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  2. It's time for the U.S. led coalition to go home.
  3. It feels less than an understanding and more of an advocacy. The good news is that Facebook, Google and other social media platform operators as well as the majority of Congress (aka Republicans) now recognize the threat of covert Russian propaganda designed to split American voters (which favors a weak and/or unqualified candidate) and build a base of political support for a specific POTUS candidate. Both current NSA Director Mike Rogers and former NSA Director James Clapper agree that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to the disadvantage of one candidate. Both agree that Russia is an enemy of the US, especially in such fashion. Facebook and others have begun costly changes to detect foreign origin fake news and covert accounts/tweets designed as American origin. US Congress in the vacuum of Trump's leadership and denial of Russian intrusion are exploring possible legislation for greater transparency of foreign election intrusion designed to protect American voter independence.
  4. It's like an ex boyfriend that doesn't get the message that he's not wanted around anymore. Apparently even Sth Korean government doesn't take the security arrangement with the US seriously. Time for the US to pack up their war toys and leave the Koreans to sort out their own problems, IMO.
  5. I agree, but after getting bad news from the doctor, it's usually too late.
  6. What next, all citizens to have the same haircuts and be in bed by 9.30 PM? They had better start building a lot of prisons.
  7. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    It's been lapping at their doorsteps for centuries worgeordie. What's important is that it is not lapping any higher this year than it was a hundred years ago!! I heard some lunatic climate change supporter recently say that the level of oceans is rising, but it's not rising in estuaries. Clever guy.
  8. on whose word is it that a predatory Gang of old fart pedo freaks exists or is this made up by some lazy ass reporter ? sure there are pedo freaks , but a gang attacking the innocent thai yuts of pattaya ? stupid is as stupid says ..............
  9. Did he survive? Beating can inflict brain damage.
  10. PM Prayut’s questions get over 100,000 responses

    Obviously the electorate is much more switched on than the government.
  11. Didn't see him mention anything about his sister, seems you are imagining things.
  12. No change in economic team: PM Prayut

    Doubtful if any talented people would want the job. Working for a junta is not going to get you much love in the future.
  13. It's not really convoluted. Just mail everything (DHL or similar) to the UK Legalisation office, with return address envelopes. It does however take a few weeks. The Legalisation office has a website. Sent from my SM-G930F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Do any locals have a suggestion for us for a midrange hotel or bungalow? We like beachfront bungalows with AC on Lamai and Koh Samet for 1,200-1,300B. Phuket has become expensive since I was there in the early 90's! More than where we stay lately on Samui and Samet, it seems. George's sticky above is a broken link. I've done some research but suspect there must be hidden gems out there to base out of. We're visiting on holiday but checking out Phuket as a possible retirement location.
  15. Would that include politicians, I wonder? Watching porn on their phones whilst supposedly addressing government business. And I would have thought doctoring the images of certain politicians would enhance their image.
  16. I don't understand why it is always so extreme. Why would digital currency replace fiat money? I like my fiat currency as much as I do the crypto currency and the two go very well together. What use are my bitcoins if I can't sell them for Thai baht or whatever currency I need at the moment? Crypto currency is just at the beginning of a long journey and it will take at least 10 years untill it is common goods. The same happened with email or internet. Are letters gone? Magazines or TV? Internet doesn't replace it, it adds to it. The same with crypto currency.
  17. A lot of people have found it pretty easy to quit after they got some bad news from a doctor.
  18. No. You are the guilty one for keeping his, ummmmmm, misinformation on your computer. That could hurt him. 😜
  19. Porn is in the eye of the beholder. Some 'officer' that can shake you down for a couple thousand baht can be mighty beholden. So I am told, that is.
  20. Air Bag Problem.

    Ok guys, your right and thanks for the quick response. Next friday is my 90 trip to Lao so will drop it off then. Don't use it much so it can wait.
  21. Another death in the family? I have a feeling it's-a-coming...
  22. My understanding is that you need to report any change in your situation until SB sends your data to MOI, which usually happens 3+ months after the NIA interview. But on MOI interview day your WP will be requested so you should be employed at that time. Between these, I don’t know.
  23. It does not speak highly of the Army's ability to save life or its understanding of good health. There is difference between good conditioning a brutality. These guys probably watch too many movies.
  24. Act now covers simple possession of offensive material

    She only moves the butts back and forth, not enough to be convicted.
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