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  1. Work permit from agency

    My work permit was issued here in Chiangmai - but, it has one of our offices (Phuket) also listed on it. "Branch" office of the main company or something along those lines.
  2. Just to add my own 2 cents (LOL). Just this past week I moved $40k, $40k and then $50k all in USD out of my old accounts in the UAE. On the transfer request I wrote it "personal investment". All the funds arrived within 24 hours to be USD SCB account. No questions asked; the only hassle was to transfer the USD to Thai Baht I needed the bank manager to sign the transfer form in the bank ... which was a hassle as she wasn't in the bank the first time, we learned to call ahead the other 2 times. Side note: I tried to open a USD account at Bangkok Bank, but they wanted a initial deposit of $5,000 before they would open the account and the bank book would have to be sent from Bangkok (we are in Chiangmai) which would take additional time. SCB opened it in a few minutes with no minimum.
  3. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    I do chuckle to myself when I see "tourists" wai-ing the cashier at 7/11. And sadly, I am guilty about honking my horn. :-(
  4. Khon Kaen Work Permit

    Sorry. Am not just a "shareholder" am the managing partner, director, whatever you want to call it. The point was I wasn't required to have 4 employees for my WP.
  5. Khon Kaen Work Permit

    In Chiangmai I wasn't required to have any "employees" for my WP as a shareholder. As Joe said, not sure if that will matter when I need to renew it. Also, my WP is valid for 2 years not 1 year which I was told was different than normal. Dunno.
  6. I agree with you. I think we all tend to forget that folks doing this for the first time are nervous and want things to go smoothly. Nothing wrong with planning, especially your first time.
  7. B Visa via Savannakhet

    Working. I need to hire an expat and thought maybe Savannakhet was easiest for the B visa vs ...
  8. Does anyone know what the Consulate in Savvankhet requires for a B visa?
  9. Sorry to be a numpty ... why didn't X simple come into Thailand on her Thai passport?
  10. irish jack

    Words to live by!
  11. Because the envelope wasn't large enough or on time.
  12. 101% correct. We had #1 last month, but were 3rd in line to get my passport back. Which kind of killed my joy of #1.
  13. When I was there last month, my wife and I asked our taxi driver how much folks are charging to take folks across from Laos to Thailand (as we both hate the bus) ... but even I was too cheap when he said it was 1,500 Baht.
  14. irish jack

    Perhaps. It was 7 years ago, honestly couldn't remember other than had to get this silly piece of paper saying I was never married.