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  1. Certainly not a sh!thole country...
  2. Apparently, it's actual news when a Thai man ISN'T a bully or coward...well done, Thailand.
  3. in the usa, there is some evidence that about 30% of rape/sexual assault reports are fabricated...not implying that the woman is lying, but it is a possibility.
  4. ok...so please defend the actions of the punk cowards...please explain and justify their actions...in your own unique and persuasive way.
  5. Sek Loso is just a pu$$y...isn't he the same punk that beat his wife/gf? And now he is crying because he tested positive for drugs? Just a pu$$y, far too typical here in Thailand...do anything to avoid responsibility...he looks even moreso, in light of Bodyslam's recent accomplishments...
  6. agreed...the us has provided enough welfare to the nations of the world...and far too many un members hold the us in contempt...what's the worst that can happen? muslims in the middle east hate the us? muslims in the middle east hate israel? terror attacks from muslim extremists? i'm not a big trump supporter, but this decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital is long overdue...
  7. i met someone, from greece, who moved his daughter out of thailand for this very reason...when she turned 14 years of age, she was getting all sorts of attention from the local guys, most much older than his daughter...rather than kill someone in the future, the dad decided to move his daughter...probably the best thing he did as a parent in thailand.
  8. it could be bad timing my part, but i've seen russians skip out on their bill numerous times at restaurants, bars, doctors, attorneys, and even massage shops...there is no shame, stealing from thais. their poor reputation is earned.
  9. seriously...this guy needs to contemplate a real future in politics...he seems to be genuine and sincere in his desire to help thai people...the problems of this country are obvious and could be solved pretty easily by one individual who was accepted by the populace...this country needs an icon to lead it to an amazing future...i really hope he uses his public embrace to make a difference...this country aches for a leader who is simply NOT corrupt.
  10. "trickle down" is a term of disparagement used by liberals to diminish the real importance of "supply side" economics...supply side economics works quite well...if businesses are left alone to flourish, they will do so...and employees and public will benefit...just think...which is a better investment for society...give 1,000 usd to 1million people or give 1 billion usd to a few "bill gates and elon musk" types...which will better the economy and society...the difference that exist in a thai economy is pervasive corruption...this is why the united nations and other organizations are worthless...if you give a billion usd to a corrupt country (e.g., thailand or south africa), then you have only lined the pockets of the few corrupt...trickle down or supply side economics works, but only if the economy is a meritocracy...
  11. it's probably more accurate to state that trump didn't create this environment...but that his liberal critics are willing to sacrifice members of their own in order to attack trump with any credibility...after all, their criticisms of trump couldn't be taken seriously with all the b.s. the libs have been doing for decades...so they have to first attack/clean house, so when they do attack trump, they will have some validity to their hyperbolic arguments...trump didn't start this mess...liberals did...and now they are trying to clean up their own long standing dumpster fires so they can attack trump with some sense of perceived integrity in the media...because it's so obvious that this is really a drawn out political ploy, i hope it doesn't gain traction...the us population has a terrible memory (e.g., why would blacks align themselves with democrats, a political party that historically has tried to crush their social advancement?)...but with the terrible memory of people in general, plain stupidity, and the selfish nature of the citizenry, the dems may have a reasonable chance of success...lots of careers will be ruined by the political bulldogs on both sides...just look at sen franken...he's an ass, and a terrible senator (has not passed a single piece of legislation in years...his real political purpose was to be the jerk who asked insulting questions of conservative nominees that could be soundbites on the news), but he certainly did not deserve to be a target for allegations of sexual abuse...there are going to more accusations for sure...the dems have a slash and burn mentality when it comes to trump (and anyone who disagrees with them)...if they were smart, they would mount more reasoned arguments, and try to pass noteworthy legislation, instead of clutching their pearl necklaces and running to a fainting couch at every perceived slight...it makes them appear as though the liberal agenda has no real substance...instead they can only cry racism, sexims, and homophobia...which are mostly just stupid allegations with no real merit.
  12. a likely corrupt cop gets killed after drunk driving...and two worthless youths go to jail...time to buy a lottery ticket...
  13. she could have been in the Special Olympics...personally, i wish she died or was paralyzed...jail for idiots just means that thais have to spend money to feed her.
  14. First, you shouldn't equate being a republican with trump...trump is much more of a dem...Second, if you dislike repub, then this is the worst thing that could have happened...if moore had won, he would have been a constant reminder to everyone about voting a party line...with this win, the dems have a chance to really screw things up...just remember, it was dem policies and attitudes, not repub ones, that propelled trump to the whitehouse...trump was elected as a reaction to dems race baiting/selling out the country/needless provocation and the repubs apathy/reluctance in addressing the real issues of government...it is a genuine defeat for trump, but you are simply wrong if you think repubs or conservatives really care about trump...just watch and see if anyone challenges trump in the upcoming election...there will be tons of candidates...dems will only trot out sanders, who is a joke, albeit an entertaining one.
  15. i think he was just making a joke, or trying to...he wasn't being serious...