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  2. lincolnshire poacher

    Brexit has created chaos in Britain – nobody voted for this

    You are right that people were sleeping on the streets before Brexit, but more will join them before long when trade is decimated and everything becomes more expensive. The turkeys have voted for Xmas to take back control of what ?With Mays Tories in charge it will be supercharged austerity. The bright Europeans that were working in the UK and paying taxes, will be replaced by islamic riff raff, fine if you fancy some sharia law in a few years time, but I didn't, I moved with my wife to Thailand Bye bye Britain, it was great knowing you.
  3. They are testing new software with a predictability function, so they just believe that you are a wrong un who will at some time in the future do do something criminal ... like the movie Minority Report.
  4. In Thailand they seem to do these ops both eyes at the same time, in the UK its one eye at a time. I think I'd say one eye only in Thailand in case they balls it up
  5. wilai

    Footy on the Telly

    Tuesday  World Cup 2018 21:00.....Denmark v France............................................ ITV1; Thai Channel 5; Truevisions HD3 (ch668) 21:00....Australia v Peru..................................................ITV4; Amarin TV (ch34); Truevisions HD2 (ch667) 01:00.....Nigeria v Argentina...........................................BBC1;Thai Channel 5; Truevisions HD3 (ch668) 01:00.....Iceland v Croatia...............................................BBC4; True4U (ch24); Truevisions HD2 (ch667)
  6. Believable? Not. As border crossings rise, Trump vents frustration on illegal immigration http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-border-20180405-story.html And no member of the House or Senate, Republican or Democrat, supports the border wall.
  7. Hello viewer! How about Nakhon Pathom? 2 hours approx out of town.Most of the trains stop in Bang Sue or you have trains going places out of Wongwian Yai & Thonburi Railway Station ( Bangkok Noi ) Nakhon Pathom is a fab place! I will post some info and pics soon F.J Get the Kanchanaburi or some trains south for Nakhon Pathom,from Bangkok Noi, have a walk up to the engine sheds to see the 5 steam engines that they keep there, but you won't go through Bang Sue that way. there is also one train a day each way from Bangkok or NP to Suphanburi but the times are inconvenient unless you want to spend a night out in Suphanburi, which might be all right,but I have no idea. about that, apparently a lot of politicians llive there.
  8. Nothing would ever get changed if nobody bothered...
  9. scubascuba3

    Has the Darkside lost it’s sparkle?

    No way giddyup will believe that. Anyway where were we, oh yeah, the dark side is dog shit. The reason people get excited about the dark side is the locals swear blind its great, where as everyone else knows it isn't. You don't have these arguments about Naklua or South Pattaya etc
  10. Yes, that sounds right to me The big manufacturers with heavy capital investment will be the ones making a noise in the hope that parliament will hear and keep in the CU and SM and thus avoid them the expense of running down U.K. Facilities and ramping up elsewhere within the EU. What choice do they have?
  11. Scott

    The New Skytrain

  12. https://nbaawards.de/ https://worldcollegeseries.de/ https://awardsnba.de/ https://nbaawards.be/ https://nbaawards.de/ https://worldcollegeseries.de/ https://awardsnba.de/ https://nbaawards.be/ https://nbaawards.de/ https://worldcollegeseries.de/ https://awardsnba.de/ https://nbaawards.be/ https://nbaawards.de/ https://worldcollegeseries.de/ https://awardsnba.de/ https://nbaawards.be/
  13. I'm surprised that immigration cannot put a note into their systems against your passport. Perhaps they aren't that sophisticated.
  14. roo860

