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    GPS is not necessary because they can't speed! I'll remember that next time they are overtaking me on a blind corner when I am already at the speed limit.
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    Report the "finder" to the police for steeling the Iphone as it was not hers to take from the 7-11 store in the first place! They should also add extortion or what ever it should be as she refuse to give it back even when offered a 1000 Baht "finders fee" and maybe they should add fencing too as she is basically trying to sell stolen goods!
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    Good job, prosecutors! It's okay because he has money. Nothing is changing in Thailand. Well, the economy is tanking and things are becoming more expensive. Meet the new boss - the same as the old one. Absolutely abhorrent behaviour in a Buddhist nation. Shame.
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    Pathetic outburst from the van drivers which explains clearly why they should all be taken of the road in the interests of public safety
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    Utter utter scum. And all those shielding him equally so. So I guess Yuyee and the B2 from the Koh Tao fix up weren't suitable for this fair treatment method then?? This is the worst I've seen from the courts / prosecutors here yet. So far beneath contempt that it is actually quite hard to comprehend 😡
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    Thai spouses frequently have a hell of a job to set foot in the UK, but here this 'gentleman' is, living it up at Gordon Ramsey's. There's the UK for you...
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    And so the move towards a police state continues and innocent people should be worried about that.
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    This country makes a huge amount of money from tourists, it is a vital part of GDP and has been the case for decades, the problem is that there are no safety standards or at least they are not enforced making Thailand (no matter how much they claim otherwise) and extremely dangerous place to holiday. The costs quoted in the OP are not only tiny but are very likely exaggerated, when you consider the actual cost in terms of labour and materials without profit it is no where near what they are quoting. Yes people should have insurance when they go on holiday but equally there is a duty of care to keep visitors safe when they visit Thailand, when they are injured through no fault of their own then Thailand should be willing to step up and compensate. They have gotten away with this for far too long, they have had decades to improve things but instead stuffed the money in their greedy pockets showing no consideration to improve their health and safety.........and yes I for once agree in this instance of that commonly used Thai phrase - well if they hadn't come to Thailand it wouldn't have happened so it must be their fault, might be time for people to rethink their holiday destinations. If a Thai goes to the UK on holiday they will be treated in hospital like everyone else, the difference being that the likelihood of something happening to them is vastly different. So a few million here and there .................so what, you are making trillions in tourism.
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    A truly reprehensible individual. Scum of the earth in the truest sense of the word. The hiso set clearly have no morals whatsoever as is shown by his mother in some of the leaked pictures. If this rat is allowed to simply avoid a trial (and subsequent conviction) because he has been overseas simply living the high life then what chance do the authorities have of claiming the justice system is fair and impartial. Surely steps must now be taken to arrest him on sight. This is an outrageously disturbing case. All involved in the cover up / shielding deserve the most severe penalties possible. Just the sight of this idiot is repulsive 😠
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    “It’s the first programme of its kind worldwide – offering unlimited access to Thailand as well as a range of special VIP privileges.” vs. other countries who don't grant "VIP privileges" and only allow you to stay and work even if you are not super wealthy, buy and sell property in your own name, not charge you four times more than native citizens, not making you leave and re-enter every 90 days, etc. Being a VIP in Thailand is nothing more than you giving them your money, and them thinking that they are doing you a favor by accepting it. Basically... VIP=Sucker.
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    this is what happens when people have never had to take their police force seriously. they come to believe that no rules or laws apply to anyone anywhere, even in a super market. no discipline. no real concern for others. a unwillingness to call out bad behavior.
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    Speed kills? Pulling out of an intersection onto a main road without looking or stopping kills Riding with no lights at night kills Riding the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic kills Not wearing a helmet kills Get all these sorted out first then start worrying about what speed people are doing...I've never seen such moronic behaviour anywhere in the world as I've experienced on the roads here.
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    Not sure Thailand as developed far enough to the point where this makes sense...... Gonna hit builders, farmers, laborers and the like hard and am not sure financially they are at a point where alternative transport is viable. How about police just getting out on the roads and enforcing some kind of driving standards.......... Far fetched blue sky thinking I know!
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    Reading the headline, I expected the son to be a juvenile. 42 y.o., what a waster. I am surprised his dad waited so long.
