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  2. Whatever happened to The Avenues?

    I can confirm that the Pattaya passport office is still at The Avenue. there is an on-line cue reservation system ...but you need to book a week in advance ! so my wife and I waited about 3 hours she got number 225 so quite a few people going there. they had a sign up recruiting for staff urgently...immediate start..but must go train in Bangkok first. The Cinema and Bowling alley are still there cheap week day cinema prices. Villa and fitness center already mentioned most of 1st floor is empty. ground floor temporary stalls.
  3. A certain poster (schhhhush, you know who) will pop up and claim that what your posting is just "semantics". Whilst he vigorously attacks the Junta for not being elected, he apparently feels it's fine for Thaksin to resign and then seize power whenever he fancies. But saying Thaksin was "removed by a coup" sounds so much better than mentioning he was illegally occupying a caretaker role at the time!
  4. No there was no verbal information, just an information on the Thai website for visa applicants. And yeah I'm applying at the London embassy. would you suggest I give them a call or book an appointment and go explain to them myself?
  5. Haven't yet had a Immigration office that would allow this. 10 years and three provinces so far. Further proving that you must be familiar with the requirements where YOU live.
  6. Many Thai hospitals have their own forms for advance directives and may not accept one not in that format. Suggest asking the hospital. (As it is a government hospital, will need some perserverance and patience but should eventually find someone who knows what you refer to).
  7. ASH Thailand says e-cigarette is harmful to health

    I didn't see that on his CV, a lot of groups and bodies opposed to smoking yeah, tobacco companies, Nah.
  8. You think Thai politicians and senior Thai military and police don't have substantial beneficial ownership and substantial share of earnings from casinos just over the Thai border? Just remember simply closing the border to Thai gamblers, stopping the free vans picking up Thai gamblers from all over Bangkok and the central region, just making negative noises about Thais visiting foreign casinos would close these casinos overnight. Your post has erroneously assumed that all revenue from these casinos goes to the Cambodian Treasury. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rule of law and transparent corporate governance - Cambodia, he he, I don't think so.
  9. Khao Yai national park to go towards Thailand 4.0

    Does "going towards Thailand 4.0" mean I will have to pay four times as much as a Thai resident to get in?
  10. 5 secret iOS 11 features that you need to know about BY STAFF WRITER The latest operating system, iOS 11 was launched by Apple this week and it does seem pretty impressive with several new features. Here are just 5 that you may not be aware of: Full story: http://tech.thaivisa.com/5-secret-ios-11-features-need-know/24379/
  11. 2nd that. Super dad if of course this dead guy was guilty.
  12. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    No offence meant. I think the MIL paid 150 baht for each of the three injections at a Government hospital. Worked for her.
  13. If "they" stands for "Kim and his cronies", perhaps. Sanctions, up to now, do not seem to effect either Kim or his inner circle followers much, nor do they go beyond a certain point. So while Putin's "objective" take is dully noted, taking it with a bit of salt isn't a bad idea.
  14. . . . those of us who now see Brexit for what it really is. . . Both sides lied and twisted facts and figures (Did anyone ever seriously imagine for a moment that they wouldn't?). That is why I, like a lot of people, did my own research into the key issues before coming to a rational conclusion. Had you done the same you would not only "now" be starting to understand the inevitable initial consequences of leaving. Hang in there. The withdrawal symptoms will get worse before they start getting better.
  15. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    JungleChef said: Asking for a discount is common practice in this part of the world. Many local bike shops tag items higher then the "real" selling price just for this reason. Poor OP, just inquiring on buying a MTB here, a potential customer btw, and basically he's insulted for even thinking about entering the market. No way do any of the bike shops price even close to MSRP. And, what is the "real" price, CRC or Wiggle? If that is real, please buy from them (don't forget to add in shipping and duties), and ask them for install and support while at it. The OP was not the target of most of the replies, rather those who replied to his info request saying, more or less, that one cannot find a decent mtb in CM. Maybe we should ask Studmeyer where he found a satisfactory mtb, then we'd all be wiser?
  16. "Knorr" powder,what is it.

    A quote from "famous" chef Marco Pierre White: "Knorr is the best f***ing ingredient in the world, let's not kid ourselves".... it is the best f***king ingredient, it is one that is a good deal better than the sum of its f***ing parts." But: A Knorr chicken stock cube includes enough flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium 5'-ribonucleotides and disodium guanylate) to scare off many health-conscious consumers. Even more people will be repelled by the presence on the label of hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is widely agreed to be harmful. Then there is the salt: one cube contains 4.25 grams - nearly 75 per cent of the recommended daily intake for an adult. That, plus half a bagful of sugar makes all Thai food yummeeee! Mai pen rai.
  17. Sorry you didn't make your post clear This is TV :-)
  18. Not too many rich foreigners come to live in Thailand.....the south of France, Caribbean etc, offer lifestyle.....
  19. The council accused her of fraud and of tarnishing the reputations of the profession, Thai society and the country. Don't govt officials do this on a hourly or at least a daily basis?
  20. I beg to differ. In the first week of the completely unprovoked and lawless American attack on Iraq (the "shock and awe" phase), more Iraqi civilians were killed than were killed in New York on 9/11. The US wreaked terror on Vietnam for almost a decade; the current US regime has threatened military action against North Korea, Venezuela (<deleted>??), and, where else (?). "[Iran] isn't perfect, but it's far from the worst country on the planet." I agree that Iran has to cut support for terror groups like Hamas; in fact, the best thing for the Middle East might be a peace treaty between Iran and Israel. Their mutual hostility is stupid and wrong; their alliance would set things moving in a positive direction.
  21. Christmas Dinner

    Thank you for giving my post some deep consideration and thought before posting you well enunciated reply. Happy Christmas to you and yours.
  22. Agreed. We all know the reputation of the Thai police, but in this case, the policeman was extremely patient in the face of much verbal abuse and, to my mind, had ample cause to arrest both the young guy and the woman, who were both breaking the law in several respects.
  23. Taxi drivers need to work all hours, those who are not willing to work unsociable hours do not make enough to survive, the average earnings in the UK as of last year was just 17,992. http://www.payscale.com/research/UK/Job=Taxi_Driver/Salary
  24. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    "The list includes some construction workers, carpenters, waiters, petrol station attendants, fresh-market workers and cashiers." At the BP petrol station near us, all the attendants are young Burmese. All very fast, friendly and like to show they can speak very good English. Many of the cheapie charlie restaurants around here, the noodle ones, also have mainly Burmese or Cambodian staff too. Seems like bringing the rules in line with the reality.
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