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    Aussie man's recollections of His Majesty touches the hearts of the Thai people Picture: Sanook BANGKOK: -- An Australian man's recollections of the time he met His Majesty has touched the hearts of the Thai people. The story of 82 year old Peter Cummins' meeting with the king in 1985 was shared nearly 100,000 times and viewed by a quarter of a million people online, reported Sanook. Speaking at the HQ of the Thai Yachting Association in Pattaya, Peter said that he was working for the UN in public relations as early as 1971. Like His Majesty he was an accomplished yachtsman. In 1985 Peter was the only non-Thai invited to compete in a competition in front of the Klai Kangwon palace in Hua Hin where His Majesty often stayed. Peter said there were 300 Thai competitors - and himself as the only foreigner. He met the king and was photographed with him on the beach where they talked at length. Peter said he had felt very close to His Majesty since that day and said that the king said to him: "Come and see me at the palace whenever you want". "He was a lovely man, so humble with no airs and graces even though he was a king," said Peter. "What an honor it was to share this occasion with him". Peter said that the picture he treasures was taken after the competition was over when the king had joked with him: "You beat me this time, but you won't beat me next time!" They had then chatted about their respective places in the competition. Some years before His Majesty along with his daughter Princess Ubolrat had achieved the distinction of winning a gold medal at the 16th SEA games in the OK Dinghy class in 1967. Father and daughter had competed against Malaysian, Burmese, Singaporean and Thai opposition and had jointly won the Gold Medal presented by the queen. The day was the 16th December and this was proclaimed as the National Sports Day of Thailand thereafter. Peter said that when he heard the news about the death of the king he was devastated. He couldn't stop crying when he thought about the king. He told reporters that if there were more people like His Majesty in the world there would be no problems. He said that he was so glad to live in Thailand and have the opportunity to meet and compete against His Majesty. In his remaining days he intends to continue living in the kingdom as he loves Thailand very much. Source: Sanook -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-10-17
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    Keeper pretends to be drowning, causing young elephant undue stress, could also be the headline.
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    50PSI might be maximum pressure that that tire can take. It is not operating pressure on a Vigo. As Transam says, check the door jam / manual. 40 and 50 PSI are both too much. Over-inflated tires will wear in the center, under-inflated with wear on the outside edges. Manufacturers give a recommended pressure to maximize grip while minimizing wear by keeping it even across the width of the tread. Pressure has a direct impact on this.
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    You buy a cheap 12V compressor and separate gauge at Tesco's, around 1000bht.. Check pressures first thing in the morning so tyres are cold to the correct pressures which are shown on a sticker on the drivers side door jam. Pressures INCREASE when the ride is used when the tyres warm up..
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    Not a "freak" accident - human error and this is a well documented result.
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    If she would be 25, would that make you feel better? Or if that damn shooting would have happened at 6 pm? The problem here is not, why someone...ANYONE...was on the street at that time! The problem is THE SHOOTING! Exactly my first thoughts: what was she - a 15 year old - doing out at 4 a.m.? My second thoughts: what kind of people are out at 4 a.m.? These questions seem to go over the heads of some posters here.
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    A couple of things about that article: The Deloitte index is still at -5! It said that people were happy about disinflation but that was before the Pound crashed!! The survey was done on 15 September, before the Pound fell!!! Repeat the survey today and you'd get seriously different answers.
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    Poor Donald. Everyone is against him. Good grief- Trump has denigrated women; the poor; the disabled; blacks; and anyone else he considers his inferior. And he can't figure out why people might not like him?
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    Thoroughly impressed.....by the beautiful Thai statue in the back. Why do cops doing their job need to be constantly praised?
