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  2. like getting rid of saddam and gaddafi made iraq & libya a complete mess. you boys don't learn!
  3. Thailand Live Friday 24 Nov 2017

    EDITORIAL Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one By The Nation Revising the law so that Thaksin Shinawatra can be tried in absentia provides another weapon in the war on graft Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012800-corruption’s-escape-routes-closing-one-by-one/
  4. New Phone, smartish

    I thought Google Pixel, Motorola, Lenovo and Xiaomi were better known for that. My Samsung forces me to have loads of Apps I simply don't want and can't remove.
  5. EDITORIAL Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one By The Nation Revising the law so that Thaksin Shinawatra can be tried in absentia provides another weapon in the war on graft There were noble enough intentions in amending the law covering fugitive political officeholders facing corruption and related charges. Procedures to combat graft had to be tightened, and now, in certain circumstances, these fugitives from justice can be tried in absentia. But questions are understandably being raised about making the revised law retroactive, chiefly because its first target will be Thaksin Shinawatra. The former prime minister becomes the first high-profile defendant under the law that came into effect earlier this month. In developed countries, criminal law is not supposed to be applied retroactively if it hampers the defence of the accused. So a government request for the Supreme Court to proceed with charges against Thaksin – charges it had previously set aside due to his absence from the Kingdom – has raised eyebrows. Corruption among political officeholders is among the most difficult crimes to combat. That’s why so few face prosecution while they remain in office, and even afterwards, when subsequent governments decline to pursue them for various reasons. If they are eventually challenged, the tendency is to resort to questioning the motives of those seeking to take action against them. If a politician is headed for trial, he suggests the motive is political, and it’s often enough to sway public opinion, even in cases where there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. The situation regarding ex-premier Thaksin is extraordinary. He faces at least four more graft cases after having fled the country when the first resulted in a guilty verdict against him. Two of the cases are now being revived and could lead to trials in absentia. One concerns his alleged abuse of power in converting a concession fee for mobile phone services into an excise tax that benefited a listed company his family controlled. A former Thaksin Cabinet minister in charge of the matter recently completed a one-year jail term for his role in the affair. The other case involves a multibillion-baht loan fraudulently granted by state-owned Krung Thai Bank to the Krisada Mahanakorn Group, an action that caused severe financial damage. The responsible former executives of Krung Thai Bank are currently serving long prison sentences. Efforts to stop corruption, especially among elected politicians, have been relentless in recent years. Previously, such cases proceeded slowly through the judicial system simply because there were so many of them. It could take many years before they reached the Supreme Court, and the longer it took, the less likely it was that justice would be served. The solution was to develop a separate court system and establish a criminal-offence division at the Supreme Court specifically for political officeholders. When the concept was criticised for denying the accused the chance to ask the high court to review rulings, the law was amended to provide that option. Now we have another amendment aimed at plugging yet another loophole stymieing prosecutors – the inability to try anyone not present in court. Trials in absentia are now allowed under specific conditions when the accused cannot be brought before the judges. There is still a long and winding road ahead in the war against corruption. What happens in the several cases involving Thaksin Shinawatra should reveal more about what needs to be done. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/opinion/30332378 -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-11-24
  6. Organs of deceased cadet sent for another autopsy

    I'd be having a DNA test done on those organs !! Might be some poor Burmese guys, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the army saving face, or covering up....
  7. Minimising sizing of aircon

    Pipe sizes for various run lengths air A/C capacities should be in the installation manual. There are various manuals online so you can compare and possibly fit the bigger pipe (if needed for 18-24k) from day one. Or ask your A/C man.
  8. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    If the government spokesman comes out to say it isn't something, I assume that it is. I guess ISOC will be the lead agency in 'controlling the population for political purposes' for the immediate future...
  9. Thailand Live Friday 24 Nov 2017

