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  1. This makes great reality TV... will the the staff be compensated for loss of face? will the deceased be cited for not wearing a helmet? who will compensate the driver for loss of property? what a great court case!
  2. Murder-dismemberment suspects return to court

    The Use of the term showed up demonstrates their lack on using english language properly.... showed up implies one has the free will to come or not come to a location....this was not the case...
  3. Pets rescued from locked car in Lampang

    Typical thailand....when discovered should 2 minutes dictated by law.... and now waiting for the owner to show up? In the absence of a SPCA I guess...he committed a crime so he should be evaluated as to ownership vs neglect...
  4. What the hell is drink driving? ...at least get the proper english...
  5. Thai medical council does not have responsibility over Thai medical students...that rests with the medical schools MSs should have clear p/p in place to handle such matters... the Thai medical council probably acts in some advisory role if called upon... another case of feeling sorry for the culprit and a few wais and a bouquet of flowers will let this student slide through...a soft and weak culture produces such by-products and low standards
  6. Me thinks 1220B service charge....😜
  7. Only 5 minutes? And was it done properly?
  8. Innocent till proven guilty...once you sway from that based on an article and a topic of digest, one has been reduced to a mob psychology mindset and lacks the ability to critically think.... reactionary types ala Trump....the right to due process gentlemen....
  9. In all fairness he was thinking about the fish argument and forgot that he was driving... no car seat - parents possibly contributed to child's death...that should be included in any penalty phase...my guess it won't be b/c that is forward thinking in a reactionary lenient culture
  10. Civil Servants holiday and immigration.

    Only if you go in on a holiday... A sign I had on my desk - a lack of planning on your part is not a crisis on my part....
  11. Blame it on tourist growth... Per third world, safety is a cost and currently does not factor into their mindset or decision making....just the way it is over here....
  12. A what bothers me is not there are 40 or 50 or 60 low lives but not one man would intervene and get the girl out of that situation.... There are bad people everwhere but in this village there is not even one decent human being (man) that would come to protect the girl... yes, it makes this Thai village look very very in humane. That is what surprises me...
  13. Grandma’s joy over lottery ‘win’ short-lived

    Props to the grand daughter - lying to get what she wants... another example of parent rearing look bad.... what comes around goes around....love it....
  14. Girl died saving her sister in motorbike crash

    What a BS heading...should read mother kills daughter... sister saves sister? How? Her future dead body is flung to ground to buffer the infant from hitting first..it is called luck and physics.... another example of pointing out a lack of accountability and trying to deflect the cause to a BS headline with a positive spin....call a spade a spade....talk about fake news.... winkie....you forgot to add the cost of tea in China...
  15. Emotional response over common sense... she he could have seriously hurt someone.... charge the airhead....usually ER nurses are very practical no nonsense take charge ...