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  2. Prem bestows scholarships to needy students

    Thanks for your response, JAG. She has worked in a private school for over a year and, as you say, took a pay cut to work in this local authority one. She went for an interview locally where the principal (without principles) was more interested in me - a retired ex-Head of English in UK. She was prepared to give her the job if I would work voluntarily part-time. I agreed then a week later found another candidate had been preferred after an under-desk payment had been made.
  3. How does Kushner stay under the radar so much? It's like if Trump had a giant festering puss-swollen injury on his butt, but he acts like there's nothing there.
  4. Great analogy! Hatred and bad manners!
  5. Given the drama we went through with Hilary you would have thought those in the White House would have had the common sense to totally avoid private email usage. Well they would if that had any brains.
  6. ^ yep take about 4 days. Take it easy say 6 hrs per day. Post Office won't do door to door. One has to go to the main branch to collect.
  7. Support for ex-girlfriend?

    I understand where your coming from.If you can afford it I would say go for it.
  8. Who knows? Pheua Thai might join with the Democrats after the election to deny Prayut the premiership.
  9. Yes, the shipped convicts got a better deal than the landed gentry who shipped them!
  10. Cinerama - Don't Touch That Dial [2003]
  11. Presuming he wants to go down there anyway, it would make a nice trip. Unless travel is time restricted, use the quiet roads and enjoy.
  12. My vote goes to the Post Office. There is a good trucking network but finding them is not easy.
  13. Airport officials now have nice new phones.
  14. The Fall - Groovin' With Mr Bloe/Green-Eyed Loco Man [2003 ver]
  15. Benefit of getting Thai credit card?

    - quite often there are special discounts for credit card holders (discounts that -kind of strange - you wouldn't get if you were paying cash). - Thai credit cards usually have a reward points scheme that you can use to get an additional discount - also if you had to make a deposit to get the credit card just know it will earn you some interest (not much) - and last but not least, better use a Thai card in Thailand, you don't want your foreign card to get skimmed/hacked or something here. If you just use the card as a payment option and opt for automatic payment every month then a Thai Credit card may save you much money.
  16. Norman Long - My Little Austin Seven / Monday Morning [1928]
  17. Pheua Thai will never desert the Shinawats so long as the public continues to support Thaksin. The MPs have the lesson of Nevin in the past when he broke away and his party failed. Why leave a popular figure? They would be foolish to risk their seats. As I have said in the past this problem will not be resolved untilThaksin has ceased to be.
  18. I moved house a few weeks ago, both the old and new address are in samut prakan though. According to this only the home owners have to report it? http://www.samutprakanimmigration.go.th/ Q. Does my Thai wife have to report my address to Immigration? A. Homeowners must inform Immigration within 24 hours if they have a foreigner staying at their house. This can be done using form TM30. This only needs to be done the first time. Homeowners face a fine of not exceeding 2,000 Baht while hotel managers could be fined 4,000 to 8,000 Baht. so I dont need to do anything then?
  19. I can see someone doing a stretch at an re-education camp !
  20. When these guys get the horn, they really get the horn!!
  21. Support for ex-girlfriend?

    And dumped on the trash heap after giving the best years of her life if you take a different perspective! And does she have any skill or education to fall back on or did she forego that too? It is not that I suggest continuing a failed relationship, that is a miserable situation for both parties. Whether a monthly payment to help her get onto her own two feet, or a lump sum to get her to move on I don't know which is better. She already sounds better than the one I have!
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