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  2. When you have a dangerously corrupt police and justice system, who cares if people think it’s a good idea or not. Fix the foundations before you order the roof.
  3. Horrifying video shows GIANT snake trying to swallow Thai soi dog video screenshot Horrifying footage shows the moment a giant python tries to swallow a dog in Thailand. The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, shows rescuers battle to save the dog, which is still alive, from being swallowed whole by the snake. Two men can be seen hitting the serpent repeatedly with sticks while another pulls at it in abid to free the dog. The dog eventually manages to scamper free and appears relatively unhurt. The snake then slithers away into the undergrowth. The footage, uploaded by Facebook user Ake Srisuwan was filmed somewhere in Thailand, although it is not known exactly when the clip was recorded. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-06-21 Warning: Graphic Video
  4. At the end of the day it is ALWAYS the entrants responsibility to be in compliance with local immigration laws/rules. With a Thai Elite visa one would think that this was covered but even with the premium price paid for a Thai Elite there can be problems. If you qualify then a Non-OA is better and cheaper. MJ
  5. "Maj Gen Piyapong Klinpan, an NCPO spokesman, said that in following up the activities of the two fugitive former prime ministers as well as some academics and former Pheu Thai MPs who have escaped legal action to stay in other countries the government and the NCPO are only performing their duty. He denied this is part of an attempt to gauge the political situation." The political situation is what the junta worries about the most. They have even said so prior. Otherwise, why bother ? Nobody is going to extradite them back to Thailand.
  6. And how many believe in ghosts and amulets? I have never seen any evidence that, in countries where the death penalty is applied, it serves as a valid deterrent. Anyway, their country, their choice.
  7. I certain they get a tracking number when it is sent but do not take the time to send it you. One way to avoid the problem is to buy a prepaid return envelope at the post office instead of sending them the extra 10 pounds to the embassy for them to do it.
  8. Of course there's an argument.
  9. I have trouble following the results of this poll, seeing as the majority of the population claim to be Buddhists. One of the five Precepts is to refrain from killing. Or is it acceptable as long as someone else is doing it to support your opinion, as long as it's not you personally doing the killing?
  10. Dontcha just love people who start a response to something like 'So you're saying...' because you can usually bet that's not what you said at all. I said what I said, friend, it doesn't need interpreting by you. So 70 people agreed with you then? I suppose that means you must be right? And if 12 million Thais vote for Thaksin, that must mean he's right as well then? Okaay. And the majority of Thais have an IQ less than 90. I suppose that must be normal then? And Prayuth has more guns, so he must be right? Methinks you have become to believe your own lies, friend. Interesting choice of nom-de-plume that. I wonder what it means...
  11. I will do my best to make sure it doesn't happen.....not by trying to avoid death....but by having a good old time spending the balance after "taking care" of those that were good to me....while they and myself are still living that is.
  12. As the ultimate deterrent, that should now put an end to murder in Thailand. We can all sleep safer. After all other countries that employ this barbaric method have the lowest murder rates... Don't they? Such polls should be regarded as a test to how backward a nation is, while actually employing the death penalty is all the evidence needed to show the country is retarded almost beyond hope If only they spent as much on looking into the minds of murderers to identify them before the act, as they do on the ability to blow entire populations into oblivion. Them we could start to make progress Just as an idea: a more recent hypothesis suggests criminal behavior in general is considered a result of certain genetic and environmental pressures. and that a murderer has no more choice regarding killing as a crocodile. An idea as far removed from that of the knuckle scraping revengelicals, suggesting that, ethically speaking, we are evolving in two distinct directions
  13. Many Department shops are hopelessly over-manned. Check out the crowds of assistants that follow you around in Thaiwatsadu/Homepro. Sack 70% & there would be no diminution of service or sales; the management could then afford to reduce prices. Those employees might then be glad to take any work they can get.
  14. "Looking forward to receiving cooking classes from Yingluck" !!! That must have gone down well ? lol
  15. In my opinion, laws are in place to protect the innocent and not to punish. "The dozen states that have chosen not to enact the death penalty since the Supreme Court ruled in 1976 that it was constitutionally permissible have not had higher homicide rates than states with the death penalty, government statistics and a new survey by The New York Times show." https://www.nytimes.com/2000/09/22/us/absence-executions-special-report-states-with-no-death-penalty-share-lower.html The questions that are puzzling are why now, why this prisoner and what are the benefits? There is no evidence that a death penalty deters crime. A final solution enacted by this government is alarming.
  16. It is the law. They do not have to justify it. I always remember what a malaysian government official said a long time ago when a reported said to him that they were committing murder. His reply was that he was not committing murder he was enforcing justice.!!! Wise words I would say.
  17. It is not a Thai thing, more people in the UK believe in capital punishment.
  18. Give me a break... do you really think this teen had a license for driving? Ij America, he would not have escaped being ticketed and told to call someone to bring a helmet even if he did have a license. And a teen without a license would have been taken to jail at a juvenile center pending his parents arrival to take him out. Your take on this supposedly kind act doesn't wash.
  19. I don't think it has to be a current account. It only has to be in account that allows you to withdraw the funds without any delay. There is no requirement for the funds to be in the bank for 3 months. That is only required when applying for an extension at immigration here.
  20. Justfine

    Finnish man commits suicide on Koh Chang

    And you felt the need to report it? Did you ask the relatives first?
  21. Well, apparently some of us are. Yes, I thought there'd be some personal experience under that blood lust. Took a while to recover from it I imagine, and still not completely recovered. Not all the world is like that though...
  22. Thailand is known for bent judges (who live in nice houses in chiang mai), criminal lawyers (enough examples from phuket alone), and a corrupt police force (no need to give examples here i suppose). In the past year we have seen examples of scape goats being used (koh tao murders) and people taking the blame for crimes they didnt commit in exchange for money (i believe it was the teacher who killed a motordriver with her pickup truck). And now we see someone who has never confessed being put to death for 1 murder. And that while there are so many murders committed here with murderes confessing and showing no remorse (kids of police officers chopping up homeless people with a sword, rich kid killing a handful of people with a car while being under age and speeding, etc). While i have my doubts about capital punishment, i have even stronger doubts of a country like Thailand having it. And with this case.... even stronger doubts.
  23. Not sure if you're a man or a lady (checked profile but didn't help) or if the "Thais" you refer to are male or female, or both ....for myself, if I want to avoided conversation (with all in sundry) I just avoid making eye contact.
  24. Because you think it - Does not make it true. Sometimes hypotheticals are relevant. This is usually BEFORE an event occurs, not after. The die has been cast and onwards we go. I will refer you back to the hysterical banking exodus. It did not happen and will not happen. Most banks are opening EU hubs that contain less than 100 staff. March 2018 https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-eu-jobs/a-year-to-go-before-brexit-u-s-investment-banks-still-bet-on-london-idUSL8N1QI6G2 Careful you do not fall over that large obstacle called pessimism and cause yourself an injury. Footnote: I see the remainer's got handed another defeat yesterday
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