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  1. Great advice. Get on the net and send pictures of the guy, address if known and anything you can think of to the programing department. Pictures of the poor girl in tears. They really do love stories like this. If the money owed is serious enough, set up a go fund me. If the story gets on the box the go fund me could well be successful. Show no mercy!
  2. Many people I knew in Australia put their weapons in plastic drain pipes and buried them. One cannot compare a country as small as Australia with some 24 million people to size of the U S. There are still many shootings in Australia. The old drive by is a favorite.
  3. silencers are not silent. limited magazine size gives the bad guys more shots at you than you have at them. Three second reload in any case. Fully automatic weapons have been illegal for decades. Such a data base would only include guns owned by good guys. NOTHING will stop maniacs who want to kill. Chicago has the strictest gun control laws of any state and it does stuff all to lower the gun deaths. I for one would not like to hassle a guy packing visible heat on his hip. It is tragic that these sick people murder like this but there has never been a solution that works. Unless of course you want big brother to go house to house across the nation ? Even that would not stop bad guys getting guns. Like trying stop drugs. Sad
  4. Silencers are not like shown in the movies. They only remove he high decibel metallic twang that is bad for hearing. The gun makes just as much noise but at a lower frequency less harmful to your ear drums.
  5. There is always two sides to a story. My wife has been following this on television as well. It seems only the complainers have been heard from. It could be wise to wait for the end of this unfortunate saga before deciding who did what to who. In the meanwhile .....Caveat Emptor.
  6. There is trash were ever there is water. Or wherever there is a place to throw it. I well remember the clean up America theme in the 50's. The highways were trash bins in many states. After add campaigns like every litter bit hurts followed by stiff fines Americans made a huge contribution to keeping America beautiful. It took a couple of decades but it worked. Much like the endless attacks on smoking. It takes time to get the message through. Remember in the 50's " More doctors smoke Camel cigarettes than any other". The sooner Thailand tries some of the same tactics the sooner it will become cleaner. It has no chance of doing it my lifetime but they should at least start working on it.
  7. Probably U S or British police notified the Thai's. They are very good at tracking these guys down.
  8. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    Thai guy chiangmai
  9. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    The war on drugs has failed. I don't know the answer but locking up millions of small time players is not one of them. Make it a medical condition instead of a criminal condition with health services aimed at helping people to get off the merry go round might offer some hope. Jail for sick drug addicted people is not the answer.
  10. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    He probably did not stop using drugs. But it worked at not filling jails with dropkick losers who live for drugs. How many drug users fill U S jails? When out they mostly go right back to it. A total waste of time and millions better spent elsewhere. See?
  11. Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    They are looking for meth users. I know a guy who last week was tested in Chiangmai ,was positive for meth and paid 15,000 baht. It was that or off to court for a possible 40,000 fine and a few weeks in the can. They had been watching him for some time. When you stop and think about it, it is one way of not filling up the legal system and jails that waste time and money plus gives the poorly paid cops a living. The bad guy is punished. The one I know did a big tour of mates to find 15 grand. Not a western approach but seems to work??
  12. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    Wow! I never knew that.
  13. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    We may get a bit of ash blow over from a total annihilation of that maniac. Every one of his artillery pieces, factories , nuke sites AND his fat little butt has a big target on it. Who needs it? No one. But if he is crazy enough to pull the trigger he and his piss ant little country will be wiped off the map.
  14. All this silly nonsense about Nazi's and racists taking over the country is so ridiculous I don't know why I bother responding to it. So no matter what hysterical reply you may post, I will ignore it. If anyone needs God's help here it is.....well you can guess.