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  1. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    I was happily surprised that the BKK Hospital emergency room in Chiangmai was well equipped and certainly had the capacity to deal with the emergencies I have witnessed in it. I am guessing BNH and Bumrungad are well equipped too.
  2. Hi all. In need of a photographer in Phuket to come out and take some marketing pictures/staged pictures of a property. Any recommendations, etc?
  3. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    I would agree that if you are having symptoms in progress than the closest hospital is your answer. However, if you are looking for a cardiologist or heart center than I use BKK Hospital. I used to use RAM, but as soon as BKK Hospital opened I moved all my families medical care to BKK Hospital and we are much happier. This includes my own heart care; I have received nothing but great care from the heart center at BKK. (And as I said note my 2 kids have always received great care ... even at 2AM in the emergency room when my son was having a seizure.) Although I will get some comments I am sure ... I leave RAM to the tourists and their motorcycle injuries.
  4. This is and isn't true. I have gotten a few extensions for "visiting the wife" via Chiangmai Immigration (prior to my Non O) and they would only give 30 day extensions .... on my tourist visa. Even though visiting the wife is supposed to be a 60 day extension.
  5. Not sure this is true. I carry 2 US passports and in the past have routinely flipped and used them both coming in (just be sure to use the same going out, obviously). Never been questioned in years doing this.
  6. Tourists .... pfffft!

    To be honest, no I do not think so.
  7. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Your guess is a little wrong as far as me and my postings. You'll find I probably have a total of 5 or less rant posts - include this one - about living in Thailand. And am usually one of the folks wondering why expats are living in a country they "don't like". I honestly don't think me ranting about rude picture taking or folks walking around shirtless in elephant pants with an open can of beer is moaning about life in Thailand.
  8. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Sorry, not to start a pissing contest. But, how does me not wanting my wife's picture taken while she is praying making me intolerant?
  9. Tourists .... pfffft!

    So ... rarely do I post a random rant. But ... We (wife and I) were recently up at the wat (sorry the name escapes me) near the Summer Palace. My wife was kneeling and praying and up comes some idiot European tourist and starts taking a picture or two or three of her while she is praying. Doesn't ask, doesn't say thank you ... just snaps away. Took all of my patience not to tell him off. I know that tourists are important to the economy, but I just don't understand how some of them (from all countries) just forget how to act once they land in the Kingdom. Taking pictures of people praying, walking around in wife beater t-shirts with a can of Chang or worst shirtless, ringing temple bells that are marked "please don't ring", etc, etc. What is it with forgetting how to act "normal" once they are on vacation here in Thailand? I often want to ask them, "would you act or dress this way in your own country?". But am afraid of the answer!
  10. Why? This month I've done 3 transfers into Thailand (via SCB) into my USD account each around 45-50,000 USD. No issues. SCB was happy, I am assuming, to have the funds. (The only hassle is with USD I cannot move it online from SCB and have to go into the branch every time I want to do something.)
  11. Crypto currency

    I use https://localbitcoins.com/. Has worked just fine for me. Even have been able to buy some of the more obscure cryptocurrencies from sellers. Naysayers about being "late" to the party just haven't done their homework or looked at all the available cryptos out there; even though BTC hit $6,000 last week there is still room for growth with BTC - could hit double digits easily.
  12. Hi all. Just curious and need some direction before I have a falling out with a vendor. I know Monday is a Govt holiday here in Thailand, but is it expected or normal that private sector firms take Monday off as well?
  13. Same here at our house in Chiangmai. Father-in-law came by at night and set fire to the nest (went up like a torch) - and then he had a nice snack of wasp larvae.
  14. Immigration house visit

    We just had to submit pictures of me, the 2 kids and wife standing outside our house with the house numbers clearly visible .... silly non sense really.
  15. How did we go from a harmless, traditional ceremony to bring luck to the family to deciding this was the cause of incest among folks?! The article should do more to explain the cultural issues behind the ceremony, but it certainly isn't pushing or encouraging incest.