    OPINION A brighter future for China-Thailand relations By Lyu Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Lyu Jian Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Lyu Jian was recently interviewed by journalists of the Thai-Sino Press Association about the 19th Congress of China’s Communist Party and its consequence for relations with Thailand. The interview is excerpted below. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012798-a-brighter-future-for-china-thailand-relations/
  10. OPINION A brighter future for China-Thailand relations By Lyu Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Lyu Jian Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Lyu Jian was recently interviewed by journalists of the Thai-Sino Press Association about the 19th Congress of China’s Communist Party and its consequence for relations with Thailand. The interview is excerpted below. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held in Beijing from October 18 to 24. In my recent communication with friends from Thailand, I was always asked, “What is the significance of the 19th National Congress for China and for the world?”, “How will it affect the China-Thailand relationship?”, and “How shall we seize the opportunity to promote the China-Thailand relationship?” The party congress is a milestone event, taking place during the decisive stage in building and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. It came up with major political agreements such as that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the principal contradiction facing Chinese society has evolved. What we now face is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life. The most important theoretical achievement of the congress is the establishment of Xi Jinping’s [political theory], “Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” as the guiding thought of the party. It stated explicitly that we would complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020, basically realise socialist modernisation by 2035, and develop China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful by the middle of the century. In order to make that come true, the party congress mapped out an overall plan covering politics, economy, culture, society, ecology and others, with the aim of putting into practice the new development philosophy and transforming the growth model. Going forward, we will pursue supply-side structural reform as our main task, push for changes in economic growth patterns, improve the industrial system and economic structure, and steadily strengthen the innovation capacity and competitiveness of China’s economy. It will provide more opportunities and greater space for cooperation between China and the rest of the world. China will not close its door to the world, but will [instead] become more and more open. We will pursue the “belt and road initiative” as a priority, increase openness and cooperation in building innovation capacity, and open China further through links running eastward and westward, across land and over sea. We will adopt policies to promote high-standard liberalisation and facilitation of trade and investment. We will develop new ways of making outbound investments, promote international cooperation on production capacity, and form globally oriented networks of trade, investment and financing, production, and services. China knows fully well that the dream of the Chinese people is closely connected with the dreams of the peoples of other countries, and that the Chinese Dream can be realised only in a peaceful international environment and under a stable international order. The 19th National Congress made a pledge that China will stay on the path of peaceful development, uphold justice while pursuing shared interests, actively develop global partnerships, expand the convergence of interests with other countries, and strive to forge a new form of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation. In early November, President Xi Jinping attended the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam where he brought forward a series of important propositions on building an open Asia-Pacific economy, promoting innovation-driven, interconnected and inclusive development, deepening partnership and envisaging development in the region. China and Thailand are major Asia-Pacific countries, which are, at the same time, close neighbours and friends. The 19th National Congress will also provide China-Thailand relations with new opportunities. First, both China and Thailand are developing countries at similar development stages with similar development tasks. China pursues innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development and stays committed to developing a modernised economy. Thailand upholds the “sufficiency economy” proposed by His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, puts forward the Thailand 4.0 digital Thailand vision and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), and works on a national development strategy for the next 20 years. In the future, China and Thailand can have more communication on development philosophy, strategies and measures so as to learn from and complement each other, and add fresh impetus to each other’s growth. Second, there will be opportunities for the two countries to conduct mutually beneficial cooperation with a higher quality at a higher level and jointly promote economic and social development. China’s new policies and Belt-and-Road international cooperation, have provided chances for China and Thailand to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. President Xi Jinping once said that “the main partners of the Belt and Road Initiative are China's neighbours, and they will be the first to benefit from it”. As the second largest economy of Southeast Asia and which enjoys advantages in geographical location and business environment, Thailand could also play an important role in, and gain long-term benefits