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  2. simoh1490

    Elephant found died in Chachoengsao

    Fell asleep while walking.
  3. mrfill

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    And who decides these politicians are corrupt? Even more corrupt politicians. An ideal way of removing opposition - permanently. All been done before in the 1930s.
  4. What gives her the right to tell other people what to do.!!!
  5. canuckamuck

    Elephant found died in Chachoengsao

    Brake failure
  6. needs a good soundtrack,may I suggest ''why cant we be freinds''.
  7. yellowboat

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Thailand's legal system is not mature, though there are some mature law professionals in Thailand. Would like to here what Khun June or others like her have to say. Not interested in the eye for an eye nonsense. Would like hear from people with vision not those from Thailand's dark past. The lady with the dirty hands is Thailand's hope for a fair society.
  8. Oxx

    The best place to visit Thailand?

    They didn't build "that bridge". What you now see is a reconstruction. To see what they really did, with original track, you need to go to the Hellfire Pass Museum which is a truly sobering experience.
  9. canuckamuck

    Canada sets October start for legal marijuana sales

    There will be some adjustments to be made socially. But in a world where alcohol is legal, it makes no sense to criminalize grass.
  10. bluesofa

    Fleeing Thaksin hit with second arrest warrant

    I didn't realise he'd won the cricket?
  11. I think the main difference is Trump is the President it is he who ordered the separations. Absolutely nothing to do with Obama. And to remind you, the Republicans control both houses, it is the Republicans that have stood by and allowed Trump to commit these abuses.
  12. altcar bob

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    One way out of high cost of cancer treatment..India,past masters of the art. Chemo ,probably Chennai about 10,000 a session,too early in the day to go looking for the link...but preventative costs so low-its a gift. Missed my scans there this year,monsoon at the present, but lll be over there in Oct. 400 baht colonoscopy,in one hospital medifee,then whatever you want,Chennai or Calcutta are closest
  13. cyberfarang

    Doing a runner

    You`re living a pipe dream and aiming for something you are unlikely to achieve. I very doubt doubt this woman would leave her child in Thailand to come and live with you in Australia. You would have to visit Thailand and officially marry this woman and adopt her child. Then you would have to apply for an Australian visa for her and the child. To accomplish a visa you would have to prove you have suitable accommodation in Australia and working in a secure full time job earning whatever earning amounts the Australian foreign office requires you to have, probably also require to have a certain amount of savings. As for her getting a divorce, this will need the services of a lawyer in Thailand. If judging by averages I guess this Thai woman does not have enough funds to pay for lawyers fees, which means you would have to fund her divorce. either by going to Thailand yourself and supervising the divorce or sending her money from Australia based on trust. So if you think it`s just a matter of her getting a quite automatic divorce and then all she needs to do is fly over to Australia and join you there, I`d think again if I were you. It`s really not that simple.
  14. From your recommended link "Anti-Semitic crime rose by 2.5 percent in comparison with 2016. The vast majority (95 percent) of these crimes were reportedly carried out by the far-right. But how this particular statistic is recorded has been heavily criticized due to the fact that any swastikas sprayed on a wall is automatically attributed to the far-right." does that sound reliable and fair? Have hoaxes and false flags ever/often been carried out? and then we have this little gem from your article "A survey conducted by the state police in Lower Saxony last year, in which members of the public were asked inf they had been a victim of crime during the year, indicated that 93 percent of sexual offences are not reported" 93% of sex crimes were not reported on. 93%. 93% !!!!!!!! Enough said. The notion that crime is dropping in Germany is clearly complete bunkum. Trump, once again has been proven absolutely correct(just like he was with No Go zones in Sweden and Germany - denials, mockery, and then yes finally when it was impossible to lie and cover up any longer - acceptance. How predictable) How about Reuters, can they do a better job at clarifying why people think crime is going up after the open borders and mass migrant arrival? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-migrants-germany-crime/violent-crime-rises-in-germany-and-is-attributed-to-refugees-idUSKBN1ES16J No wonder Europeans are wary of more migration.
  15. As illegal crossings are once more on the rise and Trump hears a cascade of criticism from conservative allies, Nielsen finds herself on the receiving end of the president’s visceral anger about immigration. He sees the issue as the reason he won the presidency and a key to his politicking ahead of the midterm elections. The president has chastised Nielsen on several occasions this spring, including in a much publicized meeting this month when he attacked her in front of the entire Cabinet. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/were-closed-trump-directs-his-anger-over-immigration-at-homeland-security-secretary/2018/05/24/4bd686ec-5abc-11e8-8b92-45fdd7aaef3c_story.html?utm_term=.948c867abc55
  16. If there is an over supply then sell them cheap so everyone can enjoy them. The Thai pineapples are the best I have ever eaten. Would be great if they could be exported to Australia to compete with our rubbish we get here. If there are still too many, take them to the forest and feed them to the wild elephants.
  17. jossthaifarang

    Why Thailand needs the death penalty

    Maybe off topic, but can you imagine them getting a hold old mate from Redbull, and giving him the injection? It will never happen, because there will always be a money system in Thailand, if you have it you get out!
  18. A lot of people believe in the death penalty. Me included. I do not see why a person who has committed a henious crime should be sent to jail at taxpayers expense to live out the rest of his life while the people that have endured his criminal activity try to live a normal life.!!!
  19. id say its doing a good service to Thailand, hardly graphic.
  20. Tongjaw

    Brit, 31, found dead in Bangkok hotel room

    Wow, Einstein, you know my life so well, have you been stalking me again sweet cheeks . You really are such a ray of sunshine first thing in the morning, I bet your a real lady’s man down at the local bingo hall. Why don’t you enlighten all of us low life losers here in Thailand as to where your nirvana is? Come on now don’t be shy, type your reply quickly before you dribble your snap crackle and pop onto your keyboard.
  21. "It comes with a choice of 3 savory sauces." Let's hope one gets to put....or not put...the sauce on oneself. Not like so many burger joints that just lash it on without even asking if you want some first.
  22. Call me cynical(quelle horreur).... I am in a similar situation and I see the relative lack of ability to have a conversation with her as a definite plus. Arguments are by necessity very short and instead you get the 3 day “silent treatment”(yawn....another 3 days of bliss....tee hee). So in many ways it’s a win win ?
  23. grumbleweed

    Fleeing Thaksin hit with second arrest warrant

    That's gonna stop him in tracks
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