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  1. For me, the experience was a drain on my time and emotions...but well worth it...the committee members were thieves...stole more than 1 million baht in a year...my presence, as well as another farang, stopped the theft and corruption...unfortunately, no one went to jail...the Thai residents simply accepted an apology from the committee members...cowards, thieves, and scum...showed me clearly how the typical thai thinks and acts...
  2. Thank you so much for the suggestion...I am also looking for some books/study materials that may help...take care, hk
  3. Not a Trump fan, but investigation is not a conviction...it is a normal and expected procedure. Liberals, as well as the media, seem to forget this important feature of checks and balances in democracy. Whenever Obama was investigated, there were cries of racism. Whenever Clinton was investigated, there were cries of sexism. Liberals need to stop acting like menstruating 14 year old girls who failed civics class. Let the investigation take place, and stop jumping to conclusions. The same crowd that cries (literally) about fake news seems determined to create it if fake news suits their own agenda.
  4. Can anyone suggest a good book/series/study materials that can help a native Thai speaker learn conversational English? Ideally, these materials would provide the primary source for independent lessons and self-study. There is no need to suggest language schools. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thai bashing is usually just telling the truth...if Thais heard objective truth more, maybe they would aspire to more to distinguish themselves, rather than settling for the status quo.
  6. I can appreciate the OP's situation...I usually try to make guests feel at home and welcomed...if they abuse my kindness, I simply don't have them back...about the guest's assets...I doubt that he is really well-off...Thailand has a bad habit of attracting many farang that try way to hard to impress others...
  7. This guy is doing nothing more than what Thai men have done for centuries. Thailand needs to change the laws to protect it's children. The women involved need to contact the news media in the USA...they would have a field day with this guy...and end his "career".
  8. My SO believed in ghosts...until I asked a few simple questions...why do the ghosts have clothing? Do clothes have ghosts too? Where are all the ghosts of the tube socks and underwear I threw away? She got silent and thought for just a few moments, and changed her mind. Very proud of her....she is always willing to change her mind based on facts, even on matters of culture and history.
  9. Glad to see EJ is doing well...he is one of the few musicians who actually sing, with no reliance on lip synching and autotune
  10. From what I've been able to determine by looking at crime stats from other countries, Thailand does have a higher proportion of violent crimes and especially crime against children. The amount of child abuse, incest, rape, and assault is multiples of what is observed among "native" populations in the UK and USA. Mental health doesn't seem to be implicated, however. In my opinion, there seem to be 3 clear factors that help explain the finding (although there are obviously others as well, but these are the biggest contributors)...first, Thais are not that bright, with an average IQ of around 85 - 90. They get frustrated easily at any activity that requires problem solving and deferment of pleasure. With an absence of consequences for bad behavior, violence is an easy option for many males. Second, the family structure is weak, and so parents and children do not attach and bond in the same way we see in other societies. You see the same patterns in the USA among blended families. Third, Thais have easy access to guns and alcohol. The alcohol problem is so great among men that it is estimated that 5% of the males are drunk at any particular moment (even when driving, as we see in the oft-reported daily carnage). Just think how many Thai men you pass on the street or driving, who are probably stupid, drunk/high, and armed, and that statistic can be chilling.
  11. The reality of the situation is that far too many people die under preventable circumstances...laws are not enforced.
  12. It's a legal fact...innocent until proven guilty...
  13. Agreed...the guy was an idiot to try and drive into a small soi during the biggest party of the year...not to excuse the violence, but it was entirely predictable...and he responded in a stupid fashion.
  14. Sorry to be the singular harsh voice in this thread, but I wonder how much of the dad's money was acquired thru corruption...they look like nice people, but it's difficult for me to muster any sympathy for Thais at this point...so much of their troubles are of their own doing...and their successes the result of corruption and theft...
  15. I appreciate your sentiment, because such action would save lives in the future...but the trucks I see in Thailand are pretty new...so this begs the question, "What did these people do before they had trucks?"...whatever they did then, they should do now, until they can get their trucks fitted for safety....