from, the Belt and Road. Over the years, China has made positive progress and gathered abundant experience in a digital economy, a sharing economy, clean energy and other fields, and is working to build new areas, such as the Xiong’an New Area and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. China is willing to explore ways for cooperation in the above areas with the Thai side. Third, there will be opportunities for the two countries to expand cooperation in international and regional affairs, and press ahead with building a community with a shared future in Asia. China gives priority to neighbourhood diplomacy and will deepen relations with its neighbours in accordance with the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness, and the policy of forging friendship and partnership with its neighbours. China values the influence and role of Thailand in international and regional affairs, and thus invited Thailand over for the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016 as the chair of G77, and for the Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries held on the sidelines of the BRICS Xiamen Summit in September as the sole representative of the region. The Chinese side will continue to support Thailand in taking part in international and regional affairs, expand bilateral and friendly cooperation with Thailand to cover multilateral areas, and jointly make contributions to world peace and development. Thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides, the China-Thailand comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership is making steady progress, and the concept of “Jeen Thai Pee Nong Gan” (China and Thailand are siblings) is taking deep root in the hearts of the two peoples. The China-Thailand relationship is faced with hard-won opportunities. Further advancement of the bilateral relationship serves the interests and meets the aspirations of the two sides. The two sides should step up exchanges, and enhance political mutual trust and friendly feelings. Leaders of China and Thailand frequently visit each other like relatives do and have strong affections for each other. The two sides should take bold moves in innovation and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in economic and social development. Both countries are faced with the task of securing balanced economic and social development and transcending the middle-income trap. We should deepen and expand practical cooperation in trade and work together to push for economic upgrading. The two sides should uphold an innovation-driven strategy by adding more technical contents to traditional industrial cooperation and promoting cooperation in new industrial models. New growth points for bilateral cooperation have been forged in e-commerce, logistics, satellite, navigation systems and other fields. Advanced Chinese companies like Alibaba, Jingdong and Huawei have come to Thailand for investment. This will bring bilateral cooperation to a higher level. The Chinese side is ready to encourage companies with strength in funding and technology to engage in the building of the EEC, translating railway cooperation into tangible benefits for the Thai people and people of the region. Poverty reduction is an important part of social development. In the past five years, China has lifted over 60 million people out of poverty. The Chinese side would like to strengthen cooperation with Thailand in this regard and share useful experience. China and Thailand have close cooperation in tourism. There are nearly 10 million people travelling between the two countries. In this connection, cultural festivals, film festivals or other regular exchange programmes could be introduced to the public. Education cooperation between the two countries is also very close. There are 31,000 Chinese students studying in Thailand, and more than 20,000 Thai students in China. The two sides should encourage the youth of the two countries to enhance mutual understanding and friendship. Vocational education is a key area in bilateral education cooperation. The Chinese side supports stepping up cooperation between vocational education schools on the two sides, and welcomes Thailand’s participation in the World Skills Competition to be held in Shanghai in 2021. The two sides should expand cooperation in regional and international affairs through close coordination. The Chinese side will work alongside the Thai side to upgrade China-Asean cooperation, further advance Lancang-Mekong River Cooperation, take the lead in promoting open and inclusive cooperation in the region, and build a community of shared future in Asia. China and Thailand should strengthen coordination and cooperation in Apec, Asian Cooperation Dialogue, Asem and the UN, jointly advocate international cooperation in development, and implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Friendly cooperation between China and Thailand is a priority in China’s neighbourhood diplomacy. The China-Thailand relationship has set a good example for relationships between China and other neighbouring countries. Despite the changes in the international landscape, as long as China and Thailand cooperate wholeheartedly, seize the opportunities and rise to the challenges, the bilateral relationship is bound to embrace a brighter future. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/opinion/30332346 -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-11-24
  11. Aha my passport...... I just checked. The cover says in 4 languages (Flemish, French, German and English): European Union - Kingdom of Belgium and all 8 in equal sized characters. And I did not "leave" my home country (= Europe). 6 months Thailand - Chanthaburi for the weather in the Thai winter for our beautiful 3 rai garden 6 months Europe - mostly Madeira, Norway, Italy, a few days Belgium for the weather in the European spring & summer for the natural and cultural wonders of Europe
  12. So whats wrong with your home country

