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  2. Do it, medical help is expensive in Oz for foreigners - try AA Insurance in Pattaya or see if GF can point in right direction
  3. Facts are stubborn things pal. If you believe investing in a country where the government is in the business of picking winners and losers then you have lost already. You are in denial and playing with all your cards down while the rest of the table is face up. Good luck
  4. bsdthai

    Why the Grass always seems to be Greener

    Im lost? What the hell is this about and why did i bother reading it?. Dude sounds like hed be better to sit and chat in front of a mirror. Probably get a million likes...
  5. KhunBENQ


    Interesting topic title
  6. We got back about a month ago from the states.... Avocados & artichokes weren't cheap there and we ate a lot....Even brought back some Holu Guacamole mix.... But with 4 of us here I doubt I'll be buying many (as fast as we'd eat them) Are these Haas avocados?
  7. There is no up to date list on their website. There requirements are the same as Vientiane. See: http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload/pdf/Visa/Non-B teacher.pdf
  8. Jolt....I have a usual turbo diesel with no jolt....Hmmm....
  9. happylarry

    Help needed

    Ive sent you a pm. HL
  10. There was no window near a open space to throw it, people say pigs are dirty.
  11. so you also woke up to the trick …. but keep it quiet, don't want to overdo it
  12. Oh dear, you really don't know? Don;t be taken in by the smiles. You are a guest here and not a particularly welcome one. Splashing western money around is a clear in invitation to get legged over by someone.
  13. Tried the free version of Avast. Cancelled within a month because pesky ads and other offers . They still took the monthly fee and told me I was signed up for a year. Luckily I had signed up using Paypal and they sorted it out for me.
  14. @missoura Well spotted! The original post has been edited.
  15. webfact

    Thailand Live Monday 18 Jun 2018

    UPDATE: Search continues for woman missing after flash flood sweeps truck into canal By The Nation The search continued on Monday for the woman passenger of a pickup truck swept by a flash flood into a canal on Saturday night. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1043565-woman-missing-after-pickup-swept-into-ranong-canal-as-weather-worsens/?do=findComment&comment=13088850
  16. By Marisa Chimprabha The Nation Cambodia’s Funcinpec party president Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who was seriously injured in a road accident in Cambodia yesterday, was transferred to a Bangkok hospital early this morning. The prince, who suffered two broken legs among other injuries, was airlifted from Don Muang International Airport, to Bangkok Hospital, as his injuries were serious, a source said. The accident, which occurred when a taxi swerved into the incoming lane and collided head on with Prince Ranariddh’s vehicle on national road 4 in Ou’ Oknha Heng commune on the way to Sinhankville, killed his wife, Ouk Phalla. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but died shortly afterwards. The same source said that the prince, who was a coprime minister with Prime Minister Hun Sen, arrived at Bangkok Airport at about 1am today and because of his serious condition was airlifted to the hospital rather than taken by ambulance. Khmer Times quoted Yim Savy, Funcinpec secretary general, as saying that the Prince Ranariddh would be sent abroad for medical treatment. The prince’s driver, a taxi driver and four passengers also sustained injuries, police said. The prince and his wife were going to attend an election campaign rally in Sihanoukville for the upcoming national election on July 29. Funcinpec Party spokesman, Nhep Bunchin said the body of the prince’s wife, Ouk Phalla, will be kept for a funeral at Botum pagoda in Phnom Penh. Phalla, the 39 yearold mother of two sons, stood for a lawmaker candidate in Prey Veng province for the upcoming national election. source http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30348014 -- © Copyright The Nation 18/06 photo fresh news

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    ...cut all ties...no pun intended...with this predator... ...predator because in this case you allowed him to take this role...over you... ...there is nothing civil or social about this... ...and it will get a lot worse...fast...as soon as you stop complying... ....don't try to reason or rationalize anything with this individual... ...if you insist on being a victim....masochist....go back home and get involved with someone that speaks the same language at least....and where you will have at least have some legal rights... ...and not end up flying off a balcony...!!! ...'sugar factory'.....wake up....!!!
  18. giddyup

    Australia - Departure Prohibition Order

    I wasn't suggesting that he had the funds to pay off the $45,000, but to pay it off in installments. He hasn't yet got himself out of one financial mess, and it appears he can't wait to take on another. I do feel sympathetic to his situation, but it appears his only way out is to clear his debts as soon as possible.
  19. Plenty of bias . The IG report didn't have evidence via testimony or documents. But the bias was there. All of those "Career Professionals that got fired,demoted or quit . starting with the "Insurance policy" , "We will stop it", and meetings,discussions in the txt about leaking to the media,never mind dinners and gifts being exchanged with the FBI. The "we" have a lot of explaining. Sad to see the top FBI(Career Professional) react with such derangement.
  20. Apartments are poor investments outside prime areas. Land appreciates, buildings depreciate.
  21. I read a lot too, but I still use Ccleaner with noooooooo ploblems every day....
  22. Search continues for woman missing after flash flood sweeps truck into canal By The Nation The search continued on Monday for the woman passenger of a pickup truck swept by a flash flood into a canal on Saturday night. Nokkaew Namsantiah, 39, went missing after the accident near the Wang Phak Bung Bridge in Tambon Naga in Ranong’s Suk Samran district during the heavy storm on Saturday night. Her husband Samart Namsantiah, 49, got out of the truck, which he was driving, after it plunged into the water, according to Sutas Kaewpradit, the village head of Moo 5 area. The truck was found floating in the water 600 metres away from the scene on Sunday morning but none was inside. The search on Monday comprised two parts: a water-search by boat and a foot-search along the sides of the canal, said Ranong governor Jatuphot Piyamputtra. Residents of the southern province of Phang Nga, have been warned by Sayan Kitmano, head of the provincial disaster prevention office, has warned residents to brace for possible flash flood or landslide due to ongoing heavy rain. Sayan said those living near the mountains were at particular risk. Sayan on Monday led a team to inspect damages caused by a rainstorm at Ban Bang Niang (Moo 3) in Tambon Khuekkhak of Phang Nga's Takua Pa district. The sheet-metal roof of the Sangsawan Kamai Co Ltd factory was blown away and its pillars broken, and the homes of workers damaged. “This powerful storm, sending a roof flying, was the worst in a decade,” said the factory owner. “It’s fortunate that no one got hurt.” A hotel opposite the factory was also damaged by fallen trees, prompting staff members to repair the damaged roof for fear of water damage to assets inside, Sayan was told. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30348015 -- © Copyright The Nation 2018-06-18
  23. Are you calling these sentences his "last paragraph? "So why should i invest in a country that does not allow a foreigner to have full ownership of any land/building and business? How does Thailand attract foreign investors? How did he answer his own question? "
  24. If one does not understand why competing with the locals is 'dangerous'- I would suggest keeping your money in your pocket. Thailand is rife with business conflicts amongst its own citizens. A foreigner who comes into Thailand with a small business operation and competes with established Thai business and is successful and the Thai businesses' lose market share or even worse go broke will cause not only resentment against the foreign owner but also scrutiny from unwanted elements. As a foreigner- don't ever get too big- unless you are big and got the money to back it up as well as the connections.
  25. KKr


    on TV you will mostly get opinions, not always qualifying as legal advice, for such important, one chance to get it right, contract. I would suggest to visit a Lawyer to do a prenup properly. We did, fixed values for my investments in Thailand, ( share the profits thereof, if any, with my wife. ) Neither of us is liable for other party's debts incurred prior to marriage. Both need the others' approval for new debts to be common property, and she cannot mortgage the house or the land.
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