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  2. I always wanted to have my face published in the Thai media . My finger has been waiting for an occasion like this, Oh well , maybe next time.
  3. The EU also calculates Brexit a la Boris - the EU could go and whistle. Could be that this is much more lucrative for the EU? Banks, finance, insurance and b2b service companies can move quickly. Then follow the airlines, which must have one year in advance planning security. Finally, production shifts. The three tax paradises Jersey, Isle of man, Guernsey could be closed without UK veto. More Border guards have to be paid anyway. Would also be a scenario.
  4. Penang Visa Run Report

    Thank you cacahootie Did you even ask around about using agents?
  5. I don't understand. I have watched the video. Why did the Indian let that ugly ladyboy face kiss and hug him ? He did nothing! He asked for it ! Stupidity comes to mind. That's why people like myself never gets in trouble , we use the brain when needed.
  6. If a mechanic is a job reserved for Thais why have I never seen one? I have seen monkeys pretending to be a mechanic.
  7. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    I don't find it interesting, it is of that kind of people, who cannot live a decent live in their home country. Thailand is full of such farangs, who run away from the home country in the hope to make a better living in Thailand, but since prices go up and up it becomes more difficult every year. I fully unterstand Thai immigration that they do not want people without medical care insurance and spend as little as possible, doing visa runs, etc. They are the reason why immigration laws are tightened every year. Anyone, who wants to spend little money, is in the wrong country. Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia are quite a lot cheaper and have less stringent immigration laws.
  8. Actually plastic is a worldwide problem , the beaches in Australia , in America and the pacific islands are also experiencing a lot of plastic in the ocean that eventually will end up on the beaches. I am not so sure the plastic bottles that ended up on wongamat beach are produced in Thailand, they can travel a long distance.
  9. Penang tourist visa, March 2017

    I posted a detailed report recently:
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Now that is what you call being completely and utterly told. That's like one of those Archie back handers that. Slapped straight back to his school years with that one.
  11. Does Buddha lives in Thailand?" Not with out a work permit and 90 day reports!
  12. Actually there are some foreigners with the correct work visas that are allowed here. In some restaurants , kitchen chef in 5 star hotels., doctors / specialists in hospitals, IT-people in specialized jobs and of course teachers. They all have a work permit. Foreign mechanics are probably working illegally and are aware of the risks..
  13. I don't know about KL, but Penang did not require any hotel booking, and neither does Vientiane.
  14. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    A sad but succinct and honest appraisal.
  15. No but it can be interdependent
  16. Thank you, John McCain. Again.
  17. McCain Announces Opposition to Republican Health Bill, Likely Dooming Its Fate WASHINGTON — Senator John McCain of Arizona announced on Friday that he would oppose the latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving Republican leaders with little hope of succeeding in their last-ditch attempt to dismantle the health law. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/22/us/politics/mccain-graham-cassidy-health-care.html?emc=edit_na_20170922&nl=breaking-news&nlid=76310506&ref=cta
  18. I wonder if the multi billionaire owners of super yachts will even think about Pattaya as a destination ?
  19. Well , the Russians doesn't seem to mind the trash , they even swim in it. When I walked along the beach a few days ago , it looked really bad but plenty of Russians and Chinese around couldn't care less.
  20. it must be hell for the % of good cops
  21. This is a serious movie script. Charge the reporters for comments darron seriously they will be swarming very soon (Global). How he fake his own death?
  22. The two National Parks near us changed signage at the entranceways in 2013, stating the lower price was for "Thai ID Card Holders Only". And to make their point, my partner had to produce hers ... being near Cambo border we can't have those pesky Khmers in as locals can we? That should be clear enough and reduce the amount of times the ticket staff are confronted by a moaning foreigner claiming his driver's licence somehow makes him a local But of course "it's the principle" as stated in a thousand threads already on dual-pricing...
  23. Needed to get a non O visa which I obtained on the basis of having a child who is a Thai national. Documents/proof required were: Photocopy of birth certificate (childs) Photocopy of passport main page Photocopy of laos visa Passport 2 white background passport photos Vientiane application form** At present you cannot print form of their site it is skewed and may be rejected as it is incomplete. When you print it off it misses the bottom field of the page. Will load it up to TV as I have original copies which anyone can then download. Transport: I caught the 17.37 from khon kaen and arrived in nong khai at just before 8pm. 2nd class fan carriage aproximately 140 baht Nong khai train station to Friendship Bridge (border) was a 5 min 40 Baht journey. Caught 20 baht bus over bridge. 5 mins. Got through laos immigration in 10 minutes. 1500 baht for a visa (30 days) Paid 200 baht for taxi to vientiane city centre. The CONSULATE where I got the visa is on rue boucharine it was easy to locate. I recommend mali namphu hotel Excellent omelette/breakfast - ìncluded Fair price £11 agoda Nice rooms (upgraded me to ground floor) WiFi was sketchy but they have communal areas which are pleasant. (Construction was underway on part of hotel for 4-5 hours a day but it was not bad at all) From centre (hotel mentioned) should be no more than a 100 baht fee to the consulate and take 12-18 minutes traffic pending. Got to consulate early shop next door charged 100? Baht for 8 photos. White background. Also supplied the application form for free they say. Declined all other services. Got into consulate 8.30 am I believe it was. App completed within 25 mins. - queues were fairly big. Early is key to getting out early next day for collection. Ticket issue system is same number first day as 2nd day collection. Ticket number 8 first day is ticket number 8 on collection day etc. Chilled for a day. Good spot called sputnik burger in CC. 11-2 lunchtime, a very decent burger a soft drink and a brownie for about 200 baht. Very nice side of chips. Proper nice chips. No wifi in place though. Next day collection for visa opens 1.30pm. If you were early first day your should not try to be early 2nd day as it uses same ticket number as advised. Just by 1.30pm is fine. Obtained visa and paid 2000 baht and headed to bridge to cross for 100 baht in mini van In thailand by 2.45pm. Expenditure Trains KK to Nong khai x 2 280 baht Hotels 2 nights 1000 baht Food 3 days x 1400 baht Visa laos 1500 baht Visa non o 2000 baht Tuk tuk NK to border x 2 - 80 baht Photographs x 8 but 2 used. 100 baht Transport while in laos 500 baht Total spent: 6800 Time spent - 48 hours My visa runs to date: HK Penang Vientiane Easiest - vientiane Quickest - vientiane Cheapest - vientiane CURRY - Also widely available in Vientiane
  24. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Actually it should be possible to live on even less, if you find a room for 2500 baht per month . Many Thais live in fan rooms like this. So 2500 + electric/water 800 , phone 500, internet 500 = 4300 and the rest goes for food and clothes. 10-15k and you can live a comfortable life if you stick to Thai food, no girls and no alcohol. .
  25. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Impressive in a way I suppose but who the <deleted> wants to live like that. The whole idea of moving here (mine anyway) is to enjoy a better standard of living than I could afford in the UK for the same money not to live like a hobo ... each to their own I suppose.
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