    So, what is the problem? If the vote by the other 27 EU member "states" (not countries) would have been 9 to 1 for the UK to leave, Brexit should be a doddle! Thanks, stay friends and keep the trade going..? (see my last post #469)
  13. An Admiral in a completely corrupt Navy bewildered and appalled that a group inside the navy was engaged in corrupt behaviour? Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Thailand Live Friday 24 Nov 2017

    Bt300,000 reward offered in Bt12m gold shop robbery By PREEWADEE WICHAIPRASIT THE NATION A Bt300,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of three gunmen who stormed into a gold shop in a Tesco Lotus shopping mall in Chon Buri province on Wednesday evening and made off with gold ornaments worth Bt12 million, weighing 607 baht (around 9 kilograms). Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012682-300000-baht-reward-chonburi-police-swing-into-action-after-10-million-baht-armed-gold-robbery/?do=findComment&comment=12476398
  15. Bt300,000 reward offered in Bt12m gold shop robbery By PREEWADEE WICHAIPRASIT THE NATION A Bt300,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of three gunmen who stormed into a gold shop in a Tesco Lotus shopping mall in Chon Buri province on Wednesday evening and made off with gold ornaments worth Bt12 million, weighing 607 baht (around 9 kilograms). Tamnak Thong 5 gold-shop manager Wisut Kham-ngern, 56, yesterday cited eyewitnesses who said the robbers spoke Thai clearly and with a youthful tone of voice. No police were guarding the shop at the time of the robbery due to the local force’s staffing shortage, he said. Wisut said he couldn’t believe the robbers would dare to rob the store as it was in a high-traffic location in the mall on Sukhumvit Road in Moo 1 village in Tambon Samed, Muang district. Chaiyaporn Kijtrakulrat, 53, the shop owner, filed a request with police for documents to submit for an insurance claim. He confirmed the stolen gold ornaments weighed 607 baht. Police said the robbery took place at around 7pm. Three robbers wore black clothes, gloves, and full-sized crash helmets to conceal their identity, said police. They went to the front of the shop, where one robber fired a shot to intimidate staff while another member swept all the gold ornaments into a black plastic bag before running out of the shop. The whole operation lasted only about a minute and the three fled on two motorcycles, which they had parked at the side of the mall. Witnesses saw the three driving their motorcycles towards the Chon Raj Amrung School intersection. Police initially said the two motorcycles – identified as a Honda Super X and a Honda MSX – apparently used fake licence plates. They later corrected the information, saying that the licence plates were authentic but placed on the different bikes. Further examination of CCTV footage along the route found that the robbers went towards Bang Saen, took a left turn to the Liang Muang Chon Buri Road heading towards Bangkok, before passing through an intersection in front of a Caltex gas station and passing out of CCTV surveillance. Chalermkiat and Provincial Police Region 2 deputy chief Pol Lt-General Jitti Rodbangyang joined a meeting yesterday with Chon Buri police to discuss the hunt for the robbers. Following the meeting, Chalermkiat said the probe had made a lot of progress. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/around_thailand/30332381 -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-11-24
  16. I think it would make sense if the press got more serious. They aren't going to be fining anyone that ridiculous amount, nor hauling people off to jail until they can. The international media would have a field day and the negative reports, as we know, soon make them change their mind. Most of Pattaya's tourists probably don't have that much money available to them. And surely such a huge fine would require a court hearing. This is a City that fails to keep pedestrian crossings working, taxis using their meters and helmets worn on motorcycles and tarts off the street. I can't wait for the first report of a policeman trying to extract a chunk of money off a big burly Russian for having a smoke.
  17. A government can care about the people without becoming a "nanny state"... Just a simple but sustained road safety campaign would be a start. Followed by a proper driving education program, as opposed to the excuse of a test system that is place. Combine that with a shake up of the BIB, who could get out and be a bit more pro active, and you could easily half those numbers. There again, if a large percentage of Thai think that being killed on the roads is just "fate" then its an uphill battle from day 1. My MIL now wears a helmet. It took about 3 years of gentle persuasion but we got there :)
  18. Thailand Live Friday 24 Nov 2017

