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  1. How much do you pay your nanny?

    so you want to pay slave wages to someone who cares for your children? what is wrong with you, from simply a parental perspective? you live in pattaya...i'm guessing your beer budget is about what you pay your nanny...if not beer, then some other indulgence that is pointless...also...if she's working 54 hours a week...she's not a nanny, she's the <deleted>@#ing mother...fawk.
  2. Disrespectful words by gf

    this is a huge and obvious red flag...she's keeping her options open...get rid of her...she is not committed nor serious about you...if she were, she would stop the behavior simply because it upsets you...you are justified to be upset...now just walk away...and watch you "gf" lose her sh!t when she knows you have standards, and she doesn't meet them.
  3. but it happens more here...much more...will you say ho hum when it happens to you?
  4. a solid fellow...hope he continues to raise public awareness about important issues... too bad he seems to be the singular exception among thai celebrities.
  5. Discrimination isn't always a bad thing...everyone discriminates when they avow a preference for a thing, place, or person...i can only assume that the employers were private companies, in which case they had every right to use any criteria they thought was reasonable (or unreasonable) to select an employee because they were paying for a service...in the public/govt sector, it should be a different story...govts represent all citizens, even (especially) those individuals who differ from the average...
  6. quite some time ago, i examined some data from the us govt regarding gun ownership and violence...surprisingly, the least amount of recorded violence was in locales that had the highest percentage and frequency of legal gun ownership...there are 3 ways to purchase a weapon in the usa...submit paperwork and documentation to a licensed gun dealer (this is the process that screens applicants for red flags in their past behavior...the process can be immediate or take days)...purchase a gun from an individual (as an individual, you have the right to transfer or sell your legally obtained property without interference by the govt, so no background check is needed and minimal records are retained)...buy a gun illegally from a seller without any paperwork...the problem is that the number of illegal weapons is about equal to the number of legally obtained weapons...so the situation evolves such that the most violent places in the usa are those with the lowest rates of legal gun ownership...effectively, the govt has made a segment of the citizenry ready victims...gun control advocates forget the simple fact that the best way to protect yourself (other than reasonable prevention) is to own a gun...if you live in a liberal area of the usa with strong gun control, you'd be foolish not to obtain a gun yourself if you can, because there is a very good chance that predators will have them...in a more conservative state, with more legal gun ownership, you'd be much safer...as the saying goes, "you don't find any mass shootings at a gun show" the issue of mental illness is also pretty confusing, because a huge swath of the citizenry claim a mental illness simply for the benefits that may obtained from the govt...a huge percentage, probably more than 30% of claimants for social security based on illness, are malingering...while psychologists like to think that about 2% of the population has mental wellness issues, because of financial incentives offered by the govt, about 10% of people now claim a mental illness of some degree...in other words, politicians risk alienating a large number of voters if they restrict their rights...and of course, how do you define mental illness...should someone with a learning disability lose the right to gun ownership? i think that liberals tend to veer the discussion toward gun laws because it takes the scrutiny away from the individual and groups...if you examine the individual/groups, then you would find that whites and asians are the targets of violence more often (more than 20 times) than blacks...so rather than saying "we have a problem with black violence", it's more palatable to believe that "we have a general problem with gun violence"... as a point of reference or comparison, in thailand the discussion might proceed that "we have a problem with gun violence" ...or "we have a problem with thai men"...because most of the gun violence here involves thai men as predators/offenders...where would you put society's resources? stopping people from buying guns in thailand (they are already so expensive to obtain legally that most people cannot purchase them)...or trying to adjust the fragile thai male ego? keep in mind that any solution doesn't address the real urgent issue...that illegal weapons are already plentiful.
  7. Hurry to Bang Saen for "crystal clear waters".

    i went there to picnic a while back also...had to move because of the chemical smells...and the water was a dark foamy green...it's amazing that if nature has just a few weeks, it can fix most of the problems people make...
  8. if he were in an american prison...he'd get all the sex he could stand....
  9. Hotel bar with a view

    i'm looking for a 7-11...can anyone help? i'm looking for an arab on sukumvit...can anyone help?> i'm looking for a beach in pattaya...can anyone help? i'm looking for an annoying farang on thai visa...can anyone help? geez...i'll be over to put marshmellows in your hot cocoa at 9 pm...in the meantime, just try to remain calm and not chimp out.
  10. Hotel bar with a view

    <deleted>...are you helpless? google it...
  11. really...my sympathies are only for the poor child...thais have no regard for their children...no one with an once of integrity or love for their child would have approved such an arrangement...
  12. this guy probably deserved prison time...the mitigating factor in all of this was the treatment he received at the hands of muslim extremists...one interview i heard about him, with an army doctor, described the more than 500 small cuts he had on his body...the physician stated that the guy had been tortured to a degree that exceeded most captured soldiers in the vietnam war...
  13. I've bought several items from Thailand on ebay...many shipped to the USA...never any problems...ebay has a pretty good refund policy and buyer protection program...so don't worry about it... as an aside...I had a friend who tried to be an ebay vendor in Thailand...he experienced so many problems in dealing with ebay's efforts to prevent fraud that he finally just gave up...so while Thailand is a land of scams, ebay does a pretty good job protecting its buyers.
  14. i had two bank account seized by kasikorn bank...they told me it was because the accounts were idle for 12 months...is this common practice?