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  2. Sorry Madame Ticha you are wasting your time... We should have realized by now that the watch-dinosaur is protected by the head-dinosaur......
  3. Why is this in the Bangkok News forum? It happened in Pattaya. Thappraya road, Soi 5
  4. A WP.3 approval letter can only be issued if the OP is outside of Thailand.
  5. Still not enough full information, in order to be able to pass sensible comment.
  6. ...Then why weren't the boys sent to an inactive classroom?
  7. My first Vigo problem.

    Thought you were a fan of B-Quik ? No luck using them ?
  8. If you have a rainy day, have a look at Suharto's Indonesia and the links between the bureaucracy and the GolKar party. Cheers
  9. I always love to see how Bronze Age, Old Testament notions of justice ('eye for an eye' etc.) seem to be so popular in these forums. Civilisation doesn't run too deep, it seems, even in the 21st Century...
  10. Travelkoin Set To Revolutionize The Global Travel Industry With Innovative Payment & Loyalty Platform Bjorn Harvold, CTO of TravelKoin.com Bangkok, Thailand, 20 March 2018 – Travel industry veterans, Bjorn Harvold and Martin Struschka, the technical minds behind innovative companies such as Traveliko and ICS Travel Group, have created revolutionary new technology that leverages the low-cost efficiency of Blockchain for the travel industry. Fittingly named Travelkoin, the platform utilizes a stable, transferrable cryptocurrency to address the two major pain points that make travel one of the most fragmented industries in the global marketplace – payments and loyalty. Offering applications that run on the Google Cloud Platform, built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, Travelkoin’s first key application is a payment gateway. This makes use of Blockchain technology to allow travel suppliers to deal directly with counter-parties, making payments cheaper and faster, and allowing individuals to build smart contracts for intelligent payment systems between suppliers. “Travel businesses transact around 7.8 trillion dollars per year globally but the largest travel suppliers in the world only use a handful of payment providers. The result is that airlines, hotels and other suppliers pay up to 780 billion dollars a year in fees just to manage their payment processes,” explains Bjorn Harvold. “If you talk to any travel supplier about this problem they will give you multiple reasons why the current system needs a fix. Third party players are expensive, entrenched and no longer necessary for the industry,” he adds. Payment gateways have been available on the Internet since the mid-1990s and function as a trusted clearinghouse for parties wishing to transact in fiat currencies (a.k.a legal tender). These gateways make sure the payment method is valid and that enough funds are available for a particular transaction. They then facilitate the movement of funds between a buyer and seller for a fee. The Travelkoin payment gateway takes the complexity and expense out of the travel industry’s innumerable daily transactions. Instead of relying on third party gateways, the platform allows for complex payments to be made with ease at no cost and safely. “Travelkoin payments are made using a public, de-centralized Blockchain. That means every travel supplier contributing to a specific transaction can remit and get paid within minutes, without third party fees, and with no additional action required,” says Martin Struschka. “Blockchains are also fully transparent, digital, distributed accounting ledgers, so they save significant time and money in the accounting department.” To manage risk and liquidity concerns, smart contracts are used to consolidate “who-gets-paid-when-and-how”. These digital envelopes push information to the Blockchain for verification and ensure the accurate distribution of funds – whether immediate, time-based, or location-based. Fuelling the system are Standard Travel Units (STUs), which maintain stability by providing a digitized form of tender that makes use of the near-real-time speeds of transfer that Blockchain technology facilitates directly between its members. “STUs are 100% collateralized on Travelkoin, so any amount of STU is always backed up by enough liquidity. If USD100 worth of STU is bought and used to settle an invoice in Europe, the equivalent of USD100 in Euro is credited to the receiving party,” explains Martin. The second key Travelcoin application is a built-in loyalty platform that integrates elements of gamification to offer practical, meaningful incentives to travelers and suppliers who add value to the online eco-system. Members earn additional value on the Blockchain through loyalty platforms and Travelkoin takes this concept to a whole new level by issuing Travelkoin tokens (TKTs) whenever a travel-related action occurs that adds value to the eco-system. This may be a commercial action such as making a booking, or participatory behavior such as writing a review. “Instead of joining every airline or hotel loyalty program, from which you gain just a few un-spendable points, Travelkoin offers real incentives to make use of the platform and makes it fun and valuable for each party involved, including the suppliers, ” says Bjorn. Travelkoin Tokens never expire and can be purchased using, or converted back into, fiat currencies. As all the services on Travelkoin can be exchanged for these loyalty tokens, the only way travel suppliers can access the platform’s services for free is to incentivize their customers to pay them, fully or partially, in TKTs. This leads to better relationships between suppliers, counter-parties and their customers. “Blockchain is often discussed in the context of financial services, but it is definitely not exclusive to the investment sector. For the travel industry, the real innovation of the Travelkoin Platform is that it combines the ability to transact using a stable settlement currency with the added value of an effective loyalty rewards program. This creates a unique and compelling reason to participate.” The Travelkoin Platform also comes with white labeling functions and works with user-friendly websites and mobile apps that allow travel suppliers to create accounts, manage their customers using smart contracts, create incentive schemes, and make payments. As the platform matures, new services will be offered to airlines, hoteliers and travel suppliers – all powered by Travelkoin Tokens. To find out more email [email protected] or visit https://travelkoin.io
  11. I am not sure what I believe in this case, but the fact remains they were convicted for illegal logging not picking of mushrooms like you said. What i quoted was exactly what happened.. they ran away leaving their belongings near an illegal logging site, were convicted for illegal logging. Werther that is true or not.. no idea. (they certainly were not the brains or financiers of the operation) But its not as people think that these people were arrested with some mushrooms in their possession and tried for that. I am just telling what really happend. I make no judgement about their guilt.
  12. EDITORIAL: Here in the land of the stupid

