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  2. Thieves and scammers even at immigration, it's a national disgrace!
  3. Word Association

    Trick Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. Can you just imagine what a nuclear incident response team might find in N. Korea? I'm surprised nothing's drifted across the border into China as yet.
  5. You will need an annual salary of £18600 or £62K in savings. There are other ways of fulfilling the financial requirement. Your wife will need an A1 English language test and a TB test. You will need to pay for the Settlement visa and £600 NHS surcharge. It will allow your wife to stay for 33 months. The next visa called Further Leave to Remain (FLR) lasts for 30 months and your wife will need the A2 language test. She will apply for it from within the UK. After 5 years she will be able to apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and she will need a B1 language test and to take the Life in the UK test. They are the bare bones of it and it currently costs around £7000 from beginning to end but that goes up each year.
  6. House building

    I'm building a house, garage, shop, and pool in Udon Thani and am looking to rent or buy used concrete forms if anyone doesn't need or want them any longer. My immediate need is for the 7m X 11m garage. I need enough for a single pour on the floor. Also is there a place to rent construction equipment in Udon. I need a plate compactor in about 10 days and later a large cement mixer. All help and suggestions are welcome. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Animal Cruelty law and soi dogs

    Very dangerous <deleted> these soi dogs. It is legal to kill them when a situation is threatening. My baby plays out on the streets too and too many times there has been a near accident that could seriously harm her. These are not cute smal pekinese dogs, nope they are some cross breed and look seriously big and strong. i have no issues myself with killing them, althoug i am a dog lover..Just love my baby a lot more....and if no one want to take resposibility in this country , what can a man do. The so called dog loving Thai..yeah right.
  8. Yes, so they think Thais will buy their cars regardless of how they treat their customers. Actually, excluding taxis, the honda civic outsells the Toyota altis.
  9. New roof advice

    I was just thinking the very same thing, maybe she decided it was too much hassle and simply sold the house instead!
  10. Glasgow Celtic

    As expected well beaten in Paris and our defensive limitations ruthlessly exposed by the awesome fire power of the PSG forwards. Despite our 1st minute goal and some decent play we were never going to survive unscathed . It was depressing to see goals given away so easily in several cases. There was nothing we could do to stem the superb quality of other goals. Thankfully Bayern got a late winner in Brussels so we are still well in control of 3rd place. Now on to Sunday and the first trophy of the season up for grabs.
  11. Dont matter if you are death row here If you got money and look great as Thai doctor did you will get Bail Unheard of in any country in the world some one on death row gets bail
  12. a) "You do not have to worry about the yearly renewal process of your visa." You do, since you have to either re-enter Thailand yearly or go to Immigration to get a new stamp. "You do not have to worry about having XXX.XXX THB in a Thai bank, months before the yearly renewal. " BS, keeping 400000 in a fixed deposit account is the easiest thing on earth, I get 1.75% a year and use it a guarantee for my Thai credit card. c) "your Thai wife suddenly wants a divorce, dies or whatever, you can still stay in Thailand without worries. " Why would I want to stay in Thailand if I didn't have a family here. There are many much better places where I could stay. d) "but with the TE visa, at least you do not have to worry about visa issues at all" This is a delusion, I can tell you that immigration doesn't like TE and is thinking of doing away with it. And we are in Thailand, the country of 20 constitutions and military coups, anything can happen. I have have done my homework on TE, I could cough up the 1000000, but NO.
  13. Yes, why do you have to incentivize something that's already "booming"?
  14. Boring; I don't know who's sadder, these two, or me for reading this BS.
  15. Yep no rich people in jail here They pay they bail money and disappear overseas
  16. I have an even more basic question. If the intent is to let a foreigner use tourist visas to reside in the country indefinitely, then why do they require them to not just visit some local immigration office, but instead actually LEAVE the country, AT LEAST 4 times a year, visit the Thai consulate THERE, obtain a new visa (with limits on the number of times this can be done at any one place), and then finally return and gain permission to enter from an Immigration Officer? 'Makes absolutely no sense. The intent is to try to deter people who are broke, or who are working illegally, from staying in the country. They believe by forcing people to travel to different destinations, and to spend a certain amount of time during the week out of the country, they achieve that objective. To some extent, I think it does. The restrictions on visa exempts, in particular, prevent people from doing a Sunday border hop once a month to stay without disrupting their work schedules. What confuses the issue is that some immigration officials believe that even foreigners who are quite able to support themselves without working in Thailand should be prevented from staying long periods on tourist visas. On rare occasions, these independent minded officials will apply their own "laws" which differ from those on the books, or intended by the top levels of government.
  17. White person claims to be 'transracial,' identifies as Filipino

    And the last one was even RE-elected!
  18. If they do not own it, many bouncers may also be Police ,........anyone think of that ........huh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. tm30

    If you LIVE or LONG STAY in ==>>any<<== country ( foreign or not ) it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you follow the regulations / statues / laws / etc. necessary to stay in said country. As to the TM-30, read the English translation, and you will see that you are ALSO responsible to do the paperwork, if not filed by your 'landlord', as you are "in possession" of the property. Do the paperwork, pay the "usual / normal" 1900THB fine if necessary. Why take a chance of having a "black mark" on YOUR Immigration Record.
  20. That generalisation is unkind ,m yes many poorer people do come here but not necessarily trash, I actually know more wealthy people who are trash than their poorer colleagues. is this man stupid....nah , just silly , leaving would be the best option , the young lady has lost face, Thai retribution can be fatal.
  21. Or “if you’ve got the money, you can commit a crime and not have to worry”
  22. ..we already have your balls.
  23. Flood in Bkk, Cha Am, Hua Hin????

    The floods have more or less gone in Hua Hin now and it is unlikely to be flooded in December
  24. ..three and four-pence halfpenny.
  25. "First world countries make excessive speeding a big deal..." It's not that it's a "big deal". You don't get the chair for it. In the U.S. you pay a fine (generally hefty by Thai standards), attend traffic school (which costs MORE money), and that's the end of it unless you're an habitual offender. It's just that the Rule of Law, and equal treatment under the law, generally MEANS SOMETHING in the west. A certain US president and certain municipalities who decide they're not going to enforce immigration law kind of puts a big dent in this justice-for-all ethic. But with that exception, it's just a matter of law enforcement actually doing its job, whether it be a major crime or a simple infraction. (And police officers who take bribes, steal evidence, etc., AREN'T just simply temporarily assigned to "inactive posts" only to return after things "cool down".)
  26. ME ME ME ME - this story makes ME sick to my stomach.
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