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  2. notamember

    Vehicle Wheel alignment needed

    Have been to Bosch and highly recommend it when I made this enquiry I did not say that I had been to two others already a big tyre shop in south pattaya named a way of crossing a river and another name for a rock charged 500 and I was not happy with it. They say 100% but I knew it wasn’t,t si I tried again at a big Thai shop called like the iPhone helper app and a find name for your grandmother 450 for alignment and 300 to rebalance tires saud it was 100% but it was bit in my opinion so back to Bosch very professional gijd English from young boss knew immeditely what I wanted to achieve without he or I banging on forever about it balnced both wheels again as they were not 100% did alignment again as he demonstrated on the computer, it was not 100% took x12 laser guided points of reference to align it rolled it back and forth on the ramp an retook readings a number of times then made the adjustments the computer dictated and within 30 minutes it was done now it’s perfect but tool comfort in the fact that the young man said take away yoh Test drive, come back if not happy k believed him you will too 440 alignment 300 balancing ftee coffee and internet thanks digbet rhurd time lucky
  3. nss70

    Buying a small car advice

    Yaris has a small boot (trunk). Fiesta has a less than good rep. for its auto box and many poor service stories in Thailand. Owned a modern Fiesta in another country, ECO 1.1 engine and manual box. Went up our mountains fine but could be sluggish on the motorway fully laden, overtaking uphill while heavy was a non event at those speeds. Jazz has the largest boot, a deciding factor for me but maybe your needs differ. For resale, black, silver, White and an auto box. If a pick-up floats your boat you get better value, the lower ones in the range are similarly priced, lower tax etc.
  4. Agreed. I am with TMB and it is 10 baht/month. Best value for money that you will get from a bank.
  5. My Thai family introduced me to a ladyboy who owns one of the more popular bars in Ao Nang, they are friends and he/she treated me well and was popular as she greeted and took care of his/her customers.
  6. I'm a 15 year resident in the Kingdom. My wife is Thai. In February I had 2 visitors who wanted to see the Grand Palace. It was overrun with Chinese Tourists - so we gave up tried to hire a metered taxi Non would take us with the meter on. So we asked 2 Army Uniformed Guards standing nearby to help us get a metered taxi. They spoke to a couple of taxi drivers who refused to use meters. Then the Soldiers shrugged at us as if to say we can't do anything - and walked away. Lovely enforcement !
  7. Used CCleaner since the Windows 98 days, through XP, W7 and now W10. They dropped the ball once in September 2017 with version 5.33.6162 which contained malware https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2017/9/18/security-notification-for-ccleaner-v5336162-and-ccleaner-cloud-v1073191-for-32-bit-windows-users but they sorted it out PDQ and importantly did not try to hide their embarrassing mistake! Be aware - CCleaner is not an antivirus tool in any way! My preferred setup on Windows is as follows: Paid-for Norton Security which includes AV, F/Wall, / A/Spam, Exploit prevention. This runs in the background, and as it's paid-for - no adverts. Then Free Malwarebytes - run on demand Then Free CCleaner - set the way i want it as regards cookies, privacy etc - run on demand
  8. Just say the two words Past Passed. Two sound exactly the same but mean different things. Why can't one word have two different spellings, depending on 'side of the pond' and mean the same thing? Only asking.
  9. RichardColeman

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    Same as most Thai women then
  10. Steady on now, why do you think their departure is pre-paid?
  11. Rape, suicides, drug trades and drug busts... Seems to be about 80% of paper or TV news as well so it matches, they are just debating
  12. The imported ones are always Haas or similar to Haas. Yes. When in season in Thailand (BLISS!) there are lower priced grown in Thailand Haas, similar to Haas, and even cheaper definitely not like Haas (what Americans call Florida type, less fat, more water, less flavor). I find uses even for the Florida ones but of course Haas (or similar) are popular and premium for a good reason.
  13. Why would anyone want to meet any farangs. I can't think of anything worse. I moved here to get away from them.
  14. Moderator: Can you please remove this post as it has no bearing on my question. The post can also be closed as the problem is now resolved.
  15. webfact

    Thailand Live Monday 18 Jun 2018

    Police seek extradition of former abbot applying for asylum in Germany By Thai PBS Thai police have sought an extradition of former assistant abbot of Wat Sampanthawong Phra Prommethi who is reported to be seeking political asylum in Germany, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said on Monday. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1043655-thai-police-seek-extradition-of-former-abbot-applying-for-asylum-in-germany/
  16. I would add that the Rule of Law, as we westerners understand it, does not operate here. You have little to no comeback and no protection mechanisms in place. Who in their right mind would invest in such an environment, unless they only invest what the are happy to lose. and are an inveterate gambler
  17. Never, ever use steel poles for electrical work. Steel reinforced concrete poles with either hard wood or cement cross arm or hung vertically down the pole on brackets and insulators. Get a professional to do it. Electricity is deadly. Ex Electrical Linesman.
  18. Coconut Kidd

    Address registration

    I was at Phuket Town Immigration today for my annual retirement extension. My “Receipt of Notification” was from 2015 and I left the country this past April. The guy out front Room 103 required me to get a new one. He gave me a quick rundown on the new or newly enforced rules, he was almost apologetic about it, he's a good guy. Fortunately, with all the talk about this subject I brought Mrs. Kidd, her ID and the house book. It took about 15 minutes in Room 101 and we were not asked for money. The guys there were very cordial and explained in detail to me and Mrs. Kidd the recent changes. They also said it could be done by her on-line, but did not go into detail on how. Back to Room 103 with all documentation, in/out in 10 minutes. The guy inside also reviewed the notification to be sure it was current.
  19. Police seek extradition of former abbot applying for asylum in Germany By Thai PBS Thai police have sought an extradition of former assistant abbot of Wat Sampanthawong Phra Prommethi who is reported to be seeking political asylum in Germany, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said on Monday. He said national police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda, has followed the required procedure to seek the extradition of the former monk but admitted that the process was stalled. He said he didn’t know the reason behind the delay since Thai police have followed all necessary steps in accordance with the law. Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/police-seek-extradition-former-abbot-applying-asylum-germany/ -- © Copyright Thai PBS 2018-06-18
  20. Children raising children ,policed by children who are governed by children..what could possibly go wrong
  21. Do it, medical help is expensive in Oz for foreigners - try AA Insurance in Pattaya or see if GF can point in right direction NB: Check visa T&Cs as GF may be required to depart and return Oz after three months
  22. Facts are stubborn things pal. If you believe investing in a country where the government is in the business of picking winners and losers then you have lost already. You are in denial and playing with all your cards down while the rest of the table is face up. Good luck
  23. bsdthai

    Why the Grass always seems to be Greener

    Im lost? What the hell is this about and why did i bother reading it?. Dude sounds like hed be better to sit and chat in front of a mirror. Probably get a million likes...
  24. KhunBENQ


    Interesting topic title
  25. We got back about a month ago from the states.... Avocados & artichokes weren't cheap there (but were freshly picked) and we ate a lot of each - great stuff....Even brought back some Holy Guacamole mix - just in case.... But with the 4 of us here I doubt I'll be buying many (as fast as we'd eat them) at that price.. Are these Haas avocados?
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