    Word Association

    Peter Sent from my SM-G920F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. The lies gets worse. Laura Ingraham, Fox news host, says Mike Huckabee told her on her radio show that the owner of the Red Hen Restaurant followed Sarah across the street and harassed her at the next restaurant she went to. This is impossible to believe. The owner of the Red Hen said that when she 86'ed Sanders, she politely asked her if she could speak to her privately, they went outside, she politely asked her to leave. After doing that - doing everything possible NOT to make a scene and keep it private - she then followed her across the street and arranged a demonstration - which no one including Sanders had mentioned previously - is impossible to believe and is another major slander. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/06/red-hen-restaurant-owner-stalked-sarah-sanders-followed-her-to-next-restaurant-to-continue-harassment/
  16. And still the huge chip won't stay down. What is so upsetting about education?
  17. I have been wrongfully blacklisted in Thailand because my LAST name and Date of Birth match with another person. Our first names are different. Every time I enter Thailand or leave Thailand, blacklisted message pops up at immigration computer screen when they scan my passport. After that a supervisor has to override this message and then they let me go. This has been happening for the past 5 years. It is an unpleasant experience as I visit Thailand 1-2 times a year. It also happened last month when I visited Thailand. What can I do to REMOVE my name from the blacklist? I don't want to go through the unpleasant experience every time. I very much appreciate your guidance. Please HELP.
  18. mrfill

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    Trump's Russian buddies were rather busy until early 2019, so it was rescheduled.
  19. Populist governments will continue to garner support unless the issue is addressed. The more immigrants Europe takes in the more resentment it will create - it becomes a vicious circle. Even Merkel admitted she got it wrong by allowing over 1million migrants to enter Germany. Australia has it right! Unless of course you want to lend a hand and take a couple of hundred thousand to help out. And most of the immigrants are not being persecuted, they are economic in which case they should be resent back home..or to Australia
  20. Jeez, All these foreigners coming over here, spending shedloads of money, starting businesses and employing at least 4 Thai's, making no demands on the non-existent health service, renting otherwise worthless property................and they want long stay visas without having to report their whereabouts on 1 day out of 90. God, what will they want next?
  21. Most of the responses here are from 2017. At the URL: https://th.usembassy.gov/message-u-s-citizens-regarding-social-security-services-overseas/ it says: The Social Security Administration (SSA) has consolidated its overseas operations into several regional offices that provide a full range of SSA services for U.S. citizens residing outside of the United States. Effective October 1, 2017, individuals residing in Thailand who require social security services or have questions about SSA benefits must contact the SSA Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) located in the U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines, rather than the U.S. Embassy, or U.S. Consulate in Thailand. Please be advised that as of October 1, 2017, the U.S. Embassy, and U.S. Consulate in Thailand can no longer accept telephone calls, emails, or walk-in consultations regarding Social Security issues. There is a benefits eligibility report, SSA-7005, that shows what you earned each year. In the past I had gone to the embassy outreach in Phuket, showed my passport to identify myself, and they sent in the form SSA-7004 for me. SSA back home mailed me a paper copy of the report. It sounds like the Bangkok embassy will no longer do this. For example, I need a replacement SS card, but the SSA web site https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ss5doc.htm with "An Adult", "Replacement" and "U.S. Born Citizen" says "we may use your U.S. passport as proof of both citizenship and identity", but I am reluctant to have to mail my passport along with the form. I applied online for retirement benefits at the end of last month, and the first week of this month I got an e-mail from an FBU claims adjuster in Manila, asking some questions. Attached was a PDF of form SF-1199 for direct deposit sign-up, with the Bangkok Bank information already filled in, including the Routing Transit Number, 026008691, of their New York office. The Bangkok Bank shopping mall offices like Central or Big-C are "micro-banks", and tell you that you must go to the main office downtown in the Thalang Road area to set up direct deposit. I filled out lots of forms with the desk clerk, as her supervisor directed in Thai, made an initial deposit, got a passbook for the non-NYC, local savings account.Then the bank manager refused to sign the paperwork, claiming I could not set up direct deposit until I started getting benefits and brought them the original of the benefit approval letter, my social security card, and one of the first paper payment checks I receive. The bank web page http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/TransferingFunds/TransferringIntoThailand/ReceivingFundsfromUSA/Pages/ReceivingFundsfromUSA.aspx (click on the second plus sign) seems to echo the first two requirements but not the third, and she claimed to have called their Bangkok headquarters to confirm this. This seems to be not SSA policy but BB policy, and may not be uniformly enforced. As Bangkok Bank is the only provider in Thailand offering a direct deposit services into a Thai bank account, you can ask the relevant US government agency to route your payments into your Bangkok Bank account via Bangkok Bank’s New York branch. If you reside in Thailand, you can apply for the service in person at any Bangkok Bank branch (except for micro branches). and Submit all forms to Bangkok Bank with the following supporting documents: * Identification Card/Government Official ID Card/Passport together with a customer identification document such as your Social Security Card. * A document from the relevant agency giving evidence of your right to receive the payments. This seems circularly impossible to me: Manila wants direct deposit before they do my application (that's OK if SSA does not want to do paper checks any more), but BB will not give me direct deposit until my application is finished!?! I wonder which BB office that Pib was dealing with in part 2) below. If anyone has successfully gotten direct deposit local and NYC access at BB since last October, could you please tell me exactly what you did, at which bank office? It's possible I might be able to set up DirectExpress, at least until my benefits start, and then go back to BB, but that sounds more expensive and less convenient. I could not find an online or brick and mortar USA bank that would let me open a savings account for direct deposit from a foreign address, without physically walking in to one of their branch offices. Also, since Equifax keeps things for 5 to 7 years, and I have had no physical nor financial presence in USA for 3 or 4 times that long, won't my credit report be empty or non-existent? The bank appeared to really not want to mail the form to Manila themselves, and said it would take them a couple months to do so. But then the manager decided to destroy all the paperwork, close the account and give me my deposit back, because everything was all wrong. Has anyone gotten ACS at the Bangkok embassy to do this, since last October? What kind of appointment did you make, the notarize-papers kind? I would not mind having to physically go to Bangkok or even Manila in person with my passport and papers, if it would get this resolved, but having to fly literally half way around the world (Phuket is the furthest place on land from Michigan, on the whole surface of the earth ) and then come right back seems excessive. I get the feeling that once my-social-security was set up, they removed any other way of doing a bunch of things, or at least removed the instructions for alternate ways to push people to log in to my-social-security, but some things now appear to be impossible unless you either reside in USA or have a virtual mailbox and lie about where you physically live. I would like to thank Pib, NancyL and all the other contributors for the very helpful information in ThaiVisa.
  22. chickenslegs

