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  2. Comprehensive. Lots of information there. Let me sort through it all and get back to you.
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Joker ??. Head girl Teresa has out grown her gymslip , and has zit credibility as a politician . DC, had his revenge by appointing her as PM .A slow death awaits, great ? britain . JC , save us from doom.
  4. Another sunflower here https://www.poz.com/basics/hiv-basics/hiv-transmission-risks "57 percent were men who contracted HIV through sex with other men (MSM)" "HIV transmitted through sexual activity among heterosexuals accounted for 31 percent of new infections, with most of these cases among women infected by men" But yea, everything is equal... man can lift 80kg, woman can lift 80kg... since dinosaurs only difference is having a hole or a stick... or not
  5. It's official - Thai real estate bubble pops.

    Google Suspension mysteriously lifted on Pace but SET does not comment
  6. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Whatever. Fact is the service at every shop at every level is crap. Part of the experience of leaving the first world for the third I suppose.
  7. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    I suppose that was the backup plan~next we will see her Benz at his birthday party
  8. 14 years here in Jomtien and you still think the locals have respect for you. Thanks for the laugh !!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to burst your bubble you live in, but they despise you to the core in the tourist areas of Thailand. Also advocating assaulting tourists, what are you like.
  9. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Thailands customercservice is pathetic. It's why cerrain major brands refuse to open in the country. Get used to it.
  10. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    SJW? Congresscritters? I've lost my will to continue this discussion at such as GUTTER level. I know trump has made that a thing. I opt out.
  11. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    politicians say lots of things. people hear what they want to hear. in the end it comes down to this: president does not have the legal authority to rewrite immigration law through executive orders. if the SJW congresscritters really want to allow the daca illegals to stay, then instead of complaining about how mean old man trump is, they better learn to bargain with those who want to actually enforce the law.
  12. No maintenance in Tland~he deserves to keep the money
  13. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    He's also very lucky that he had the option of splashing out if he couldn't handle the cheap way. For the OP it was merely a game. It's a bit different if you don't have a choice.
  14. Got him , best thing I have read on TV today !
  15. Trying to make up for those classy tourists.
  16. Thai ladies , sex is easy cheap , and remains, easily available . 555
  17. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    No, it hasn't. This has nothing to do with foreigners in Thailand. Desist from your obnoxious effort to hijack this thread. There are plenty of other threads (largely this entire forum) to talk about THAI immigration issues. This is about USA immigration issues, specifically DACA people. Bye.
  18. How's everyone weathering the storm?

    got to agree, im on a waste to energy plant new build, plenty of them being built, client welding inspector
  19. Parasailing in Pattaya Bay.
  20. It has.... if he is in this position in Thailand he would be kicked out tomorrow. And Mr. P can't be sued
  21. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Public forum, much information can be learned from Thai Visa, many interesting threads with a lot of smart Thai bashing comments within, some good posters who seem to like the Fact they live in Thailand and enjoy there lives. But all the Thai bashing , political correct, spelling correct, sarcastic , bored people with nothing more to criticise, every day life in Thailand, put a real damper on this forum. Your obviously one of them so a quick goodbye to you
  22. And for those of us who own our "dwelling?" All I've ever done is bring along a copy of my condo deed and a recent utility bill when doing my annual extension. Jomtien Immigrations has been fine with that. Are you unable to spell "immigration?" I/O is the less taxing term. If they require something I'm obliged to listen to them even if they happen to be seated in a different room and if they don't require something I go along with that too. I agree that we shouldn't listen to rubbish from unreliable sources no matter how opinionated they are.
  23. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    Dude, trump said several times he had a "heart" for DACA people. Then he told other people (his rabid racist base) that he wants to kick out all illegals including DACA. So which is the real trump? Based on his recent actions, the cruel one.
  24. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    This thread has nothing to do with Thai immigration or Thai wine taxes. Don't bother me again with your weird personal stuff. You just want to rant about your own schtick that has nothing to do with DACA people.
  25. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Corbin of course is Mr Rusty !
  26. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    got it now......thing is, it never would have made it to court under trump. not his project, so no question of him "trying" to defend something he believes is not lawful. had obama still been in office, his justice department would have of course tried to defend it.
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