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    A personal reflection on the dark week that was in Thailand Gerry Carter When I arrived in Thailand the best part of 35 years ago one of the starkest contrasts was in the public perception of the Royal Family I had left behind in the UK and how the Thais perceived their own beloved monarch. The British Royal Family was having a tough time in the 1980s while the Thais were seemingly to a man, woman and child in love with His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Some years later he was bestowed with the title of “The Great” as his grandfather King Chulalongkorn had been before him. As the years passed it was easy to see why he was held in such extraordinary esteem. His Majesty’s passing on Thursday is a life shattering event not just for the tens of millions of Thai people who idolized this great figure. It is also devastating for the millions of foreigners who have either made their home in Thailand or who just love the country and its people with a passion. I count myself as one of those on both counts. I had a very unusual job for a foreigner in the main part of my working life when I found it as my duty, honor and privilege to head up the Thai Department at a major international school set up in Bangkok in 1998. Naturally, as part of that job in helping to promote Thai culture and language to both the foreign and Thai communities within a growing school, I would find myself talking and teaching about the man who came to be called the guiding light of the nation, His Majesty. That job was a fabulous 15 year journey that taught me as much about the respect for and greatness of the monarch from the students, fellow Thai teachers and parents as I was able to inspire and give myself in return. So on this sad occasion I would just like to share a few personal anecdotes as the nation grieves in somber reflection. In my classroom, adorned with all the trappings you might expect of a Thai studies teaching room, I always kept a huge cut out figure of His Majesty standing in the corner of the room looking over the activities of the class, as it were. Whenever anyone was naughty all I ever needed to do was cast my eyes in his direction and the children would come respectfully into line. No words were necessary. The level of respect and sense of humility instilled in the youngest child was never put there by me. Their parents and elders had done that. Everyone felt humbled by the need to be good in his presence, the need for respect and duty and service to others. But in my fortunate position I was thankfully able to encourage the students to share and nurture these proud feelings. For many of the Thai children who found themselves in this “international” environment it was a source of great pride and inclusion to share their emotions and feelings about their king with classmates. In turn the foreigners, many of whom were rebellious teenagers not given to showing respect for any authority, were able to get closer to their Thai friends in this shared understanding of why their friends seemed to have not one father…but two. I read a post online this week from a Welsh boy whom I taught who has since moved back to the UK. He wanted to register his heartfelt grief to his old friends in Thailand. It was one of many from non-Thai alumni of our school who were so touched by Thailand and the relationship of the people to their King. In fact, it is fantastic to see among young people who perhaps were in Thailand just for a few years what a dramatic effect this brief but formative time had on their lives. For me I had always hoped these young visitors to Thailand would take something of this nature away with them when they left these shores. I hoped for this as much as I wanted the Thai children in my care to proudly spread the good word about the kingdom as they themselves moved around the world after their own graduations. Around the year 2000 I decided to teach the topic of the story of the King’s faithful dog Thong Daeng to my Year Six students. Sitting with the children at my feet all very attentive and excited by this very human story of a humble man who saves a soi dog, was an utter delight. The children learnt to read the story in either Thai or English – or for those that were able, both languages! As part of the topic I invited Khun Chai Ratchawat the famous Thai Rath cartoonist who drew the pictures for the cartoon book version of the Thong Daeng story that the King had penned himself. Chai kindly visited my school to talk to the children about completing those drawings and about his own feelings for His Majesty. Chai depicted the king in respectful, white outline only and it was fascinating to see the understanding of the ten year old students as to why this was so apt. He also told his rapt young audience how he didn’t sleep or eat properly for six weeks as he worked on the cartoons in honor of His Majesty. The children, both Thai and non-Thai nodded their appreciation as to why this might be so. In 1998 I was teaching the topic of the great Thai kings of the Chakri Dynasty for the Year 2 children who were only six and seven years old. After learning something about all the kings we concentrated on the achievements of Rama I, Rama V and Rama IX in this half term topic. I remember to this day – and so do others who were in this class – how we spoke of Rama IX and the role he played during the events of Black May 1992. I always felt that even very young children could understand complicated adult concepts if they were explained to them in a way they could connect to. I was helped in this by their British class teacher, Mrs Bridget Snow who attended all their Thai lessons even though her job description said she didn’t have to. Mrs Snow wanted to learn about Thailand and the kings as much as the children. A chair was left empty in front of the class and the children were asked to imagine that the King was there. Then we showed how there were two people who were having an argument and how they came to see the king, sat down at his feet and agreed that they should resolve their differences. We role played this scenario. This dramatic and real event I had witnessed myself in utter amazement some six years before on television as the warring factions of Suchinda Kraprayoon and Chamlong Srimuang came together in front of His Majesty to stop the bloodshed that had claimed so many lives and cause