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  2. Let's hope it will not be a time bomb, for when wild annimals are cornered they are inpredictable and so more dangerous.
  3. That's not my experience, twice. You just need to turn up with the receipt you're given when applying for the passport, and a copy of the email ("letter").
  4. Its a crime that he has to pay for. seeing all the advice, i realize many people don't follow the law in Thailand
  5. The cost of "freedom" has always been in blood. Millions have died while protecting their countries from the tyrant. Personally, if I have to go defend my liberty I want to be carrying a weapon that allows me to kill lots more of them than me. A muzzle loader just doesn't do it for me. Worth noting that in the US handguns are far and away the most used in unlawful killings, so banning assault style weapons would make very little difference. Even then I think suicides make up the majority of deaths and are wrongly included in the statistics.
  6. Advice on visiting Pattaya requested

    http://www.belltravelservice.com have a to-the-door transfer service to and fro the airport for 250 baht per person. Prima Wongamat(Prima Villa Hotel) might be ok for you, dependent on your requirements.
  7. The latest CPR guidance say to concentrate on pumping the heart to move blood around since it is oxygenated, and mouth to mouth is less important than getting the blood to circulate. I would imagine that ideally it would be a 2 person job and they would alternate as it's a demanding task to keep doing all the way to the hospital. Also I've read that if you feel like you're going into a heart attack then to cough violently and forcefully at a similar rate to CPR (maybe 100 times a minute?) to stimulate the diaphragm until you can get assistance. In the situation of a fire though, that might not be appropriate.
  8. Images Of Isaan

    IMG_8950 by Wayne 66, on Flickr IMG_8957 by Wayne 66, on Flickr IMG_8964 by Wayne 66, on Flickr Getting the rice cut IMG_9022 by Wayne 66, on Flickr IMG_9024 by Wayne 66, on Flickr IMG_9044 by Wayne 66, on Flickr Sowing the seeds P1010661 by Wayne 66, on Flickr A spot of fishing
  9. Repairing a small 160 amp welder in C Rai

    If you bought it here I'd go back to that place. If not, look for someone who sells that brand.
  10. As my wife's obstetrician has been led away by Police investigating illegal abortions, can anyone tell me if there is another female obstetrician in the area? I don't want to have to travel up to Bangkok..
  11. I got a bike to sell, what auctions would you take it to, costs?
  12. Without minimizing the death and suffering of the victims (and survivors) in the school at all, can you imagine if the president called you out by name as a coward? Yeah, he might be but that's not the point.
  13. I'm rather tempted to send a bottle of oil by post to the people of North Korea. Simply to piss the US government off.
  14. I've just worked out that if you continue as you are the 100k posting barrier will be broken injust 14 months. Has anyone every got to 100k before? Someone has to be first.
  15. Word Association

    Be Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  16. Not sure about the exact procedure for doing it. The police could deliver his passport to immigration and keep it after the extension is granted. There is nothing that prevents him from applying for an extension. There is even an extension of stay that can be obtained for being involved in litigation at a court. It can be issued for up to 90 days at a time.
  17. As I mentioned in my post, I was visiting another American in Nong Plalai who told me that he was chatting with him and helping him out with food as he was a fellow American. It is impossible to see anyone there with your own eyes unless you are visiting them, or that person happens to be on a visit of their own at the exact same 15 minute session. Having said that, the person I am visiting has absolutely no reason to lie to me. Quite the opposite actually. I shall be visiting Nong Plalai again this coming week, probably on Monday and I will provide this forum up to date information on if he is still in there then when I get home. On a secondary note, I would generally advise against getting into arguments with other posters, or make demeaning comments about their post history. Everyone is keen to know the truth, and being hostile doesn't help anyone. It is a forum and people are entitled to their views. I will update the forum and message you personally with what I find out as soon as I have the up to date and accurate information.
  18. Not just yet thankyou Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  19. Internet

    Apologies Frodo77 I did indeed click the wrong emoticon. Sorry any fiber is far better than IDSL. And thank you scea
  20. God squad ! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  21. People are free to contact Royal Garden to share their opinions, pro or con, about the Nazi/Hitler merch for sale in front of their business. I reckon they might be interested to hear from the public about this. Their public isn't only Thais. It's also international tourists and expats.
  22. When I picked my PP up. You had to show a copy of your appointment , downloaded . Book an appointment for any reason given
  23. Why do plugs flash and crackle in Thailand?

    So you rent one room places - now I see. However, if you count up all the rooms in Thailand you'll find that the majority don't have breaker boxes.
  24. It is all based on current reports and long standing law enforcement procedure established in 1999 - none of what I said is Monday morning stuff. I pointed to the person that said it and any ref to the size of the officer is only a question about this one officer which is the topic. What does anything said by Trump have to do with anything I said? I never mentioned his remarks or arming teachers that I can ever recall. Read it again and note it does not matter if it is one person or terrorism as on site officer during "active shooter" you go in and kill on site to stop or slow the shooter - that is his job. Not doing so is what his boss said "made him sick to see on video". I don't give one damn about what Trump thinks or says.
  25. The big problem I have with this is that when a criminal background check is conducted, in the majority of cases, the information comes from data banks showing those that have already been convicted and paid for their crimes. Hence the reason they are registered. In an extremely few cases only, will the check show people with active warrants against them or that are currently suspect for crimes committed. After all, what responsible government would allow these people to travel abroad? (IMO if any of this group want to bring themselves into the public eye, even by getting married, then they deserve to be caught). What the check doesn't show is criminals that are currently active and haven't been caught. You know the ones, this is the group that could cause problems to not only the good name of Thailand but to the safety of the citizens as well. Sooooooooo, what is the point in the overall reality of the things? Seen to be done? Persecuting people who have already paid for their crimes? I would never personally condone criminal actions, but through the years I have met (and known) a LOT of people who have made mistakes in the past, got caught and served their time and moved on with their lives never looking back. Just an observation, and for clarity, I am not one of the ones mentioned in the above paragraph, I was never caught for my mistakes.........
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