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  2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separate

    good luck to you jen. otherwise, the buildings/architecure in this thread look horrible.
  3. Absolutely .. Those All Blacks like a tatt' but are bloody nice blokes by all accounts .. When they aren't trying to scare the sh*t outta you with a haka ..
  4. I don't see why my post confused you. You are arguing that thaibeachlovers' claim "Rosenstein has gone on record as saying NO AMERICAN took part knowingly as part of a "collusion". " is true, even though Rosenstein said nothing about collusion in the article, and the article clearly states "The indictment is silent on the question of whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, which Mueller is investigating." You earlier stated that the article is not about collusion. You are correct. That is why thaibeachlovers claim that Rosenstein is on the record as saying no Americans took part in collusion is incorrect. Though I'm sure his intent was deception, suggesting, just like Trump, that every news release about the investigation that doesn't specifically indict Trump constitutes total vindication of his repeated "no collusion" claim.
  5. I have a feeling that if there is enough overall outcry, there will probably be some changes regarding gun control in the US (in some states anyway) in the near future; but sadly, they will probably be not-so-significant changes.
  6. Bangkok social

    this sounds like blind leading the blind. good luck.
  7. Table tennis venue in Pattaya

    I think you need to start off minimal and see how it goes, especially if you've never run a business before. Compare the cost per hour vs other available non-sex non-alcoholic entertainment such as movies, billiards, miniature golf, indoor rock climbing, laser tag, etc. I suspect 100B/hr will be ok, but you'll soon find out it's not sufficient to cover the constant cost of ball breakage (when I used to play long ago the highest-quality balls would only last a few hours before cracking). Try to figure out how many tables you'd need to break even if you have just a single employee monitoring the whole thing. No ball girls, and not considering recouping your investment but just breakeven against ongoing running costs for rent, the employee, electricity, etc. Start off with that number of tables, assuming that it's best a coin flip whether you end up losing your entire initial investment or not. Work as many hours yourself as you can to keep employee costs down. Get a handle on which hours it pays to be open and which hours don't provide enough business to cover salary. Re-figure your break-evens after you know this. Don't start in a high-rent dream location. Try to invest as little in the actual location as you can, because you're hoping to move. Buy movable furnishings and light fixtures, or cheap ones. Once you prove that you can get enough customers to carry the business you can add another table or two and begin to think about the fluff: that practice robot and other employees (ball girls), and eventually moving up to a better location.
  8. On the plus side, the Thai merchants/hustlers/etc will be more focused on grifting the Chinese tourists than us occidentals Once when flying from Canada to the US I went through US Immigration and Customs in Canada, before boarding the plane. Maybe Thailand should consider something similar for these periods of cattle-car volume. Man, can you imagine what it must be like on one of those planes?
  9. The simplest way would be an amnesty with an expiration date, then huge fines and finally prison sentences for illegal gun possession. Not very difficult really. America's gun problem would be almost non-existent within 3 years. Statistically, gun owners are far likelier to be shot and killed than non gun owners, so the best way for Americans to protect themselves is to be unarmed and call the police.
  10. What I can't understand on Bangkok Travels latest RIP video, is that in the comments section he states as follows: Pinned by bangkok travel bangkok travel4 hours ago SO YOU LOT WRITING ON HERE ARE ALL FRIENDS OF MR BRIAR ARE YOU WELL THAT SHOWS WHAT KIND OF MAN HE WAS TO HAVE SOME OF YOU HAS FRIENDS. YOU ARE SICK TO THREATEN TO RAPE MY "SLAG OF A WIFE" IF WE EVER SET FOOT IN THAILAND THAT ALONG WITH THE RACIST NAMES AND COMMENTS SUMS UP YOU LOT Yet further down the comments section and I have read all 212 comments posted to date, somebody asks about contacting him and it is as follows: Argyll100011 hours ago How do I message you privately. I'm not a troll. REPLY bangkok travel11 hours ago you can't but if you send message on here i can choose to make your messages private I may be missing something here so my question is this. If I can't see any abuse in all of the 212 comments posted to date towards Bangkok Travel and his family. Is he filtering out these threatening remarks because they are to offensive or are they non existent?
  11. Election delay not our decision, says junta

    I thought that they were all on holidays-to attend to private business-anyway. There is no getting around the hive mind.
  12. yopf........please explain your comment
  13. OK... so Western Union is out 65USD for 5K wires...What about SCB bank to bank is that an option?
  14. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separate

    I never knew what a ginnel was until I went out with a lady from north of England lol
  15. Out of date topics

    Several months ago? How about several years ago! TVF surely must pay a lot of money for "server-space". And TVF is old. Older than the internet skills of many participants. Surely, with some effort, one could find some old threads on TVF going back to "William the Concueror", the ancient invadors/soldiers complaining "What a boring place this London is, we should have invaded Pattaya instead". Seriously, any thread older than 2 months should no more be accessible by anyone. If a thread is of interest, within 2 Months, all the opinions/views have been voiced. To make room for new assessements of an existing or a new situation, as the case may be. In a fast moving world, a 2 month old thread is just "water under the bridge". Cheers. PS: By "water under the bridge": I am not trying to connect this expression with the sewage disposal efforts taking place in Pattaya. Haeaven forbid!
  16. with empirical data i mean, it was such a thrill watching my weight drop like a stone so it came to the point i was making up reasons to go to 7/11 every day just to see how i lost yet another 0.5 kg every day. and i did check later on after i stopped DNP and i had not regained anything at all as i should have if it was about water. yes, i know DNP isnt healthy, and sweating like that is anything but comfy, once i finally get back to civilization i will never again touch sugar, and i will be eating caviar & egg every day. i have a speedy metabolism to boot btw, i estimate i eat 2-3 times as much as anyone else i know of. robblok estimated i eat 6500 calories a day when i gave him my examples of what i usually eat
  17. Different post, most people commenting on Australia call it out as lefty, depends on the topic eh... I live in Oz and do not feel as though I'm living in a 'nanny state'. I did live in Thailand and did not appreciate the lack of equality as a foreigner and the freedom of speech issues - each to their own. Looks as though you and others have overlooked other people travelling with the guy in the OP were permitted entry, not a word about the two Rebel MC guys refused entry to Thailand. Given the the likes of the Rebels and others are constantly being jailed for murder, assault drug trafficking and so on, personally my instinct is not to define them as 'nice guys'
  18. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    Schizo chick alert....bail out now. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  19. In most cases empirical data is absent. It's quite difficult to analyze accurately how much fat you're carrying unless you get a DEXA scan or a hydrostatic weighing. A Bod Pod would be another reasonable method. Pinch tests are ok if you first calibrate your results with a more accurate method first. The scale is not a good way to determine fat levels as it only measures bodyweight. I have personal experience about gaining water. I once gained 10kg of it in a fairly short period.... getting up to about 122kg. Losing or gaining water is the fastest way to alter body weight. It's quite important to distinguish between fat and bodyweight when you're making statements about how much fat you've lost. You gained 30kg eating Nutella? If you combine the negative aspects of eating a ton of fat-sugary food with a drug such as DNP, you must be in a very poor state of health. Did it never occur to you that there are healthier yet effective ways to remove body fat?
  20. You're missing out on one of the best things about living in Thailand - The food!
  21. if he can show he gets more than 65K THB per month he can qualify.
  22. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Not sure if all the sandwiches do, but the ones I've had also included a side dish, which was a choice of onion rings, fries, and a couple others (cole slaw, maybe?). Also, have had a nice big pickle with each sandwich.
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