so much division. Those little Year 2 students – including my own “luuk kreung” (mixed nationality) daughter Charlotte - were able to begin to understand what it was that made this person so special and this moment in Thai history so dramatic. As part of my job I wrote more than a dozen plays in English to promote Thai culture at the school. Once, in one of these, I depicted a king – whose name was not specified – who did great good for the environment. This was to be performed for some 100 Year 5 parents at the end of term. The mother of the Year 5 boy who was to play the king came to see me to say she felt uneasy. There was no doubt in her mind who this king was and she felt uncomfortable with her boy playing the role of so great a figure. We resolved those feelings by having the parent and son present flowers and perform a respectful “graap”, or prostration, in a private ceremony with a picture of His Majesty before the performance took place. The boy and the mother both had tears in their eyes as the little chap asked in Thai for the King’s permission to play the part. I will never forget that moment or the pride shown by all the children and parents during the performance. In fact I am crying right now as I type, just thinking about it. For many years it was my pleasure to deliver speeches on Teachers’ Day that we held to honor the academic staff and assistants at our school every January. I felt it was right to bring this Thai tradition into an international school as I believed that the relationship between pupils and staff was pivotal and worthy of celebration. Many expatriate staff were surprised by this at first but were delighted to take part in the touching ceremony as garlands were presented and songs sung in Thai by students of all nationalities. Many of those staff had previously recounted stories of disrespect encountered in foreign countries towards teachers. I used these occasions to talk about the role of His Majesty as not just a great example for all students as their second father but also as their teacher and role model. Glancing up and seeing 500 students on these occasions listening intently and respectfully to my words – with many smiling and nodding in appreciation – was a reward that I shall treasure for the rest of my life even though I am retired from teaching now. Down the years various headmasters and school administrators asked my opinion - in private - on various matters in Thai life. I had always drawn their attention to the respect for His Majesty and felt this was something that needed to be celebrated and continue if and when the day came that he might pass away. I always felt that a fitting tribute to the passing of a great monarch was that which was practiced by our sister school in London, Harrow School, where a black tie was adopted in the school uniform as a sign of mourning and respect for the passing of Queen Victoria. Even when the time of mourning was over the black tie at Harrow was kept and has been to this day. In honor of a truly great figure that has touched the lives of millions, I hope that the international school in Bangkok, that bears the same foreign name, might do likewise in the memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great. -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-10-16
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    Tragic that a seemingly innocent bystander should die in the crossfire but one question that needs to be asked is why is a 15 year old girl out and about at 4 am?
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    One shouldn't need to check tyre pressures mid-journey unless one's tyres are obviously losing pressure and then one needs to get them repaired.
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    Youre not checking my tyres then as tyre pressure increases when hot....
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    There is no requirement to wear mourning colours (black/white) - just dress appropriately and use common sense. Has no one here ever been to a funeral?
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    Poor Pence, always having to do damage control for Bobo the Clown.
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    Another ' I'm all right Jack ' post so nothing and no one else matters. It's not just an issue about alcohol not being available but consider if any business closes it's highly unlikely the staff will be paid and if the closure is for an extended period it causes problems. People have to live and bills don't get suspended because work has been.
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    The 'system' usually uses Trump's own words, when referring to him. Is the system biased against him, when they use his own assertions? Trump fans would say yes, as they smell conspiracies everywhere. There are hundreds of thousands of good people working throughout the US - to try their best to make sure the election is fair. With one sweeping unsubstantiated statement, Trump is shitting on all those election monitors. Also; tens of millions of people look to the US as a bastion of free and fair elections, and for good reason. The US is a good example of a free and fair election process - something which is rarely found outside of N.America, Europe, and Aus/NZ. Trump, with his most recent mouth farts, is besmirching that process of trying to establish free and fair elections in as many countries as possible. It takes 200 years to create a forest. It takes one lit match and 1 hour to destroy it. Trump is that lit match. Yes there was a firebomb on one place. Thankfully no one was hurt. HRC was one of the first public figures to speak up on how it was awful.
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    I think a subsection of these people who will vote for Trump are latent racists but more importantly, latent devout sexists. The blind rage and hatred they have towards Hillary just knows no bounds and defies rational explanation ...except for this. A woman in authority and in power like this can really bring out the worst in some men. I have personally seen some men I know (some for 30 years) who seemed normal to me totally lose their shit over this issue recently ...I feel like I have been transported back to 1950 and am in a KKK meeting but against women (based on those reactions). I would like to write an essay just on this issue but I guess it is off topic ...
