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  1. I was merely pointing out that the class of service is directly related to the service level you get from the airline; not just Turkish, but all airlines. And not that I want to end up in a tiff about all this, but IST airport isn't so bad. It certainly isn't DXB or HKG I agree. The prices are also high, but Istanbul itself is an expensive city.
  2. Depends on the class of service you fly. I fly their business class and its actually very good. They have always transferred my bags without any issues - even to airlines not in Star Alliance like Emirates or Royal Jordanian. This could be great news for the tourist industry in Phuket.
  3. Wow, that sucks! One of the perks of traveling with my wife and kids is we use the "national" line and avoid the tourists. Clearly the I/O was having a bad day and didn't like the cut of your jib.
  4. So here is a new one - at least new to me. My business partner tried to transfer funds from our business account in the UAE to our business account in Thailand. Our finance manager screwed up and on the transfer request said the Thai account was USD - when it is Baht - and sent USD. The bank wouldn't automatically exchange the USD to Baht for the transfer and returned the funds to our account in Dubai. We resent the money just now and checked Thai Baht on the transfer request. Is this "normal" for a bank not to just automatically exchange the funds?
  5. He had the (disgusting) pornographic material on his computer IN the US; being in position of it is a crime in itself. Personally, I wish they would extradite him to do the time in the 'Hilton here ... but, that won't happen. If we are lucky he will be put into general population "by mistake" in the US jail and get a hard lesson that even criminals in the jail dont like pedos.
  6. By definition they are criminals. They are breaking the law by being here or in any country illegally. I agree with your statement about karma, but breaking the law is breaking the law. Eventually folks need to accept Thailand is a sovereign country and we are guests and we need to follow whatever (at times silly and crazy) immigration/visa laws the Govt puts in place. The alternative is to go live and/or work elsewhere. This year I was guilty of pushing the envelope with 2 visa exempts and extensions back to back and was probably only allowed back on my 3rd exempt because my wife and kids were with me. I can either get off my ass now and get my O visa or I can roll and the dice and not complain if I am not allowed in again.
  7. Considering our vacuum just broke after only 2 weeks ....
  8. Don't .... believe half the things you read on here as fact. Most of the time its just opinions from bitter expats.
  9. Hi. To answer how many. I had 1 visa exempt when I landed in BKK and a 30 day extension. Then another visa exempt when I left Thailand to attend a meeting in Luang Prabang, Laos from the airport here in Chiangmai; with another 30 day extension on that one. According to the wife it was the back to back extensions that raised an eyebrow. Of course if Chiangmai immigration would give 60 day extensions for visiting the family, then .... but that is another post. 2 visa exempts + 2 extensions Apply for my Non O now.
  10. Hi all. Did a very quick and painless (nearly) visa run over Friendship Bridge #4 yesterday. The place was nearly empty - in fact when we parked we wondered if the bridge was even open! Cleared Thai immigration in 2 minutes, jumped the bus across to Lao. Took 5/10 minutes to clear Lao immigration in and out. (The longest part was waiting for the bus back across to Thailand ... 20 minutes!) Cleared Thai immigration for another 30 days. Slight question as to why I've had 3 visa exempts, but my Thai wife and kids with me seemed to help to get the 30 days. Most painful part was the drive from/to our house in Chiangmai. But. For folks wanting another crossing alternative and one that is nearly empty .... this might be one.
  11. You took the words right out of my mouth. As soon as I saw this post, I knew the OP was just going to get message after message saying don't start a business here ... nothing ventured, nothing gained and just because some the the TV posters haven't been successful doesn't mean the OP won't Instead of being negative I really wish folks would provide sound advice.
  12. Was the the "free" ACH service from BofA? I usually pay the $25 same day fee and it gets to my Bangkok Bank here within 23 hours via their NYC branch/office.
  13. Does anyone know, what type of visa it is they provide? Can it be combined with a WP to allow working in Thailand?
  14. Apologies in advance if already covered. Can I buy a VPN router in Thailand? Or do I need to pick one up on my next trip back to the States?