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  2. Women are rarely impressed at the sight of a piston thrusting back and forth inside a cylinder with a great deal of noise and steam...
  3. Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

    How is posting facts racist, oh yeah when liberals have nothing to say just call the other person a racist and hater. Fact is fact
  4. Actually while stuck in the hospital I read a lot about it, and rubber shoes in most cases will NOT protect you from he barb, as it can easily pinch through. In fact, it can make things worse as there are some special bacteria in the rubber, so it would be even more difficult to heal.
  5. Pattaya beaches

    Have they cleaned up in the last month or so since the monsoon season is over. I haven't seen any reports of large amounts of debris washing up on shore from storms or any other reasons that are usually given. I know the beaches are not exactly clean compared to other Thai beaches but last time i was there (Feb 2016), down around soi 3 or 4, it actually wasn't that bad. Anyway, i will be in Patts in 3 weeks so was just hoping for an update with positive news. Oh and did the alcohol sales ban start on the beach yet?
  6. Sorry bud, there is no middle ground. Middle ground is whining. Hopefully, before you move in you read about country, the women, the mentality and you either accept it or you don't. Do you think I like putting a fake smile 24/7 when I'm out? You think I like the immigration rules? I don't but this is something I agreed to before I moved it. There is simply no point whining about it after the fact. There is no middle ground, only their ground. When I get sick of it I'll leave. Meanwhile I'm ready to easy op's pain and contribute 500b into his go fund me page....for whatever reason it may be because, hey.....he's in Thailand.
  7. What are you eating? (food porn)

    What I generally do if I want to try a recipe I like I would first download it from the internet and try it, saving the recipe as xxxxx v01. The next time I will adjust the recipe more to the way I would like it and save it as v02 etc until I get it to how I like it, which may be different to Naam or Skeptic7 or Tutsi. When I am happy with it if anyone asks me I will post the recipe but add that it is how I like it.
  8. So that excuses racism and cheating does it I know her income has been more than it ought to be because of her thievery but thats had a bit of a hiccup just lately hopefully
  9. I and the family moved to the SE USA a year ago. We are considering selling the house. Location Pathumtani, Khlong Luang, Khlong Sam, close to Tallad Thai market Land is 575 wah House built in 1986, 2 story, 5 bedroom, 3 full bath. Internal, detached Kitchen + Dining room. External Cooking area Large external storage bldg w/ maid room. Spouse spoke to a realtor located in BKK late Nov. Whom said it would sell for 8.5 Mill THB. I expected more, perhaps 10.5 Mill. Realtor fee is/would be 3%. No contract signed (yet) and house is not listed. Please, what 'fees' will be encountered in this sell. Was told land assessed at 7000 THB/Wah. Details are much appreciated.
  10. Broken old ranger house at Khlong Saeng Sanctuary. In this area are many wild animals as elephants, deer or birds.
  11. I wonder how much she will get 315 baht a day?
  12. What about this title, wasn't she absolved of that little thing called Romance Scam...........they announced there was no evidence - so why the title Romance Scam Victim
  13. "Bernie Sanders" spotted on baht bus tonight!

    Cool story bro
  14. sorry for resurecting this from the death, but I wanted to share my experience as it might help someone in the future. The very first thing to do if you get stung by stingray is to start pouring hot water on your foot. Careful not to burn your skin as you won't be feeling the heat from the pain, so first try on your hand for example to make sure it wont burn your skin. Apprently the heat breaks the stingray venom (some sort of protein). I was given a bag of ice to put on and I almost fainted from the pain by the time I got to the hospital. It was about an hour from the incident til the time they put my foot in hot water, so I think this contributed to the complications I am still dealing with (yup, 3 weeks after). At the ER they cut the area and cleaned the wound (1.5cm deep) from the barb pieces. Apparrently they did not do it very well as a week later my foot got very itchy and swollen again. The infection was back even if I did everyday wound cleaning and dressing and never got it wet. They deep cleaned it again, and a small piece of the barb resurfaced, plus they did Xray (which they are supposed to the first time, but they didnt). Anyhow, 17 days after the incident there was almost no infection left, so the surgeon cut what was left from the infection inside and stiched it up. He checked it again today and had to cut one of the stiches as there was some water (like mini infection under the surface), so he wanted to let it drain out. I am heading back home tomorrow and am supposed to follow up for more cleaning and stiches removal in a week. I never imagined that the recovery would be that hard, pretty much spent my entire vacation at the hospital, went through 3 rounds of antibiotics and still cannot recover fully.
  15. PF drug also sells a Gel Pack that can be used for either cold or heat. Cold put in the freezer, heat in microwave or hot water
  16. and what difference does it make by who it was paid for? When Trump was a candidate for the nomination the republicans funded the investigation because they did not want him to be the nominee, when he became the nominee all of a sudden the investigation was abandoned because the wanted their Nominee to become president, they did not care about the truth of the allegations. At which point the investigation was taken over by the Democrats for obvious reasons. I am not only targeting the Republicans, I truly believe that if the situation was reversed the Democrats would be doing the same thing. Obstructing investigations by the opposition and promoting theirs. The two party system has become big business, and this is not personal Just business. Before this became business it seems to me that both the Clintons and the Trumps were totally unaware of their shortcomings and were best buddies. But we are , or should be Not Republicans, Not Democrats, but Americans first , and as such we should put Country over party first, And our business is not Trumps and is not Hillarie, our business is the business of the country. We should cut the crap and let the chips fall where they may.
  17. Looking for a gout specialist

    Thanks for all your input
  18. My crystal ball sees a brand new Benz for the head of CIFS.
  19. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    Statistically I am a moderate drinker as evidenced by the figures in my post. The whole gist of my post is that you need to measure your own drinking habits. If you don't it becomes a steady slide. I know it's harder for some people than others. I'm lucky that I don't have a compulsive nature which helps. There are so many factors to consider, but one thing's for certain, if you don't keep track of your consumption you're opening the door to problems without necessarily realising it.
  20. "Bernie Sanders" spotted on baht bus tonight!

    I think Chiang Mai had a Bernie Sanders weekly coffee get together for awhile, about a year ago. Haven't heard about it since then. Perhaps Bernie was in town to foster further Trump Urgent Resistance Disorder.
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