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    rofl.. I remember having a conversation with my Thai gf about this exact thing. We were discussing marriage and I said to her "you know I've got no money?" Her reply was "that's ok, we can be poor together".. Been together 7 years and getting married next month. There are superficial people in every culture. I consider myself extremely blessed to have ended up with someone who isn't one of them.
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    May I ask how you arrived at the "opinion?" Let's talk objectively, for example, using a completely objective, non-partisan website which does nothing but fact-check. Mrs. Clinton lies or says something mostly false or worse 27% of the time. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/hillary-clinton/ Mr. Trump lies or says something mostly false or worse 71% of the time. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/ So asking purely from an objective point of view, how can you view Trump as being more honest than Clinton?
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    (Real) billionaire businessman and investor Peter Thiel has just put money into the Trump campaign. Now why would a savvy investor like that put money into what clearly is a losing proposition? Investors understand leverage: use a small input to get a large influence. My guess is Trump already knows the election is lost, but is powering on and concentrating on building resentment and grievance. This is a business play by Trump and Thiel and no longer a real election run. They will build a media empire with a potential 50 million viewership (in America alone) that feeds resentment and hate. That's why Media guys like Roger Ailes and Branon are on board. Branon gets to join the big leagues. Aliles gets back influence and gets his revenge on Fox for abandoning him by stealing their viewers. This is classic Trump biz scam strategy: let others pay and do the work while he just slaps his name on it. He appears by video link to babble something every day for half an hour. He gets the money, he gets the limelight, he doesn't have to do the work. Also a great venue to find pussies to grab. The big losers are the rubes that are still taking seriously that Trump is running for president. Trump isn't smart enough to be president, but he's smart enough to fool the rubes. T
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    YOUR tyre pressures should be 29 psi if it has 265/70x16's.. Open your drivers door and read the sticker, let me know what it says..
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    As we have seen in Thailand recently where consumer confidence is the highest in six months, economic recovery remains largley independent and more effected by contracting exports, higher inflation and unemployment. The same elements now being forecasted for UK. China just warned that "global [meaning China] faces prolonged weakness." So much for an economic White Knight. I fear the worst in terms of UK economy has yet to be realized.
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    Nice quip from Hitchins: "The UK is moving from a position of being half in the EU to a position where we are half out of the EU" Just to lighten things!
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    555555555555555555555! I love it when the trumpets quote these shitty little right wing Looney Tunes websites. Project Vertias... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/james-okeefe-video-clinton_us_55e5c0a8e4b0aec9f35481a8 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/project-veritas/
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    The Democratic Party primary was certainly rigged against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), both openly and secretly so there's no doubt in anyone's mind that the vote in November will be 'rigged' with dead voters and sundry Clinton operatives "Shenanigans"...
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    No one knows what drugs Trump is suggesting Hillary might be taking to "pump her up" but they have ruled out truth serum.
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    So you believe the accused should should be found guilty in the court of public opinion though a 24 hour a day 7 day a week media blitz with not one shred evidence, not even a character witness that all these women claim to have?
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    I guess until someone like you has ever faced an awesomely fierce, terribly rich,, deep-pocketed litigant who can and will bury you in lawsuits until you are bankrupt; who can make it so you do indeed "never again work in this town," will you ever understand how a young, vulnerable, honest working woman or beauty contestant would not just rush out and bring charges. You are perfectly aligned with Trump. He has you in the diminutive palms of his hands. I hope you never get on the wrong side of someone like him, you will be crying uncle.
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    Also really expensive. But perhaps still just within the realm of sanity for a person visiting alone. It was already quite out there for a family to join. And this year is frankly insane; sorry but it's true. It's actually so offensively insane that I'll stop recommending River Market to visitors. At this increase who knows what the current menu prices are like these days. (Spring rolls for example were 225 Baht on the 2015 menu, so I can only assume they're now at 360 Baht at the same 60% increase to this year.) Anyway to answer the question and for general reference: Mosey on over, LOL. Seriously though if people let them get away with such an increase by visiting anyway then guess what will happen to prices at related restaurants next. I think it's time for people to say: "Excuse me, I think we're in Chiang Mai. Thank you." Unless they only want cars with blue plates out front. (Embassy peeps and the big Audis from China..)
