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  1. That is the best advice so far. My wife and I did a little of the same when we moved up here from Bangkok. Came up several times for long weekends, stayed in different areas and explored ... and then moved to the area we thought fit us best. And moved again 12 months later to a new area after we had our first kid.
  2. Can't we all just get along! Stop the madness .... dudes. LMAO
  3. Maybe somewhere next to Chiangmai Ram Hospital then?
  4. LMFAO. Before it gets closed (and I agree with you, but can't help myself) we love living in Doi Saket. We don't live in a gated community, but have 2 rai (the tradeoff I suppose). Downside is the 20 - 30 minute drive to Hang Dang for my kids' school.
  5. Sorry, but what else did you require? I am about to send a person we want to eventually hire there. I've done my own "O" visa there, so know the drill, but not sure on the "B" visa. Other than a letter support from the Company, what else did you need? Non teaching position.
  6. Your local police were wrong and/or being lazy. It takes a a day at best with fingerprints; although the FBI can take up to 3 days to process if there is a backlog. When I was in the military and as a civilian contractor, I managed caseloads for clearances so have firsthand experience.
  7. This is how my wife and I did ours as well. With all Thai shareholders at first, then 1 month later restructured the shares so I had 49%.
  8. Not in reality. We setup ours with no actual capital moving, just accounting entries.
  9. Correct. Numbers are not the same. The 2 I have now have numbers in the same "series", but that is because I applied for my current 10yr and 2nd passport at the same time. In the past the numbers have not even been close.
  10. Just curious, was this the Embassy in Bangkok? I have never been questioned, and I am curious if the guy ... looked/dressed dodgy. LOL Each passport has its own number, so not sure if they are linked in Thai Immigration's database, they certainly are linked in the State Department's database (along with my passport card). I guess facial recognition could link them in the database here?
  11. Which is a perfectly valid reason.
  12. Jumping in late. However, I routinely apply for a 2nd US passport so can add some first hand knowledge perhaps. 1. I have applied via both the US Embassy in Bangkok, Consulate in Chiang Mai and when I wasn't living in Thailand via the Consulate in Dubai. All three were helpful, professional and easy. Chiang Mai being the quickest and most professional to deal with IMO. 2. I usually hand in a letter from my company stating the reason I need a 2nd passport - standard reason, I travel frequently for work and my passport is required at times to apply for visas which can take time, and I am required to have a passport on me at all times which is why I need a 2nd passport. (Feel free to send me an email and I can give you the wording I use). Another reason commonly used by folks is they are traveling to Israel and work in the GCC and therefore require a "clean" passport. 3. The passport numbers are different. 4. The 2nd passport was originally only valid for 2 years, however, now I believe they are issuing 5 year 2nd passports. Please note that you are not guaranteed an automatic renewal each time, you need to reapply each time. 5. I have never had to show an itinerary - although the stamps in my passport(s) prove point #2. 6. You will know whether you are approved before you leave the Embassy/Consulate. To be honest, as long as you have a legitimate need I have never heard of someone being denied; most of my US colleagues carry 2nd passports as we work in some "iffy" countries and we keep one "clean" passport for fun travel and one for work travel. 7. My other advice is always go into the Embassy/Consulate in dress pants/trousers/khakis and a ironed shirt - you get much better service IMO looking professional vs some of our countrymen who rock up in cut off shorts and tshirts, etc. Smile, be professional, say thank you, etc. It goes a long way. Feel free to ping me with any other questions.
  13. Does anyone have a more recent update on B visas via Savannakhet?
  14. In case any of the US expats care to apply: When and where can U.S. citizens apply for the APEC Business Travel Card? The U.S. APEC Business Travel Card Program (ABTC) is a voluntary program to facilitate travel for U.S. citizens engaged in verified business in the APEC region and U.S. government officials engaged in APEC business. To apply, you must go to the Global Online Enrollment System,or GOES website. This is the same website that is used to apply for CBP's trusted traveler programs. Check the box in GOES for the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card. If you are not already a CBP trusted traveler then you must schedule a visit to any CBP trusted traveler enrollment center for an interview and for electronic signature collection. For a list of the enrollment centers go to cbp.gov. If you are already a CBP trusted traveler, you must go to your GOES online account and add the APEC Business Traveler Card. Once conditionally approved for the APEC Business Traveler Card, you may visit any CBP trusted traveler enrollment center for signature collection. To be eligible for the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card Program, you must meet three criteria: You must be a U.S. citizen; You must be an existing member in good standing or be approved for membership in a CBP trusted traveler program (SENTRI, NEXUS, or Global Entry) during the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card application process, meaning they will go through a thorough vetting process including a review of all relevant national security and criminal databases prior to enrollment You must be either a verified business person, or a U.S. government official, who is actively engaged in APEC business. The application fee for the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card is $70. The fee is non- refundable. This fee is in addition to the fee for the selected CBP Trusted Traveler Program. For example, a new applicant applying for the U.S. APEC Business Travel Card with their Global Entry application would pay an application fee of $170. This breaks down to $70 for the APEC Business Travel Card application and $100 for the Global Entry application.
  15. Can we please close this topic?!