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  2. Should not matter whether you fly or leave by land border. Do not need letter as this is not an extension
  3. Because it gets complicated with the deposit. I said i would do a draft and send it to him but I'm not totally clear on how to carry the deposit that has already been paid forward into the new lease from a legal point of view. I will not upfront a new deposit while waiting for the previous one to be returned in 30 days. Which is why extending the lease with this addendum (which is being used in the US quite frequently it appears - i just found it researching on Google), would solve the problem, because it extends the original lease with the same terms, but month to month. It's like an amendment. So legally, I should still get the deposit back. Month to month means i can cancel anytime i want, but he has that right as well. It's only fair. If i wanted to have the guarantee he would not decide to move me out when i don't want, then I would have renewed the original lease for another 12 months, but then if i decided to move out before the 12 months, I'd lose my deposit.
  4. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Nice comparison and useful info. I'm on my 3rd PCX and considering an Aerox as a next change but the fuel consumption and tank capacity really puts me off. The PCX consistently gives me around 39/40 km/L and with the much larger tank I only need to fill up every 250 or so kms. Your indicated 33.6km/L and a tank size of around 4 litres means only half the range and living out in the sticks that could get a little tedious.
  5. 1. How can he have 2 wife's it is illegal 2. Where do he get his money from
  6. BOT boss warns of possible stormy seas ahead

  7. *URGENT* Non-B & WP Cancellation

    Jeeeez. Such a relief. Thank you! Is my plan exiting via border in Myanmar okay? Or it's better to fly out? And no need for termination letter as what the other responses at other threads says?
  8. Sorry but Thai people don't want to work why you think so meny Cambodian etc coming to Thailand for do Thai jobs Thai people just want easy life and money fast But drugs is a world wide problem
  9. 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) No 4) Best way already stated
  10. Cleaning pipes in the King's English = Rodding Points :) Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  11. This is not quite what I mean. I am talking what potential vision Brexit will be entering into after leave EU. In fact I accept & respect the EU outcome and I would like to see what are the real plan & opportunities through Brexit's vision. Up to now, I do still see nothing the positive outlines of Brexit's future plan especially Irish border and the wealthy single market. I think Brexiters must have felt betrayal due to the wrong definition of "Yes" voting which is supposed to leave EU immediately but it has not happened....Why? because it must be something wrong with EU referendum on 23 June 2016.
  12. Rare animal – a moonrat – found in Krabi

    A nice looking thing, but is their diet compulsory
  13. I have been calculatin'

    I recall back in jan 98 the baht it 53 to the USD I figured no way will it go higher so I exchanged $5000 USD, the next few days it went up to 56. I think mid to late 97 / early 98 was about the best time for exchanges. Most of the hotels, restaurants didn't change prices yet and still at the 25b to USD
  14. Hi, I apologize for the URGENT word on the title as I badly need advice on this. Been spending some time reading posts about this but there seem to be conflicting answers so here's the situation and hopefully you guys can give me the proper advice. Non-B Visa (obtained outside Thailand, no extension) will expire on Feb 25, 2018 Work Permit will expire on June 6, 2016 I already resigned and my last day was today, Feb 22, 2018. Since it's a pretty new company, the HR did not advice me about anything. I was left hanging and just figured out things online. I was planning to exit to Myanmar (via border) on the 25th Feb and come back as a tourist. QUESTIONS: 1. Can I leave Thailand on the 25th without canceling the Non-B and/or the WP? 2. If so, can I just cancel the WP upon return? 3. Will there be any issues on the border immigration upon exit and return? 4. What would be the less hassle legal way to do? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  15. IV Sedation dentistry advice

    Please take note that I am referring to GA for extensive dental work/oral surgery. I have no knowledge of sedation in a dentist's chair for someone who is simply afraid of going to the dentist.
  16. Yes something does , shame that Trump and most of Congress are shit scared of the NRA.
  17. IV Sedation dentistry advice

    Perhaps you need to work your way backwards through the thread. Sometimes you can miss something staring you in the face.
  18. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Aerox is the best looking scooter at the moment although i saw one the other other day looking pretty worn out and old, whether that's premature ageing or just needed a good clean I'm not sure
  19. It is a good example to read emotions from Asian faces.
  20. I have been calculatin'

    That's a no brainer.
  21. One of my all time favorite scenes in Kill Bill...
  22. Splitter for satellite

    You will need a "multiswitch", power or unpowered. Powered is better if you have long cable runs/minimizes signal strength and voltage loss. A multiswitch allows input from multiple LNB outputs to be distributed out to multiple settop boxes with the multiple boxes inferring with each other and causing various problems...like the problem you have having where two of the boxes are occasionally confusing the LNB ouptut...getting confused between a horizontal oriented channel and a vertical oriented change. Below are some examples of unpowered and powered "multiswitchs." And don't confuse a splitter with a multiswitch...they are very different devices. Unpowered multiswitch...just passes thru LNB power from the settop boxes to the LNB(s). Powered Multiswitch....its own power supply supplements the power to the LNB(s) to minimize voltage LNB power voltage drop which results in a more reliable power voltage to the LNB. Below is an example of powered multiswitch....a 5 input, 6 output multiswitch but the 5th input is just a terrestrial input Very, very similar (maybe the actual one) I have used for around 8 years. It takes the input from four C and KU band LNB outputs (i.e, a two output C band LNB and a 2 output KU-band LNB)...and then distributes those signals to 6 different settop boxes without the boxes interferring with each out and confusing the heck out of the LNBs. Its 18V power adapter died about a year ago after 7 years of use and it caused some horizontal-oriented channels to not be display because the power coming from the settop boxes due to my long cable runs to the LNBs via the multiswitch was causing a several volts voltage drop making the LNB think it was getting supplied 12-15 volts which is required for vertical oriented channels...the C-band LNB was getting confused as to whether a vertical or horizontal oriented voltage/channels was being asked of it...end result a "No Signal" message on the TV for some channels. Replaced the power adapter (cost about Bt150)....good to go again on all channels. 9Sat multiswitch webpage...a store here in Bangkok I have bought a lot of TV and other electronic stuff from over the years. Very good prices. Lots of satellite TV installers get their stuff at this store and then go sell it/install it for you. I go directly to the store to the buy...but you can order via phone also I guess as I see ladies taking orders via phone whenever I visit the store. Google Translate is your friend at this website http://9sats.com/product/product.php?cat=75.77
  23. Is there a demand for swim teachers in Chiang Mai?

    you could try Chiang Mai Rotary club they may have a an opening for a volunteer such as your self in their teach to swim program.
  24. If, after this, Australia allows this stooge to step one foot into the country, they are complete fools.
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