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  2. Visit Srisaket next week!

    House looks great. I'm sure all the guys want to see more pictures of your special lady. So I ask for them.
  3. Nobody did. I made a mistake ging to Indonesia myself due to circumstances, traveling for a long period of many months and since it was December and not easy to find proper accommodation, including in Thailand. But: one always learn something new, and I did
  4. Questions About Tourist Visa

    Oh OK, so you didn't post this then: Good to know... If you're on a tourist visa there is no valid reason why you can't leave the country. I don't like posters on here who berate people for overstaying after the fact (when they ask for advice) because it's pointless, but you have asked for advice, been told it's better not to overstay, yet persisted in asking about following a course of action that involves overstaying. At first you said you couldn't leave the country before the 14th March, then, when somebody explained how you could extend your permission to stay until the 14th you started asking about leaving on the 16th. I'm not sure why anybody would want to help you really.
  5. It's really quite simple. There is no reason for anyone to have access to a war-type weapon. Outlaw the private ownership of all assault-type weapons and rapid fire weapons and anything that can convert them to rapid fire. There only use is for killing large numbers of people. The vast majority of Americans are not going to have their guns taken away, but no one has a need for such fire power.
  6. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Mine is about 600 to 700 Baht a month, aircon running for half an hour about twice a month (to keep it alive). I like cold shower, but my computer is running 24/7 as server. Regarding the topic, I spend about 18000 Baht a month. This includes gasoline for a car and a motorbike, internet bill (3bb), phone cost (2 SIM cards), and the usual blah-blah but not the rent of the house. (Top Secret: another 12000 per month, rent never went up in the last 23 years. Patong, Nanai, 2 floors.)
  7. You seem to have missed the point that this onward sale of the contract to buy is to take place before the unit is finished. Therefore the building will not yet be registered, and there will be no JPM and no chanote. And there probably would not be any management company in place either. That's how "flipping" works: the contract to buy a unit is being sold, not the unit itself. You may have a long wait for a JPM to attend the Land Office for a condo sale. Why on earth should he? It's none of his business. All he has to worry about is issuing the debt-free certificate and the quota declaration, neither of which would apply in this instance anyway.
  8. Can't you read ?..no you can't, since I wrote: "What a nonsense to generalize millions of Chinese tourists knowing around 9-10 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand in 2017. (Mildly derogatory..or not?)
  9. Selective morals are not only a Thai curse.
  10. Nobody is cancelling the brexit vote. They are exercising their right to call for another vote. Another vote that may or may not lead to a change in direction. That is not the same as cancelling anything. That is a perfectly legitimate thing to do. That is democracy, no matter how much you maybdislike it.
  11. BBC Radio 5Live on internet

    Just the Winter Olympics that they only have the licence to broadcast through the UK. Sure VPN might work, but the W.O. will be over soon. The same message is transmitted when they broadcast football.
  12. It has been awhile since I owned Rental Properties, and I agree that since then the Tax Laws could have changed. I certainly can't rebutal some "Complicated Tax Formula" that I have not even seen. But it does bring up some interesting scenarios which I now question. For example you now don't have to pay Capital Gains Tax on your property until it is despode of. If you rented out your Primary Residence for several years, and then moved back in later, then according to you you would still not have to pay any Capital Gains Tax. But using this same scenario, you pass away living in that house and Will it to your family. This property would now be sold and this Capital Gains Tax would have to be paid, But on top of that the remainig money would also now be subject to Inheretence Tax, so a double tax. Hum???
  13. Truck crash-reverses into ditch in Karon

    Once again I am sorry you are not allowed to bet on some events in this country. Otherwise I would have put a serious amount on the fact, that the genius of a driver did not manage to change to the correct gear for the hill, then he panicked and forgot to just hit the brakes to stop his (probably) not road-worthy disaster on wheels from rolling back on the incline.
  14. SCD team how much he pay them?? But lottery is gambling and it's illegal to gambling in Thailand but this is a so called chance game Thailand is so double moral
  15. Looking for cotton gloves for eczema

    @dddave thanks for the kind offer, but I've found the ones at the hardware stores are far too coarse. I'm really after the specialty kind. @chickenslegs thanks for the tip about Lazada, I didn't know about that site. I've been treating it and seeing improvement over the past few days so it's not as urgent now anyway :)
  16. Do you actually know what the word democracy means The majority decision carries the day Please explain to me why a minority should be able to cancel out a majority We all have democratic rights but the winners decision must always be sacrosanct Because they lost is not a valid reason
  17. Manchester City

    Quite right....mountain out of a molehill.
  18. now ya know why stickman left town he could see the writing on the wall
  19. No one is stopping brexit. Calling for another vote is exercising legitimate democratic rights. Supporting democratic rights is cherry picking? Yeah right, only in the eyes of the authoritarian.
  20. Can True Sim Cards Work with Any Android?

    I'm pretty sure, True Move H is transmitting their 3G and LTE signals on more than just 2100 MHz...
  21. You mention that in Canada you "elect" to change your primary residence into a rental property with the Tax Man and again do this when, or if, you decide to move back in. But this next time changing it from a rental propery back to your primary residence again. I agree with what you are saying. But my question to you is why do you think they make you do that if there is no Taxable Capital Gains Tax on this type of property and thus doesn't exist? Why not just move in renters when you want and when you want to move back in just do so, and not say or do anything to anyone? The reason they make you do this is that when you "Elect" to change your primary residence into a rental property with the Tax Man, you also have to provide them with the Fair Market Value of your Residence at that time. When you change back from a rental property to a primary residence again, you again give them the updated Fair Market Value of that Rental Property. . The difference in this Fair Market Value Price of your Residence, when it first became a Rental Property, and after when it ceased to be a Rental Property and became you Primary Residence again, is a "Capital Gain or Loss". If your Primary Residence went up in Value while it was being used as a Rental Property, you would have a Capital Gain on this property, and thus be subject to a Capital Gains Tax. This is why the Tax Man makes you do this! If you have no Capital Gain on this property then you obviously have no Capital Gains Tax to pay. Interesting to note that even your Primary Residence under certain conditions can be subject to a Capital Gains Tax even if you lived there and never rented it out at any time. An easy way of avoiding the Tax Man, was to buy an older run down house at a cheap price, then live in it while you fixed it up, and then sell it the next year for a much higher price. This became known as "Flipping Properties". To prevent people from earning Tax Free Dollars the government made it so now you have to live in your Primary Residence for a certain length of time, or be subject to a Capital Gains Tax.
  22. SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    Yikes.... Considering the source, I'd be inclined to NOT believe almost anything she has to say. But as regards to Pence, if I were a betting man, I'd probably bet she's accurately portraying his peculiarities....
  23. its too late except for desperadoes who are worried about their fat pensions on UK coin supplies
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