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  2. I would suggest this subject has been beaten to death. It has now become a squabble.
  3. Act now covers simple possession of offensive material

    What about watching from my iPad lying on my bed ?
  4. Just called British Embassy and the Consular lady did confirm exactly the wording from the website " We are unable to certify photocopies of British marriage, divorce, criminal record, name change, birth and death certificates, as these should be applied for through the General Register Office."
  5. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    How come i count 25 bald heads ?
  6. But I don't need the WP after the NIA interview, maybe, which could be before March?
  7. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    The number in that particular area could be five.. they are living there in southern and eastern parts in tons.. I think there is some big racket operating in bringing Indians from some remote and rural parts of India with less or no jobs at all.. I spoke with two such people from India. They are uneducated and come on tourist visas. They are sent to lesser known parts of Thailand. They sell some basic stuff like food on bicycles.. they pay for some brokers and they know that they are illegal but never wanted to go back.. slowly after getting to know the locality they start money lending business.. of course about the Africans they come to work in gems and stones industry and involved in many illegal activities like we read every day.. I want the immigration officials to slowly clamp down on illegal teachers too. There are many of them with no valid visas and work permits.. clean up the mess completely from illegals..
  8. The problem is that Trump followers are a cult; for his followers it's more like a religion than anything else.
  9. describes a police state
  10. Non o Visa

    Carlsimp may I offer you one of these handy ending marks often used to clearly communicate in writing > . I'm not sure what you're asking and don't want to decipher if the questioner can't be bothered to use punctuation to make it easier to help.
  11. This time its nor African what will those useless faran say this time (white monkey)
  12. Frenchman with no money and Thai wife in apparent suicide pact in Uthai Thani Picture: Thai Rath A 46 year old Frenchman and his 26 year old Thai wife were found together having apparently died from a drug overdose, said police. Both had left suicide notes. David Guffroy's began: "My father has not sent money to Thailand for a long time - I have no money". His wife of eight years Saifon Guffroy spoke of undying love for her husband. She said they had faced life's struggles together and she would always love him in this life and the next. They would always be soul mates. Police in Ban Rai district said that the clothed bodies had been dead for about five days. It was their house. They found a quantity of anti-depressants at the scene and an appointment card for Saifon to see a doctor regarding mental health issues. There was no sign of a struggle. The first two lines of the French man's note was translated for police at the scene - the rest was not reported. Police believe they killed themselves with drugs - what kind will be revealed when the autopsy is completed. Source: Thai Rath -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-11-24
  13. Air Bag Problem.

    Probably a broken wire somewhere. Or a sensor has given up the ghost. Izusu most likely can plug in their computer, read yours, and find the problem quickly. If the warning light is illuminated, the system is disabled to prevent accidental inflation. Independent garage might not be so well equipped.
  14. Hawkwind - You Shouldn't Do That [1971]
  15. There's pop up restaurants, so I'm sure you can get some Som Tam and sticky rice ?? Well, maybe not stretch to the rice but get a feed at least... :)
  16. What kind of extension are you trying to apply for? Mentioning a birth certificate makes me think you are trying to get an extension for your child. Legalization of the birth certificate (marriage also) is nothing new. Same for the UK embassy not certifying documents.
  17. So he felt them with their padded bra on ? You can feel more touching a water filled balloon than boobs in a ( Thai) padded bra. Why didn't they protest when he started to touch them ( over their bra's) ?
  18. Crypto Currency Miners

    What's the problem? Websites cost money to run. Having a program running unobtrusively in the background whilst you're visiting the specific site is, in my opinion, preferable to having advertisements. The only reason I haven't implemented it for any of my sites is that Google has suggested it may downgrade the ranking of sites that do this.
  19. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    Ha Ha Trolling, Trolling, Trolling down the River.
  20. John Chibadura & Tembo Brothers - Diya Wangu [1989 Peel ver]
  21. A friend told me that he went to a private function held by school teachers in the north east and they had naked girls serving drinkies. Hope no one has kept pics on their phones.
  22. Kill Trees Forever

    Some effective solutions above. One assumes they are your trees of course.
  23. Papa Sprain - Time Bath [1992 Peel ver]
  24. On Nut BTS this morning Nov. 21st ???

    I heard this from a couple of expats before moving there. I think some expats think on nut is the cheap farang area but I disagree. Difference between cheap and value. The condos on 77 are well built and inexpensive. My condo has many Thai professional women and men living there. Close by are nice rooms that lease for 5000 to 7000 baht a month that some Thai working girls share. The talaats have great food for great prices that I cook myself. The Thai sellers are very nice and helpful. Frankly I am trying to figure out why some expats like yourself bad talk on nut. I have the exact opposite view of on nut as you. I think it is convenient great value and once the mall is complete a perfect place to live. Took a taxi to Swampy from on nut for total 160 baht and have yet to run into a taxi that refused the meter.
  25. "that is now ear-marked as a ‘must-attend’ event in the latter part of November every year." Damn, had I known it was a "must-attend" event, I would have taken time off work !!!
  26. Really? In all my visits I never saw anything to convince me that the Irish people were under a "stranglehold" by Rome. Sure they went to Church, but it didn't translate to anything particularly menacing outside. Perhaps back in the 50s and 60s, but we've all moved on since then. BTW, the real problem for Ireland has always been England, since at least Cromwell, and perhaps Elizabeth.
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