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  2. Long-time homeless American deported

    California is his best bet, they have social programs that beat all other states, people documented or not enjoy the same state social security bennies.........if he has a history of working, he will collect Social Security, however small, if he is a veteran, he can get 'some' benifits, unless service connected then he can get 'many'............I gave the guy a thousand baht about a year ago, a guy I was with knew him for years and said he used to write menu's in English for Thai Resturants, had a loooong history in Patts - but refused any and all assistancre to return to the USA - wish him luck.
  3. The tanks do not go at the front because there is no room for them, they go either under the rear of the vehicle or undr the rear seat in some of these vans, in cars they normally go in the boot
  4. Need a cheap gastrocopy...

    Don't worry about irritating me.. what concerned me was that you were making statements that were nto only defamatory but likely libelous (i.e. untrue). there is a world of difference between: 1 - pyschiatrist requires that you get medical clearance as to your overall health before he treats your addiction, and as you were complaining of abdominal pain and also had a history of esophagitis this entailed a consultation with a GI specialist who -- rightly or wrongly, but again likely influenced by your reports of abdominal pain and prior history -- ordered a gastroscopy before you would give you the all clear, and that would cost 33K if done at that same hospital (which it does not have to be) and 2 - psychiatrist refuses to treat you unless you give him , or the hospital, 33K first I think #1 or some variant thereof is the case whereas you were describing it as #2 Now in terms of what to do: With tramadol or anything else It is seldom as simple as just detoxing from the medication one is addicted to, as addiction does not happen in a vacuum, it usually results from attempts to self-medicate an underlying pyschological condition such as anxiety or depression, and this will again manifest as soon as the drug is stopped. Indeed, it can be hard to distinguish between symptoms due to drug withdrawal and symptoms of the underlying anxiety disorder re-manifesting because the drug no longer masks them. Hence it is advisable to be under the treatment of a psychiatriost specializing in addiction disorders so that you not only safely come out of the addiction but also get on appropriate treatment for the underlying problem. Without that, even if you successfully detox, it will just be a matter of time before you get addicted to something else, because the unaddressed underlying problem remains and causes you distressing symptoms. It is perfectly reasonable -- and indeed, good medical practice -- to want to first exclude any serious underlying health problems before treating someone for an addiction disorder. If I understand correctly your efforts to get a medical clearance for this ran into difficulty when a GI specialist decided a gastroscopy was necessary and things have been at a stalemate ever since. You could either (1) return to the GI doctor and explain that your abdominal pain has totally resolved (assuming it has) and see if he will agree to provide medical clearance without the gastroscopy. But he may or may not agree. (2) Have the gastroscopy somewhere else, at lower cost, return to the GI doctor with the CD of it as well as report at which point he should give the all clear and you can them proceed to be treated by the addiction specialist. As previously mentioned this government hospital would be under 10 K https://www.facebook.com/chulabhornhospital/
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    It's advisable. Once we leave the pogram will begin.
  6. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    I have not noticed any Africans or Tunisians in CM. What problems are they causing and where are they located ?
  7. “Dinner in the Sky” comes to Bangkok

    yeah banyan in my opinion is still bkk's best rooftop place and there's loads now. banyan is still the best
  8. When will they reach 3,000 ?
  9. New workshop - bike hoist.

    ya, come-a-long to beam/log lashed up in trees no table no air con.
  10. Ashes 2017/2018

