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  2. The reason to have a lawyer draft this is so that the wording conveys exactly what you and your wife agree to, the language is tight and most importantly, that there are no ambiguities which could allow it to be challenged at a later date.
  3. You can get a daily border pass (allows you to travel only in the immediate vicinity of the border in Myanmar). The 950 baht fee for travel across no mans land, and Myanmar stamps includes the cost of the border pass (which I believe is officially US$10).
  4. I heard that cattle stockyards in the US midwest attracted billions of flies this summer. Not sure of the economic impact of gaining a bit more "hamburger".
  5. True Online Upload Speed Problems

    Thanks for the replies guys. Had a tech scheduled for Tuesday but he didn't bother to show up. Claims he called twice but I never received any missed calls. Looks like I will be switching over to 3BB.
  6. I have seen spoiled kids in Thaland, the USA and in my county of Canada. There are adults in the world who should not be parents as they have never grown up themselves. Some parents watched Dr. Seuss and believe that they should not discipline their little angels at all. It is a sad world we live in. Seems like it really is going to hell. Geezer
  7. A few specifics would help in answering your question. These include: your nationality; what kind of visa are you applying for; and do you have residence in the UK. Depending on the answers to those questions, there may be a need for further clarification, but we should be in a position to give an initial opinion.
  8. Phuket tour bus driver charged for underpass pile-up

    Well, I know a lot more about living, working and riding/driving here than you do that is for sure... I won't buy as it is not worth the risk, as you can't buy in with security. I say again, comment when you have some real experience of living in Thailand. Done.
  9. I wonder if the same "bad deal" had been made with N Korea, would they be lobbing missiles at Japan and Guam today?
  10. It is a shame that all of the people in power in this country does not do more to go after the rebels, or what ever they call themselves. These people are traitors to Thailand and should have no support at all. Shame on any of the Muslim Thais and non Muslims, who do support these low lifes. Geezer
  11. Visa expires on weekend

    As a point of information, on Monday before visiting immigration, he will technically be on overstay. I agree that would only be an issue in practice if he happened to be in conflict with an influential Thai able to have him arrested before his arrival at immigration. As someone else indicated, leaving the extension until the final moment is not a good idea if there is any alternative. Granting of the extension, although usually automatic, is technically up to the discretion of immigration. If for some reason (perhaps him saying something the officials found objectionable) his extension application was denied, he would have no time to make other arrangements. Since he would be already on overstay, really vindictive officials could even have him arrested, deported, and blacklisted from Thailand for 5 years. Obviously, all this is highly unlikely, but why take unnecessary risks?
  12. These rapists need to be locked up in an open public cage where they can be ridiculed and have tomatoes and fruit tossed at thm. I would aso suggest small rocks and such. Won. t happen in this country though. Geezer
  13. Not sure if China has created this situation, but they are milking it for all they're worth. They get to portray the reasonable peacekeepers next to the wild, war-monger Americans. They're playing chess while Trump plays tiddly-winks.
  14. Trump will not launch an attack on North Korea. Few people give any weight to his words these days. The media is obliged to report what he says as he holds the office of president (for now). The speech is to comfort his own ego, to annoy intellectual types at the U.N. who he fears for the intelligence and restraint he does not have and, of course, for his base, both voters and in the right-wing blogosphere who will love this despite North Korea being as irrelevant to them as fried noodles. As he is increasingly reduced to a smaller space, prior to his removal from office, his words will become even less relevant to any actual substantive world events or decisions and thus more removed from reality. He is already an irrelevance, the lamest of lame ducks, less than a year into office, ignored, dismissed and patronised by other world leaders, the institutions of American government and even the Senate and the House which his own party holds majorities in.
  15. Warning! Extortion EMail being circulated.

    Has the OP pasted some of the email text into Google or facebook to see if anyone else has received similar from this person? If the OP is sure he has not done anything wrong, then ignore the emails and delete them, end of problem.
  16. Squealing sound from car brakes

    You might find the answer to your problem on this video.
  17. Tapatalk Issues

    I can't login via the Android application, only using a web browser
  18. The Burmese leader is between a rock and a hard place, like the ruling military of Burma who were the power for a lot of years, and even now. I doubt that she wants anymore house arrest or the like. Geezer
  19. Everyone has their personal crosses to bear...
  20. If I remember right these people have in the past also attacked the Burmese military and other Burmese people. If that is the case, then they deserve to be driven from Burma. I also agree that the other Muslim countries can give money to where these refugees have fled to. I have not heard that money has come from Saudi Arabia or any other rich ME country. The USA is not so rich that they can really afford to feed, clothe and get housing in for these new refugees. They have problems of their own, like the huge rebuilding needed after Hurricane Harvey , Irma, maybe Juan and the newest one heading their way. Geezer
  21. Here's a more useful look at what the lady looks like, before, and then in later times: https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/former-miss-teen-thailand-arrested-crystal-meth-allegedly-admits-using-selling/
  22. I think Kelly and a few others in the administration don't want to be there, they just think it is their duty to try and limit the damage that a clueless incompetent like Trump can cause.
  23. You are fitting right into the stereotype
  24. I'm with the "Thai Society" on that - I also dislike them. As far as I'm concerned they are a necessary evil, and if they are not held in check they can be very evil indeed, as witnessed by the OP during his shakedown. They are public servants. They have a job to do. If they didn't help when needed they would be neglecting their job. They don't need people to like them because they are paid very well for their service... and there's no shortage of recruits wanting to get in on the spoils.
  25. I'll be on a thread with some intelligent comments. So long... And the guy in the picture didn't have a 24 year old girlfriend or a wide screen TV, iPad pro etc, but he was pretty smart so I understand.
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