    'out of their stupidity' translates as 'and into the Dear Leaders correct thinking' arrogance of the elite knows no bounds
  13. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Do have to smile at those Superbikes At the lights the great fat reat tires have the same road contact width as the Moped next to it.Plus they look such idiots with their <deleted> sticking out as if going to a Gay Pride Fest. Heres to HD.🤠[emoji481] Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. So with the polluted sea and the night life happenings everything is just fine and dandy.
  15. Had my online report accepted yesterday. And an email sent to confirm. Didn't get an email 1st time I did it. That's another day and CW avoided.
  16. Will need to get the "work permit application letter" from the Labor office first, in any case. Then take that to the local Immigration office and try. They may, but probably will not do it, in which case you can use the same letter from Labor to get your single-entry Non-B at a nearby consulate. Then back to the Labor office with a Non-B in your passport for the Work-Permit.
  17. If you have the name change documents and a copies of the house book registry showing their current names it should not be a problem. You will not need the old house book copies. Only Penang want financial proof for a non-o. Vientiane and Savannakhet will do one with no financial proof.
  18. I bit torrented in Saudi. Got every thing I needed
  19. Time to invest?

    Now is the time to say... "dodged a bullet not touching crypto"
  20. Once Bitten What big box shop was that in? I agree with KhunBenq and Dmaxdan It does get cool up here in CR although not cold enough for the parks worn in the village. It would be nice to have to take the chill off the room during those times of the year.
  21. Mouth in gear again before the brain. They just don't get it do they ? No one is prepared to state the reality that there are 5 million dogs in Thailand that should not be. Will someone in authority give the order to dispose of Soi dogs ,,,,, I think never
  22. Lowered the speed limit, problem solved. I'm sure everyone will now drive 60 in comparison to the 80 they strictly abided to before.
  23. Car accident, looking for some advice.

    I would ask your insurance company about this, if you admit 50% guilt, then by definition you have admitted 50% liability, which in turn would mean that your insurance company has 50% liability. The accident would come under traffic laws, not criminal laws.
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