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  1. Am sure it has already been stated in the 11 pages of replies. But. I find it sad that the topic is "do you let ...". Didn't realize we were living in the 1300's where the wife still needed permission to go out. :-)
  2. kurtmartens

    Four bull sharks sighted in Hua Hin sea 

    I think we will find studies supporting both sides.
  3. kurtmartens

    Four bull sharks sighted in Hua Hin sea 

    Put simply, yes.
  4. kurtmartens

    Four bull sharks sighted in Hua Hin sea 

    Bulls are not shy. They can be very aggressive given the right circumstances - they have the highest testosterone of any animal.
  5. kurtmartens

    Smog rings alarm bells in Chiang Mai

    All those beautiful beaches up here in Chiang Mai .... :-P
  6. kurtmartens

    Smog rings alarm bells in Chiang Mai

    So bad today, our kids' school told us to come pick them up. We went to Central this afternoon and couldn't even see the mountains from the top of the parking garage. Its horrible.
  7. Savaankhet is the same way. Its not a queue number, its just how the staff easily match you to the paperwork when you pickup. Last time I was ticket #1, but when I went back the next day I still had to wait in line as I was 3rd or 4th. Its not a queue/line number.
  8. kurtmartens

    Songkron 2018!

    Well played sir, well played. LOL
  9. kurtmartens

    Songkron 2018!

    Can't wait to start reading the postings from our fellow curmudgeon expats moaning about Songkron and how they got squirted and/or cannot leave the house for days for fear of the locals and the water guys. :-P
  10. kurtmartens

    Stopped at Don Muang

    It shouldn't be. But ... in the meantime gives 50% of the folks on TV something to moan about. Maybe its a IO conspiracy to annoy TV folks.
  11. 50mph adequate on busy urban road. Yes. 50mph/80kph is what the posted speed was. If the driver was doing 100 and not 80 then he happily broke the law and really doesn't have much to moan about when he is pulled over by the Highway Patrol or local BiB. Breaking the law, no matter what we think of it, is still breaking the law.
  12. And that is the sad part.
  13. The best part of that is if every person I have met who claimed to be special forces was actually special forces ... there wasn't anyone else serving in the military. I served. I wasn't special forces. Not sure why folks need to claim to be something they aren't.
  14. kurtmartens

    When Farangs Go Native

    Who knows. Can't speak for others when they first came as tourists. I never did. But, I'm me.
  15. kurtmartens

    When Farangs Go Native

    So very very true. I even had to stop my mom when she was visiting from waiing the cashier at Big C.