    Got to agree good innings by Smith ,the England bowlers never really bothered him . England has a lead of 26 ,but are down 2 wickets , Stoneman seems ok ,And Root got over a knock on the head if these two can keep the scoreboard ticking over tomorrow morning ,England should be ok . But the way Stark and Hazlewood bowled this evening, England could well struggle in the morning . Cook's batting, not done a lot for the past 4-5 matches , Anderson seems to have an injury. Australia just in frount , but ask me agine at luntch tomorrow .
  11. I thought I recognised her. She's the stern-faced bint that was engaged to head-up the road-safety initiative before last Songkran . . . the one that banned pickup rear-riding for one day, before some farmer asked how he was going to get his workers to work. She wasn't seen again, after that big climb-down so she'll be in real need of a cuddle, now.
  12. It's not just the spending on foreigners that takes away funding for vets it's really some silly ass funding that is much worse. I won't even get into it because the snowflakes will be melting. I'm back in the states for a few weeks and have read a few stories about homeless vets. It's a very sad state that we are in when vets have to beg for money. Its just so wrong in so many ways. I can understand why this woman's fund me page is popular this time of year but this guy will probably give away a lot of it to other vets which is cool. There should just be more of this going around. Sometimes I think there are a lot of " untold stories " and other times I'm not really sure.
  13. The isaan overstayers must be getting worried
  14. Might help take the pressure off France, every cloud ... .
  15. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    I got my dirt bike filthy on 40 km of trail riding. Also met young Thai rider mechanic/guide wants to do some riding w papa on his day off.
  16. The week that was in Thailand news: The importance of keeping a straight face in Thailand Newbies and relative newbies to Thailand – that is to say those with less than ten years of worthwhile experience – bang on about Thais saving face and losing it as though it is some badge of recognition about understanding the kingdom. Everything comes down to “face” for them and all manner of ills and problems can simply be explained away by appreciating the facile notion that so long as face can be maintained then everything will be alright. Losing it results in the breakdown of social order. Saving it is the temporary salvation of the nation, they opine. Sure, no one except those several satang short of a baht would suggest that it does not play a substantial part in Thai life, especially public life, but there is another aspect of the word face even more pervasive that is often overlooked. The ability to keep a straight one. This week on Thaivisa forum and Facebook we saw a huge array of stories where officialdom in particular were obliged to show this straight side to their immensely variable visages as a series of stories stretch incredulity to the limit. The straight face is interesting in Thailand. It is not like the Western straight face that is more akin to the expression poker face. Here it may well be accompanied by the semblance of a smile – what interaction in Thailand does not. Even the most vicious fights are often preceded by a Goodfellows style “get your shoeshine” grimace. The Thai straight face is not really a genuine attempt to deceive – everyone knows they are exhibiting a combination of lying through their front teeth and hiding behind the social mores on which the nation teeters. Yes, there is that element of face saving but sheer balls to spout absurdity in the face of all the evidence raises it to a whole new plateau of panache. The first person who used it so well in the last seven days is not even a famous public official though she has become well know. Her name is Jomsap and she is the teacher who mowed down a man then claimed someone else did it. She conned the Bangkok Post into investigating and taking up her case – that news media were so gung-ho to fill their news pages with investigative journalism in the name of the downtrodden that they got hoodwinked by the very people they were purporting to help. The ringleader of those now charged with perjury has admitted that they were paid to take the rap for money while the constabulary look set to claw back at least a smidgen of respectability from the canyon of corruption that is their usual stock in trade. Others with a straight face were more official. We had the chief of the detention center where 20 Uighurs escaped, Pol. Capt Prasit, who stated that the mass breakout occurred when “heavy rain helped to mask the loud escape noises”. Then there was the army and national police chiefs who dismissed the distress of the family of the cadet who died when it was revealed that most of his vital organs had been removed. It was “just a normal procedure” we were asked to believe. When the top brass realized what a mess they had made of everything they kept the straight face as they continued to keep digging their own hole as they said, rather less than kindly, that the relatives could have all the bits they had cut out. What? In a plastic bag tied up with a rubber band? I could only surmise that all this straight faced-ness was an attempt to outdo the northern cops last week investigating the death of the Norwegian man who they said had obviously succumbed to the cold in the icy winds and blizzards of Phitsanuloke at 30C. The absurdity of the claims received as many shares and comments on Facebook as any news item this year though you may have needed a better handle on the Thai language to appreciate one of my favorite items this week. It was the revelation that a former deputy interior minister has been declared “unusually rich”, that wonderful straight faced term that masks a multitude of possible sins. But it was not the predictability of the term that tickled my funny bone. It was the name of the minister concerned…..Sombat. A Thai word that means riches. Also keeping up the good work, with as straight a face as a bat needed in the Ashes tests that started this week, were the bods of the police reform commission announcing the latest plans to devolve, (read strip) the rozzers of many of their duties (read revenue streams). The plan is to hand over traffic duties in Bangkok, Pattaya and elsewhere to the local authorities, have other people handle the customs and even perhaps give immigration duties away. In this regard the reformers may do better to think again. Rooster would like to see a more equitable and less corrupt nation but simply stripping the cops of these areas of responsibility begs the question that anyone less corrupt could actually be found. Corruption is so endemic in Thailand that it may be a question of being careful what you wish for. Still, there was some amusement to come out of the story when the committee suggested that the hapless souls