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  1. A lot of these people are cheesed off at the re writing of history with the removal of confederate flags and monuments. They are not all nutty white supremacists. One can only expect the left to go ballistic . They never have much to say about the racism by blacks wanting to kill cops or constantly banging on about white privilege and those racist whites When I see people of color who are successful ( The majority ) ,holding high office in government , the arts and business it must mean opportunity is there if one want's it.The idiots who carry on with hate and violence certainly have no place period. It has nothing to do with trump as this has been going on well before the Watts riots in Los Angeles in '65 .
  2. Fresh green olives??

    Thanks for the info. I will have no choice by the look of it. I,ll have a try with this variety. At those prices there is nothing to lose. Perhaps a good brine mix can help with the taste. I do like the store bought ones but I would just like to give it a try.
  3. Fresh green olives??

    I want to bottle some olives at home with my own recipe. Anyone know a good market or place to buy some? I have looked around but have not seen any. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have friends who took advantage of the programs you are referring to. They are in particularly high positions now as a result. The poster admitted he did not have great English skills unlike the people I am talking about. This why I think he will not get accepted to your programs, as good as they are, without very good English skills. Should he overcome this impediment by learning English and have the appropriate grades, I am sure he could take advantage of these programs. I wish him luck with convincing his father.
  5. You should refer your father to the statistics that show that Thailand education rates near the very bottom by world standards. Doing college or university here would be a waste of your time and a waste of his money. Even with a masters degree you will likely never find employment outside Thailand. Sad but true.
  6. I complain and earned every zack I ever had.
  7. I spent 35 years in OZ and the last 15 saw a downward, nanny state pc creep that has wrecked the place. When I look at the conga line of useless self serving politicians over that time I cringe. It used to heaven on a stick. You could go to pub in Newtown and drink and laugh with all the migrants from around the world. Take the piss and share the shouts. Now Newtown if full of greens and snowflakes. Prices only fit only for the elite. Property tax, car rego and rents through the roof. The true Aussie battler has been beaten to a pulp. I still love my country. Maybe when the voters get a gut full they will find a true leader to make it right again. In the meanwhile I like it here and intend to stay. Sorry for the guys who rely on rental income and C G tax to survive.
  8. The Future, Electric Cars

    It seems this Congo story won't open ....It was about lithium supply.The Congo has the bulk of it. The battery cars will be held hostage to the crooked Congo leaders until supply eventually runs out. Prices soaring and all that.
  9. The Future, Electric Cars

    More reasons batteries are not the future...limited resources unlike water FROM THE DEEPEST DARKEST CONGO … _ Daily Telegraph.htm
  10. The Future, Electric Cars

    More recent news ,,,, Albuquerque startup developing material for hydrogen cars _ Fox Business.htm
  11. Thai Baht - Your take?

    Trump wanted the dollar to fall.
  12. The Future, Electric Cars

    Bye the way...they are 1 and 2 yrs old at the moment.
  13. The Future, Electric Cars

    Like I said. It will take time but the roll out will be inevitable. My grand children will be driving hydrogen cars.
  14. The Future, Electric Cars

    Only that many things have been improved since then. Like California roll out of filling stations. Toyota and others would not be planning to build them without filling stations. A long way to go yet but it will be the future. It will never replace the need for oil which has thousands of other uses. In lab tests they have cracked fusion for the first time. Cost enormous $$$ to make one tiny bit of more power out than put in but proves it is ultimately possible. They scoffed when Kennedy said they would put a man on the moon. In this incredible frenzy of innovation and scientific progress it would be remiss to bog down arguing about the present when the future has so many exciting possibilities.