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  1. How do you know tourist vs ex-pat? So why use a CC giving your name? familiar with theft mind sets - people usually buy small value in cash but steal higher end items.... just b/c one thing is missing in inventory could mean anyone at anytime stole it from the last time inventory check.... biggest problem in general with mini marts 7-11s small shops is theft more apt to be internal vs external...
  2. Ben2.. not it sure why you are defending fatality driving habits...I see them every day I drive here...I think to myself what a d**k.... very simple case - he was speeding and tailgating. He got what he deserved...I feel bad only for others who are victims of his driving behavior... And I blame the gov for not having an enforcement plan. This accident was preventable or least efforts to be made to minimize bad driving... i would like to see the van company sued in a class action suit for reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter... Accountabilty can shape irresponsible behavior..
  3. So often in thailand you see this type of tailgating... one car car following another at high speed with inadequate breaking distince.. the lead car swerves and the following car not paying attention to road conditions with speed unable to respond to avoid a collision... if the driver had lived, would have been charged with involuntary manslaughter had this scenario occurred in usa.... why is this important? Because it directly impacts how we drive in America and elsewhere... it's called proper driver education and aware of enforcement/punishment consequences... no sympathy for the driver...he took another innocent selfish
  4. I will personally pay her more than her 500 a day wage.... I have an opening....
  5. Will she have to attend another Nun training program? does thailand even have a systematic progressive disciplinary program for drunk driving? and why do people incorrectly keep saying drink driving?
  6. She is some factory trainee at 17 so we don't know anything about how much or how little public education she got... public education could be irrelevant in this case.... still always mystefied when when girls don't know they are pregnant so late into the pregnancy... hope the baby was a stillborn for her sake....needs counseling
  7. LK, It sounds like the motorcycle had an accident causing both people to fall off but the truck runs over one of them. I won't assign blame to either until one hears all the facts. But will say, is this not similar to cars tail gating each other, the first one breaks for whatever reason (doesn't matter) then the next next and next in line crash into each other. The classic definition of tail gating. Any vehicle that hits a vehicle in front is responsible at fault because they were not following the 3 second rule allowing for adequate distance breaking. I don't care whether Thai or not, cars/trucks go way too fast in this country when following other vehicles based on road conditions (meaning current activity)...
  8. Yellow my A** drivers here hit the gas when it turns red and within 30 feet on intersection.... thais never instintively break on yellow...not part of training... go to any intersection and count how many vehicles run a red light in any specified amount of time...pretty damn consistent
  9. Have the police ruled out suicide?
  10. It's just shoplifting.... at at a toy store...
  11. It sounds like she has threatened suicide before but never carried attention getter could there be an issue of Denial or not listening or not wanting to take the time to listen.... probably preventable by others around her with earlier intervention....
  12. Why is everyone assuming the big bike was going over the speed limit? One can die at or below the speed limit... on on a blind curve when one doesn't expect someone to be in your lane, doesn't necessarily mean he was speeding to cause an accident.... now maybe if he was going 20 Km he couldn't havebought reactionary time....but he didn't and he wasn't.... so was he driving blind? An expression coined for people who tailgate and trying to defy physics....could also apply in this case....
  13. This is a serious problem in the Thai culture and I am not referring to adultery.... Emotionally immaturity and anger needs severe attention - both sexes CB
  14. This is one that needs an independent and special investigator.......
  15. "Spouse can't take any of your stuff if you don't marry them" you our should think about what you say before writing it....