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    I think you are a bit misinformed. Even in cold conditions (where in Thailand barring the summit of Doi Inthanon?), tyres will naturally increase pressure due to road resistance/heat transfer when the vehicle they are rolling is driven... when you next go for a drive, put your hand on one of the tyres at destination, you'll see what I mean. When I bought my Vigo, tyres has 56psi, I kid you not! Absolutely deadly in the heat/rain at those pressures. Should be 29 all round. I think they do it through the misconception that it makes the vehicle look taller, that they won't have to pump up as frequently, and of course that there will be a less fuel consumption. All nuts. This also happens in the UK and other places and is a clear case of human error. Surprised it doesn't happen more here. RIP all the same.
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    Yeah they love their tire pressure and tight lug nuts. Impact gun those babies on at like 300lbs.
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    I support it 100% . Thailand is large country and shouldn't focus only on BKK, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Isaan.
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    There is strong incentive to offer little to the UK as an easy ride for the UK would encourage other members to seek to "have their cake and eat it", which would damage the EU ... that outweighs any trade impact.
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    Tyre-pressure........as soon as a bike-repair guy starts filling up my tyres I step away. Those people fill up until the compressor can't cope anymore. But for cars it's similar. There are only a few people who respect the prescribed tyre pressure of approx. 20-23, but most go to 30-35 (is it psi?)
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    Foreign direct investment is key Why build your new plant in UK if your product attracts 10% duty when exported to EU?
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    I think your being a touch paranoid. I have zero black shirts and have just worn white. Next week at work i will wear a simple black ribbon . I have seen many Thais doing this at their place of work where there uniforms are not black. Personally i think in BKK there has been a respectful show of mourning by all and an understanding that life must go on. Very different to what i and many others were expecting i think.
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    The answer changes no doubt if the OP says he's over stayed by 26 years!
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    If she would be 25, would that make you feel better? Or if that damn shooting would have happened at 6 pm? The problem here is not, why someone...ANYONE...was on the street at that time! The problem is THE SHOOTING!
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    The last time you put on your sterling exchange hat you were predicting a firm sterling bounce 'er.... this October.
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    . So you have driven around for the last 3 weeks counting buses (That only carry Chinese) & have come to the conclusion from your figures that there is a 80% drop in tourism. Oh that and lack of the amount of Chinese washing hung out ------ . And to think that some people question the way TAT does surveys... Here's a link for you Anthony--more Chinese Tourist in the 2nd quarter (up to July 2016) then ever before - forward figures from China that this will continue, they can give these figures to TAT because, unlike Farangs, most Chinese come with tour companies. They quite often book their holidays up to a year ahead. Wouldn't it be easier Anthony----that if you do not like any tourist other than Farangs ---then Just don't chose to live in a place that it seems will become the top Tourist destination in Thailand for those visitors. Failing that you can always forward your scientific analysis on hung out washing & counting buses to TAT http://www.tatnews.org/thai-pm-thanks-chinese-tourists-for-choosing-thailand-as-arrivals-reach-record-numbers/ .
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    In the year 2016, on the GOP ticket, the guy that does not "believe in" Evolution, Climate Change, who thinks the universe is 6000 years old and says that women should be forced to perform funeral rites for their aborted foetus IS THE SANE ONE! May the Flying Spaghetti Monster help us all, Ramen. T
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    Clinton gave Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 a real sales bump after saying she loved the Note's new self-destruct feature, said that it was much better than destroying "Blackberry" with a hammer.
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    For starters, the "rebels" do not qualify as "the Romans" so their entry in that city wouldn't have anything to do with the prophesy anyways. Add to that a myriad of other factors, such as, it's all BS to begin with, whose main purpose was (period specific) propaganda. Hence the "Roman" invaders and "the best people of the earth" coming from Medina (Saudi Arabia and heartland of Islam at the time). When Islam was first created, much of modern day Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey were a part of the (Eastern) Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). Muslim armies invaded and conquered large swaths of that area between 632-661 AD. Abu Hurairah (Abu Hurayrah) was a companion of Mohammed at that time and apparently narrated well over 5,000 "hadiths" during the 2 years he spent with him. Also of note, during the Byzantine Resurgence (861-1100 AD), the "Romans" reconquered that whole area and no "apocalyptic" battle occurred then either.
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    I think something is wrong with my browser settings. I see several threads started on Trump this, Trump that. There's nothing on Hillary getting debate questions in advance, her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, her statement about having private and public positions on issues and her stated desire for open borders. Does anyone know how I change my settings so I don't just see the leftist threads?
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    For culture shock, soi 6 in Pattaya is tough to beat.
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