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  1. Truly, people need to adopt the habit of shaming the police when they refuse to uphold their duties and oath to the citizenry. It seems to be the only effective option for getting these ticks to do their jobs.
  2. Man bleeds to death after hitting glass door

    I see nothing in comments that warrant being called a bigot...seems like most folks are expressing opinions based on the behavior of the idiot who didn't seek help...and not the color of his skin...people who call people bigots are usually bigots themselves...
  3. Ladies in Thailand.

    I'm betting that you are the exception, if you met a good thai lady without having to endure the throngs of thais who are only interested in money...your good fortune is surely the exception and not the norm...i've never even considered a relationship with a bar girl or prostitute...and out the 5 or so serious relationships with thais (i.e., lasting more than 6 months, with an expressed expectation of monogamy), i've only had one that did not lie, cheat, or steal...and the women i had relationships with here were teachers, govt workers, attorneys, bank employees, and factory workers...this isn't a criticism aimed exclusively at thai women...the women i dated in the usa were the same...very few "good ones"...so you are truly lucky and blessed...
  4. this sick <deleted> needs to be beaten...and worse...
  5. exactly...voluntary manslaughter seems appropriate...
  6. they don't care about consequences because they travel in packs...take a look at any video on youtube of bikers fighting...it resembles thais...always several on one...ANYONE who joins a gang to commit violence does it because they want the security offered by numbers...
  7. Man killed in brawl over 'smelly' noodles

    THAT's what you're taking away from this story? Seriously, you are missing the mark here...also, retard is a perfectly fine word...words become offensive when people mistakenly think that by banning their use, the issue is somehow mitigated...retard is a crude word, but i'd like to have it around, because it serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to insult someone...it's stupid to ban words, because the meaning of words can change daily...anyone can find any word offensive if they try enough...i worked at a place that found the word niggard offensive...
  8. I was thinking the same thing...I had a few neighbors who accused a workers of theft just to avoid paying the bill...and on separate occasions I had two Thai gf who each threatened sexual assault before, because they didn't want to separate...and I cannot count the times that my gf have been told by a "kind" neighbor or local clerk that I was cheating when she was gone...Thais will lie easily simply for spite or entertainment...I would never put myself in the position you describe, simply for fear of someone wanting to extort you or just wanting to gossip about the local farang.
  9. again...this is thailand...so if the guy had an unregistered gun, why should he not assume that every punk in the gang had one too...no pointing...no shooting in the air...those actions only give the punks time to pull their weapon too...just defend yourself...again, his only real crime is carrying an unauthorized weapon.
  10. i think your options are pretty limited if you are surrounded by a bunch of thai punks...his only option was to have his wife and family hurt/killed...possession of an unregistered weapon is the guy's only crime.
  11. some public shaming would do this punk a lot of good.
  12. Appointments of new Thai police chiefs yet to be publicly disclosed... folks must be waiting for the checks to clear the bank...
  13. thai bashing (criticizing thais as a group) doesn't make someone racist...you're virtue signaling here...i could say you are racist, since you didn't bother to captialize "african" "arab"...see how easy that is?
  14. north korea does this practice as well...
  15. the condo committee can fire them...in my experience, committees and juristic people are thieves...and use the position to drain the common fund...YOU need to be on the committee to protect your investment...if it is only Thais, you can fully expect for money to disappear with fake billing and outright theft...