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  2. What percentage of the RMC would you estimate as having criminal records or having being involved in criminal activity?
  3. Yes there are....The Thais call the Ground floor the 1st Floor. (They get everything wrong!) So in the photo the garages/carports are on the 1st Floor and there are 4 floors above = 5 floors. ....Maybe they found his shoes or half empty glass of whiskey, or cigar butts on the 3rd floor.
  4. Sorry, but "violets human rights" distinctly gives the opposite impression!
  5. Farang + Balcony = Suicide. / Thai + Balcony = Murder.
  6. Non O A expiration

    I removed a flame post you made and the resultant reply to it. They told you that you can stay in the country until August 5th. They apparently failed to mention that you need a re-entry permit to keep that stay valid if you want to leave the country.
  7. Simple. Don’t contribute. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. exactly.. nobody has ever WANTED to bin it.. its too useful once in power.
  9. The British nationals appear to have a liking for the Bangkok Hilton lately. Well, this wins him a free stay there.
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    Yes - that is correct because I understand the situation............I don't let my solitary personal experience get in the way of seeing the big picture. (i also travel exclusively by car - I've even had to rescue someone in my village who was pinned against a wall by a pack of our local soi dogs.)
  11. TOMS aren't the most pleasant of the Thai species, but I suppose its a bit harsh to shoot them
  12. They not very lucky man this time.
  13. Suzuki GSX-R 150

    150cc is new big market Siam. This Suzi looks very nice. Best looking of the bunch IpHA. Is price known? But USD/beefy forks be way good. //MSlaz// & add ABS, way gooder. //top CB150//. ;-)
  14. They don't need financial help. They are well off for Thai standard's. They own a farm. Some Americans need the money more.
  15. But it is hilarious to observe.
  16. Good Way to Block a Road

    - Daling; I'm hungry! - Don't worry, we'll go to eat when we get to Karon. It's just behind this last hill...
  17. Clever payback by the Kurds against Turkish aggression.
  18. Non O A expiration

    Depends on the context, you are OK to STAY in Thailand until that date.
  19. It is incredible the amount of people that allow themselves to be walked all over here.
  20. Non O A expiration

    Wrong If you leave after the enter after the 23rd of this month without getting a re-entry permit you will only get a 30 day visa exempt entry when you enter the country.
  21. Non O A expiration

    So. Today. The immigration office TODAY told me I was ok until Aug. 5th 2018??? Really. They lied to me...
  22. Is this report for real?! Happy! One thing I've noticed, is the effort made inoder to portray a harmonious and happy existences, but behind the scenes the real truths are being kept out of sight! Best country for business. Happiest country in the world! My goodness, this is paradise. A country with the most coup detat in recent history compared to other nations, run by an unelected dictatorship, that violets human and animal rights, and still practises slavery, Known in most parts of the world as one of the most corrupt counties, with one of the highest levels of extortion and embezzlement rates ,which is clearly being practised by the number 2 dictator within the unelected government, that took over the country by force, that promotes illegal prostitution, high levels of unemployment coupled with a poor level of social security., not forgetting, it is still ranked a 3rd world progressive country etc etc etc etc etc etc etc... Hmmm. Happy...
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