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    Midweek Rant: Seven deadly days – it’s just a Songkran smokescreen Every year it is just more of the same BANGKOK: -- With two or three weeks to go before the Songkran festival every Tom, Dick and Somchai from every authority up and down Thailand comes crawling out of the woodwork to announce the latest gimmick for ending the carnage on the roads. Whether it is impounding cars of drink drivers, threatening the convicted with horror trips to the morgue, the checkpoints, the bans on water throwing, blocking up the U-turns, the threats to actually enforce the law….. Whatever. I have had it up to here. Why? Shouldn’t we be glad that the authorities are getting their collective fingers out and doing something to save lives at last? Nonsense – it is just one almighty face-saving smokescreen. Songkran – and to a slightly lesser extent New Year in December/January – are just the biggest of all Thai scapegoats when it comes to the disgraceful inactivity when it comes to improving road safety. The police, the politicians, and the press that really connives with them with their daft statistics every – are all guilty of making it look as though the appalling carnage and mayhem on the roads is a problem specific to April and the turn of the year. Figures might show it is slightly less horrendous than last year. So what does that prove? Nothing. It almost hoodwinks the public into believing that something is improving. Something is being done. Rubbish – it is just lip-service to the problem. There is also this idea that if something is done at twice a year then the problem will somehow go away. Well, it won’t. It will just get shuffled under a Thai carpet of shame. Everybody should all be reminded, constantly, that this is not something peculiar to drink and drug fuelled holidays – this is a national disgrace that is killing perhaps seventy to a hundred people every single day. Not just the seven deadly days of Songkran. Not just the week at New Year. But every bloody, worthless day. Children are dying. Adults are dying. Old people are dying. Rich and poor. Car drivers and motorcyclist. Thais and visitors alike are being mown down, killed and maimed virtually every few seconds. I’m not here to offer any answers. You are paid to come up with the answers. I’m just here to say stop treating the problem as a biannual phenomenon – and come up with some coherent strategy to deal with the situation. A strategy that looks at 365 days a year. A strategy that puts a plan in place for the next five, then ten, then twenty years. You owe it to the people who are dying at your hands. Sure, as the PM howled last week in his own rant the people are often to blame. But the people need your help. They need to be saved from themselves. And the people sure as hell know that this is a nightmare they face every single day. On every single journey on the roads of the big cities or the lanes of the countryside. Whether it’s 16,000 or 26,000 dead each year I know not. Whatever it is, it’s appalling. What I do know is that this is a matter of the utmost national importance. It is your own flesh and blood. Your own “phee nong” you profess to care about. Your children’s own future. So start taking it seriously each and every day of each and every month. And stop patting yourself on the back for doing something about it once or twice a year. Stop hiding behind the Smokescreen of Songkran or the New Year Scapegoat. And get your fingers out. Or you’ll all have the blood of a million deaths on your hands over the next half century. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-05
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    Sorry Mr. PM - But if the driver doesn't want the fare then the driver shouldn't stop. That simple. You should be supporting the people, not the drivers!!
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    while you are singling groups of people out, please also fine foreign men for going topless; man boobs are hideous!
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    What an idiot. Just give the phone back to the rightful owner. Sheesh!
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    Please use common sense: A 4 door vehicle will have a proper seating restraints in the passenger area. The intent is to keep people out of the interior cargo area in the 2 door vehicles because the passengers are trapped and cannot exit when the vehicle crashes. Passengers typically asphyxiate or burn to death in serious crashes that crumple the front ends. One should not transport people in a vehicle trunk either. The government is to be commended for this attempt at dealing with a major source of death and serious injuries in car crashes. People are thrown out of the vehicles and have their heads split open like melons dropped on the ground. Sadly, I anticipate it will be as enforced as effectively as the helmet law.
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    Just proof how corrupt the U.K. Is allowing him in! Try to bring your Thai spouse, hell no!
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    Did anyone expect anything different ? Not nice for the poor, deceased policeman's family to read.
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    Amazing Thailand, i took your i-phone of the counter at a 7/11, so you must pay me 5000 baht or i will not return it. She took it out of a shop, so she stole it. Police should charge her with stealing, because that is what she did, she stole it.
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    Thais not allowed to sit in the back of a pick-up truck, you might as well try and stop my Thai Mother-in-Law from picking her nose!
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    Note to self: don't pop off to a guy half my age and twice my size regardless whether I think I am right. Good to see the moto taxi guys made sure Rocky didn't leave the scene. Will be interesting to see what precipatated the event.
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    At least the spaghetti harvest has been good this year
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    Very sad to hear of the untimely death of a young girl. If this was an organised event and the death was caused by negligence in leaving bare wires exposed, then 20,000 Baht is totally insufficient. No amount of money can replace a life, but at 25, the lady had many years of working life left in her. I hope they get sued and an appropriate award made, plus criminal charges if serious negligence can be shown.
