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  2. Lie-detector tests failed by Jomsap allies

    I remember the police talking on TV about a gang prepared to find scapegoats when this case first surfaced in the media 2 years ago or more. But the strange thing is the pick-up she was allegedly driving had no marks on it to suggest an accident.
  3. Section 85 of the 2017 Constitution*: Election of members of the House of Representatives on a constituency basis shall be by direct suffrage and secret ballot, and there shall be one member of the House of Representatives in each constituency. An eligible voter shall have the right to cast ballot for one candidate or not to cast ballot for any candidate in his or her constituency.** Obviously if one does not vote, it does not legally count as any kind of vote. I expect another organic law would be required to provide for abstention or null vote on the ballot, its recordation and meaning with regard to candidate votes. From the junta's perspective such additional provisions likely adds nothing to election of pro-military/royalist candidates - so won't happen unless the provisions will reduce large party candidate vote count in some manner. * Unofficial English translation provided as a public service through a collaboration of: Institute for Democracy for Electoral Assistance, International Commission of Jurists and Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Thailand. ** Contrast with the 2011 Constitution, Section 72 wherein "Every person shall have a duty to exercise his right to vote at an election. The person who .... fails to attend an election for voting without notifying the reasonable cause of such failure shall be entitled to .. lose the right as provided by law." (Unofficial translation by the Foreign Law Bureau, Office Of The Council Of State)
  4. Bringing savings into Thailand, wise move?

    A persons residency or non-residency in Thailand has nothing to do with opening a non-resident bank account, I've held a non-resident bank account for over 15 years, as well as other resident accounts. Tax paid on savings can be recovered at year end by filing a simple tax return, interest income on the first 150k can be recovered in this way.
  5. best place to exchange british pounds for baht

    "someone has just given me some british pounds that i need to change into baht."
  6. Lie-detector tests failed by Jomsap allies

    Could it be possible that the lie detector lied?
  7. Please stop with the nonsense and get back to the topic.
  8. I need to print 100 pages!

    ^JaiMaai hit it on the head but it wont be available on Samui. University print shops near the campus are charging .50 stang per page now. Any university in Thailand.
  9. Footy on the Telly

    Australian FA Cup Final
  10. Meaning what? That because police corruption is worse in other countries that we shouldn't be too harsh about Thailand?
  11. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    surely the headline can't be true, because the BIBs are numb to pressure from anything.
  12. I don’t see your point, you say that consuls have restrictions to their ability to issue visas and Kay told him what he was entitled to from Glasgow. What grounds do you have for calling her Incredibly ignorant? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. I believe that someone in another thread about NK posted a link that may explain part of the reason KJU is not testing missiles. Apparently, it is harvest season NK and much of the emphasis is on getting crops harvested in a country that is known to have a real problem with food security. Historically, at this time of the year, the military action and rhetoric calms down.
  14. Guides arrested over military weapons

    Probably. We never sold those in the gun shop I owned for over 20 years before retiring here.
  15. Will Southern Thailand Turn to Jihad?

    Now days jihadist are killing and blowing things for the sake of just that, to seed mayhem and confusions, and nothing really to do with religion, to create havoc for the sake of justifying the the money they get paid by third party governments/entities and propel with vested interests in the outcomes to suite their agendas.....
  16. Prediction Comp Scores

    Dosh League Week 12 Overall Dosh League Mrbojangles 35 Mouserless 280 Jockstar 20 Mrbojangles 265 Mouserless 20 Jockstar 229 RonniePickering22 13 RonniePickering22 212 Hall of Fame 17/18 Mouserless 51 BangrakBob 43 Wilai 43 MrMuddle 40 Mrbojangles 35 Mrbojangles 35 Mrbojangles 35 Jellydog 34 MrMuddle 34 BIGTOE3 33
  17. Looks like Charlie Rose is next in the batter's box. I place him somewhere between Harvey Weinstein and Ron Jeremy on my "not too surprised meter".
  18. I think what you need to do is a report of being more than 90 days in Thailand on an extension of stay on the basis of retirement. This is nothing to do with a re-entry permit (though make sure you also have one of those in case you want to exit and return to Thailand). Most likely, you can do the 90-day report online. There is a looong thread on the subject https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/812263-online-90-day-reporting-available-from-april-1st/. If it is convenient, and you do not want to fight the computer system, doing the report in person at the immigration office is very simple (and free). You will need to complete a very simple TM47 form (available at https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=407988 if you wish to complete it in advance). You are given a receipt.
  19. Tailored Shirts

    Maybe the management has changed since I tried that place years ago, but . . . . 1. Be sure to get the price in writing before work begins. 2. Expect an unfriendly attitude if you request several (needed) changes in succession.
  20. They only do that for the first extension of stay application since it counts as doing a report. If you have already done one extension of stay you will go by the date on the receipt for your most recent 90 day report.
  21. so your telling me that this Uygur guy singing in Uygur is not singing Turkish? If you really believe that then it’s obvious you don’t speak Turkish, and to daftdada sorry but this thread is related to an article about Uygur Turks so if it does not interest please feel free to move on to a different topic on a different thread
  22. Well, here's a real moderator. Please keep it civil and on topic.
  23. Prediction Comp Scores

    Week 12 Overall League BangrakBob 43 evenstevens 292 Mrbojangles 35 Mouserless 280 MrMuddle 34 BangrakBob 281 Jellydog 33 Wilai 270 Jip99 30 Mrbojangles 265 Wilai 29 Jellydog 263 evenstevens 22 Jip99 260 Jockstar 20 Oldgit 237 Mouserless 20 Jockstar 229 BIGTOE3 19 MrMuddle 235 Owl Sees All 19 Owl Sees All* 223 Oldgit 13 BIGTOE3 217 RonniePickering22 13 RonniePickering22 212 *Avge score wks 1-6 =116
  24. Premier Prediction Comp

    Some reasonable scores this week.....Congrats to Bangrak Bob whose faith in The Red Men was justified with a 3-0 banker. Won this week and was enough to join the Hall of Fame in joint second place. Messrs BJ and Muddle also entered HoF with this weeks scores. Evenstevens still leads the Overall and Mouserless continues to control the Dosh League
  25. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    Bust out or face to prospect of having a organs harvested. See ya!
  26. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Ask any American to point out Thailand on a map and they might say "You mean Taiwan?" and they couldn't point out that either.
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