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  1. How a US-based Thai exposed watch scandal

    Bob ,I hope the government isn't following your comments. Pretty dangerous to accuse officials of murder etc. Unless you are a Thai citizen it may be in your best interest to mind your own business?
  2. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    Cheaper to eat at home.Sorry you have to put up with so many boring clueless republicans while there. Another reason to get an agent.
  3. Time to stand in line at CM immigration

    It is a giant pain to do a one year extension. It really is simple however if you know how to budget. Do away with 5 dinners a year at Dukes and pay an agent! Drink less bottles of beer or Sangsom a week? Pay an agent. Don't pay for bar fines. Pay an agent. The pain and agony of standing in line for hours , told to come back later. Cost of transport. Cost of meals while hanging around like a used condom and all the rest of the humiliating time wasted ? Stop pissing and moaning and budget for the worst day of the year. Otherwise get up at sparrow fart and get in line.
  4. Most of what Trump haters throw at him borders on hysterical. If it were all true he would be in a padded cell or chains. He has thrown a grenade into the old order and is picking off his foes as they scatter. Only time will tell the outcome. For many it is so far so good. 401pensions are going rapidly up. The economy is looking great with who knows what the tax thing will do. I am happy to have lived long enough to see such amazing history being made . Like it or lump it the times they are a changin.
  5. 6 bankruptcies out of 500 companies isn't a bad record. I guess you 'll have to talk to the other millions of Americans that think he is great to get a good grade on what Americans think. You won't get it from the M S M.
  6. Collusion is not impeachable but it never happened anyway. Objectively speaking we could all be killed by a big asteroid strike. Neither is likely however. Just get used to another 7 years of Trump. We had eight of Obama. Fair is fair. lol
  7. Kindly show links to this nonsense.
  8. piles of rubbish.

    Just had a long tuk tuk trip able to have a good look around the city. Many vacant lots are full of rubbish ,overgrown and all up just eye sores. Back home one would get a nice letter from the city saying to the owner, clean it up or we will do it for you and send you the bill. Why can't this work here? So simple to make it work. People just don't care I guess.
  9. Voting him out is your only chance. You just have to get past all those alt right fly over ignorant racist deplorable s first. Fat chance at this point. Keep calling them names like your opinion is much more valued than theirs and see what you get. Another 7 years.
  10. You Trump haters do yourselves no favors by by spitting out such errant nonsense. This is the man that took on the finest bunch of political leaders available and smashed them into insignificance, He won the election and has had a very successful first year as President. You think this was done by a stupid man? A self made billionaire? A man with no brains or credibility? By all means disagree with him. But try coming up with something better than hate spewing childish whining.
  11. I lived on the coast along the G B R for 37 years. Both star fish and coral bleaching is a regular occurrence. The reef is in good shape in spite of what some greens have to say about it. It is alive and it heals. Google Bikini atoll to show how the reef there rebuilt itself after being obliterated by atom bombs. The biggest threat to the reef is from runoff from land clearing and pesticides used in agriculture. Many new regulations are in place with more on the way to address this threat. The government has divided the reef into sections making some off limits to fishing or visitation to allow regrowth. It is very well managed and in spite of the doomsayers it is doing just fine. There is a tourist tax on each visitor to the reef bringing in millions each year all going to research and conservation.
  12. Aussie consulate vist in C M today

    For 6 years I got it free from the consul here in Chiangmai. There was never a need to go to Bangkok.
  13. Went to get my income verification letter for yearly renewal . They hit me for 1710 baht. Used to be free. Ridiculous!. If you didn't know before be sure and take some money with you.