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    Nice one, meanwhile I heard there's another food crisis on the way as this years noodle harvest could be affected by the drought.
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    R.I.P. Too young to meet such an end. The only thing about this that concerns me, apart from how he died, is that the story says NO valuables were found in his room. Surely he must have had a wallet, a phone, a passport, camera? What happened to all of it? That none of these were found, to me suggests possible foul play.
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    "Netizens were asked by the army to not share a video clip featuring abuses against conscripts..." Stop abusing conscripts. Problem solved.
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    Good that they bought the new tanks today for 2 billion.....
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    When will the Pattaya taxis be made to use their meters and not "their own price structures" for trips around Pattaya city ?
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    Yes, my friend. And still the Thais do nothing about it. More important to watch comedy shows with bells, gongs, hoots and whistles, or the latest appallingly acted soap opera. There comes a point where, with the heaviest heart, one has to speak of national cowardice. Some nations in this world fought and sacrificed their blood in millions for liberty over the centuries. Moral and physical courage is not an attribute I see in abundance here. So - people get the 'government' they deserve. Sad - but, I am afraid, ultimately true. In the final analysis, a 'government' which is allowed to persist for growing numbers of years reflects the soul of the people who supinely permit such continuance.
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    Only in Bangkok? Would that then make it a capital offense?
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    ... and in other news, Thailand has suggested that it would like to join the EU, given UK will depart in 2 years time.
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    So when he doesn't turn up today, will we finally see a warrant for his arrest issued AND served? If past proceedings are anything to go by, probably not. All this horrible dog now has to do is stay out of Thailand until the statute of limitations runs out in a few months and he will prove how useless and corrupt the Thai Judicial system is when you have money. Utterly disgraceful.
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    Over the top completely! A really, REALLY stupid comment! Ridiculous "Thai bashing" nonsense! Until I retired I used to work in a government owned building in Luxembourg City. Legionnella tests were carried out regularly on the water supplies and air-conditioning units in that building and the detailed results were provided to everyone who worked there. Those tests almost invariably came back positive for Legionella despite the best efforts of the building maintenance team to eliminate the damned bacterium using chlorine gas to disinfect the water systems and God knows how many other disinfectant chemicals. Legionella is not easy to eliminate, permanently. This bacterium is a big problem throughout the world; it is present in the hot water systems of most hotels, offices and domestic dwellings. Do you ever get the hot water or air-conditioning systems where you live checked for Legionella? 100:1 odds on, you'll find it in the shower heads and in the water system. The thing that worries me more in Thailand is the use of the "misting" systems that are often installed outside bars and restaurants. The supply pipework is usually in direct sunlight so the water inside the pipes, when it is turned off, will attain the ideal temperature range for the development of thriving colonies of Legionella. Then when the system is turned on, it will likely eject an aerosol of concentrated Legionella bacteria all over anyone in the vicinity; that should be a matter of real concern to health officials!
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    Well, personally I would get a huge kick out of returning someone's property to them especially if it was valuable. The smile on their face would be all the reward I would need.
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    I think it is sometimes forgotten that we are living in a developing 3rd world country... 1 pickup truck in a family is a luxury.. many can not afford more than a motorbike.. they know filling the back of the pickup is dangerous as they know 4 on a motorbike is dangerous.. but when that is all they have what else can they do?.. Things must and will change but this is a very difficult transition for many poor families to deal with.. they are not stupid... just poor...
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    Truly amazing that the one person showing a spark of intelligence and wanting to use public transport, rather than driving drunk gets hassled. It might be different if he were loud, obnoxious and looking for trouble, but the story says the opposite. How is this country going to reduce its appalling drink driving situation, when people trying to do the right thing, receive such treatment?
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    Here we go again blame the manufacturers because there is nothing wrong with the riders naturally !
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    From what you say you appear guilty on all three counts. (Sorry but you did ask)
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    I would imagine there were no amulets in the car, as well as no brain cells in there either.
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    I think he panicked when he realised he didn't have 7 mates behind him, to knock shit out of his opponent, as usually happens in real life.
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    I love Thailand but stories like this make me want to say God damn this place to hell for their stupidity. Sorry it just too sad. RIP.
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    Why is every news story on here such rubbish? Is it a real functioning pistol, or is it just a replica? Was he arrested for licking the glass, or having the pistol? Is he being charged, or just questioned. Worst. Reporting. Ever.
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