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  1. cardinalblue

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    charge for every single plastic bag to consumers....The biggest threat is if corruption can be kept out of revenue management...Thai officials will have their slick fingers in the process But Thais hate extra costs and for a successful system thais need to feel the cost of it... Voluntary systems don't work in the Thas culture b/c of a lack of a conscious by the majority...
  2. It's all about your interest levels compared to hers....not about educational achievement...unfair to compare Thailand's education to the West... the problem lies in "a have" westerner is at a different level on maslow's hierarchy of needs vs " a have not" Thai... very difficult to find an intersecting point of understanding or empathy....
  3. cardinalblue

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    You are not coming to a conclusion that you clearly you have assessed... a professional dater....
  4. cardinalblue

    16 Year-old Coming From US to Thailand

    Warn him about other travelers wanting him to carry items/stuff for them....must think defensive vs naive
  5. 2nd hand goods....listed items ain't going to add up to $1,000....big difference Btn selling item and shelf rate which is what you are doing your judging on.... you think he has an apple 10 plus and a Mac Pro?
  6. All sellers not just the big boys....and make the procedure simple....all bags regardless of size one charge price...don't have some complex rate system for different types/sizes of bags....make it simple... I carry a cloth bag in my car and a backpack on my bike whenever shopping....
  7. Thais don't seem to reduce speed in rainy conditions so not surprising they wouldn't for smoke... tailgating equals driving blind... thailand is very lucky that fog is not often a driving factor here...requires acute driving safety precautions....
  8. My guess is the proper answer is it will be some elapsed time on whether there is any permanent eye damage.... i don't fall these unknown too optimistic predictions....
  9. The father implies that the child used her Thai passport to enter since he said the child would face a long overstay if he uses his other nationality passport.... Solution - exit using Thai passport and get proper documentation from mother or equivalent if mother is out of picture....
  10. Why do people choose to live in the projects (low socio-economic villages) of Thailand if they don't have to?
  11. As a civil servant just pay for the license and other costs associated with being in compliance...it's easy i I wonder if driving and non compliance in about every other issue in LOS has a correlation?
  12. cardinalblue

    Thailand becoming ‘garbage bin of world’

    Many Folks here are complaining about the huge litter problem thailand has... that is a different topic than commercial waste management as a business what the author is addressing
  13. cardinalblue

    Thailand becoming ‘garbage bin of world’

    Nothing wrong with wanting to invite garbage as a business...it needs to properly managed with vision...thailand lacks management and visionary skills so not a good investment... ones needs to have their own house in order and evidence suggests thailand does a horrible job of managing it own garbage and waste...
  14. cardinalblue

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    Lek...please name recent well known Thai drivers at fault who are hung or put behinds bars... Please note the s in bars as one bar is pretty ineffective
  15. The first driver slowing down or stopping whether lizard dog or person is completely in his rights to do so.... the accountable drivers are all others who follow behind...as a driver up to you to follow the 3-4 sec rule to allow breaking distance... fault with PU and maybe even motorcyclist if he made contact with first driver....not sure on details