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  2. Then perhaps Men should display and hold equal responsibility by making sure they stop "planting" said babies in women who either don't want them or are two young to have them. It always seems to be the woman's fault, no mention of the man who no doubt was saying "it's alright I won't come, I'll just put it in a bit and won't move it...I promise." . If, as in the USA you want to hold women accountable and send them to prison if they have an abortion then cool, but sentence the man who planted it to the same sentence..........whether they pay hush money or not! (What will happen when it is disclosed about the DJT hushed up abortion?....no doubt all the T supporters and evangelicals will be saying.. forgive and forget). If prior to each sexual encounter a man and women were required to sign a document saying they agree to a life time commitment to any possible offspring that may result out of the next 4 mins of pleasure, I am sure rates of sexual intercourse would drop dramatically (and I would have had full sex only 4 times in my life) A great step for Ireland and at last a ripping away from the abuses of the Catholic Church that have plagued the nation for 1500 years. The people have spoken, I am sure they are elated.
  3. I have done extensive buying in and around Chiang Mai. I filled a 40’ container from some 3 dozen various suppliers. I was given quality service by all, bar none. I live in the highly developed country of Canada. I don’t get the quality of service here that I got in a country where I can’t even speak their language. So I fail to see the value in the stated complaints. In fact, separate from my business dealings, I could give hundreds of examples where Thai sales and service people treated me right. I would have no concerns about the labour pool if I was running a Thai business. Bravo Thai workers !
  4. Coconut Kidd

    Error 520

    Error 520 constantly and now it's taking 23 seconds to get between pages.
  5. And money wins again: Taxi drivers take tourists there (few hundred baht) Locals sell bananas so the tourists can feed the monkeys (40 baht) Locals sell drinks and snacks to the tourists (120 baht) The hospital gets rich on the immune globulin after a bite
  6. lou62

    Sunday Roast

    Yes, I've eaten Sunday Roast dinner here (Soi Chayapreuk 1), unbelievable value and as importantly, tastes great.
  7. transam

    Error 520

    A song for the Tech guy.....
  8. I do hope not. Serioualy. Rumour has it that when part of the Thaksin government, this lady was excessively 'hungry'. Apparently it is and was common knowledge. She needs to be obliged to explain the wealth of her and her husband. In my opinion she will damage the redshirts beyond repair and permanently associate them with the alleged Sino-Thai corruption of the Thaksin government. For this reason, Prayuth and Mr Piggy will be down the wat, praying for the Redshirts to vote her in. Right now, Thailand badly needs to dissociate itself from *all* things Chinese. This relationship is not a symbiosis. It resembles rather the relationship between parasite and host, but this parasite, unlike most others, will kill the host.
  9. Bob12345

    Phang Nga’s main link to Phuket underwater after heavy downpour

    Drainages clogged up with garbage?
  10. Badrabbit

    Fractured shoulder

    Yes I had 2 X rays within the 5 weeks, all I could see was a hairline fracture so I'm hoping it will heal, still another week to go before I think about going back for a check, I'm in Phuket. Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. stephenterry

    End 'hide and seek' Brexit approach, Barnier tells UK

    ...and then what?
  12. skippybangkok

    Keto Plateau

    If building muscle, scales not that relevant. In my case just maintain muscle and loose fat. Inflammation - had plantar fasciitis in my foot which was getting worse and worse - first line of defence are anti inflammatories. Dr said if it don’t help , next level is a quite painful injection in the heel. Got worse over 8 months , and in last 2 months - almost gone. Also back pain ( nerve - need anti inflammatory too ) is also improving I am pretty sure sugar is a driver of inflammation- Sheryl ? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. The Myanmar man tried only to be paid for his work, then after the Thai refused...........
  14. Yep. Worked before, will work again right? Maybe not so right, we'll see. This government is dead in the water. I sense a certain former general will soon be fleeing abroad, and then it really *will* be dead.
  15. Misterwhisper

    Pizzas become popular among Muslims during fasting month

    These are not pizzas; they are 6-inch spongy mini flat breads with a few toppings, smothered in sweetened mayonnaise and sweetened tomato ketchup and gratinated in an induction oven. Yuck!
  16. transam

    Error 520

    Be good if "Tech Doctor" let folk know the ploblem, if we know we may understand and relax a bit and go mow the lawn, shave twice a day, give the Mrs some verbal, fix the roof, search for that long lost '60's record that reminds you of that cracking bird at that time, or even watch the early black and white Coronation Street episodes..... I settled for giving Mrs.Trans some verbal....
  17. thaibeachlovers

    Hawaii street swallowed by 'lava tide' as many more homes burn

    They should have got Tommy Lee Jones onto this. He sorted the problem in one of his movies.
  18. I don't believe unemployment statistics anymore - they have been 'manipulated' over decades.... But I do agree that 'millions' more in the uk, is sheer fear tactics.
  19. Does anyone feel safe using these thugs to be driven from a to b. The supposed registered taxi scum that is. The amount of [email protected] they do beating up women ect does not inspire me to use them
  20. Thanks for suggestions but I wouldn’t have a clue who around here could do that. Doubt I’d find a M900 frame around here either. Other than visually, I have no other indications of a crack (no creaking) so I’m just keeping fingers crossed. Besides, I’m also thinking of pulling the trigger on a road bike since that’s mostly what I do now.
  21. Anak Nakal

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    I hear voice on my computer...
  22. tompelli

    Snooping on torrents?

    Recently noticed a Thai IP address 58-97-16-39 appearing as a peer in every torrrent. It is marked up as static.asianet.co.th. Anyone any ideas & any free VPN suitable for torrenting? TQVB
  23. faraday

    Error 520

    Bored with it.
  24. https://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-committees/Exiting-the-European-Union/17-19/Cross-Whitehall-briefing/EU-Exit-Analysis-Cross-Whitehall-Briefing.pdf OK exact figures are going to be hard to come by as no nation on earth trades entirely by WTO rules and certainly no one has ever tried to turn the clock back 50 years, so there is a lost of estimates. But.... All JIT manufacturing could no longer work so all the car industry closes. British road transport drivers are no longer allowed to work in the EU. All livestock exports stop We are no longer allowed to sell services in the EU so all industries that depend on this have to close or move to europe - remember this is now 83% of our exports. All British people working in the EU now no longer have the right to work there. All the British retires on the Costa del sol now no longer have the right to live there. All EU citizens in the UK now no longer have the right to live or work here - so we lose all the EU dr in the NHS Many more - I can waste all day giving examples Worse case scenario is we have a repeat of the partition of India - and we all know how well that went. Some of this could be avoided, but the time to enact the legislation that would be needed is far too short. Remember this is what will happen in 9 months if we don't sort out an agreement by then.
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