    New water management chiefs get thumbs up By PRATCH RUJIVANAROM THE NATION Somkiat Prajamwong WATER EXPERTS have welcomed the appointment of Somkiat Prajamwong, director-general of the Royal Irrigation Department (RID), as the new director of the National Water Resources Management. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012797-new-water-management-chiefs-get-thumbs-up/
  19. New water management chiefs get thumbs up By PRATCH RUJIVANAROM THE NATION Somkiat Prajamwong WATER EXPERTS have welcomed the appointment of Somkiat Prajamwong, director-general of the Royal Irrigation Department (RID), as the new director of the National Water Resources Management. NCPO order No 52/2560 published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on Wednesday announced the personnel changes. The NCPO exercised its special powers under Article 44 of the interim charter to move Somkiat from the RID to head the newly founded National Water Resources Management Office. RID deputy director-general Thongplew Kongchan takes over as new RID director-general. Hannarong Yaowalers, chairman of Thai Water Partnership, said yesterday that Somkiat was a good choice to head the new office judging from his experience and vision on water management. Hannarong said the position of National Water Resources Management Office director is a very influential one, as this agency will play an important role in planning water resources management of the country as a whole. It also has to plan beforehand to prevent drought and flood disasters. “Somkiat is an experienced person, who has been working on water management at the RID for a long time. Moreover, he also showed his wide vision during his period as the RID director-general in dealing with floods and droughts, focusing not only on constructing more irrigation projects like many people in the RID did,” he said. “Therefore, I think he is very suitable to handle the important tasks in his new position.” Hannarong, however, stressed that Somkiat will have to face many challenges, as he has to not only plan water management strategies for the country, but he will also have to hire personnel from the Water Resources Department for the new agency. Sitang Pilailar, a lecturer at the Water Resources Engineering Department at Kasetsart University, also applauded the government order to assign both Somkiat and Thongplew to their new positions. “This is a very important position to plan the water management strategies of the country and right now the most perfect person for this task is Somkiat. This position change is also a promotion in his career, as his new position has a higher rank than his previous position,” Sitang said. “Meanwhile, Thongplew, also an experienced person on water management at RID, is the finest person to be new RID director-general.” The National Water Resources Management Office is a newly created water management agency, directly under the command of the prime minister. The agency was founded by NCPO Order No 46/2560 on October 26 and its main task is to oversee an integrated water management plan. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30332379 -- © Copyright The Nation 2017-11-24
  20. That sure doesn't take away from what this guy may have done but it could expand the investigation to the accuser also.
  21. Alleged accomplice in Erawan bombing appears in court

    Looks guilty to me
  22. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    A bit of a coincidence, that is exactly where I got a ticket and for the same reason. But when it happened to me there was no desk set up and I went straight to the police station to pay up. When I came back with the receipt the police pulled me over again! I had to go to each policeman until I found the right one. The table sounds efficient. Beware, peak season coming up, they usually get keen about then.
  23. New roof advice

    I have three vinyl roll up blinds/awnings that I use to shade and keep driving rain from the carport on the east end of the house. They are the same as what you see used with ads one the Ma & Pa shops. I never found where to buy them and asked the Puyai and he said that they were sold by a guy in a truck, the same one that does the rain gutters. He sent them over, they measured and a few days later installed them. I have had/used them for years and they are still in great shape. I have the "awning" option also but have never used it, I just roll them down and have attachments on the wall to secure them so they don't flop around in the wind. They come in all colors and without the ads.
  24. Thailand Live Friday 24 Nov 2017

    Organs of deceased cadet sent for another autopsy By The Nation THE RELATIVES of an 18-year-old cadet who died at a military academy last month, yesterday received the organs that were removed from his body at Phramongkutklao Hospital and handed them over to the Central Institute of Forensic Science (CIFS) for further autopsy. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1012796-organs-of-deceased-cadet-sent-for-another-autopsy/
  25. Their sources are mentioned in the WHO report. Haven't seen any sources from your friends report or the report itself.
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