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  1. It's a common tactic here and in the USA, for women. I tend to avoid trouble making women...but in the land of smiles, I've seen female teachers, govt. workers, army officers, and doctors falsely accuse their boyfriends and husbands of rape, theft, assault, and lese majeste. All because the women "loved" their partners so much that they could not bear being divorced or separated. Divorce her ASAP, if you can. If not, make a new will and get the f@#k away from her asap.
  2. Christ...it's so difficult not hold every adult in the country in contempt...lock this guy up, take his money as compensation for the attacks...euthanize the dog...and publicize it...people will start to get the point.
  3. Can't the police just lock this guy up? Simple for a country with a modicum of intelligence.
  4. not until they are neutered/spayed...and the terminal ones are painlessly killed.
  5. Please prosecute these parents for negligence. I know this is a tragedy, but anyone could see that such incidents are inevitable here. Everyday, every hour, I see young children with protection. I know that people are poor, but I also know that a helmet costs about 200 baht, the price of a small bottle of whiskey, or 3 large Leo beers. Thais are simply stupid and selfish, not caring for the each other. If people will not do the right thing because it is simply the right thing, then they should be made to do the obvious right thing.
  6. Previous hardships don't relieve him of his own responsibility to his own children. That was the guy's point...
  7. Demand justice...screw the apology.
  8. How is this only getting publicity now? Seems that such a large threat to public health would be worthy of news coverage some time ago...
  9. Same here...I only remain in Thailand because I am committed to my SO...she knows this, and appreciates it...but if the relationship were to ever end before I die, I'm out of here the next week...there is an layer of danger, instability, and insecurity that lies just beneath the surface of Thai society that makes me very uneasy whenever I consider its true magnitude and implications.
  10. It was wrong for the HRC to involve herself in policy when she was not elected herself...and it's wrong for DT to insinuate his daughter...Couldn't stand Obama, and I think he's one of the worst presidents of the past century, but at least the FLOTUS knew the bounds of her influence.
  11. I'm not being facetious when I say that I truly prefer the company of soi dogs to most people...it would be very simple matter to gather the dogs euthanize them. also, it would help to prosecute with real effort all the thais who mistreat and abuse animals.
  12. the third possibility is that it is a tactic to make problems for ALL expats and open the door to even more corruption and bribery...example...I had a friend here who was denied 3 times on his visa based on marriage...he had resided in Thailand for 14 years, and had 2 children...eventually, he took the hint and just paid a bribe to the officer...problem solved.
  13. I've never seen one as a true pet, meaning the dog is trained to live with and in a household. There are several in my area that are soi dogs, and I have a couple that will approach me, tails wagging and seeking attention. Most are shy and aloof, probably because of the regular abuse they get from Thais. Based on what I've seen, I think a puppy would be a very good companion, even for a family with small children. These dogs have a lot of energy, so be prepared to walk them a couple of times a day...yes, actual walking with them or engaging them in an activity where you are the leader. Also, make sure you are ready to take the dog to a vet regularly. So many dogs here are just sick and uncomfortable, which surely contributes to their "aggression".
  14. but...you will not be able to sell in a timely manner...there are lots of properties that no one can sell, as the real estate market is significantly over priced and over developed...and you truly want the option to move if you live in thailand...you may have a nice place today, but tomorrow, some idiot with six dogs moves into the place next to your's...or your neighbors become six taxi drivers up all night...or your neighbors are hookers...or the maintenance company of your condo decides to steal all the money and there are no funds for repair...on and on...i've lived each of those scenarios in a relatively short time in thailand...and there is very very little you can do..no one is interested in the problems of a farang, not even the police.
  15. your rant makes me think you are the next guy in line to assault a hospital...geez