    Elections may be deferred to May: Deputy PM

    Let's hope so - but ... This junta has been quite clever, by making sure that their potential usurpers have been given a share of the spoils. A counter-coup would require a military leader with genuine democratic principles, and the support of many Generals - does such a person exist?
  23. wpcoe

    VPN that is not based in the U.S?

    +2 (assuming Stocky was +1 about PureVPN)
  24. Well we'll have to agree to disagree, I've seen far to many examples of crazy, nay mindless driving in Thailand to believe the Vios driver wasn't aware he was approaching a U turn. One regular one comes to mind - and this is a several times a day occurence - motorbikes coming out of side roads without even looking. Its as if they have a bracket fitted to their heads and attached to the bars so they can't turn their head. Basic rules of survival would make me look right - as they do taking care at U turns. The worst I've ever had (that didn't result in an accident) was a guy in a Fortuner travelling along highway 2 towards Bangkok in lane 3 (outside lane). There were some market stalls or something at the side of the road and I'm directly behind him. All lanes were pretty full and I'd guess we were doing between 90 and 100kmh. Mr Fortuner suddenly decides visiting the market stalls is a good idea but he doesn't simply pull across all three lanes - that would have been bad enough. No, he hits the anchors, stops and then cuts across all 3 lanes!! How I or anyone else failed to hit him I know not but I did return home for a change of pants. There are probably bigger idiots in other countries, England is not immune from bad driving - its the sheer mindless, utterly ridiculous driving that makes Thailand stand out above the rest. Of course without being in the car, or seeing a longer video from all angles, nobody can be 100% certain of what happened in this crash. But without the slightest bit of bigging myself up, I can say for certain that it wouldn't have happened if I'd been driving the Vios. I think they same could be said of most of us here. I slow down aproaching U's - then Thai's come past me - what does that tell you? Yes the Thai driving test is ridiculous, absolutely yes, U turns are accidents waiting to happen but no matter how much you try and educate Thai drivers, they won't change. Its simple to fix really but it means massive law enforcement and that's never going to happen.
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