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  2. Has the previous PM relocated to a safe haven lol. What a mess
  3. What are you eating? (food porn)

    It is sort of on topic but I am trying to buy a sausage stuffer here in Thailand. Unfortunately I live in rural Khampaeng Phet and there is nothing around here, not even at the new Robinsons that opened a couple of months ago. I am looking for a hand cranked horizontal or vertical model, perhaps 1.5 or 2kg capacity with a nozzle of 28 mm diameter and perhaps 180mm long. I can use my grinder but the nozzle is cone shaped and if I push the skin on too hard it splits. I can only get a couple of sausages filled before it runs out and I have to reload the skins. The grinder/stuffer I use is a George Foreman model and it is difficult to load the mince and ram it down as the top tray keeps rising to let air into the stuffer. I am looking for something like these below. If anybody has any idea can they please post it or pm me? Thanks in hope.
  4. Air Quality Red Lining Last 24 Hours

    I am in Cm now and would not have even suspected there was a problem.
  5. Thai driver's license?

    I think it is plain to see that it doesn't matter if you own or hire a ride in LOS you have 90 days on your home license with IDP...If folk want to take a risk of the BiB burying you then that is up to them..
  6. Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

    Very little to be proud of there. The ranking is still lower than it was three years ago and to rank alongside Zambia and Colombia, is a pretty sad state of affairs. Given it was the top priority for the Junta to stamp out corruption, when they seized power, you have to give them a big fat fail.
  7. That happened to me when I was about 8 years old at my school in the UK!!! But my leg got stuck down a concrete drain as the small square cover was missing. Took a while to get me out and my leg was all cut up. And, the person saying kids need to look where they are going... yes, but in my situation the drain hole was very small and right in the middle of the pavement where we were all rushing out to the playground. Accidents happen.
  8. they mean they stesl her money to buy yaba
  9. Thai driver's license?

    WHAT? I want my 500 THB refunded then.
  10. It is NOT healthy. It is loaded with HCA what causes cancer !!! But Thai love getting cancer...
  11. That is dangerous, as surely he had his phone in his other hand!
  12. Says the remainers ,just whining away as usual .
  13. Ho hum. I think 50 points in 2018 would be a better goal.
  14. Disaster. How old do you have to be to own property in aus? I’ll just buy in my kids names or never sell I guess thanks for the the heads up though.
  15. More time....... I thought he had too much time on his hands already!
  16. Looking for small motorbike in Chiang Mai

    I'll head there if the Honda dealer near the Airport Plaza doesn't have them. How did they get the 2nd hand onex in the first place? They were new once.
  17. Thai driver's license?

    Checked with my insurance company. All good. But yes, Each person should consider what you say. Important advice.
  18. I never understand why the parents and family keep supporting their drug addicted and violent sons. I would expect them to try to help them a few times, and then chuck them out on the street and have nothing to do with them... especially when they are physically attacking their parents! Maybe its cultural that they would loose face if people knew they kicked their children out?
  19. Another daily soap opera for the TV readers! Just stick him on a plane to Dubai; job done!
  20. Newly bought bike. Temp plates but maybe not Phuket plates. Not sure
  21. Thai driver's license?

    I've seen that already. The part relating to 90 days is referring to renting or hiring a bike or car. Is that what you mean? Please direct me to the correct part in relation to 90 day limit. Cheers
  22. What you are failing to look at is the validity of any insurance, an IDP cannot be used indefinitely and in the event of an accident then this period of use could well be carefully looked in to, it would be very difficult for anybody to claim that they have only been using an IDP for xxx amount of months if they had held the insurance for a longer period, it is a risk I certainly would not ever think of taking, especially considering how relatively easy it is to get a Thai license and be sure of the legality.
  23. I thought those who use guns for attacking innocent people are sickest, I guess I was wrong !! There is one Who is the master sick.
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