at the Sports and Tourism ministry could be responsible within three yearsfor tourism crime suppression and prevention. Fortunately Khun Kobkarn’s tenure is likely to be over by that time otherwise we might have seen a serious attempt to bring down the sex industry after all – maybe funded by raising taxes on durian flavored Kit Kat. Later in the week the said elegant minister was in tears defending her record as Thai media suggested she had already been given the Big Boot by Big Too in his cabinet reshuffle. Staring straight into the camera this week were the football officials who had to admit that the Thai football league is more bent that a five baht note. Several Sisaket players and a well know referee are at the center of betting on matches where many late goals were scored. Rooster, who adores football and when asked for my religion usually replies “Tottenham Hotspur”, has never been inspired to go anywhere near Thai football. Flicking through the channels on True one sees the paddies they play on and the pedestrian pace of the game…. Yes, I think I would need to bet on it too to get any interest from that bore-fest. Corruption’s cousin – cheating – figures all around the world of course and is hardly restricted to Thailand’s sports. My own field of what passes for sporting endeavor, competitive tournament Scrabble, has also been rocked by cheating – a world exclusive that I broke a while back on Thaivisa even merited a satirical comment on the US show Saturday Night Live this week after it was featured in the Times of London newspaper. Playing the game in Bang Na this weekend in an international event I might just make sure my opponents are not looking in the tile bag….. And so to this week’s Rooster awards and seeing as I am in a generous mood there are many. The “Darwin Award for Services to the Gene Pool” and the topical “Straight Face Award” both go to the same woman – the lady in the curtain hotel who was joshing about with her male companion and who picked up a gun under his pillow and fired thinking it was not loaded, wins the former. And she also takes home the latter for expecting us to believe that the man was her husband. The “You Must be Thai” award goes to the snake that can clearly eat anything. A sensational video showed the foundation snake catchers extricate the 4.5 meter long creature from under some concrete. But the real revelation came later when the python regurgitated its lunch in the back of a pick-up – a 15 kilogram water monitor that was almost as big as itself. David Attenborough eat your heart out! While the “Glad You’re Not Here” award goes to Benjamin Holst the man Rooster can proudly claim to have given the moniker of “Most Hated German in Thailand”. Herr Holst has apparently now found love in the Gambia though he looked to have taken with him one of the friendly girls who hang about on upper Sukhumvit in Bangkok or Beach Road in QUOTES. Personally I have nothing against Germans though to paraphrase the Major in the classic British sit-com Fawlty Towers, I wouldn’t give scammers the time of day. Finally, my “Noble Act of the Week” award goes to the employee who wiped the feet of a handicapped man in a wheelchair who had clumsily dropped his knickerbocker glory down his trousers at the Central, Rayong, branch of Swensen’s. I loved the incongruity of the huge number of foreign posters who just couldn’t appreciate why this might have been so widely viewed on Thaivisa. Here they were yelling to anyone who would listen that this “JUST ISN’T NEWS!!” while clicking on the story and giving Thaivisa revenue. Didn’t they realize that the tongue-in-cheek translator had been winding them up into a click frenzy? By being straight faced and calling her an “Angel of Mercy”. Rooster, guilty as charged. Rooster -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-11-25
  17. Yes, the global price of butter, particularly cooking grade butter, has increased enormously. http://uk.businessinsider.com/butter-shortage-why-prices-are-rising-and-supply-is-falling-2017-10
  18. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Here's a Sep 17 article talking dedicated and shared VPN IPs....in a combination advertisement for certain VPN providers and an explanation/educational type document. Below I partially quoted some of the paragraphs from the educational portion of the document. Link to full article below also. https://www.vpnranks.com/dedicated-ip-vpn/
  19. Off topic bickering posts and replies have been removed.
  20. Your rejoinder is almost a verbatim quote from LE hysterics-mongers who conflate the pedophile problem to absurd lengths. I don't doubt that the police are setting traps on the so-called "dark web", but how effective are they? The record shows very little of substance. Creating mythology about these criminals only makes them harder to capture and punish. I researched this for many years as a journalist and talked with many LE personnel who gave me the information that I have passed along. It is up to you whether you believe it or not but don't be so quick to give the nod to the official party line. All is seldom what it seems. For REALLY egregious activities of this type, Cambodia and the Philippines are the -prime offenders.
  21. Diesel will not ignite the same as petrol or gas. The NVG system should have an automatic cutoff valve located on the tank in case of a hose leak, when there is a decrease in the pressure that you would get from a leak it should cut the gas flow off at the tank, notice I said "should" there is no guarantee that there is one that is working. It is the same system that is on all LPG systems as well
  22. New roof advice

    Quite a few small shops in Chiang Mai muang make the same thing to order, but you need to be very specific about the quality / strength / appearance of the supports screwed to the wall, and even more careful about the quality of the sheeting. Some of the shops are the same ones that have made and installed canvas roll up awnings for years. I guess you can find these shops in many cities. When my village was first completed many houses rushed to get these awnings made and installed but it was obvious very quickly which ones were good quality and still look good 5 to 6 years on in terms of quality and nice appearance, keep their original colour etc., and those where the frames have fallen adapt, twisted, paint flaked off, etc., and the sheeting discoloured and disintegrated and look just tacky.
  23. Army Won’t Allow Civilian Inquiry Into Cadet Death

    pirbright barracks to name just one? happens everywhere
  24. Factory workers claim sexual abuse by doctor

    That's a load of bull hocks
  25. Factory workers claim sexual abuse by doctor

    This story doesn't really move on. What puzzles me is no mention of bras, we know they all wear bras come what may so (a) he must have struggled to get his hand in or ( he had a grope through the bra, can we get clarification?
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