing to take the time to hunt among their different server choices when geo-blocking arises, I'm still able to find and use working connections for all my needs. As might be expected, Astrill's customer support is really of little help if you approach them with a question like, which of your servers are currently working with XXX service... And frankly, customer service has never been Astrill's strong suit, I'll be the first to admit. So if TorGuard can spare me from that kind of server hunting annoyance and simply give me a service that works, I'll be find to stick with that come next year. Time will tell... I would have had to give it some serious thought if the pricing was going to be close to $120 for the year. But at $57+, that wasn't hard to decide.
  11. Oh dear, oh dear. I presume most TV members come from countries that declare themselves to be developed. Hence my misplaced idea of developed TV members. I hope they will never experience cancer induced pain and what it does to you.
  12. I'm not saying a word https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/10/us/marine-drill-instructor-sentenced.html
  13. Wow - never knew. Just got back last week. Wonder where Nae got to - did good work.
  14. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    What was your worth wherever it was that you fled from? Something tells me there were a lot of happy people at your send off expressing their gratitude for your decision to move on.
  15. What is your value quotient here in Thailand?

    This is all very interesting... If we are not tourists, but live here, then we are immigrants, plain and simple. Having said that, I can't imagine such a debate (what is our value, our contribution...) between immigrants living in Western countries. The very fact that we ask ourselves this kind of questions is somehow comforting. In the West, one would be more likely to find a thread between immigrants exchanging tips on how to milk the host country until the last drop. Altogether, it seems to me that Western immigrants in Thailand don't have anything to be ashamed of, with regard to their behavior and contribution to their host country. Obviously, there are some black sheep, but so few that their cases can be exposed individualy in the news! Compare that, for example, with the Russians...as soon as they set up foot in the country, they brought their mafia, their own hookers, some went on robbing banks and kill policemen. And what about the Africans in Bangkok? Our value, as far as we Westerners are concerned, is not only monetary...not everything is about money...but also in our education and the small steps forward that parts of the local society can make with our modest input.
  16. Pattaya as stated earlier is supposed to be an international tourist area. Even in laid-back Boston, Mass in US where I am from the clubs don't close until 2 AM. Many locals would work till 5-6PM go home rest a bit shower go out to a movie dinner then hit the clubs . When I first came to Pattaya in 2000 the clubs were open till 4 --5 AM During the day my friends and I would visit temples , Koh Larn and other sites then go back to hotel eat , shower and change then go to Walking Street until probably 2AM 12 midnite is too early and I am 70 now still say it's too early. Thailandcan control problems by doing what they do in Boston , police get paid details (paid by clubs) to go to clubs check id's and provide extra security, not just the bouncers.
  17. Lol.... humour.... Despite the tragic situation
  18. Transam ... you should get a larger one. lol
  19. Thai driving license is a government issued id, so that works mostly. Never heard of anyone getting discount with work permit. I use my driving license when checking into domestic flights, a WP would never be accepted for that.
  20. West Ham Thread

    Well he got a point so maybe they won't finish bottom.
  21. The multiple entry Non O only allows 90-day stays. The Enter before date of the visa is completely unrelated to the length of the permission to stay you receive each time you enter Thailand. Normally, as you believe, a border hop is needed on or before 11 Dec to get a fresh 90-day entry. You do have the option of a 60-day extension to visit your wife, on payment of 1,900 baht at your local immigration office. Your wife must accompany you if you wish to get this, but otherwise the 60-day extension is very easy to get.
  22. Garbage mess

    Take your rubbish and illegally dump in on someone else's property, that's what they do, no thank you that just adds to the rubbish problem
  23. I agree. I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. Totally unnecessary and yes, ghoulish. If anyone thinks seeing a bunch of body bags is going to change the driving culture in LOS, they don't understand shock therapy does not work on the locals.
  24. maxim model? hotter girls in my local karaoke 555
  25. Trump tells Turkey’s leader: US to stop arming Syrian Kurds https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/turkey-us-to-stop-arming-syrian-kurdish-fighters/2017/11/24/20e928cc-d137-11e7-a87b-47f14b73162a_story.html?utm_term=.ccd68a85b99c Got to wonder if he just says whatever pops to his head, or whatever he thinks the other party would like to hear. Maybe he just confused support for the Kurds with the support previously given to Syrian opposition groups. Another, perhaps more plausible version - there were discussions held regarding how to proceed with regard to the Kurds, Trump either not being familiar with details or interested with subtlety and sensitivity just blurting something which may or may not have been decided on. Who knows. Seems like the Pentagon, State Department, the Kurds weren't aware this was coming up. At least not the way it was aired.
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